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  • What is your favourite movie that's from the year 2007?

    Best answer: 1. No Country for Old Men
    2. There Will Be Blood
    3. The Bourne Ultimatum
    4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    5. Ratatouille
    Honorable Mention: Meet the Robinsons

    11 answers
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood or Ford v Ferrari?

    Best answer: I preferred Ford v Ferrari by far.
    5 answers
  • Which of these are your favorite two or three actors in Western movies and why do you prefer them?

    Best answer: Lee Marvin, and Eli Wallach,
    they are both just great actors in western. 
    5 answers
  • What are your favorite movies about the 19th century?

    Best answer: Four Feathers, Breaker Moran, Little Women, 55 Days in Pekin, Gone With The Wind, How Green Was my Valley, Les Miserable, Oliver Twist, The Swiss Family Robinson, Glory, Soldier Blue, Lizzie Borden, The Elephant Man, The Lodger
    8 answers
  • Can porn be considered entertainment?

    Best answer: Porn is clearly entertainment, just like every other form of art produced.  It isn't a movie "in a certain way", it is a movie.

    Why would a person masturbating change the nature of the film?  If I masturbated to Saving Private Ryan, would it somehow change the move?
    8 answers
  • Films on real men?

    What are good films on men who are brave and tough 
    24 answers
  • Why was there a biracial couple in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

    Being a Sonic fan ever since I first played Sonic 2 way back in the early 90s, I was super excited to see the movie.  I enjoyed it for the most part.  The one thing I didn't like was it making a political statement by having the main character who travels with Sonic have a black wife.  Why couldn't they have had a same race couple instead?  There was no need for his wife to be black.  It is so upsetting to me to see more and more mixed race couples in entertainment.  When will we go back to the days when only people of the same race dated and we didn't see white men hooking up with black women or black men hooking up with white women?
    8 answers
  • Are Hollywood movies flopping due to netflix?

    In the last five years movies are flopping more and more. Yes, some make huge money, but they are the minority. I've just looked at recently released movies and most flopped. Netflix, on the other hand, is continuously making more money. And there is Disney + too. Is netflix to blame? are people more content with staying home and binge-watching series than paying more money to watch one movie in the cinema with idiot teenagers who won't shut up?
    10 answers
  • What do directors do if an actor gets out of control and needs to be sedated?

    Best answer: If someone is so out of control that sedation is required, the director or producer would contact the appropriate medical professionals.  They'd also contact the studio's legal department as well as the actor's family to discuss the possibility of a psychiatric hold or involuntary commitment.
    5 answers
  • Does Storm From The X-Men Deserves Her Own Movie?

    I think it could be interesting to see what really was Storm like during her youth while living in Africa
    5 answers
  • Why can't I buy it?

    I have $9 on Amazon and when I try to buy a $4.99 blu-ray movie, it won't let me. I understand there's tax, but I feel like I should have enough.
    6 answers
  • Is death in real life the same as movies or different ?

    6 answers
  • Which movie you like the best: The Matrix or Inception?

    Best answer: The Matrix definitely. There's more action and visual effects to the Matrix movies while Inception is more complex to understand. A movie for me is about enjoying what I see as I'm a visual person and that's why I like movies such as The Matrix trilogy.
    5 answers
  • Why where the thugs beating and mugging people in the street or subway in Joker are mostly white?

    Best answer: Portraying blacks as thugs beating and mugging people in the street or subway is not politically correct, and we all know Hollywood is politically correct.
    10 answers
  • Why do people like South Park when it's so disgusting?

    I'm not one of those crazy people that hates anything bad on TV. I love shows with swearing, violence and sex. But wouldn't only a sicko like south Park? The farting on each other, the vomiting in faces, the animals urinating on children, people drowning in excrement. I know the creators of south Park argued that their stuff is less harmful than violent TV shows but I disagree. I think encouraging people to be perverted in such a revolting way is more harmful, as it will encourage people to play out these fantasies on children since adult women will never agree to.
    5 answers
  • What movie have u seen lately at the theatre?

    13 answers
  • Which Star Trek movies do Trekkies hate?

    Best answer: I think Nemesis gets bad rep.  True, at times the actors seem to be phoning in their performance.  And we have Data, yet again, finding a long lost relative.  But overall there is enough to keep the movie engaging (pun intended).  Plus it has the best space battle of any Trek movie up to that point.  

    The weakest movie it probably the first one.  The recut was a significant improvement.  But the original theatrical release was a collosal bore.  There is a reason why it was nicknamed Star Trek: The Motionless Picture.  At least in 5, which was another turkey, something actually happens.

    Someone else mentioned Insurrection.  I thought it played like a well polished, if mediocre, episode of TNG.
    13 answers
  • What is a movie you will watch over and over again for the rest of your life?

    Maybe its only ever 1 or 2 or 3 years but you will eventually see it again, there would never be a point in your life where you'd say "I've seen it enough I'll never watch it again."
    7 answers
  • What would happen if the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise fought The Death Star from Star Wars?

    Best answer: Kirk and Spock would find a way. 🖖 
    5 answers
  • Raiders of Last Ark- good classic movie?

    14 answers