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  • What causes bad eyesight?

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  • What causes someone to have low Vitamin D levels?

    My mother just had her blood tested and it says her Vitamin D is low at 5. What causes this?
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  • Is ok to sit in a towel sfter a bath in your bedroom?

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  • What type of headaches are these?

    I feel like my head is being pounded at by a sledgehammer. This happens from time to time; what kind of headaches are these? I can’t focus at school at all when it happens. It feels like someone is continuously striking my head, and I can’t stand for long.
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  • Alcohol is worse that marijuana?

    Best answer: The answer to this SHOULD be 'in what way?'

    But I think alcohol is worse than marijuana in MANY ways. Just about every way.

    You can's poison yourself with marijuana. People actually die from 'alcohol poisoning'.

    You can't smoke yourself into gross ataxia, passing out, not being able to remember what happened. Really you can only get so high no matter how much you smoke (within reason).

    Pot has never been shown to cause permanent physical damage to the body. It doesn't threaten the liver, the heart, etc.

    Some people get angry and even violent when they drink. I've seen this myself. They get into fights in bars. They abuse their wives and kids. I've never seen anyone get ugly on pot.

    Marijuana is NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE. It's 'habit forming', like brushing your teeth every night, but just stopping 'cold turkey' is not actually physically dangerous, as it is with some drugs. You don't need 'rehab'. Some people use weed, as some use alcohol, to run away from their problems. And weed doesn't really do that any better than alcohol, but at least weed itself doesn't BECOME the problem, as alcohol does.

    Alcohol kills. Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults! The only way you'd die from weed abuse is if a truckload of the stuff fell on you.

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  • Demonic attack??

    I keep getting stabbing pains everywhere & feeling like my neck is bones are breaking and trapping my nerves.. this comes after I saw a ghost that looked like death and had a vision that 666 was written on my walls in blood... I don't have any feelings like I had a mental health condition and a brain scan showed nothing wrong with my brain or neck... a few times it's felt like I'm being stabbed through the soles of my hands and feet like Jesus would of felt with nails... is this a demonic attack??? Who would I go to about this if there's no true reason for it I also get poking feelings in my eyes and ears.. Feelings like my ears are bleeding.. Stabbing pains through the crown of my skull.. Breathing difficulty(again with no medical reason) Intense nightmares about evil... Stabbing pains in my kidney area... Random joint pains which feel like I've broken knuckles or an ankle or something... Voices when I'm trying to sleep... rtf
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  • Can I get away without back surgery if my doctor says I need it?

    Spine strengthening exercises and losing weight has taken the pain away.
    7 answers 2 days ago Pain & Pain Management
  • How do you treat a cut from a rusty metal?

    8 answers 3 days ago First Aid
  • Why don’t doctors do what you want them to do?

    Best answer: They won't do it until you have kids..I know!..they don't believe anyone that says they don't like babies. They think they know better and that you'll change your mind and then sue them. There is a way to get it done. If you check with the doctor, ask if you get a psychiatrist to sign off on your being of sound mind and know what your asking for, you MIGHT be able to get it done. It can go the other way too, the shrink can say your too unbalanced to have children. Go for the sane one. Also DON'T get a full hysterectomy, you can just get the tubes to your ovaries removed and keep the ovaries. Same results but you won't get premature aging and arthritis. JUST the tubes and you will never get pregnant.
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  • How to fix unaligned pinky toe?

    my right pinky toe creates pressure on my right shoe that creates a hole in all my right shoes. help
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  • Should i get just a multivitamin or should i get a vitamin D supplement too?

    Best answer: Definitely can take a multi vitamin and vitamin D. Multi vitamin has some vitamin D in it, but not enough. I take a multi vitamin, plus 2000 mg vit d3 every day. My doctor knows this, but also knows that my vitamin D level is low when not taking the vit D supplement.
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  • What could this be? Is it a bite? Please help!?

    4 answers 1 day ago First Aid
  • What happens if your brachial artery gets cut?

    Best answer: You bleed to death if it is severe enough and you don't stop the bleeding.
    5 answers 1 day ago Injuries
  • Can I put aloe vera in an open wound?

    7 answers 3 days ago Injuries
  • My Grandmothers insurance will not pay for any of her desperately needed procedure. Is there anything we can do?

    So my 87 year old Grandmother has broken her back twice and somehow manages to get around. However the last year she is pretty much in constant agony. She's been getting steroid injections and they do not help. We keep heat on it, Tens unit. Nothing works. Hydrocodone makes her violently ill and Robaxine makes her bat **** crazy. We went to a Chiropractor that claims he can block her pain nerves, but wants $4000 up front plus $150 a session and claims she will need 20. We can't afford that, nor is our credit good enough for something like that. It's just mind boggling to me she's had this insurance company for 32 years and never got behind, yet they won't approve something like this that's making her be in agony and even wishing she were dead. I'm just hoping there's some kind of advice or loophole to get around this. Thanks...
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  • Is this cut infected?

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  • Cant fall asleep I've literally tried everything. What are some methods to fall asleep fast?

    Best answer: Put the phone and computer away at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Reading is relaxing and helps to "shut down" the brain. When you do lay down to sleep if you are still awake after 30 minutes get up and read some more. Do not eat for at least 2 hours before bed. If it's is noisy at all where you live earplugs can help- they work wonders for me. I've gone through this also so I know it's frustrating. Good luck.
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  • What should be done if stung by a jellyfish?

    5 answers 3 days ago First Aid
  • Do you guys think weed is addictive?

    So I think it is if u use it to an extent. What are your thoughts?
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