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  • The other day, it was reported that Kim Kardashian had worn 9 outfits in a day.?

    Does ‘In a day’ in that article refer to a 24 hour period of time? ‘In a day’ as in the waking hours of one’s day of 16 hours? Or ‘In a day’ as in a work-day of 8-hours? Now, whether the answer is 24, 16 or even just 8 hours, for all of my life, I’ve always thought that way females get ready and are dressed-up for an occasion, mostly would take one about an hour or two just to wear one outfit, at that. If it generally takes a woman much time to bathe, fix her hair, do her make-up, and find something to wear for the day, how is possible for any woman to be able to find the time needed to change into that many outfits and especially 9 different outfits, ‘In one day’? Wouldn’t it potentially mess-up their hair and would possibly cause them to have to re-strengthen their hair or even their make-up if they are changing that many times? Seriously?!? Ladies, if you please explain this to me, I would honestly really appreciate it, because I would like to know myself, thank you.
    15 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

    Best answer: I don't really mind I don't have sex with their hair lol.
    48 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Is your hair curly?

    86 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Can Jehovah Witnesses wear beards ?

    I read online that they couldn't but I saw a man at a Kingdom Hall in the UK with a full grown beard ?
    26 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Are leggings in the workplace unprofessional?

    I've worn very smart skin-tight leggings to work several times recently without it being an issue however yesterday I was taken to one side & told I was not dressed appropriately & was even told I looked "trashy & suggestive". It was even suggested that I should take them off (while at work) & purchase a smart skirt or trousers during my break. I refused to take them off & am now worried what might happen to me. Very honest opinions welcome as I don't see what the big issue is as it doesn't affect what I do.
    60 answers 1 week ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • What clothes are NOT in fashion anymore?

    Best answer: Overalls with one strap undone.
    18 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Do you think that my hair is too long?

    49 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Can a boy wear a scarf like this one?

  • What are your favorite places to buy clothes?

    Best answer: Uniqlo, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Goodwill, Savers.
    42 answers 2 weeks ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Do you go commando or not?

    64 answers 2 weeks ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Do you wear shoes when you enter the house?

    Best answer: No, my mom would kill us if we did. I wars socks or slippers in the house.
    31 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Is it ok if I not wear panties?

    42 answers 2 weeks ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Why do people get angry over fur and animal fashion items but not meat?

    Best answer: i think two reasons, misinformation on fur farms and fur farmed animals tend to be cuter than farm animals. many people believe false information spread by organizations like peta that say animals are skinned alive for their fur, which isn't true and doesn't make sense if you think about it. no one is going to get a good pelt if the animal is wiggling around and bleeding everywhere, it's both more humane and more practical to kill the animal beforehand. and some people don't know that the meat of animals killed for fur are commonly used in pet food, so the meat doesn't go to waste like some may assume. while fur usually isn't necessary for people to live (unless it's very cold), it's not as if the animals only die for fur, so their deaths are not shallow or wasteful. and common animals killed for fur include rabbits, mink, and foxes, which are all very cute animals people will naturally value more than "ugly" animals like cows and pigs (though i think cows are quite cute)
    18 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Is a teacher allowed touch a student's hair?

    So a couple weeks ago i decided to let my hair down instead of tying it up into a ponytail as always (i have curly hair so i rarely let it down) and while i was in the hallway during passing period, one of my previous teachers from two years earlier (6th grade) went up to me and he grabbed my hair with both his hands and scrunched it up while saying "its so soft" i laughed it off before reaching my next class hoping no one noticed how weird and awkward that was. Ive had this problem with most people before because they are usually dumbfounded by my curly hair so they want to touch it, but never has a male teacher actually approached me in such an uncomfortable manner... i dont want to tell my parents but i would like to tell the school anonymously.. should I?
    27 answers 2 weeks ago Hair
  • Light hair with fair skin or dark hair?

    Im pale af and not sure if I wanna stick with platinum or go dark thanksss
    33 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Why is my skin so bad?

    I just turned 25, and other girls my age have smooth, soft-looking skin. My skin consistently looks dehydrated with large pores, mild acne, and just a rough texture. I don t understand. I wash my face every night and moisturize! I never neglect moisturizing my face- but for some reason it doesn t look nice. My skin doesn t look like others my age. I also think I am experiencing some premature aging under my eyes. What should I do/what products should I use? I was thinking about going to a cream cleanser and wiping off my makeup at night, but fear that would be harsh. I can t tell if my foaming cleanser is causing the rough/dehydrated skin??? Any ideas? Medical condition I may be unaware of? My skin was never like this until about 2 years ago!
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  • What do you people think about tattoos?

    Best answer: Tattoos are ******* awesome.

    There's quite a few tattoos I'd like to get someday and I can appreciate the tattoos on others.

    They look cool. That's all I'm saying, and having a permanent drawing on you that looks really cool and amazing is incredible.

    If someone went ahead and tattooed their face or their nutsack that's their choice, personally wouldn't do it myself.

    They look cool. That's what it comes down to.

    Whatdya mean what will it look like when I'm 60? It'll look like a tattoo. Jackass.
    15 answers 1 week ago Tattoos
  • Best shampoos and conditioners?

    i have oily roots but dry ends. i want something that will make my hair shiny and soft without being super greasy. any reccomendations?
    17 answers 1 week ago Hair