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  • What should i wear to a cave?

    i’m going to a cave and am wondering if there is proper attire? Like should i wear sports clothes or just normal
    21 answers 6 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Ladies, How often do dress to get that unwanted attention?

    5 answers 8 hours ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Will hair loss occur at the age of 30?

    14 answers 4 days ago Hair
  • Why am I aging so badly??!?

    I’m 28 and look and feel like I’m 35. II have a child and have never felt like myself again since having her 5 years ago:( I now have bags/ wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes and wrinkly hands:( My skin is not as shiny as it used to be also my hair is always dry and brittle. Help!!!!
    5 answers 10 hours ago Other - Skin & Body
  • I'm a liberal and own a red hat. I am afraid to wear that hat in public. Is this normal?

    Best answer: It's normal. But if you live around a bunch of conservatives, it should be fine. Why would you want to slap on a tacky, awkward red hat in anything other than a T-shirt and shorts or a flannel shirt with jeans?
    17 answers 5 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Cartalige piercing at 14?

    I am turning 14 in a few months and was thinking about asking for a helix (cartalige) piercing for my birthday. I only have my earlobes pierced (once) so far and I got that done when I was 10. So just wondering if you think that this is a good age to get it done. I don’t really see the problem with it personally because it’s a very common piercing, won’t affect my chances of getting a good job later in life and I can just take it out if I don’t like it later. Just wanted a second opinion really before I asked my parents about it. Thanks in advance :)
    5 answers 17 hours ago Other - Skin & Body
  • I hate my breast shape, i think its small too and implants cost so much, what can i do to give them beautiful shape?

    11 answers 4 days ago Other - Skin & Body
  • Is there any way to naturally give yourself gray hair?

    My younger brother(16) recently discovered a couple of gray hairs near the back of his head, which I m assuming is due to stress. The discovery of these hairs is stressing him out even more. My question is, is there a way for me, a 19 year old boy, to give myself gray hairs so I can help him cope? I d prefer not to dye it, as that would both be insulting to him and expensive for me.
    5 answers 18 hours ago Hair
  • Is it unhealthy to wear shoes that are too small?

    Best answer: Absolutely it is Unhealthy, she will find out soon enough from her foot and back doctor.
    6 answers 2 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Do you think clothing would be gender neutral in coming years?

    17 answers 5 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Ladies, if you happen to go to a beach where you can be topless, do you go topless?

    15 answers 5 days ago Other - Beauty & Style

    Hello I come for an opinion. Some time ago I cheated on my girlfriend and she learned, of course she was really angry and she wanted us to separate. But she told me that if I wanted to always stay together I had to undergo a girly makeover just once. I accept because and it was not much to do it just once and I deserved it. But the problem is that she would like me to start again and that anyway she found me better crossdresser than a man, I suppose she said that to hurt my ego and my male pride. Here is the picture of me: http://i.imgur.com/GcCN5.jpg Here is the deal, she told me that if people found that I look like a woman in this picture, I should do it again, and if people think I do not look like a woman it will stop. Go and give your opinion
    5 answers 1 day ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • Take shower at night or in morning?

    Best answer: you can always do both. i do, especially when i go to the gym after work i shower when i get home. or if i mow the lawn i'll shower before i go to bed. but i also shower in the morning as well, as sometimes you can sweat during the night if its' warm out, too many blankets, have bad dreams, etc. just go with what you're comfortable with. not what everyone else says. and what fits into your schedule
    7 answers 2 days ago Hair
  • Should l buy my shoes at Walmart?

    9 answers 3 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • How can I make my sissy husband's voice more womanly?

    Two years ago I started feminizing my husband, Brianna Because I discovered that he had deceived me and that if he still wanted to live at home (he did not have a home he lived at home) he had an interest in doing what I told him t's been a wonderful two years (for me). It's been a tough couple years for Brianna but she has accepted her destiny. Her name has legally been changed. Everything is almost complete. Anyways. Brianna looks like a woman but sounds like a man. She needs to train her voice to become softer, more feminine. Surgery can not change her voice. Are there voice training clinics like they use for singers that can do this?
    7 answers 3 days ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • Why wife got tattoo of tulip at 40?

    31 answers 7 days ago Tattoos
  • Is this lice?

    Last month we got lice from my niece, well I believe we got it again. But how? I found one lice in my hair before we did the treatment. After combing through my hair with the treatment i found about 10-15 of these. They all looked the same. Kinda had a tail on them. Are they just they early stages of lice? Any advice would be great thanks
    4 answers 3 hours ago Hair
  • Why do people think that having a tattoo makes them tough and hard?

    Best answer: I have no idea why people get tattoos. The treatment is risky, expensive, and for all practical purposes, permanent. Further, what is popular today is outdated in a few years and still a permanent mark. Often they make the person look dirty and disgusting as well and people do not see any positive aspect of this costly and dangerous treatment.
    10 answers 4 days ago Tattoos
  • Really, how bad is the pain when getting a tattoo?

    I am getting my first tattoo soon, I have always wanted one and am very excited for it. However I don’t take pain super well. The tattoo artists say that women cope with it better, but I am worried I will be super embarrassing. I am getting a tattoo on my ankle which I have been told is not extremely painful but I don’t know. What’s the worst that has happened to people that have had tattoos?
    6 answers 2 days ago Tattoos