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  • What vitamin am I lacking?

    So i feel like my skin is not absorbing well i put lotion for moisturizing and some cream for my face but they end up being moist and just oily on the surface of my skin. I've tried even the creams that are water-based and easy absorbing but still the same it feels like they're not absorbed. My dad says maybe i lack vitamin E but i watched something and says that maybe im lacking vitamin D which makes sense because i don't go out much and when i do, i always use an umbrella.
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  • Will you ever wear an outfit made of this, why or why not?

    Best answer: No. Just no!
    5 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Any help curing dandruff?

    I dont know what’s been happening but for the past year I’ve been having extremely bad dandruff on the lower back of my head. Yes, it inches. And I have dark hair so it’s extremely embarrassing. It flakes pretty bad too. I’ve used head and shoulders as shampoo... doesn’t really work. Apple cider vinegar. Again, not doing anything. Apply cortisone... thought it would moisturize it...! Again not helping. Has anything helped for anyone?
    5 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Two new jobs?

    4 answers 1 week ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • What should I eat that’s random and isn’t food?

    Best answer: salt. It's a mineral
    4 answers 1 week ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • Are you going out later?

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  • Shorts hiking?

    With the summer heat on its way, shorts are being brought out again. I've tried all different kinds, sporty shorts, biking shorts, jean shorts, etc. With my big thighs that touch they are constantly hiking in the middle. I am either having to walk with my legs super far apart or I am having to pull them down ever 30 seconds. Should I glue my shorts to my legs so they don't do that? Should I tape them? Should I cut my legs off so I don't have to wear shorts? This is a serious problem and I am very stressed out about it. Please help, any suggestions?
    4 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • If I get boxed braids would it be cultural appropriation? Don’t want to offend anyone?

    I’m a mixed person with a lot of cultures in my family but I’m primarily Hispanic. I have curly hair that’s why I considered doing the braids in the first place I want to grow out my hair and I thought that braids would help with that. (They’re also really beautiful) I also have baby hair that is way curlier than the rest of my hair and I want them to grow out a bit so it’ll be easier to mange them since they’ve been growing out more and more. I don’t want to appropriate a persons culture For that is wrong.
    6 answers 6 days ago Hair
  • Is it bad to straighten your hair once a week?

    I am 13 years old, turning 14 in 2 weeks. Is straightening my hair any worse because I am still a child?
    11 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • What are some good hairstyles for a face that's too small?

    Best answer: It's more about your face shape, once you determine that you can search for styles that would suit your face shape.
    A stylist should be able to tailor the style you wan to suit the size of your face too.
    3 answers 5 days ago Hair
  • How do I cover up a black eye?

    Best answer: Paper bag over head nobody wouldn't even notice
    6 answers 1 week ago Makeup
  • Women: my wife wants diamond earrings for anniversary. Which is better, studs or diamond halo earrings?

    6 answers 6 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Naturally wavy hair...better to leave natural or straighten to obtain better curls?

    I have naturally wavy hair, but I straighten it daily. I also wear hair extensions. I curl my hair maybe once every two years as I can curl my hair to save my life. My friend is getting married tomorrow and I am having my hair professionally done. For those that also have naturally wavy hair, do you leave it natural or straighten it beforehand in order to obtain good looking curls? It may sound dumb, but i keep getting conflicting answers as i thought leaving it natural would be best, but I've had two people tell me to straighten first.
    7 answers 1 week ago Hair
  • Do you have to be educated to become a model?

    Best answer: No really you just kind of have to be tall and be photogenetic
    15 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Prom dress help?

    So my problem is that the dress i bought doesnt meet my schools dress code rules and i cant return it so i need help choosing something (like a cardigan, jacket, etc.) that can make the dress meet the requirements. My school has the three finger rule and an not too much exposure of boobs. My dress is a v neck spaghetti strap and its a red satin floor length gown. Please help me thank you.
    4 answers 5 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Will this clip make you look slim?

    Hi! I am developing this cute charm clip with a little charm hoping that women will use to look slimmer (and look cute on the back). It's easy to put it on - just clip the excess part of your dress/sweater like this pic and it looks instantly slimmer. Do you think it will work on us?
    11 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Piercing bump after 3 or 4 years?

    I have had this piercing bump on my helix piercing for about 3 or 4 years now. It only hurts when I mess with it too much or I sleep on it. I could say its a keloid kinda, since it has a bump and hurts. But it does not pus up it just gets sore. In the past I have tried sea salt soaks, Aspirin soak, I even made the mistake of using hydrogen peroxide. It got all bubbly and not well. I have tried that silicone thing you put over it to bring the bump down. I have heard some people say tea tree oil is good and some say its bad. I could go to a respected piercer and ask for their opinion. But I’m here asking yahoo answers. Uhm so yeah what shall I do. Go see a doctor lol maybe. Sorry I can’t take a picture at the moment. Hopefully my description is good enough.
    6 answers 7 days ago Other - Skin & Body