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  • What's the best way to cover up your gut?

    7 answers 6 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Who has a new pair of pants on?

    Best answer: In U.K. pants are what men wear under their trousers. they are under pants.
    8 answers 7 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • How can I tell my mom that I want to cut my hair?

    Best answer: I would like to know what part of the bible that says girls shouldn't cut their hair wow. Also short hair can be flattering on some women. She's just trying to prevent you from doing some thing that you might regret.
    If you want to cut it then cut it, it's your hair and your money. Show her a picture or just be honest and tell her.
    By the way, there's no age limit when it comes to walking in to a salon and asking them to cut your hair.
    5 answers 5 days ago Hair
  • Helpp!! Promergency?

    Got pewder colored shoes for my dress and they have rhinestones all over, they’re absolutely gorgeous. However I cant find actual nice jewelry to go with my dress now because the shoes and jewelry dont match due to the grey tone of the pewder shoes 🤦🏻‍♀️.
    5 answers 4 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • NYS tattoo law question?

    I was looking on this site https://www.health.ny.gov/community/body... to see if there was any way for me to get a tattoo before turning 18. First it says that it is completely illegal, but then it says it is legal if my parents sign a DOH form. Which is it?
    6 answers 5 days ago Tattoos
  • Is it possible for a person to be born with naturally gray/silver hair without any kind of disease or condition?

    4 answers 4 days ago Hair
  • How to grow hair on legs super fast (read description)?

    Basically I want to convince my mom to let me start shaving. I’m an eleven year old girl and in like November of 2018 I wanted to ask my mom to start shaving but I was too nervous. So instead (I know I really should not have done this) I went behind her back and started shaving anyway with a random clean razor I found in the house. But I need to actually ask my mom so she can help me if I need it or get me new razors. But I can’t tell her I already started shaving a bit. Anyways, I want my legs to look (or be I guess) a lot hairier to convince her. (Because of the shaving my legs aren’t very hairy). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    7 answers 6 days ago Other - Skin & Body
  • Help with sensitivity with nose piercing?

    Best answer: When changing from a stud to a hoop, you need to remember that cartilage is not like flesh- your cartilage eventually takes the shape of whatever you have inside of it and molds to it. So your nostril INSIDE is now curved to fit the hoop. It would be straight if you kept the stud in. I've had my nose pierced off and on for years, currently have 2 in each nostril, my right has been done for 5 years and I still have this issue.

    So when putting the stud in, you need to be careful and follow the curve.
    5 answers 4 days ago Other - Skin & Body
  • Why does my nose piercing look like this?!?!?

    Best answer: Oh goodness.
    It is badly infected.
    This is what happens when you use dial soap and tea tree oil on a piercing. It gets infected. These things are extremely harsh and irritating, the exact opposite thing a piercing needs.
    Go to your doctor. An at home treatment won't do anything for this.
    6 answers 6 days ago Other - Skin & Body
  • What colour dress would look best with a navy suit?

    Best answer: Navy is a neutral. The only things to watch for a dress are black (it can make the navy look like faded black) or blues (they can look mismatched). It’s not that you can’t do either, but finding the right blue can be difficult.
    7 answers 1 week ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Can I go to Sephora and pay to do my own makeup? I am traveling and only bringing a carry on so I cant bring on all my makeup.?

    7 answers 7 days ago Makeup
  • What to tell people when they ask about my alopecia?

    I’ve got alopecia and it’s recently just come about, it’s got so bad that I’m going to buy a wig to cover it. However I don’t know what to tell people when they ask about my wig etc ‘why do you wear it’ or ‘you’ve dyed your hair’ as my hair was brown before I’m thinking of buying a blonde wig. I don’t want to tell them I have alopecia what shall I say instead?
    4 answers 5 days ago Hair
  • Girls do you prefer a back or feet massage?

    Best answer: Back. My feet are too ticklish and sensitive for strong force. I can't even massage them myself. I prefer a foot bath.
    6 answers 6 days ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • Will a sleeve tattoo affect my future?

    Best answer: It's all depends on the company tbh. Some will say no because of tattoos but there's way around them - long sleeves ort attoo makeup make them disappear.

    But it's not as bad as folk on here make.it out to be - I'm a photographer and covered in tattoos. My sister and friend are both police officers with multiple tattoos and my doctor has many tattoos, including hand and neck and he's been a GP for 15 years.

    All you gotta do is work harder when it comes to interviews
    5 answers 6 days ago Tattoos
  • If I get boxed braids would it be cultural appropriation? Don’t want to offend anyone?

    I’m a mixed person with a lot of cultures in my family but I’m primarily Hispanic. I have curly hair that’s why I considered doing the braids in the first place I want to grow out my hair and I thought that braids would help with that. (They’re also really beautiful) I also have baby hair that is way curlier than the rest of my hair and I want them to grow out a bit so it’ll be easier to mange them since they’ve been growing out more and more. I don’t want to appropriate a persons culture For that is wrong.
    6 answers 6 days ago Hair
  • What are some good hairstyles for a face that's too small?

    Best answer: It's more about your face shape, once you determine that you can search for styles that would suit your face shape.
    A stylist should be able to tailor the style you wan to suit the size of your face too.
    3 answers 5 days ago Hair
  • Women: my wife wants diamond earrings for anniversary. Which is better, studs or diamond halo earrings?

    6 answers 6 days ago Fashion & Accessories
  • Naturally wavy hair...better to leave natural or straighten to obtain better curls?

    I have naturally wavy hair, but I straighten it daily. I also wear hair extensions. I curl my hair maybe once every two years as I can curl my hair to save my life. My friend is getting married tomorrow and I am having my hair professionally done. For those that also have naturally wavy hair, do you leave it natural or straighten it beforehand in order to obtain good looking curls? It may sound dumb, but i keep getting conflicting answers as i thought leaving it natural would be best, but I've had two people tell me to straighten first.
    7 answers 1 week ago Hair