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  • My boyfriend gets mad when I am on my period so I am scared to go visit him this weekend. Do all boyfriends act this way?

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  • Is it ok to ask a stranger if you could kiss them?

    Best answer: When I was 17 or 18 and out in a bar and saw a pretty girl I used to ask all the time and none ever said no. Some of them went on to be a relationship.

    If you want to kiss someone then if you don't ask you are never going to get.
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  • If someone called you “plain and pale. Would you be hurt?

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  • Do you think it’s worth keeping trying to talk to the most “popular” person at work when she only says hi & bye to you?

    But chats to 3/4 others? She’s a nice person but so cliquey.
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  • Should I throw away my friend's jacket since we don't speak any more?

    I have a friend from another country - who really isn't my friend any more. We haven't spoken in nearly 2 years because I can't deal with her drama (she visited me in the states and went to meet up with various men when she visited here a few times). We are totally different people and she's very toxic/needy, so I've told her I need some space from our friendship. However, she left a jacket in my closet and it's taking up space so I'm thinking of just donating it. If I send it back to her by mail, it'll possibly give her a reason to write or text me and I don't want to hear from her ever again. It does belong to her and I respect other people's belongings, so should I not worry about her asking me for it in the future and just give it away already?
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  • As a waitor or waitress, the customer should always tip regardless of how the service was.Why or why not?

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  • Some atheists insist that adaptation within species is evolution.Are they monkeys who yearn to be people?

    Best answer: Apparently atheists think my grandparents are a different species than I
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  • Why do people get so offended by swearing these days?

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  • Neighbors funeral?

    I've known the man for 15 years and we were friends. Funeral is soon. He is the deal... I do not have a suit and never have had one. Which is worse? No showing up? Not showing up for the wake but going to the burial in Jeans or going to both in Jeans? I don't think I even have any pants that fit that are not jeans. I have some dress shirts though. How disrespectful is it to not go?
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  • Poll: What do you think of people that feed off drama?

    I think their weird and need to seek help, lol.
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  • Could I get fired for this?

    I am 31 and have aspergers. I work in an office. I have a pee fetish in which I get turned on by girls wiping after they pee and spend hours watching peeing videos on porn sites. Anyways there is this new young female co-worker named Jamie who started working in my office. Whenever Jamie goes to use the ladies room, I follow her - the ladies room is in a hallway where the sound bounces and echoes and you can hear everything. I stand outside of the ladies room and listen to Jamie pee, then listen to her rip off the toilet paper to wipe (so I conclude Jamie wipes after peeing). If somebody found out I am doing this, would I get fired? I am only standing in front of the ladies room, not entering it so am I breaking any rules? Am I violating Jamie? Also why does Jamie chose to wipe after she pees?
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  • Is It Wrong To Pull My Mom’s Hair If She Called Me Ugly?

    I have a college degree. I’m smart, I’m 23, and I think I’m pretty. I talked to my mom about traveling to New York for a casting call for a reality tv show specifically FOR women in their 20s. My mom said that I was too ugly and looked too disgusting to be on the show. She said that it would be stupid for me to go. I snapped and pulled her hair. Who was in the wrong?
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  • Teachers - always being asked for money for staff engaments or pregnancys etc?

    I am a new primary teacher and bought my own home this year. I am really stretched for money as I am at the bottom of the pay scale and am now paying my own mortgage and bills etc for the first time. At work I pay £3 a month into a social fund. I don't really know for sure what this money is spent on other than flowers for staff off sick but this is a lot of money from a lot of people to just cover some flowers.... I am also regularly being asked for money for staff who have gotten engaged or who are pregnant etc. Kids come round with envelopes and a staff list to collect money and we have to tick our names off when we have paid. I cannot afford this as I would be expected to be paying around £30 this month for 3 members of staff. Although we cannot be forced to contribute I am made to feel awkward if I don't as my name will be one of the only ones not ticked and the kids collecting will see how much or how little I put in. Additionally, kids coming round can be disruptive to my day as it can happen so often. I don't know who to bring it up with as my finances are personal to me and don't really want to discuss that with other staff members. I don't what to do.
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  • The restraining order was not granted?

    The judge only had to listen to him, and I did not say anything, not at all. The case was dismissed. What do you have to say for yourselves?
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  • If the hottest girl in the club danced with me for 45 minutes did she like me or was she just being nice?

    Best answer: Hot girls are not nice. She had to like you.
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  • What would you do about someone who’s continuously whispering mean things about you within earshot?

    & denies it
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  • Why Should Anyone have to tip when they go out to eat at a Restaurant?

    Look we aren't obligated to give you extra money just for doing a job that you are required to do. If you feel as though you aren't getting paid enough quit your job find another job that pays well or find a second job. Being entitled only makes you look like a fool and that's not how the real world works plus you are already getting paid minimum wage
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  • If you see someone paying with food stamps at the grocery store, do you start breathing heavily, grinding your teeth and snarling?

    its my money
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  • When is either of these options considered creepy?

    Best answer: There's pretty much no circumstance under which either of those things wouldn't be creepy. The only thing you might be able to get away with is to pretend you want to buy the same sandals for your (imaginary) girlfriend and ask if you can grab a snap to show at the shoe store. But the savvy public transportation user is going to be onto you.
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  • Would you help out random strangers? People who you don't owe anything to but wouldn't mind helping if they appreciate it.?

    I was sitting in my car at the park when this random lady knocked on my window to ask if she could use my phone. I lied that I don't have one, but then she pointed to my purse and said, "Your phone's right in there." I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Sorry but I can't let you use it. Go across the street to the bar to use theirs." Then she got mad and called me a f*cken *****. I didn't appreciate that, but oh well. I took off. I wasn't trying to be mean, but how do I know she's not gonna run off with my phone? I've heard stories about how people would pretend to need help when they really didn't. Not everyone has good intentions. In a way I felt bad because what if she really just wanted to use my phone to call her boyfriend to pick her up. That's what she said. I have no way of knowing that. I believe the reason why I reacted that way is because of fear. I don't like entitled people. I also once had this lady ask for spare change. I said I didn't have any. Then she got mad and said, "Not even $1?" I said no, then she went grrrrrrrrr and took off. I understand we all need help sometimes, but I wish these people understood that other people don't owe them anything. I have given spare change to random strangers before, but not all the time. I don't feel as bad if they have bad attitude. I don't mind helping out those who truly appreciate it.
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