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  • I’m driving a taxi at the moment and last night a guy got in and he told me he was atheist, I told him to get out ASAP,was I wrong or right?

    Best answer: I would have let him in and took the real long way to his destination.
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  • Is leaving your spoon in your coffee cup as you drink considered rude?

    So I have always been in the habit of leaving my spoon in my coffee cup as I drink from it! I've never considered this to be a rude gesture before today. I was out for breakfast at a restaurant with my mom and sisters. My sisters and i all got coffee and when they noticed my spoon in my coffee cup they told me it was bad etiquette. So I'm asking is are my sisters right? And if leaving my spoon in my cup is really considered rude, who it is offensive too, and why specifically is it rude. What does it imply or signify when i do this that is so in polite?
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  • Do you get nervous when the cops ride behind you?

    I get nervous even though I don't have tickets or a bad driving record and I drive responsibly.
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  • Would you be angry if someone disposed of your food or personal belongings without your consent?

    I took two packages of unopened hamburger buns to the backyard yesterday of the apartment building where I live. I briefly left them sit unattended on the picnic table , yet I was still somewhat nearby or within close proximity. Another tenant who lives in the same building with me , tossed the hamburger buns into the dumpster . Minutes after doing so , she asked me "after the fact" if the buns had belonged to me . I told her yes , and her response was "I'm sorry , I tossed them away because I thought someone was going to feed the birds bread." I was outside the whole time though , and she knew of my presence , so why come she did not ask me before just assuming that they were trash? She offered and followed through with compensating me for the bread which she threw away. Do you believe she had logical thinking in this case ? Or were her actions stupid ?
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  • Why does my sister comment on everyone else’s Facebook posts (her husband/our brother/her colleagues:everyone’s,) but mine? Icomment on hers?

    Best answer: It's possible she has you has your updates hidden. Really depends on what you post though.
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  • Does it matter if my son just uses a hair trimmer to take the hair off his face instead of shaving?

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  • Was I rude to my younger sister’s friend?

    I am a 26 year old woman. The other night, my younger sister and her friend came to my place for a drink before venturing into the city to go out clubbing. It was a cold, icy, fresh evening, and it was raining outside. After a drink, my sis and her friend got up and headed outside to meet their taxi, who was taking them out. My sister was dressed appropriately, and was in jeans, a nice top, boots and a coat. Her friend, however, was in a tiny mini-skirt, bars legs, a thin singlet top and 6-inch platform high heels. I couldn’t help but frown and roll my eyes when I saw this girl’s outfit. She saw me do this and said, “um... is something wrong with my outfit?” I felt bad, but I said, “well, look, yes... sorry, but you’re dressed totally inappropriately for the weather and you’ll freeze to death in that skimpy clothing!” My sister was horrified, and her friend looked shocked. They left immediately and stormed out, so I shut the door and began reading my latest good book. I feel a bit bad about what I said, but do I need to apologize? Was I in the wrong? I was simply being honest.
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  • Grocery store employee placed food on the floor?

    Today at the grocery store an employee was setting some loaves of bread (albeit still in their packages) on the floor before putting them back on the shelf. Isn't this distrusting and a serious health hazard to the public. His manager was informed of this behaviour. Do you agree?
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  • Is it really rude to pat someone?

    Best answer: If the patting is light in strength, then there is no physical harm. But emotionally, different people react to body touches in different ways. If you find strong reactions to your gestures, then be sensible and stop doing those gestures.

    The notion of "I really cannot resist" is no excuse. Train yourself to withhold your hand.
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  • I'm shy. Why do I keep getting mistaken for a snob?

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  • What to do here?

    A friend I’ve not known long wants to see a particular movie at the theater, I said I wanted to see it/but I don’t want to go with her? So I went yesterday alone, I wanted to go alone What excuse can I give her when she texts me to ask about seeing it? It was a movie with bedroom scenes and I was uncomfortable about seeing this with a friend I’ve not known long.. We are both females. Friends only! I’ve only met her 6-7 times, only for coffee, it’s a casual friendship and no she doesn’t like me romantically! What can I tell her ? She really wants to see it but is scared to go alone as she fears Being judged I go alone always.
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  • What is up with this dude never smiling in pictures and in person?

    I never saw him smile, not once, with or without his teeth. In every picture he's in, he always has this serious look on his face. I've seen him in person a few times, and he still never smiled. What I know about him is that is the father of my classmate, and I know that she never met her mom and her mom is dead, so she probably died during or right after birth. I did see one photo where he was with her mom when she was still alive, and he did smile. Maybe ever since his wife died, it left such a huge hole in his heart that he never smiled again. 
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  • Should Americans bring back dinner etiquette?

    American kids eat pasta like slobs.nobody wants to see your mouth full of pasta. Take smaller bite if you have to.
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  • Did my mom raise me right and teach me the right etiquette?

    I showed up at the airport and called my aunt to pick me up. She wasn't expecting me at all. She dropped everything just to pick me up. I even assumed that she would pay for my food and accomodation. She devoted all her love and time on me, and she slept with me at night and kicked her husband out of the bedroom. She gave me a family I never had, treated me as if I was her own daughter. I returned the favor by messing with her husband, who has no blood relation to me, and she went with me to the police and reported him. She left him and moved out of her 3 bedroom apartment to a studio apartment with no bedroom, and her kids slept with somebody else. Her whole family was broken forever. She stuck by me and did not turn me out. I still remember what she told me. "I am doing this for you. I will fight for you. So you can never challenge my love for you."
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  • How does God use you?

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  • Should guests be obligated to pay for food and groceries and eat leftovers when they visit someone, especially if they are relatives?

    Please note that sadly I'm not trolling. I wish it weren't true. I visited my aunt in Germany from California and stayed with her for 2 weeks. I paid for my own flight ticket, taxi, everything. And I spent a fortune because I just booked the flight the last minute and it was around Christmas time. I didn't tell her in advance I was going to visit her, I just surprised her when I was at the airport and called her to pick me up. When I was with her and her family, she wanted me to pay for gas, food, groceries, etc. even if she knew that I had already spent a fortune for my flight and I wasn't even working. When we were in the car driving, she commanded me to take out $20 and pay for gas and I was like, "Why?" She said, "Just give. You don't ask why." One time when we were eating at a fast food place, my cousin's wife paid for the food, and she was even also a visitor and another guest, and my aunt asked me,"Did you help her pay for the food?" As if she was expecting me to pay for the food when I was only her guest. Another time when we were at an eating place, my cousin's stepson was eating, and when he was finished, my cousin asked my aunt if he should bring home the leftovers. Then all of a sudden my aunt looked at me and said, "She will eat that!" When she and I were eating at another fast food place, I finished my burger first and my aunt wasn't done with hers and she put her burger she was eating, which she ate by putting it directly on her mouth, on my plate.
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  • How do I act civil to my next door neighbor that is a busybody?

    Best answer: Such people are easy to deal with if you know how. First, you can't ignore them, and you must remain cordial. Other wise they can potentially become an enemy and that is far worse. The trick is to not give them any information about yourself and make any interaction about them. Turn every question back upon them. When they ask you how you are dealing with the heat, you agree its hot and say something like I could really use some pointers. There ... you have not said anything about yourself and turned to conversation on them sharing their expertise. If they get too chatty, you mention you don't have much time. If they send too many emails you only respond to a couple a week. Slowly but surely this will create the boundaries such people do no initially grasp.
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  • Should we do separate checks?

    Best answer: Everybody needs to do what is right for them. For me, money has never been an issue so I just split it down the middle. I mean, the fact that their drink was $2 more doesn’t bother me. For others money might be really tight or a bigger issue. I can say as a sever it is annoying if people wait till the end to tell you. If you want to split checks then tell the server when you sit down. If not at the end just ask your friend to split it 50/50. The server can always run two cards if you dont have cash.
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  • How to deal with annoying customers.?

    Best answer: i wouldnt worry about it, you didnt do anything wrong, she did
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  • Was my email so extreme and dark for her to block me on every social media and not want anything to do with me ever again?

    "Somebody needs to whoop your *** until your mom wakes up from her grave. You say you wish you could say you could have met your mom and you wonder if your mom would be proud of you. Do you think your mom would be proud of you, posting pictures of your boobs, drinking, partying, smoking, getting tattoos, and having over 30 boyfriends since you were 12 and having sex since you were 15? And you have these boys hounding you, ******* you until your mom wakes up from the dead. You change boyfriends like seasons. I guess because you like to play the field. Dump one, and then on to the next one. Your mom isn't alive so you look for attention from guys because you never had a mother's love. Your mom gave up her life just so that you could be born, and that is how you repay her."
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