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  • Why does this middle aged woman age 24 still she's in here early 20's and young?

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  • Do I use "Dear" or "Hi" in email to my professor?

    One of my professors reviewed my thesis and she replied using "Dear" for the first time.
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  • Even if you're not racist do you ever engage in innocent "casual racism"?

    like calling the Chinese take-away the "chinkies" or the corner shop the "Paki shop" Be honest!
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  • Why are there people who expect something in return?

    When my friend treats me to something, she'll add "it's ok, you can treat me next time" and she really means it because she waits for me to pay next time.
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  • Was this person rude?

    I was standing in a door way trying to figure out where my next class is as it was my first day of college and one of my classmates yelled at me asking me if I could move. I was just trying to figure out where my next class was. She didn't have to be so mean! Was she rude?
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  • Would you masturbate in someone else’s bed if you had to sleep there for 2 weeks?

    Best answer: probably not unless I was alone and wouldn't leave a mess
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  • What do I do with someone who keeps asking my advice?

    Best answer: I would not lie. Do not hide. At this point you need to be blunt, clear and firm.
    Sue I won’t be reading any more letters or offering advice. If you want to go, dreamed of living there then I advise you to go. I am sure you will decide what is best you. Let’s talk about something else. How’s you mom doing. Or What happened at work today or Did I tell you about...
    She brings it up again No I don’t need to read it. I am sure you will do what is best for you. Let’s talk about something else. And just keep repeating until she stops asking.

    Come up with a responds you are comfortable using and keep repeating the exact same thing when she asks.
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  • Boyfriend" always thanks me after a night of passion.. We're suppose to be together why would he feel the need to thank me?

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  • Where do you draw the line between being real and being rude?

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  • Do you think President Trump will be at Aretha Franklin's funeral/memorial service?

    Best answer: I suppose he will, if he wants to be there; but he doesn't HAVE to. She was a great entertainer, but her funeral isn't going to be a State funeral for an ex-president or a foreign Head of State. Those are the kinds of funerals that sitting president is expected to attend.
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  • Is this considered rude/bad etiquette?

    I decided to go to the house of a coworker whom I had chatted with a couple of times, but barely knew. They drove me to their house from a shop near where we work. The drive was a fairly long one, 40-45 minutes. Everything was going as we had planned, but near the end of the drive they suddenly mentioned that they needed to stop at a store to buy some things. I was immediately taken aback because they had made no mention of this before, and I inwardly cringed because by that time I needed to use the restroom(I drink a lot of water, lol). They didn't even ask me whether I minded stopping or not, and it felt as if it didn't even cross their mind to consider that they should ask. To be fair, the store was close to their house and the stop did not take long. After this, I was conflicted as to whether or not this should bother me as much as it did. If we had been good friends, it would have been different, but even then most friends would ask me if I was okay with stopping-at least out of politeness. I feel that this person was being very bad host, and their first priority should have been on getting me to their home, not abruptly stopping without even asking me or letting me know beforehand. What do you guys think? Am I being crazy here? I would appreciate another opinion, please put yourself in my situation, how would you guys feel? Thanks in advance! (: I wasn't planning on sharing this for privacy's sake, but for more reference we are both females.
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  • I’ve been asked to do a power point case study presentation for work (we all have to) and I’m terrified!?

    I’m quieter and hate speaking in front of a room full of judemental staring colleagues, all better and smarter than me.. How can I relax and not panic? It’s necessary I do this.. I’m anxious thinking of it..
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  • What's so bad about teenage marriage and parenthood? Why should they be delayed as long as possible instead?

    Best answer: In general, society views marriage and parenthood as an adult responsibility and can only be successful by those deemed more mature and willing to take accountability for their actions. Teenagers, as history shows, are not regarded as being mature and emotionally developed enough to take on such big commitments in their life.
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  • Why is he still contacting?

    Best answer: If you answer him at all then the relevant question will be "Why are you still texting him?" Answer: the two of you are still in a text conversation because neither of you knows how to end it. His text is polite and his wording allows you to not answer. So don't answer. Then let it go and think about school or something else.
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  • Why do I find it safe in Italy?

    I hear people always saying that Italy is unsafe with stealing, etc. I was there for a couple of days with a tour and sometimes I was alone but nothing happened? I'm female too.
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  • Collegue wants me to have a baby shower but I'm sure it's not me who's suppose to throw one?

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  • Just a question is there any polite way to ask someone to sit somewhere else at a movie theater?

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  • Who is in the wrong? Is it right this woman has been talking bad about me for a "mistake" she is in her 50s like 37 years older than me?

    Best answer: There was always a reason she didn't already have a pet sitter.
    Someone else dumped her, and then they told all of their friends.
    People like this are a night mare to work for.
    Just consider yourself lucky, and move on. I

    If your math means you're a teen, learn from this. There are plenty of adults that are wrong in the way they deal with other people. Once she told you she didn't feel well, it would have been OK to follow up with her and ask how long before you should check back with her, but it was still he turn to contact you and let you know if she hadn't already told you.

    She was in the wrong, and was trying to find a reason to find fault with you. Sometimes people who have health problems are cranky like that, even when they dn't mean to be (and sometimes when they do). If you fid she is saying anything bad about you, just call her and apologize- sometimes, it's not a bad thing to do, even if you aren't trying to still gethe job. Tell her you wanted to smooth things over, and let her know that you hadn't called her back because you didn't know how sick she might have been, and wanted to let her decide when to get back in touch with you. Say it just like that, so you're not being a wimp and making an excuse- because what you did was polite. There was no reason she should have expected you to keep after her, if she was the one who put you off for a while. But that's also no reason for her to blame you for not being reliable, either. Don't let her, but be polite if you call, and let her decide how to feel about it, but say thank you for the opportunity, no matter what.
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  • Why do you drive a car when you can take the bus at a cheaper price?

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  • Why is it wrong to bully people at summer camp?

    Eric has a run in with a bully named Terry. 16 times he has put up with Terry's obnoxious and insidious personality. What Terry doesn't know is that Eric has the right as a camper to demand to hear the bully's side of the story while Terry has the tools to weed out rule breakers. Eric was exercising gallantry by criticizing Terry. Eric pulled no punches when he explained to Terry how he felt about him, his questionable leadership, his violent freedom to be mad for fun and his poor role modeling for the children at large. Eric then asked questions whether or not it is right to exercise leadership this way, that way or the other and then made suggestions that Terry could simply play nice. When he did that, Terry tried and failed to have him sent home for exercising his right to criticize as a camper with special needs. He had Eric grilled with questions about his different point of view, and punished him by exercising venereal wrath on him. Eric pretended to accept his catch 22 and is astounded that Terry would violate his right to not be bullied at summer camp. This may sound like a pointless question but it's based on what happened to me when I was at summer camp. I strongly feel for Eric that I asked because of my experiences with people slapping double standards on people with special needs. Since when is it viable that being able bodied count as a social group?
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