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  • How do you respond to someone who says "I don't like you"?

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  • Do you think this is really rude?

    So I'm sharing a house with my brother and his family. We share everything including the refrigerator. Well, the wife often would put signs on the food saying "This is for a party" "This is for so and so" I guess to tell me not to eat them. I find this pretty rude considering she never goes grocery shopping and never spends a dime on food even though my brother gives her a large allowance every month. She doesn't even throw out the trash cause she's apparently the Princess and I'm her servant. So how rude is this Beeeotch?
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  • How to politely say no to friends/family who ask for discounts.?

    I work as a cashier for Chick fil a at the mall by my highschool and I have people from school ALWAYS coming up to me and expecting me to give them a discount on their food. How do I kindly tell them I can't?
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  • How to deal with a bossy co-worker?

    I work in a small office full of women and one co-worker likes to boss everyone aroun d. The thing is that she's very discrete about her dominance . She likd to gather people and put them against oother people in the office. She even has power over the boss, she convinced him what assignments to give to her and what to give to the others. A few people secretly hate her but do not say anything cause she plays these kind games where you are are afraid to stand up and if you do you look stupid. The worst part is that she's only been there for a year. I don't like her but she hasn't done anything to me. She even tries to make me join her to bring others down. How can I deal with her? It's a small office so I can't avoid her . It just annoys me the power she over the boss and the people that have been there longer than she has.
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  • How do you feel about this person's actions , or lack thereof?

    Once a year at work we exchange gifts during Christmas season . Through a website , names were randomly generated and a co worker whom I dislike as a person ,was assigned to buy me a gift. ( I believe the person senses that I do not like him , so in return he dislikes me) Last week , when the day came to exchange gifts , he DID NOT have a gift for me . He apologized repeatedly and offered to buy me an alcoholic beverage ,which I accepted. He said he'd get my gift to me two days after the fact , though days have gone by and there is still no gift . Should management hold him accountable and make sure he follows through? I disliked him from the start . And I dislike him even more now after this incident .
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  • How do I convince my boss to stop using people first language?

    I consider it INSULTING
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  • Did I say something wrong?

    The other day my roommate told me while I was washing dishes that my tummy has grown (These were her exact words). Now normally I wouldn't have reacted, except she had asked me what my weight was about 10 times before that, despite me politely declining saying I was not comfortable sharing it. I had bought a new scale and was sharing it with her so she could check hers. (She had wanted to) I am not really close with her, and she has pointed this out before, so I said as nicely as I could, "I'm getting close to my period, but please don't make me conscious by pointing that out." She got dismissive and said "Oh, it's okay if it's your period" then proceeded to defend herself saying there's nothing wrong with what she said and it's natural to point it out. I said, "Okay, then don't say it to me." She spun on her heel and stopped talking to me. She's way more overweight than me, but I never point out her weight or her stomach to her but just motivate her to exercise, only when she rues the need to. This morning I heard her bitching about me to her friend and I could hear every word. Was I too harsh?
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  • Is it wrong to address a man much older than me as "dude"?

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  • Son could not sleep last night due to neighbors partying until 3 am. Do you call in a noise complaint or ignore it?

    Best answer: Call police.
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  • Suggestions for a grandmother who says that the internet is boring and that she has nothing that she is interested in googling?

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  • My ex friend wont leave me alone :/?

    Hi So I've been friends with this person for 1 year. Both of us are in our 20s, I recently ended the friendship because I've grew apart form her, alot has happened in that 1 year and I feel like we've changed as a people within that time and I've started to dislike her aswell. But she feels like we haven't changed, and she texted me when I ended the friendship, she was like "no way I'm not having this, we're still friend's ok, this is unacceptable" I said "look you cant force somebody to be friends this is just how I feel and need to move on" she said "yes I can and I will not let you chuck away a 1 year friendship with me" very weird stuff like that. I get that she valued the friendship to not wanna end it that easy but when someone wants to break it off you need to bloody let them. So now she keeps texting me wanting to meet up for the cinema and acting all normal :/ it annoys me as I told her to back off to never contact me. Blocked her on all social media and changed my number but now she's getting her other friends to mail me on Twitter about her this is creeping me out and don't know what to do. She also knows where I live too and she said she's gonna come up mine to chill out and buy us a takeaway :/ I told her "look stop this and accept what's happened, don't dare come to my house or I'll call the police. That scared her but still mails me through her friends and Its stressing me out. What should I do?
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  • What do I do when a preppy douchebag insults my inteligence?

    Why would I read if I am pretty? God.. does this douche not know how society works
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  • How can someone be so disgusting?

    My fiance went to a Foo Fighters concert last night and this random girl got uncomfortably close an straight up grabbed his junk! An after being pushed away she hobbled over to her husband. Now you can find a lot of stuff on how women are touched inappropriately at concerts but there is nothing about men being groped unless it s a celebrity! I just want to know why someone especially one in a relationship would wander off and start touching someone without their consent. As well as there being very little about men being molested it s sickening when you realize just how many cases are left in the dark.
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  • Some old woman objected to my discussing changes in men's underwear??

    my point was that men's underwear in London now has a much wider stronger waistband. what possible offence could she take to this?
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  • How do I tell a coworker to stop complaining?

    He sits right next to me in a cubicle so I can t avoid him. We both had to work on the same spreadsheet and I finished my part. He has complained nonstop about his share of the work for days, complained to our boss, then sat at his desk and complained some more. It is driving me bat crazy. How do I tell him to knock it off without sounding nasty?
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  • Was my boyfriend rude to me in this text?

    Best answer: Yes
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  • Expensive gifts for my nanny couple?

    Best answer: I don t think they want to get such an expensive gift from you. Since you wish to be generous, I think $50 to $100 is the right range. They will notice you didn t get a cheap gift, but it won t be high end enough make them uncomfortable.
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  • I need to ask my boss for a week off of work because my grandma isn’t doing too well and I have to travel to go see her. My boss is rude?

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