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  • Guy at work is asking my co-worker if I have a boyfriend?

    I'm not interested and I keep my private life outside. I don't want him to keep asking my co-worker about me. I'm 28 years older than him too. My co-worker said to me last week, "He really likes you. He likes older women and he told me he doesn't know whether to ask you out in front of everyone in the office or when you're alone". Well, I'd no idea I was being discussed behind my back and I don't like it. Am I over-reacting or am I justified how I feel? I'm at a loss what to do as nothing has to been said to my face. I'm there to work.
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  • There is a girl I don't want to be friends with anymore when we go back to school, but I dont want to be rude. What can I do?

    Theres this girl I was best friends with but on the last day of school, on the bus home, she did something very bad and embarrassing and now every one mocks her on FB so I dont want to be friends anymore. The bus was very packed with all of us going home and there was lots of commotion because everybody was happy that it was the beginning of the six weeks holiday. Suddenly my freind started convulsing and makung weird noises. At first everyone started laughing because they thought she was clowning around (she is a bit if a joker). Then it got a bit scary to watch and it was clear she was having a fit. Then she shat herself and everybody started laughing again. The bus driver went straight to the hospital and everyone was forced to sit in a stinking bus. It turns out she has epilepsy which there is no cure for and I've been able to avoid her over the summer holidays but now that school is about to resume, Im worried I'll have to hang out with her again and she might publicly disgrace herself again. And even if she doesn't do it again, everyone calls her names now si I don't want to hang out anymore. What can I do?
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  • Why do women nowadays get so offended when you call them ma’am?

    Wasn’t it originally intended to be a form of respect?
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  • Unreasonable neighbor?

    Best answer: Tell him off and state that it was an accident and that he's screaming like mad for every little thing. Since you unintentionally caused an accident, that makes you feel you are responsible for breaking his mailbox. He should have tried to assist you but since he didn't, he wants total reparation for something he feels was entirely your fault when in fact you only caused a minor accident, making it sound like you did this on purpose.
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  • Should I feel bad about bashing Trump around my boss who is a Trump supporter?

    I was discussing politics on my lunch break with one of my coworkers. The locker room is right next to the staff lounge, and it turned out that my boss was in the locker room overhearing some of our conversation. He never addressed it to us, but I do know that he's a Trump supporter from what I've heard. The only reason why I feel bad is because my boss has been super kind to me. He didn't behave any differently towards me after that......but I just still feel kinda bad. Should I?
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  • Why is it (approximately) socially acceptable to pee in the pool, but not in a bush?

    Be real, at least 3 in 10 people pee in pools according to science. When you pee in the pool, others literally are being touched by your pee, and might even swallow it. When you pee in a bush, the worst that could happen is someone steps in it, it is impossible for them to accidentally swallow it. Yet, this is illegal and frowned upon.
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  • If someone saved your life, what would you get them for their birthday?

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  • Pharmacy worker always saying Hi to me and asking about my life - does he like me or just friendly?

    At the city pharmacy, I am well known to the pharmacists there because I get my med repeats there. The past 2-3 years, one of the male pharmacist workers always greets me by my first name when I enter, asks about my life, etc. He keeps the conversation up as he's providing my meds and me paying for them. I don't know if he likes me and maybe I should start responding? Or he is just friendly and has a certain way of communicating with customers?
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  • Guy asked me every single day why I wasn't wearing a coat: OK to treat him as invisible now?

    At the gym I go to, I know the regulars. They're nice. One guy, though, asked me EVERY SINGLE DAY when it was below 60 degrees why I didn't wear a coat. (I walk only one block to the gym.) Sometimes he'd rush at me, both in the gym and when I'd see him around town, yelling that I wasn't "wearing enough clothes" if it was below 60 degrees and I wasn't wearing a coat. We're both straight men, in our 40s/50s. I got so tired of the constant remarks that I stopped even acknowledging him. Now I totally ignore him and walk right past him. Would you be irked as well? Thanks.
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  • Would you be offended if your friend told you that braces would fix your face?

    Best answer: Braces would fix my face? They wouldn't be a friend after saying that Anon. ;-(
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  • Why do women say this but men do not?

    Women talk about their friends as ‘girlfriends’ eg I went shopping with a girlfriend yesterday. Yet a (straight) guy will never say ‘ I had a drink with my boyfriend’ why the difference and who is correct?
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  • What should I have done. I was in a Pizza shop I was walking twords the bathroom. When I was 36 inches away from the door a lady?

    10 feet away - aprox age 30 suddenly runs twords the bathroom goes in & shuts the door. I'm a guy if it would have been another guy I would have yelled & pushed my way in ahead of him. But I couldn't think of how to respond to a lady. So I did nothing. (there was only 1 bathroom in this pizza shop)
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  • What should I wear to my brother's funeral?

    I'm a guy. Aged early thirties. I have chosen to wear steel blue colored dress pants. Along with light brown dress shoes. What color and style shirt should I wear? Polo , tee or button down? Long sleeved or short sleeved
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  • Am I stupid? Or is this lady crazy asf?

    I was going into a store and I was about to park but this lady was in my way trying to get around me to drive off? Idk it was a weird situation so I was gonna let her pass but she threw her hands up at me and looked at me like I was stupid WHEN SHE HAD ENOUGH ROOM TO PASS ME so before I could really think about what I was saying I mouthed “******* *****” and she saw it and went nuts and followed me in the store WITH HER CAR DRIVING RIGHT NEXT TO ME telling me I better never call her a ***** ever again and I turned around and said “and if I did what would you do???” But she just sped off and I’m like.... was I stupid for saying that? I think so🤡
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  • My Dad is not nice to me. How do I avoid him now that I am an adult?

    Best answer: Just don't make an effort to be in touch with him (e.g., don't call him, don't visit--unless you have to).

    Impossible to avoid close relatives sometimes.
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  • Is it just me or are there more people taking forever to move while the light turns green?

    Best answer: I assure you they ARE paying attention. They're paying attention to all those that run yellow and red lights.
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  • Is it correct to call someone a loser if they were good at sports before they got injured and they aren’t good at anything that pays now?

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  • If someone kept asking you questions because they needed help would you lash out at them ?

    Best answer: At work, this is a different situation than among a group of friends or whatever. The way you describe this, the company never identified a person you could go to with questions, so you randomly asked a lot of people. This wasn't fair to you.

    Also, you never explained the "pecking order". Was she someone in a position of authority, or just a co-worker? Either way, her behavior was very unprofessional, simply because there's no excuse for treating someone like this. I've been a manager for years, and if a new hire started asking me questions that were better directed to her own supervisor, I'd just point this out, not act like a douche about it.
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  • Would you tell anyone to take their MAGA hat off?

    If you saw a person (friend, colleague, coworker, family member or random stranger) wearing a MAGA hat at work, family reunion or public place, would you tell them to take it off?
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  • Is heat advisory a joke when your 29 years old but if I was 79 years old would I die without air conditioning if I didnt complain about heat?

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