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  • What are the Benefits of Energy Healing?

    8 answers
  • Why do atheists think it's okay to make fun of people who believe in God?

    What do they get out of that?
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  • Yesterday I got a fever, you tell me some medicine name?

    Best answer: Napa Extra.
    5 answers
  • Can cannabis cause cancer?

    9 answers
  • I'm deeply ashamed of myself !!!?

    I used up the toilet paper because i had real bad doo doods that flooded the loo what do I do ?? Now my mother is crying because we can't get anymore paper cause we are extreme cheapskates. Help. I feel so ashamed .
    4 answers
  • Acupuncture amusing and funny myth?

    Is it true that acupuncture is not painful and more relaxing that an injection or blood draw and that you can actually fall asleep during a session? I can hardly believe that anyone especially online could say that! Are you saying blood draws are relaxing as well?
    6 answers
  • Does homeopathy work, really?

    Best answer: That depends who you ask. Ask the medically inclined and you get no. As the people who take them and you get yes. Then there is placebo effect, which can account for 30% response
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  • How can I poop I can't poop please help get it out please?

    Best answer: When my cat can't poop she runs back and forth across the house. Try that.
    9 answers
  • Best way to deal with GERD (acid reflux disease) and anxiety (agitation/irritability)?

    Best answer: I agree with Martin, your mum should give them both a try and maybe find a reputable Chinese herbalist.
    4 answers
  • How to cure a bad cold fast?

    10 answers
  • Im so confused about weed.?

    Best answer: It’s a controversial issue and people have different opinions on it, but here’s my take on it:

    Yes, weed is more dangerous than most people realize. States that have legalized it, like Colorado, have seen a record number of seizures and hospital visits caused by marijuana (look it up if you want). It’s not true that it’s completely harmless and no one has ever died from it. Smoking it can also cause cancer, as can smoking anything. Sure, some Internet sources might say otherwise, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right.

    Also, if you’re young enough to still be in school, it’s definitely dangerous for you, since your brain is still developing. Your parents and school counselor are telling you this for a reason.

    As I said, it’s a controversial issue and legalizing marijuana (for adults) has become an increasingly popular idea, but I staunchly believe that it’s much more dangerous than people realize. I would encourage you to stay away with it, regardless of what anyone tells you.
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  • Q. Can I take Amitriptyline if I am breastfeeding?

    Best answer: No, do not take this medicine while breastfeeding. Amitriptyline passes into the breast milk and may harm your baby. However, it is better if you consult your doctor to know whether you should breastfeed while taking this medicine or not.
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  • What can I take on a plane that wont put me to sleep but may calm my anxiety?

    Best answer: L-theanine, or GABA or one of the herbal mixtures for relaxation you can buy at your local vitamin shop or pharmacy.
    7 answers
  • Isn't it safe to say that Marijuana is a very dangerous product?

    15 answers
  • Why are people so against marijuana as if there’s no other substance that is way worse?

    People are so anti marijuana but yet they’re perfectly okay with the fact that your local Walgreens sells alcohol and Tylenol, any pill is more dangerous than marijuana. You can’t possibly od on marijuana unless you consume 1500 pounds of weed in a 15 minute time span which is humanly impossible to do. According to science other drugs damage your body and organs and blood at lower capacity and faster rates. I’ve never understood why alcohol is legal and not marijuana, alcohol has the ability to kill you and it heavily damages your liver. Also if you take a high dose of marijuana without your body having tolerance to it, it does no harm to you, you can alcohol poisoning in that one time you consumed a high amount of it. It’s funny to me that there are millions of things that can harm you that are legal but the one thing that does nothing is illegal. It perfectly for someone to posesss 50 tablets of 500 mg Tylenol and trust that someone not od on it.
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  • Today I tried my friends adderall due to having little to no motivation for school. It did absolute wonders. Do I tell my mom about it?

    So my friend gave me one of his Vyvanse 75mg prescribed pills and I took it this morning before school. Next thing you know I’m sitting in math having a fun time taking notes, I was enthusiastic to learn, I was so extremely happy about every single good thing that happened, even the tiny things. And on top of that usually I’m a pretty quiet kid around people I’m not friends with, but I felt so confident that I was able to have full on enjoyable conversations with people I never talk to! When I worked on homework I got it done in no time and never got distracted by my phone or other people or anything. I was just in the zone trying to get my **** done. What should I do next? At the moment I definitely feel like I should be prescribed to it and that it would help me get out of the no motivation hole I’m in during school. Should I tell my mom?
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  • Will homeopathic sugar pill things hurt you if they are expired?

    Best answer: Yes. You may have a slight elevation in your blood sugar but your pancreas will take care of that
    8 answers
  • Doing a coffee enema for detoxing. Should I use Don Francisco's, Folgers or Starbucks Dark Roast, decaf or regular? Creamer, sweetener?

    Best answer: I would consider using an Ethiopian harrar as it is the original Arabica Bean. If you do this in the Autumn season this can double up for duck hunting if you use steel shot #4 in your coffee slurry . Not only will you be cleansed , but you'll be all set for a nice duck dinner afterwards
    7 answers
  • Severe Constipation and Mineral Oil Enema Help?

    I haven't had a BM in a week. I'm very constipated. There's a piece of stool at the end of my rectum, it's very hard and very big, & I know I can't pass it without help. Yesterday, I tried a Fleet Saline Enema, but it didn't work (only the liquid came out, but the hard/big stool didn't). Got stomach cramps, ended up going to the ER. They told me I was constipated & to try either a mineral oil enema or to drink magnesium citrate. I tried to digitally remove the big/hard stool today, but I only got out bits & pieces, & I could feel that the end of the stool is hard. I know magnesium citrate gets bowels moving, but I really don't think I'd be able to pass the big & hard stool without it being softer. I'm also scared to do the fleet mineral oil enema. On the box, it says it produces a bowel movement in minutes, and that the fleet mineral oil is a laxative oil used for fecal impaction and occasional constipation, but online, a lot of people said that the mineral oil just lubricates or softens the stool (which makes it easier to pass) and that it doesn't cause an urge to go to the bathroom. A lot of people also said to do a fleet mineral oil enema then a fleet saline enema, but it doesn't say that on the box. Basically, does the fleet mineral oil enema cause an urge to go? Does it hurt your stomach/cause cramping? Do I need to do an enema after this one to get rid of any excess oil? Will this actually help me pass my very hard and big stool with ease? Should I do this + saline?
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  • What's the main reason people believe that vaccinations cause more harm than good?

    How did it all start?
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