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  • Why do people vaccinate their children knowing the risk of autism?

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  • Best natural sleep aid?

    I've been searching for kava, camomile, glycine, lerola Do you guys have any recommendation?
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  • Isn't it possible to clear sinus infection WITHOUT medicine?

    I want to do natural remedies, but my mom wants me to take medicine (Nyquil), which I am not going to do (sorry mom). Drink bottles of water and green tea with honey, eating onions, garlic, and ginger resting and sleeping with cure it by Wednesday, right? (I think I had it by Saturday, but it hasn't been bad.) I have been drink lots and lots of water yesterday and again today to stay hydrated and flush it out of me.
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  • Anyone read that red meats are bad for you?  Were they always?

    Best answer: They were always bad for you but we either didn't know it. And also first worlders are eating so much more red meat. Processed meats are the worst. Red meat is the second worse. Processed meat is now classified as a class one carcinogen. But don't forget all the sat fat and cholesterol 
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  • Are people who are anti-GMO and anti-fluoride usually also anti-vaccine?

    Many of those whom I personally know that are anti-GMO and anti-flouride are also anti-vaxxers. However....people don't often get lambasted for being against GMOs and fluoride although they do often get lambasted for being anti-vaxx.
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  • Will I passed the urine test ?

    So I smoked weed 10 days ago and that was the first time I smoked I did about 2 puffs will it still be in my urine system if I take a drug test Tommorrow and if I drink a lot of water tonight weight 191 pounds  
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  • I am 45, can I still freeze my eggs? How is it done? by local anestesia?

    Best answer: It's very likely that 45 is too late for healthy eggs to be harvested.

    Do what we did and get a ova donor.
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  • Natural Remedies for anxiety?

    Are there any over the counter/ natural remedies for anxiety? My anxiety gives me bad hand tremors that i’m trying to control .
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  • Is there laxative for your bladder? ?

    Like you know how people take laxative and it makes them poop. Is there a thing where it’ll make you pee? 
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  • When do you see a chiropractor?

    When do you do a chiropractic adjustment?
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  • What does it feel like to be on LSD?

    Best answer: you see pretty cool patterns. You feel like you won a trillion dollars. Sometimes your just so happy you laugh like a maniac for no reason. You walk kind of funny and you talk kind of funny. Public and lsd is not for everyone. Generally in a group setting you want to all take it at the same times as there are different waves and you want to be on the same wave as each other as it can result in you trying to say something and no one understanding what the hell youre saying. I wouldnt say you have telepathic abilities but you almost do. You can understand a full indepth conversation precisely with very little words. LSD is also good for figuring/working things out. It should last ages. Ive heard people say they take LSD and it last 4hrs thats not lsd. But thats on a regular dose. Depend how ****** up you want to be. You cant overdose on it so......
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  • Levoxthyrine problems?

    So This is the second time this happened to me. so I switched pharmacies to CVS was on the exact same Thyroid medication and the only difference was the manufacturers were different and I automatically felt weird on the CVS one so I went back to the walgreens manufacture but now I ordered my medication from a different wall greens store, still have the same manufacture and dosage, but still feel freaking weird. like it’s exact same manufacture and dosage so I don’t know why i feel weird has this happened to anyone else? Im assuming i have to just stick with the exact same walgreens and manufacturer when i need my refills🙄
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  • Are there medical test that can prove that a person has suffered long term trama/stress/over load of adrenaline?

    Best answer: When you’re dead. It’s called CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

    Scientists are close to finding a detection while the person is alive but it’s still in the early stage. 
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  • Do you agree with this?

    - Coca-Cola is used to treat prescription drug side effects. - Coffee is used treat damaged lungs from cigarette smoking. -Alcohol is used to treat stomach bug. -Cicatricure Is used to heal scars.
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  • Is there a cure for autism?

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  • Will Prozac help me talk to and start conversations with people?

    Someone recommended I should take and they said I probably have anxiety. Especially talking to girls?
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  • Who should avoid acupuncture? Why should they avoid it?

    I'm doing a research assignment about acupuncture and its benefits but i couldn't find a site who can't receive acupuncture.
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  • Have you ever been to an acupuncturist? What do you think of acupuncture?

    Best answer: a) Yes. I have been to several acupuncturists. I have had acupuncture done by several "Western Medical" doctors and also several times by a Chinese doctor here in Australia who did not have his certification given because of a language barrier. In Shanghai he was a professor with several degrees. His treatment of me as a "Homeopath" was the best I have had.
    b) I have had for over two years treatment for pain in one location of the body done by several western medical doctors and the tablets and injections worked for a short time. After two treatments by the acupuncturist a month apart followed by a follow-up three months later, that pain has gone forever. I have had treatment, by acupuncture and moxibustion done by the Chinese doctor for other ailments and have had excellent results while the western medicine has not worked, or worked poorly.
    c) I cannot claim that acupuncture is as good as some claim in pain relief, but it certainly works on many pain and other ailments. PART of the reason for it working is a belief, by the person receiving the treatment, that it works. Mind over matter -- the "placebo effect".
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  • Do you still use toilet paper or actually clean yourself using Moist flushable wipes?

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  • Natural remedies for depression?

    Do you know any (effective!) natural remedies for depression (herbs etc.)
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