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  • Why are helicopter controls complicated ?

    I used a remote controlled helicopter and there was a power stick and a direction stick could this work on full-size helicopter 
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  • What type of asian coin is this/ what does it say?

    It's the same on both sides but I'm not even sure it's a real coin
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  • What are some interesting hobbies?

    Best answer: maybe try skiing, knitting, or DIYs, 
    people may call me a püssy for knitting, but i think its relaxing, and useful. 
    one example of useful is that if you're cold, you can whip out yarn and make a coat. 
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  • Were you born holding a Gold spoon, a Silver spoon, a Copper spoon or a Wooden spoon in your mouth?

    I bet some on here have had all three spoons in their mouths and I wonder just "who you are?"
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  • Are video games the hobby of people with no hobbies?

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  • Anyone know this beer mug?

    I have a beer mug. It looks almost like a beer stein. It doesn’t have a lid. It’s black, and has what looks like people hanging out, some pillars and mirrors. The bottom is carved LVH or LYH. The V kind of has a tail but not sure if it was intentional it’s made from ceramic but doesn’t say anything else. It might just be made by some dude in pottery class who knows 
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  • US mailing questions!?

    Would stamps marked 2016 still work? Just one stamp for a small square invite? Thank you!! 
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  • Knitting a hat?

    I was told you could knit a hat by knitting a rectangular shape and then threading a length of wool through the final row of stitches before removing from the needle, pulling the wool tightly, tying and then stitching up the back, is that possible? I hope this makes sense I don’t need a pattern as there are many available online, I’m only asking if this method is possible. Thanks :)
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  • Is this no year Buffalo nickel worth anything?

    Best answer: Dealers pay ten to fifteen cents each for 'dateless' Buffaloes. Most dealers will resell them for up to a dollar. A few dealers will use substances like Nic-a-Date or plain vinegar to try to 'raise' the date temporarily (using acid) so the coin can be identified. If you have a scarce date/mint (mint marks didn't have the same problem as the date), then the coin will be worth more than the fifteen cents.

    However, it will never be very valuable. Nic-a Date leaves an ugly mark in the date area and it is considered a damaged coin. The scarce and rare dates that have been treated are only used as hole-filler coins until a collector can afford a decent, unaltered example.

    For example, the scarce 1913-S Type 2 that is professionally certified in AG-2 (very low grade and barely readable date) sells in the low $100s up to maybe $150. A dateless 'acid' coin sells for $10 or so.
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  • What are some cheap hobbies that someone could pick up on easily.?

    Best answer: maybe you could try alternative ways to doing things, like making cheap mouse traps, or maybe trying to write with your non dominant hand, or maybe even cooking
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  • How to get patches of dried glue out of a fleece blanket?

    I received a free sherpa/fleece blanket for making a purchase, didn't expect the quality to be great as it was free but it turns out the blanket is actually decent quality and very soft. The only issue is that there are several patches of hard glue in the fleece. I tried bringing it back to the store but the blankets are no longer in stock. I want to try and save this blanket, but I'm worried if I wash it I'll ruin the blanket. Any recommendations for getting the glue out?
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  • Need help with coin value ?

    I recently discovered that I have a 1967 Washington head quarter in my possession that appears to be in extremely good condition and shape but know absolutely nothing about coin values and appraisal and would appreciate if anyone with knowledge and experience with coin values and appraisal have any idea of the value and worth of my 1967 Washington head quarter. I have provided picture of it, and apologize if my picture is not high quality and place the blame for it on the camera of my cellphone  might 
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  • Am I the only one that actually likes Dr. Pepper?

    Best answer: Quite a few like Dr Pepper. There are other flavors of soda I'll drink before that but I don't dislike it. Back in the '70s I drank quite a bit of Mr Pibb, Coca Cola's try at the cherry cola flavor. It was pretty close to Dr Pepper.
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  • What are some hobbies I can do while babysitting? ?

    I can’t do much because I can’t go out. What are some activities and hobbies that I can take on to reduce stress and anxiety? Anything from self care routines, hobbies, arts and crafts, etc. 
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  • Does anyone know the name of a batman coin bank that moves?

    I used to have a batman coin bank when you inserted a coin into it,batman would say phrases and he would move left and right and his Cape would move as well, does anyone remember the name of it?
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  • Does hobby lobby print photos on cardstock like cvs does?  ?

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  • What is this Fabric? ?

    It's a blanket
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  • Whats the most youve ever lost on a coin toss?

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  • Where to buy wool for needle felting?

    Best answer: Amazon is a good starting point, since they have several choices, including selections with small amounts of wool. However, Amazon does not manufacture the wool--they sell it for other companies. That's why the wool colors aren't consistent--they came from different companies.

    To assure consistency, look just below the ALL CAPS description of the product you like on Amazon, and you will see in blue print "by" or "made by". If you click on this link it will take you to the company's home page. If you always use the same company, you should have matching colors, while still using Amazon.
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  • If I collect glass bottles, what useful thing can I do with them?

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