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  • Can you suggest me some popular game ?

    No Battle Royale games like PUBG, FORTNITE, etc.
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  • What is your favorite game that you never get tired of?

    Best answer: Super Mario World on the SNES, was the bane of my life for a long time.

    I spent a winter in Minnesota, and my room mate and I, used to stay up all night, playing this game, trying to get to the end.

    A game I've enjoyed playing, and I still will play today is Doom.
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  • Now that the crisis is over, do we need to debrief?

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  • I really want to play Half Life,the first one.But can t seem to find it anywhere.I don t support game pirating but i really want to play it?

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  • Ps4 or xbox1?

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  • Need a cheap console with cheap games?

    Best answer: Go for the Wii or the PS3, either of these consoles can quench your gaming thirst. Their games are cheap, easy to find and the consoles do not cost all that much. They're both very easy to mod as well so you could get CFW on your ps3 or get Hombrew Channel on the Wii and bet set to play almost any game from any generation of consoles out there. (Except current gen Obviously.)

    Definitely consider the Wii and it's modding scene. Or perhaps go for a WiiU it's modding scene is also great as well. It has a freeshop by which I mean games can be downloaded and then installed on the WiiU with ease.

    Really you couldn't go wrong with either of these consoles, they have a great library of games and the games are in the middle of being old and retro so their value hasn't went up all that much. So it's easy to get hold of them for dirt cheap. It would be kinda like back in the day for me when I'd go to a thrift store and buy cheap NES games, but these days don't expect one to be any cheaper than 5.99. and NES consoles themselves can still go for half of it's retail value at $50 a pop.

    It's ridiculous how people over do it with the value of games.

    But yeah, look into a PS3 or Wii. Consider what your favorite genera of game is before you buy a console though. If you like happy, upbeat games like Mario, go for the Wii, if you like more adult oriented games go for the PS3.

    The WiiU is in the middle ground here, it hasn't quite died off yet and it's games are still fairly new. A WiiU may cost a bit more than you're willing to pay, but it can offer everything a Wii can plus it can be modded to be a monster of a retro gaming console as well as play many modern games like minecraft.

    PS3 isn't as easily modded nor can it be as easily abused and exploited.
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  • How do game reviewers manage to play so many games and invest so many hours into them?

    Best answer: They get the games early (usually 1-2 weeks, sometimes more for larger games).

    And that's usually their full-time job, so they play games all day and write reviews.

    I'm part of a podcast group that does do small reviews from time to time and we usually only get games a few days to a week early. Since this isn't our full-time job, we can't do a lot of reviews and don't go into full 3,000 word essays about it, instead we may have a 2-3 min video or talk about it on the podcast for a few minutes talking about our thoughts and if we like what we've played and if we would recommend it.
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  • What is costa sugar?

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  • If I were to get only a 500 GB PS4, just for it's exclusives, would that be enough?

    Best answer: Some games are beginning to nudge 100GB when you take into account all their DLC and everything.

    But if you don't need all games to be installed at once then 500GB is fine.

    Remember you can always delete a game and redownload it later. You can also buy an external USB 3.0 hard drive up to 8TB in size and move games to it. Your save files aren't very large at all, so that won't be a problem.
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  • What are some of the negative stereotypes surrounding videogames?

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  • Why is Fortnite so popular?

    Best answer: herd mentality, when something gets popular everything starts doing it too
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  • What senstivity should i use on Fortnite?

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  • What percent fo Americans will go their entire lives without playing any Final Fantasy game ever?

    ballpark guess, obviously over 67 percent. But what's your guess? Max points
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  • What is your favorite nes game. Mine is tmnt 2 and Off road?

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  • Can I redownload games from my old 3ds xl to my 2ds?

    I’m thinking about buying a 2ds and was wondering if it is possible to download Mario kart 8 onto it. I bought Mario kart 8 from the eshop on my old 3ds xl and I didn’t know if those purchases would transfer over to the 2ds.
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  • Does playstation suck xbox balls?

    iv read the ps4 pro run games at lower resolution then upscaled to 4k or run at lower 30fps or both. whiles xbox 1 x run games at native 4k 60fps
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  • Poll-Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

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  • How do you tell if you are gonna get murdered?

    Please I need to know how
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  • Can I use a PS4 giftcard within a game?

    So, I need to get a gift and my friend plays fortnite alot but if I get a gift card can he use it in the fortnite shop? Sorry, if it's a dumb question.
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  • Is ps4 online free?

    Best answer: PSN is free. However if you want to play games online you need PS+ which is $60/year.
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