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  • What word is most used in a gamertag?

    Is it Sniper or Killer
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  • Helmet and box of crayons?

    When someone says “they were special so i got them a helmet and a box of crayons” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
    9 answers
  • Why do assasins say shhhhh when killing their opponent?

    Best answer: Cuz it looks cool when a bad guy is getting his throat cut and the assassin shushes him as the bad guy slumps to the floor. Saying don't beg for your life, nothing will change my mind. You're already dead... just 'Shhhhhhh.'
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  • What is steam and why do you use it (explain in simple language pls)?

    10 answers
  • PS4 vs Xbox vs PC?

    Now I know this will have a big debate but I am asking as I want to know which one to get: I am a person who likes the quality as in resolution of a game and one that has a good fps with it. which one is the best
    16 answers
  • Help, so i went down making a sandwich but then a penguin goat in a UFO Stole my baking soda and my credit card. Pls gimme Your creditcard?

    7 answers
  • Im sexually attracted to roblox characters. help!?

    so i was in the middle of robloxia and i was looking at all the characters and couldnt help but get horny. i really dont know why i feel this way. i searched roblox porn on pornhub and results actually popped up! theres other people like me but not many. anyway, i just wanted to fix this so i can be attracted to real life humans, not digital characters. help!
    5 answers
  • Does anyone else feel like Pokémon Sun and Moon ruined Pokémon?

    7 answers
  • Am I addicted to video games? Is this severe?

    I played all the day before while puling off an all nighter. Sometimes I might think about playing games while I am at school or tutor. My piers say that I am playing too long. I still do activities and go to school, get good grades, but right when I get home I play video games, and forget about doing chores.
    4 answers
  • If I put my face in a fire ant hill will I become antman?

    Best answer: Only to the hospital staff, when they are laughing about your stupidity for the next few weeks or months...
    6 answers
  • Could playing video games help me to beat anxiety?

    Best answer: Sure.

    They can help take your mind off your present problems, like your anxiety.

    You may need to try some different games to find out which ones work for you.

    For instance, a sports game might cause more anxiety as you'll feel under pressure to win the match. On the other hand, focusing on an intense game might take your mind off your present problems.
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  • I play roblox and I’m so embarrassed?

    I’m so embarrassed I play roblox because it’s a little kids game and people make fun of the game. My sister told her guy friend who’s in my sports team and I’m so nervous he’s going to tell everyone in my team and I’ll get bullied.
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  • Been thinking of getting ps1'n64 or saturn What do you guys think and please no fanboying?

    12 answers
  • Is fortnite the best game in the world?

    15 answers
  • What gaming console that had the best Final Fantasy games made to play ?

    Best answer: It depends on your definition of "Best"... However, the number of titles available per platform will vary & I'm using the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS for numbers.

    * PC -- FF III - XV
    * Mobile (iOS / Android) -- FF I - VII
    * NES / Famicom -- FF I - III
    * SNES / Super Famicom -- FF IV - VI
    * PS1 -- FF VII - IX
    * PS2 -- FF X - XII
    * PS3 -- FF XIII - XIV
    * PS4 -- FF XIV - XV
    * XBox 360 -- FF XIII
    * XBox One -- FF XV

    Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. This lacks re-releases & some portable console ports (like GBA & DS).

    The "best" Final Fantasy games considered are FF VI, IV & IX... Which places the SNES / Super Famicom as the ideal system as it has FF VI & IV (noted as FF III & II respectively in the US).

    If you don't mind some of the questionable graphical choices for some of the games (due to some lazy porting), PC may be the better option. HOWEVER, mobile options are still viable, if you don't mind the "premium" prices (as titles can cost as much as $20 / ea.)

    Hope this helps!
    5 answers
  • Is the PS3 outdated?

    Best answer: The PS3 is done. No more systems are being produced and few (if any) more games will be released on it. Most stores that sell PS3 software are treating everything as "used" even unopened packages.

    Sounds like you are having overheating issues. These can be fixable in a few different ways, maybe as simply as cleaning it, but we cannot really help you with that remotely.

    Whether or not you get a new system is up to you. I still own an operate a PS3, mostly as a DVD player, I do not have any of the modern systems. I switched most of my gaming over to PC because there are very few counsel exclusive games these days that stay counsel exclusive for more than a year or so.
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  • Original NES Nintendo keeps flashing red light.?

    Best answer: I have refurbished my own NES before and have fixed this issue, the problem is a combination of the 72 pin connector and the 10NES chip, which is what is causing the flashing screen, the problem stems from the 72 pin connector, after awhile the pins get bent from being pressed down and over time they begin to stay where they were bent, this is due to general use and leaving the cartridge in for days at a time, but once the pins start staying in that position there isn't a good connection anymore, so this causes the 10NES chip to think there is a pirated game in there so it resets the system over and over causing the blinking red light and flashing screen. If you want a more permanent solution to this problem you can open these NES consoles up, clean and manually bend the pins upward a bit, this will restore the console back to it's glory days for a time, and connection between the console and the cartridges will be more snug and you can play as much as you want without worry. You can also just replace it with a new pin connector, but I find that unnecessary the connector the NES shipped with is much more resistant to bending and is easier on cartridges. By that I mean it won't have a death grip on them and damage them.

    A good way of testing if these pins are tight or not is to insert a game but don't press it down, unplug the console leave the cartridge lid open and turn it upside down. If the cart falls out the pins are bad if not, the pins likely still have a bit of grip left in them, probably not much though, unless it was severely unused. Which would be good in your case.

    If the pins are not loose enough to bother bending, then just take a cotton swab and some Isopropyl Alcohol (I recommend 70% or higher but 50% will do, just don't get things too wet as 50% wont dry as quickly) and clean the cartridges you have, rub the connector pins until there is no dust or black residue remaining then swab it with the dry side for a bit and let it dry for 10 to 20 seconds and put it in. If it works, great! If it doesn't clean it once more. If you do not have alcohol, you can use just plain tap water, just don't get it too wet as it can get corroded if there is moisture left over.

    The NES, even though it has a faulty design, it will never truly fail, unless you neglect it and expose it to the outdoors where moisture can corrode the metal and eat away at the chips and traces.

    Another step you can do optionally is to break one of the legs of the 10NES chip, disabling it, the console will never flash a red light again and the screen will remain lit no matter how garbled up the image is. If you are going to go that route I suggest you watch a video explaining it in detail, one wrong move could turn the NES into a paper wieght. But as I said, that is optional.

    Cleaning and carefully bending the pins up is a safe and easy method that requires around 10 minutes and a steady hand. And will guarantee that the console will work for a while at least, until the pins bend back out of shape from general use. Also, a Game Genie will speed up that process. It's connector board is a lot thicker than a normal cartridge.
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  • A question for soldiers? Should there be a modern version of Spartan agoge?

    In the Spartan agoge, boys were trained to ignore fear, pain, etc. They learned to fight to the death, no matter the odds. No retreat, no surrender. Stand, fight, and die. Maybe if the American military created a modern agoge, we might actually win wars quickly again.
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  • How to play Diablo 2 without CD drive?

    I just bought Diablo 2 from a local game store. I had played Diablo 1 and Diablo 3, and I loved them both, but I've never before played Diablo 2, which is the best game in the franchise, according to fans. There's just one problem; My laptop doesn't have a CD drive. So how would I download and play the game in this case scenario?
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  • Who is zelda?

    21 answers