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  • When will fortnite die?

    Best answer: once the sequel comes out.
    6 answers
  • Would Link from The Legend of Zelda be a white/caucasian male?

    Just asking out of curiosity, I always thought he was. But what makes me really wonder is the different races represented in the BOTW. Although Link was created by an Asian man, you would kind of think he's Asian, but there are distinctive Asian people in the Video game BOTW that look different than Link. Plus I don't think Asians have blond/blue eyes So is Link white/caucasian?
    8 answers
  • Is minecraft dead?

    7 answers
  • Should I give up gaming?

    Best answer: No do not quit gaming, I'd maybe advise learning when to call it quits and take a break though. No need to stop enjoying a hobby that you are clearly still passionate about.
    17 answers
  • Can my PC run Resident Evil 7?

    256 mb RAM 0.33 ghz processor 8MB HDD Geforce2MX400 graphics card I’m aiming for maxed out ultra settings
    6 answers
  • What was your favorite game on the Atari 2600?

    12 answers
  • Which games are you playing on ps4 right now?

    9 answers
  • Can you tell me which best android games you love to play?

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  • What does a rain coud over a sim s head mean?

    In the sims mobile game
    4 answers
  • Who would win, Smaug from The Hobbit vs Alduin from Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim?

    Best answer: Certainly Alduin.

    Let's set aside how fighting him in Skyrim goes: The Dovahkiin is a mortal blessed with the blood of Akatosh, the chief deity of the divines. The Dovahkiin also has the power of the Thu'um, a very strong form of magic. Not to mention, the Dovahkiin has absorbed the souls of many dragons by the time they fight Alduin, and they fight alongside 3 Nord heroes. The fact that it takes all of these to take down Alduin show that it's no small feat.

    And in the end - the Dovahkiin is unable to absorb Alduin's soul! Alduin may still exist and return one day.

    Smaug was killed by a single black arrow (basically a ballista shot) to the chest. Three souls of the strongest Nord heroes + the Dovahkiin to kill Alduin, one Black Arrow to kill Smaug.

    Alduin was once considered the greatest creation of Akatosh and has on multiple occassions been a threat capable of destroying the entire world.

    Smaug has destroyed towns, but has never been a global threat. Smaug is a large, powerful dragon, but Alduin was literally created by the most powerful diety in Elder Scrolls and may use the Thu'um, powerful magic.

    Alduin is so powerful that he may travel through planes of existence and has existed beyond his first death, and likely exists beyond his second death. Smaug is just a large, mortal dragon.

    EDIT: Not to mention, dragons in Elder Scrolls debate often, and their debates are one and the same as fighting. So Alduin, the most powerful dragon, has won many, many fights against dragons. Smaug has no known fights against other dragons and would be much less experienced in fighting a dragon than Alduin would be.
    4 answers
  • Is a random copy of the Sims 3 I found at a Goodwill store safe to put in my computer?

    It seems pretty seedy but idk to my understanding commercially pressed discs could be safe? What do you think?
    8 answers
  • Do i have to have amazon to get twitch?

    5 answers
  • Hello friends I have a question Is "videogames" one word or two Thank you?

    Best answer: And the absolute BEST doll maker game is Kisekae 2. It lets you customize everything, and I mean literally everything (to the point where it becomes NSFW) down to the very position you want their hands to be facing. It's got 600+ hair variations and you can customize the body type, shape, height, and weight. You can make boys, girls, and hermaphrodites/nonbinary characters.
    Here is the game (warning: it contains adult content. if you don't want to see it, just avoid accidentally taking off their clothes).
    5 answers
  • Applying to work in a video game store.?

    Best answer: You don't need to know about all the games.
    You'll get basic training on how to sell some major titles being pushed, but you've no need to do a load of research. You just need to be able to sell them.
    4 answers
  • Did restaurants have arcade games in the 1970 s?

    Best answer: This was before computers, so Pong wasn't around quite yet. Some establishments had pinball machines around the corner, maybe by the restrooms or in the rear vestibule, so the noise wasn't a distraction to the patrons. Some entertainment rooms may have had air hockey, pool, miniature bowling, fooseball, etc, but they would have been in a different room, not part of the restaurant. You can see that the sitcom Archie's Place had a pool table set up in the back room. Other bars may have had a dart board. Churches had shuffleboard as part of their floor tile design. Some of the lodges had a complete array of gambling equipment, but those weren't generally available to the public.
    8 answers
  • Fallout 3 question?

    I have never played it before and I'm curious, when I do things completely out of view of other people but my karma goes down, does that mean that they did see me in some way, or does karma always go down when you do something bad regardless if you're seen or not?
    6 answers
  • Did you like Skyrim or GTA 5 better?

    Best answer: skyrim
    10 answers
  • Will they make a gta 6 ever?

    Best answer: Deep thoughts ...
    8 answers
  • What are some fun, free things to do online?

    Best answer: Play video games
    5 answers
  • Ps4 rainbow 6 seige headset?

    Best answer: you should be looking for a stereo headset. mono headsets play the same sound in both ears, which means you can't tell if the gunshots you hear are from the left or the right.
    4 answers