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  • How advanced do you think PCs will be in 10 more years?

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  • Should I get an Xbox One or a PS4?

    I REALLY wanna play Sea of Thieves but I know there's better exclusives on a PS4. What do you guys thing though?
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  • Do you think fortnite is a good game?

    Best answer: In terms of gameplay, it's surely offers a different kind of experience with the whole building mechanics. The game pace is also much faster, due to the smaller map and lots of open grounds.

    Unfortunately, some people dislike the shooting mechanics, which was more arcade-y instead of realistic. They currently trying to fixed this by implementing some new stuffs, which you can try on the new game mode.

    The one thing that Fortnite excels compared to other games is the game devs support. They're very commit in supporting the game, by releasing new patches and fixes/balancing regularly. Compared to that other game, the difference is night & day.
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  • Who else misses Silent Hills? I wish we had a release...?

    Best answer: I do

    That gameplay of Silent Hills was amazing and kept all of us wondering how creepy and great the game would be... I feel disappointed that the game was cancelled.
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  • Is the main character from the game Assassins Creed Origins black or Arab?

    Best answer: Bayek's character is a medjay. The medjay traditionally in Egypt were Nubians who are/were black.

    Bayek's son Kemu is also dark with dreadlocks.

    The devs tried to make him look "ambiguously unambiguous" so they wouldn't cause too much of a racist backlash from Euro-centrists. They've confirmed that his character is black though, and his wife is a Greek.

    But during that era, I think was the Ptolemaic era where several ethnic groups inhabited Egypt and intermixed.

    There weren't that many Arabs at the time either, the arab invasion didn't occur until several centuries later. So he's not arab.
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  • What exactly is a cool selena planet?

    In Space Engine, a cool selena is a category of planet, but I cannot find the term anywhere else. My guess is that it is a small planet similar in size to a moon (hence the name selena, which if I'm not mistaken is Greek for "moon"). Is it a real category of planet or does it just exist in the game?
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  • When will the ps5 come out ? I'm really excited?

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  • Can you give me some Nintendo 3ds games?

    Best answer: Here you go:
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  • Would you uninstall a smartphone game if it had video ads?

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  • Impossible to play one same video game everyday?

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  • Dragon ball fighter Z should I sell it?

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  • Will 8 GB DDR4 Ram improve gaming performance more than 8 GB DDR3 Ram?

    Best answer: You most likely WON'T see any significant gaming performance going from DDR3 to DDR4... ASSUMING your motherboard supports it.

    DDR4 would have lower power consumption & a higher bus speed (meaning can go in & out faster), but that's it...

    You're better off increasing the amount of RAM for any performance improvements.
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  • Should i buy Ghost recon wildlands or Rainbow six siege?

    7 answers
  • Do you have to be an expert marksman to be a Marine recon sniper?

    Best answer: yes, among many other qualifications
    8 answers
  • Which game is the best out of the trilogy: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, or Super Mario Bros. 3?

    4 answers
  • Which is best : AAC or AC3?

    Best answer: AAC VS AC3: Compatibility

    So far, AAC is the default audio format for YouTube, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nintendo DSi/3DS, iTunes, DivX Plus Web Player and PlayStation 3. It is well supported by PlayStation Vita, Wii (with the Photo Channel 1.1 update installed), Sony Walkman MP3 series and later, Sony Ericsson; Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, and webOS-based mobile phones. And a majority of in-dash car audio system manufacturers will adopt AAC.

    AC3 (Dolby Digital) is widely used in HDTV broadcast, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and game consoles.

    Comparison Between AAC and AC3 in Quality

    As part of the MPEG-4 standard, AAC makes small digital audio files so that it can store a larger amount of audio files using less space while preserving sound quality. Normally, AAC can produce frequency ranges from 8 to 96 kilohertz. hile AC3 provides a total bit rate of 384 kilobits per second. Its sample rates can up to 48 kilohertz. And if you want to enjoy the full effect of the AC3 track, you should choose an amplified theater system which supports Dolby Digital.

    In a conclusion, AAC is a more advanced lossy audio format comparing with AC3. It will produce better audio quality than AC3 with the same bitrate, especially on low bitrates. The main advantage of using AC3 is for backward compatibility on older Dolby Digital equipments.
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  • How can i unleash my fire power?

    Best answer: it's easy
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  • Hi i need a new gamertag for my xbox account, mines currently Slayed knives and i want something more catchy. Has to do with Knife only plz!?

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  • Do you have any pokemon games?

    Best answer: yes
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  • A game that gets a lot of hate that you enjoy?

    Best answer: I did enjoy Skyward Sword to me it was a different take on the series since it gave us the story of how the Master Sword was created and the Triforce as well. I would have liked a few changes in the game such as shield durability which I wasn't a fan of and I did not enjoy the motion controls as much but still it was a great game I've been a legend of Zelda fan for a long time and I've had played all of them there are a few that I would have liked for them to be better but he to each their own still Ocarina is the Best and not overrated since it gave us the story of who Gannon is and was, more knowledge about the Triforce and the Master Sword. But Skyward I thought was done right and is a great edition to the Legend of Zelda Series
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