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  • When is GTA 6 being released?

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  • What does Hubi Exchange Alliance 3.0 mean?

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  • First person shooters.How do you not get shot in the back all the time?

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  • Why do they use specific nicknames in some military communications?

    Best answer: The military uses call-signs to identify stations on a voice network. You don't want the enemy to listen and be able to identify who is talking to who. A directory would be published with the call-signs to be used and the frequencies to be used. That would change daily. The book was called a CEOI - Communications, Electronics Operating Instructions. The format for callsigns was Letter-Number-Number.

    It can become VERY hard to remember the call signs when they are constantly changing. For tactical communications, many units would use "habitual" call signs. These are the ones you are referring to. Many habitual call signs were the same format as CEOI, so they were less likely to be recognized by the enemy. For the letter portion of the call-sign, the military phonetic alphabet was used. A is alpha, B is Bravo, C is Charlie, etc.

    When all communications, even tactical comms became encrypted, changing the call signs became a non-issue. Many units went to nicknames which sound "cool". A unit would use it's nickname followed by a number code to designate a position.

    In your example, maybe the Company is "Hawk" and the platoons are Red, Yellow, Green. The HQ platoon would be Blue. So... Yellow Hawk to Blue Nest means 2nd platoon is calling the Headquarters command center, i.e. Blue Nest. for a radio check.

    A more correct version of the call would be: Hawk 66 (or Hawk Nest), this is Hawk 21, radio check, over. "can you read me" is not a valid US or NATO communications instruction.
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  • Gamestop gave me the wrong thing. Help?

    I purchased a pre-owned copy of Call of Duty advanced warfare for the Xbox 360 When I came home and inserted the disk, it was an install disk. That was all it had. No game. What do I do? I should not have to go back up there because of the workers laziness.
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  • If I delete a software title on my Nintendo 3DS that I purchased with a prepaid card, will I get my money back?

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  • Is the PS2 a '90s or '00s video game console?

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  • Should I buy a Nintendo switch or a ps VR?

    I’m wanting both but for now can only get one. Vr be cool games such as beat saber. Until dawn. Sky rim. Borderlands etc. but I had a vr before had problem lens fogging up I’m a heavy breather my concern on that. Switch be fun for family but not wide selection of games but I have no clue which should I get
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  • Do you agree with Trump that violent videogames be banned?

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  • Why do grown man like video games?

    Video games are toys and are a waste of time
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  • What are best self defense weapons?

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  • How powerful is the Taurus Millennium G2 Pistol?

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  • What retro games do you still enjoy playing?

    Best answer: Galaga. I play it at least a couple of times a week on MAME installed on my computer. Pac Man and Asteroids also and another game most people probably don't remember called Star Castle.
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  • What PS4 games are popular?

    Best answer: many:

    - Fortnite
    - Overwatch
    - Call Of Duty WW2
    - Battlefield1
    - Outlast series
    - God Of War
    - Uncharted 4
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  • What is the easiest way to make money online?

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  • Is it weird for a girl to like Pokemon?

    Best answer: Nope. I'm a girl, and I love pokemon! provided, I'm hardly the perfect example of feminine grace, but still.
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  • Should I get 3 year old switch,ds,ipad?

    Best answer: If anything I would recommend either the iPad or Switch, but not the ds. If your daughter is really into playing video games, get her the switch. If she likes a variety of things such as watching youtube (if you don't want her exposed to mature content on youtube I recommend downloading YouTube kids) and she likes playing games, or maybe you could get her a little doodling app where she can draw.

    If she really likes games:

    If she likes doing a variety of things:

    I hope this helped!!
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  • How often do you have to reload ammo in fortnite?

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  • Alright, so if I add games to my cart and they're taken off the store, are they also taken out of my cart?

    Best answer: On a digital storefront, like Steam, once the game is delisted from the store, all pending sales will be voided in the process & game will be removed from the cart of users. HOWEVER, there will USUALLY be an official notice (usually by the publisher / developer of the game) of the game's delisting from storefronts & may place the games on sale to encourage those who really want the game the a last chance to buy them (or at least until the licensing gets renewed to allow re-listing).

    For physical copies, those will generally stay in your cart as inventory permits... but may have a "Closeout Notice" & will only remove the item from your cart once the game is sold out or gets cycled out of that store's inventory (as some stores will get a "recall notice" from their distributor to send back unsold copies).

    For companies that are closing, their games will generally remain in store listings for as long as the original licensing agreements permits (where terms can vary greatly)... as the rights holders will still want to get their money from the games (& the license holders want to get their royalties in return). For may Telltale games, it's mostly their licenses holders (Homestar Runner, Universal, AMC, Marvel, ect.) to decide when to pull the plug & delist the games.

    For the Telltale series, I wouldn't be rushing to buy all the games I'm interested from them, but I would keep an eye out for any delisting announcements in the foreseeable future.
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