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  • Gamers have no respect?

    Best answer: There is a general "community toxicity" with gamers online, mostly due to the anonymity of the Internet that has minimal consequences. As a result, people become total jerks as they don't expect to play with the same group of players.

    When gamers have to meet up person-to-person in order to play together (either cooperatively or competitively), they had to adhere to the common decorum with the establishment & fellow players. If a person acted like a jerk, management will likely eject the offending player OR the general community may exclude the offending player from events & play sessions (who is willing to play with a person "with a reputation"?) You don't hear as much about poor decorum at major events (like Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix) because the event directors have little reservations ejecting unruly players.

    There some groups & communities that are exception to the norm, being friendlier & nicer than the general public... however, these can be few & far between online, making it a challenge to find. If you're going tournament professional, you'll likely have to deal with community toxicity in some form.

    Hope this sheds light on the subject.
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  • Xbox One X or Gaming PC?

    Best answer: Definitely a gaming PC
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  • How can I play video games at night when I share a room with my siblings and my parents wake up frequently. HELP!!!!?

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  • Will i be able to return a old controller out of warranty with this method?

    So i have a ps4 controller that is about 3 years old. When i try to sync the controller to the ps4 it does absolutely nothing. It just a blinking light but will not go no matter what i do I just bought a new controller and have a year warranty for it. Can i use my warranty and take back the 3 year old controller even though it is a different controller?
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  • Unwritten rules of gaming?

    Best answer: This is one of the reasons I'm not overly fond of online games. I really like a good single-player game a lot more.
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  • Would you be "O.K." with flying drones invading/impacting in your own personal space?

    Best answer: there already are ....a few inscruplous users on here calling themselves "drone....." this and that, are about as obnoxtious bigoted racist and predjudice as they come, and i am not ok with them at all, neither am i ok with the whole ideology of drones , using machines to fight wars under the guise of saving soldiers lives has never sat ok with my psyche and notion of fairplay.
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  • People who have other interests in addition to playing video games: when do you play video games, and when you do your other interests?

    Best answer: Kind of a hard question, but i game at night when I'm not planning on doing other things.

    As for how offten will depend on if a new game or content has recently came out, if there is nothing new I game less if there is somthing new I game more. I never have had the problem of trying to decide which one of my hobbies I would rather do. If I'm doing somthing and think about gaming then I go game and vise versa.

    My only advice would be don't try and force a time limit on your self for a hobbie you dont feel like doing at the moment. Doing this can make somthing that is supposed to be enjoyable feel more like a chore.
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  • What is the activation code of Truck simulator 2?

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  • How do I find my ship( Im using a ship I found now)if I can’t summon it because it has no jumpfuel?

    Best answer: I'm going to assume you are talking about No Man's Sky. From the description of your question it seems the most likely.

    I'm not 100% certain of this answer because of the Next update, but this answer was valid in the last update and I don't see anything that has change this:

    The answer: You must find it manually. Or restore to an old save.

    The *only* way to own multiple ships in No Man's Sky requires that you first own a freighter or other capital ship. When you do own such a vessel you can buy the ships that land on your freighter. Here, and only here, do you have the option of buying the ship outright instead of exchanging your ships.

    You found a ship abandoned on the ground, repaired it, and flew off in it. You *no longer own* your old ship, you can't call it even if it had fuel because it is not your active ship. The game does warn you when you do this, sort of. (And if it's out of jump fuel, and that's an issue, you flew into an entirely new system. If it's launch fuel and you haven't left the planet yet you might still be able to find it.)
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  • Fortnite or GTA?

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  • Why is Gamestop so Stupid?

    Best answer: Due to the easy ability to digitally download games, GameStop is desperate to find some way to make a profit. This is their only real way as they have to pay other companies, like Console makers and publishers, a fee for those items they sell. Majority of their profit comes from games itself, and even more so from re-selling used games. Other then that, when they sell you a $60 game, they basically have to pay that publisher $40 for it, so they only make a $20 profit. But if someone sells a used game and they buy it for $10, then they can re-sell it for $40 and make a $30 profit from it.

    Again, it's just out of desperation from the company because of digital sales, and other places to buy consoles. This desperation is even worse as more and more Gamestop stores close every year.
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  • What are your top 10 PSOne games?

    Best answer: 1. Metal Gear Solid
    2. Gran Turismo 2
    3. WCW/nWo World Tour
    4. Final Fantasy 7
    5. Resident Evil 2
    6. Silent Hill
    7. Cardinal Syn
    8. Clock Tower
    9. Tomb Raider 2
    10. Grand Theft Auto 2
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  • Sony, nintendo, or microsoft what type of gaming brand made your childhood ?

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  • How do I quit video games?

    I want to quit but doom multiplayer is too fun!
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  • Question for gamers?

    Best answer: Either 2 things occur. Either it MIGHT obviously be a dude who thinks people are gonna badmouth for it or doing it to be literal "bait", OR it may ACTUALLY be a girl that is wary of being hit on and stuff by all the randoms on there.

    I'd say maybe 2 or 3 out of every ten. So 20-30%.

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    They should have THEIR OWN server. I don't know what's up with all of this but it's been going on far too long!
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  • What is more addictive Heroin or WoW ?

    Best answer: depends on if you like WoW.
    if you do then depends on which one gives you more dopamine.
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  • What is your input on the theory of video game skills correlation and translation?

    I have been analyzing and studying this focus for a little while and have not come to any major conclusions. For example, does being good at video games/games correlate with being smarter? Does being good at certain video games make you better at certain other video games/games that may or may not be in the same genre. Does being better at video games gives your more power, focus, hand-eye coordination, etc. in working out and sports?
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  • Is it crazy to buy an Xbox One just for Forza?

    Best answer: Probably crazy for just one game, especially if you add in the Xbox Live Gold you'd need to take the most advantage of it, but the other Horizon games have been a ton of fun.
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  • Is a Nintindo Switch still worth buying?

    It always seems like I’m too late when it comes to buying newer consoles. When I buy the PS2, the PS3 comes out sometime later. When I buy the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X comes out. When I got a Wii U, the Switch came out. I don’t know if there’s going to be a new Nintindo console soon but I’ve heard the Switch is pretty good. But of course as soon as I buy one, the new Nintindo console will be out and everybody’s going to be playing that.
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