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  • How to not let a driving game influence the way I actually drive in real life?

    To give a quick little back story, before I turned 18 I was driving and had a real bad car accident. My parent's car was totaled and I managed to only escape with a couple bruises. Around that time, I was afraid to drive again and I felt like driving video games influenced the result of the crash. Like I wasn't being more cautious on the road because it was only a year that I got my driver's license. Now I wasn't playing any major driving video games at the time but just payed ones that has driving in it like GTA5. But you know in those video games, you crash your car into 50 million things and only pay off the money you earned in game and not affecting you anyway in real life. But when a crash happens in real life, it's a completely different story. So for two years I managed to not even drive in video games and avoid video games that is completely centered around driving. But now views has change to where I love driving. I picked up The Crew and I am afraid I am going to make the same accident again. What I am doing in the game now is that I am driving the way I would drive in real life. But I feel like that is not how the game is supposed to be played. So what I am asking is how can I not let these type of driving games influence to how I actually drive in real life? Is it best to just avoid driving video games all together or is there a way to make me think to not drive like that and be more cautious when driving in real life? Thanks, I know this was a long one.
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  • Hello guys,I am searching a game to play with my friends,it should be mmo and have magic and swords.?

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  • Why won't the army recruiter get back to me?

    I don't have a car at the moment so it's alittle difficult for me to get to the recruiting station which is in aother town, like 20 minutes away. I talked to him once, we made an agreement to meet up, then he just never showed up and won't text me back. A week or two later he texts me asking if I'm still interested. We finally met up but it has tsken me months just to turn in the paperwork because he never answers my texts. I know their busy and he has to make the drive but i's not like i live half way across the state.
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  • Why does everyone like the game Fortnite? Does it even have a campaign?

    Best answer: The campaign only available on the PvE/Save the World mode, which currently priced at $20. Meanwhile, most people were playing the PvP/Battle Royale mode, which is free.
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  • Which Sim game had you start out living with your mom and you had to save up to move out?

    Best answer: The Sims: Bustin' Out I think

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  • I’m not ready for Infantry? (Army)?

    Best answer: 4 years infantry marines, there is two outcomes for pogs that come over to infantry late that I have seen.

    1. Your smart and keep up and learn quick than you will get treated like a peer with your actual rank and peer group and be fine

    2.your dumb or slow than you will get rebooted (meaning your peer group with higher billets will treat you like a PFC and make u blend in with them)

    My suggestion is to observe what infantry is like and remember job transitioning is tough cause once your 4 years are over you will be at a much higher Billet and have jr. Soldiers under your belt and it might be better for you to keep your current job and progress than ditch it .
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  • If you were trapped in the last video game you played, how much trouble are you in?

    Best answer: God of War....yeah I'm FUBAR.
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  • Which game is better - Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last Of Us?

    Best answer: Well i like open world games better so i will say horizon zero dawn but the last of us is still a masterpiece.
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  • Why do some people think violent video games make people violent.?

    I played GTA, Bully, Manhunt, Mortal Kombat, Doom etc violent video games and so did all my friends and none of us have committed violent crimes and were not violent at all. It's been proven time and time again that there is no colleration between violent video games and violent behaviour and yet old people (yes) keep beating this dead horse. And one of these morons who thinks this is the president of America. The bible and islam has made people violent. Not video games
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  • Is there a way to run old Windows XP CD games on my Windows 10 computer?

    Okay, so I've been digging through old discs lately to see what I'd like to keep and what I know aren't needed anymore. I ended up finding some really old puzzle games that my family and I loved playing. I know, logically, that a virtual machine or virtual box program would be needed to run those games. And from what I've read and researched, I'd need an XP installation disc or ISO from the virtual console to work, but I don't think we have either, to be honest. But realistically, I'm not very computer-savvy as far as programming goes which is where and why I'm lost. If there are any instructions, advice, or processes anyone can offer (hopefully in simplified terms) that would be very helpful!
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  • I spent my entire day playing Splatoon. Does that make me a gamer?

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  • Wind Waker fans: Which do you prefer? The original or the remake?

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  • Why is it so easy making online friends den real life?

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  • If I were to buy an Xbox One but never connect it to the Internet, could I still play Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on it.?

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  • How to become Waluigi?

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  • Xbox one or ps4?

    I honestly want to know which console is better. I mean I have an Xbox one but some people at my school say ps4 is better (and in my opinion ps4 has better exclusive titles)
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  • What is your favorite Atari 7800 game?

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  • Are video games popular?

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  • Is it possible to build a video game with an old game engine and still sell?

    Best answer: Yes, it still could sell if the game's quality is good. For example, there's this one arcade game in Japan that were using an old engine (it was based on 357 Arcade Board, a.k.a the PS3). But that game is currently the biggest and most profitable arcade game there since it first released in 2016.

    Sadly, using old engines also has it drawbacks, like outdated stuffs (graphics, physics, lightning, effects, etc). And also, there's a high chance that the engine maker has stopped updating it, which could spell trouble if something happens during development.

    So, unless you know the engine inside out and know all of its strength and weaknesses, I suggest that you uses a newer and more friendly one for easier development.
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  • Is minecraft dead?

    I know its still being played by millions but are those millions dumb 10 year olds
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