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  • Are you allowed to use music in your video game if that game is free and is NOT making any money in any way? (DLC, whatever)?

    I genuinely don't know if the song is copyrighted or not but if it is... Well... Here I am.
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  • Should I stop playing video games? I'm 19.?

    Best answer: Well if you enjoy then I don’t see why stop? I mean 19 isn’t too old to be playing games. I’m 22 and I still play my Xbox 1 or play a few games on my iPhone when I’m bored. Now if it’s affecting your life like your addicted and losing sleep and it’s keepong you from doing the things you need to do then that’s a different story but if you just play them when you have some free time then there is nothing wrong that in my opinion.
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  • Will my house smell like weed?

    I heard sirens outside while i was smoking pot and was paranoid so I put out my joint, then I went back in my house through the front door. I flushed my joint down the toilet in the bathroom downstairs 10 paces from the front door i entered. I sprayed a little bit of lysol and opened my front door for like five minutes. Will my house smell anything like weed?
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  • Do you actually miss actual Arcades where you can play games in public with other people ?

    Best answer: Arcade culture is still thriving in Japan, it's still a pretty niche deal in the US. Most arcades are either "Family-friendly Establishments" (like Chuck E Cheese's) that are more geared towards children OR "Barcades" (Arcade-style Bars), which are more adult establishments with serving beer & other drinks alongside the games. There are also some hybrid arcade establishments like Dave & Busters (a Family-Friendly Barcade), but are still fairly few & far between.

    The main downfall for arcades in the US was the relatively quick evolution & adoption of home game consoles (as well as online gameplay support) in addition to more questionable ownership of the independent arcades (which gave them a "seedy" stereotype). The barcades of the current era are appealing to adults who are looking for the retro vibe.

    Personally, I typically have to travel over an hour to visit my preferred barcade (due to a lack of one nearby) when I have the applicable day(s) off (since they're closed Monday - Wednesday). I pay a bit more on drinks, but the games very affordable (most games were quarter-play, but a few were $0.50 / play) & the establishment is pretty open & inviting. If you're willing to search for them, you'll likely find some.
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  • What the heck is touhou ?

    all these kids are talking about touhou but I don't know what it is ???????? Someone explain I don't know what 9 means
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  • If you play mobile games, does that mean you are not a real gamer?

    I just wanted to know because someone say that it mean you are not. I get it..it less fun on mobile, easier, and simpler. It just offended me..What do you think?
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  • I need $50 psn card code, please?

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  • What game is this? i´ve been searching it for hours?

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  • Anyone donates $50 PSN please?

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  • Is Fortnite Save The World worth it?

    Best answer: They say it will be free soon but I don’t know when. You can wait until it is free, but that may be a while.
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  • What is a night club??? is a night club like a strip club??

    im just asking because im a youtuber and 3 mondays ago i started my own new series on youtube called Gta 5 Meticulous Monday well so far i after today i will 3 Meticulous Monday episodes up but what i want to do is make outfits so in the near future when Rockstar drops the Gta 5 Night Club DLC the Gta 5 community will have some outfits they could put together well so far i only have the bartender outfit regarding the Night Club DLC but what i want to know is this what is a night club and is it a strip club
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  • Should i buy an nintendo switch ?

    I already have a ps4 and a vita but since the ps vita is boring and outdated now im thinking about buying a switch for my birthday just to have gaming on the go. Is it worth the 300$ ? And if so what is the best game to get for it ?
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  • I feel like I m a outcast?

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  • Gamertag ideas ?

    Best answer: hmmm well your current username..gives me an idea how about

    Devil's daughter?

    Demonia?, honestly you could spend ages on this in the end it's you that decides... gl
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  • Why does PUBG give me anxiety?

    If you don’t know what PUBG is, don’t even read further. I recently got PUBG, and I’m starting to get used to it. Whenever I start to see the people alive decrease and the circle keeps getting smaller and smaller, my heart starts beating like crazy, my hands get extremely sweaty, my stomach feels funny, i start to flex every muscle in my body (even though I don’t realize I’m doing it) and my body starts feeling warm (even though my room is cold.) I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and I’m currently taking meds for it, but does anybody else feel like this? Thanks.
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  • How does backwards compatibility work on Xbox One?

    I plan on getting an xbox one cause theres alot of games on the 360 that i miss playing that you can play on xbox one. Do you pay for it along with your xbox live subscription? Can you digitally download those games or is it disc read only?
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  • Im sexually attracted to roblox characters. help!?

    Best answer: same
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  • Why can"t I play free games any more?

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  • What's a more enjoyable game South Park The Fractured But Whole or Halo 5?

    i wanna play a new game and im so unsure of what to get.. I love Halo and I loved The Stick of Truth but I've heard Halo 5's campain is lackluster (I mostly want to have fun with the multiplayer tho) but I also heard South Park misses the mmph that SOT had... They're both on sale atm so idkkkk in your opinion what would you rather play? some red vs blue on halo or the story of south park fractured butthole?
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  • Why do assasins say shhhhh when killing their opponent?

    Best answer: Cuz it looks cool when a bad guy is getting his throat cut and the assassin shushes him as the bad guy slumps to the floor. Saying don't beg for your life, nothing will change my mind. You're already dead... just 'Shhhhhhh.'
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