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  • How to read Pokemon's name?

    Best answer: Since Pokemon came from Japan, the names are a mixture of Japanese and English.

    For instance, Pikachu is Japanese, so it's pronounced like "Pee Kah Chew" In Japanese all vowels are short and there are no accents or tones.

    Squirtle is based on English, since it's "Squirt" plus "turtle"
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  • What currents systems do I need in order to play all the Legend of Zelda games?

    I want to play all the Zelda games and I am not really up to date with Nintendo, except for the new Switch. What systems do I need to purchase in order to play all the Zelda games and how? Thanks.
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  • What are some of your favorite Nintendo DS games!?!?

    Best answer: That's a long list. The DS lasted a long time and it was home to a number of really good titles (and some bad ones).

    I'm going to stick to games which were initially released on the DS. If I include the ports, several of which were better than the originals, there would be several more games.

    The World Ends With You
    Suikoden Tierkreis
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    Radiant Historia
    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
    Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
    Monster Tale
    Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
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  • Did you know that the Su-25 is superior to the A-10?

    Best answer: That's like saying a Lamborghini is superior to a Mercedes Truck... Each can do things the other cannot, neither is overall "superior".

    They are built for different roles; an SU-25 is a fairly general purpose fighter while the A10 is basically a monster [two ton] gatling cannon with wings, engines and a seat attached..

    [I'm not criticising Russian engineering, it's usually excellent from my personal experience with Russian / Soviet machine tools - I'm saying you have picked incompatible items to try and compare].
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  • If a video game could become a t.v show what video game would you want it to be?

    Best answer: Xenosaga

    Honestly, that game was meant to be a movie/tv show.
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  • Is Bioshock horror?

    Best answer: scared the **** out of me
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  • How do you make a house in Minecraft so that zombies don't break into my house?

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  • I'll never understand the double standard online gaming?

    Had a bad player complaining nonstop for over an hour about the game and the players nonstop. Cursing, accusing people of cheating, etc. And not one word from other players. I play normally and just day "Hey guys I need more backup" Then you hear others say "OMG why do you complain so much!!!!" Yet the other guy is crying the whole time and nothing is said about him.
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  • Why did people stop playing the original quake?

    Why do people stop playing old multi-player games in general? Protection from hackers is the only reason i can think of.But you could still have communities doing private match's
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  • Can I date the animals in animal crossing: Pocket Camp?

    Best answer: animal crossing is now CROSSING the barriers of beastiality
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  • What is your first video game console?

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  • Any games you bought recently or ages ago if it still shrink rap or never played at all?

    hey i was wondering have u bought a game on any console then forget about it until now if so what game? Well for me was Dragon Age 2 it was shrink rap for bout 3 month after it was released did not play it until my nephew wanted to play it I even forgotten bout it till now
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  • Would you pay $4.99 for an Android/iOS game?

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  • How can I reach ultimate and real happiness?

    Best answer: Live Long and hard, live with those whom you love, and by your deathbed, if you see those whom you love, you won't regret it and will soon realize, I've done it. I've reached ultimate happiness, I am so happy that I can pass on now.

    Sorry that was kinda sad
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  • Can an 12-13 year old go and buy a E to E10+ game GameStop by themselves? In the US?

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  • I don't play video games. Is that weird?

    Best answer: Just be happy on your own way and that's it
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  • Does anyone remember the name of the game?

    It was a game I played in about 2003 when I was 5 or around this time and it was on a small console or device of sorts. The game was set from one of the scenes I can remember in a castle. I think it was Peres castle or another “evil” character and I was rescuing I believe Minnie. Micky has the hat from from Fantasia. I know it’s not a lot to go on but it’s been bothering me for weeks and can’t think of what it is. Tbh it was quiet a good quality game and I remember the scene as I was stuck on it for weeks.
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  • Nintendo switch trash?????????

    Best answer: Expensive trash
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  • Do you think Xbox will actually compete with PlayStation this year?

    So far it seems like they will try, but ultimately I think PS4 will still beat Xbox One because nothing beats PS4 as far as both variety of new games and quality of both those games and any remakes/remasters. At least it has to be a better year for Xbox than last year since Xbox seems to keep very few exclusives and most of them are only good for hardcore fans of those series (they only kept Forza, Halo, and Gears of War as Notable exclusives since Xbox 360, several other games start as Xbox exclusives and then go to Playstation and sometimes Nintendo as well)
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  • Macklemore vs Metallica?

    Best answer: Metallica
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