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  • Need my psn account back! Please help?

    So a few months ago my PSN account goy banned because i owe a fee of $25. I have the money now but I don't know how to pay it because my account is banned and i can't go to the PSN store to put my funds in. Please help
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  • Nintendo NES Mini Classic...?

    Best answer: To answer your series of questions regarding the NES & SNES Classics

    1) NO -- The NES & SNES Classics are a standalone system. It doesn't require the Switch or any other Nintendo console to work.

    2) The NES Classic includes ONLY ONE CONTROLLER with it. You can purchase an extra controller for $10.

    The SNES Classic includes TWO CONTROLLERS.

    There's various 3rd party options (wired & wireless) available to purchase. HOWEVER, if you own the Classic Console controllers for the Wii & Wii U, you can use those with both systems as they use the same connector.

    3) Connecting a NES & SNES Classic to your TV has become surprisingly easy since HDMI connectors have become the standard. In short, connect the HDMI cable from the TV to the console, then connect the micro USB cable to the console & to a wall outlet (in the US, the power adapter is included. This may vary elsewhere) & finally the controllers to the console (on the SNES Classic, you'll have to remove cover plate on it) & you're pretty much good to go.

    The first start-up will have to select your language, screen boarder (SNES Classic ONLY) & screen preference (Scanlines, 4:3 or Pixel-Perfect) before taking you the main game select screen. I will note you will be able to change these settings by selecting the gear icon at any time.

    That's pretty much it! While there are a few other things you can do with the NES & SNES Classic, but the gist is select the game you want to play & hit the reset button on the console when you want to return to the main menu.

    Hope this helps & enjoy!
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  • Is trump right, video games are the reason why we have so many mass shootings under him as president?

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  • How to hack?

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  • Can i get free gems on clash clans?

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  • How to make it so people don’t hear my tv on my mic?

    People always complain about hearing my game saying it too loud on my mic how do I fix it
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  • Any video games that made you cry?

    When beating it for the first time.
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  • Does anyone tap dance anymore?

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  • Are the graphics in World of Warcraft good?

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  • Why are some people critical of the NES?

    Best answer: The original Nintendo entertainment system was and is awesome. They are clearly idiots.
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  • Should I get Skyrim?

    "WHAT YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED SKYRIM"? Well, I assumed the question thoroughly explained that. Anyway, I'm all for exploration and it's going to be my first real RPG if the answer is yes. Plus I've seen many clips of it and read about the races (and let me just say, the Argonians are effing awesome). I know it has tons of inventory/upgrading system stuff to do which makes it cooler for me...
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  • What is the best dinosaur computer game?

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  • How Do I save a PSone game on PS4?

    Hello anyone I want to know How Do I save a Psone game that I brought digitally on PS4?
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  • My daughter has been begging me to play fortnite.?

    My daughter has been begging me to play fortnite but i kept saying no. Her birth day is in 2 days and for her gift she asked for the privalage to play fortnite. is it apropriate?
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  • Ps4 downloads in progress?

    Best answer: If you turned it off to a powered off state, it won't download in the background but should continue once it has been turned on again.

    If you turned it off to sleep mode, it will continue to download in the background and will be ready for you to use the next time you play.
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  • What is your favourite RTS game?

    Best answer: Age of Empires 2, Red Alert 1 & 2.
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  • Why does Nintendo keep taking money out of my PayPal with out my permission?

    I didn't want to pay for the online but they took money out of My PayPal when I didn't want it to be spent.
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  • Why do people hate sword art online?

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  • I'm just wondering do y'all think Fortnite is dying?

    Best answer: Tricky question as no one is able to answer it accurately but -
    1. Christmas is coming so consoles will be on offer
    2. More people will purchase the cheaper console, specially younger children
    3. Fortnite is a free game

    So basically, from Christmas I bet fortnite will be still popular but I do think this kind of game will die eventually.
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  • Do you still have your Nintendo 64?

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