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  • Why does my boss feel like he can’t come in the same room when I’m there ?

    He’s not like that with other but he doesn’t come into the room when I’m standing there or if I’m there . He only comes in when I leave , I don’t know why , but anyways he doesn’t do that with anyone else . Like if I need to come into the room when he’s there I’ll go , but if I don’t need to then I won’t . ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.1.04
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  • How do i get my computer to run video game graphics properly?

    I have a dell computer that runs on windows 10, and whenever i want to play games with movement, like wizard101 or a shooter game, the games' graphics run so slow that i might as well not move at all. Bringing down the quality or changing the compatibility did not help. What can i add to the system to get it to run properly?
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  • Can I exchange a beat up box from Walmart for a not beat up one?

    I got this gift at a baby shower from my sister. The box was beat up and so was the stuff inside of it. Will I be able to exchange it for one that's not beat up?
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  • What do you think about the Nintendo Switch online service?

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  • Is it worth getting a Nintendo Switch if I don't really care for the portability feature?

    Best answer: I think that in Japan, it's marketed as a portable system that you can also play at home whereas in North America they market it as a home console that you can also take on the go.

    So depending on how you view it, both are accurate. For me, I do more handheld/portable than docked, but I do play some while docked when I Want to record/stream.

    But if you want to go 100% on-TV, great! It will do that. Zelda and Odyssey are both games that make the purchase worth while.

    Though one thing to note is that there have been some people (at least early on, which may have been fixed in future iterations) that if you leave the system in-dock long enough it tends to warp. My son's Switch is warping a little where mine has not since it's been out-of-dock most of its life.

    So I would store it out of the dock and only dock it when you play it to limit the time in the dock.
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  • As a CNA can you buy a gift for a resident?

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  • What are your favorite video games consoles?

    Best answer: 1.) Nintendo 64
    2.) Playstation 2
    3.) Xbox 360
    4.) Super Nintendo
    5.) Dreamcast

    I love my Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, but newer games don't have the same feeling they used to have.
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  • What are some cool features you'd like to see on GTA 6?

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  • Will they ever remaster, “Simpsons Hit & Run,”on the PS4?

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  • If you have an EMP gun, can you fire at a cop's engine to stall their cars if they are chasing you and stop their pursuit of you?

    Best answer: It will not work on mechanical equipment, just on computer units. It may cause problems with the newest of the cars but they still work manually. And of course, forcing a car out of control can result in charges that run from reckless endangerment to attempted murder.
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  • Are there any good historical RPGs?

    Preferably browser based (I know that's a lot to ask considering most RPGs are download only) Thank you.
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  • What is the creepiest thing, you can image?

    Best answer: Horror can come from either suspense, fear of the unknown, or what's probably best- the burden of making a morally unjust decision especially to avoid a life threatening situation,

    Parasectic creatures have been overdone, but a new twist I think would be if they went for women/fetuses. The illusion of pregnancy could be scary especially if one doesn't know if it's a baby about to be born or a parasite ready to burst out. What's moving around in there? What's causing the most pain? What will your teammates think if you kill a child by mistake? Would they respect you for risking a possible parasite being born for letting the mother and (hopefully) child live?

    Plus why not seemingly ok newborns who might be giving off gruesome side effects? Like rapid growth into hideous creatures yet still holding a mother-child bond with their parents? Most likely scared to death yet dangerous to all?

    Think you can dive into that?
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  • Is it worth getting a PS4/ PS4 Pro in 2018?

    I have been a PC gamer my entire life. I can literally count the number of times that I have played on a console on a single hand. That being said, Sony does have some very nice exclusive games that I really wish to play (God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, TLoU, Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima) and apparently RDR2 will take a long time to come to the PC (and I am vehemently hoping that it does). Since my birthday is coming up, I am confused between getting the cheaper PS4 or the beefier PS4 Pro that promises the sweet 4K (I know that it's not native!). I do have a Sony 4K TV but seeing how the PS4 Pro takes a hit in FPS (being a PC gamer, a solid 60 fps is kinda a priority) running (upscaled) 4K I am not sure it's worth the extra investment especially when I am getting bundled games with the normal PS4. Also, a thing to note- I am from India and will be moving to the US in September. I can either buy it from Flipkart or Amazon. The Flipkart variant is reportedly an imported European version. I know that games are no longer region locked and only BluRay movies are for the PS4. But what about the voltage at which it operates. Will a European or any non-American version work in the USA without me having to buy an adapter for the voltage stabilizing thingy?
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  • "Nintendo is for fake gamers, kill yourself" Is this guy a troll or not ?

    Best answer: sounds like a modern Howard Stern for gamers. he's getting views by saying crazy stupid stuff. don't fall for his bait...
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  • Gaming is only for kids.Agree?

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  • Which is the best website for Mothers Day Gifting?

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  • How to save game "Layers of Fear" for the Nintendo Switch?

    I played for a while and when I went back to play again i had to start from the beginning. I assumed it autosaved since I saw no saving options.
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  • Couldn't games help train officers in the military?

    Even soldiers in terms with target indication and I guess they have the DCCT, heh the best video game in the world (; Still these huge map games would be great for showing tactics in the field.
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  • When is the PS5 suppose to come out?

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  • Am I the only one who thinks Waluigi is hot?

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