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  • My boyfriend is stopping me having a breast reduction?

    This is really embarrassing but I want a breast reduction, I’m a g cup and ideally want to be a c/d. My boyfriend is kinda guilt tripping me, saying how attractive he finds them and he would find it hard getting used to me having smaller breasts. I don’t really suffer with any medical problems, it’s just I think they are too big for my frame? Should I have it done? Yeah
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  • I need an abortion and I’m 16?

    I am 16. I’m 4 weeks pregnant. I live in ohio, so I can’t have an abortion without parental consent. I can with a judicial bypass, but I can’t do that without my parents knowing. If my parents found out, I would be in so much trouble and I’d be forced to have the baby because they are pro-life. How can I end a pregnancy with over the counter pills or other methods? I need help and I don’t have a ton of money either.
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  • How to tell my mum and doctor that I shave my pubic hair?

    So tomorrow, I have a doctors appointment. I always shave my pubic area, my mum was mad at me for the last time I did it, but it just makes me feel itchy and not clean. When I go to the doctors, they always check down there. The doctor will obviously say something, do I just say “it makes me feel not clean and it’s itchy”? Because I don’t want to get yelled at.
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  • Girlfriend wants to 'cut my chords' but we don't have children - and i'm 23?

    Best answer: la la LA LA LA la la

    some nice chords
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  • My mum found condoms in my room. What do I tell her?

    My mum is a strong catholic and I really don't want to tell her I've sex. I am 21 and I know what to do and not to do. I just wanna have a cover up story.
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  • Do you have to be 18 to buy vibrators at Target?

    My bf and I want to get a vibrator. I am 17, and I was wondering if Target checks your ID when buying sex toys
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  • Can masturbation help headaches?

    I get headaches frequently and I was wondering if masturbation would help them.
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  • Help, I got punished for bleeding outta my girl part?

    Best answer: It's your period. It happens to every woman, its completely normal and there's nothing wrong with that.

    You'll get your period every month, although at first they might be irregular, meaning you might skip a month or get two periods in one month, that's also completely normal and as you get older they should become more regular.

    In short, your period is the lining of your uterus shedding. Your uterus builds a lining in case you become pregnant, but if you don't, your body doesn't need it so it will come out of your vagina in the form of period "blood". It's not actually blood, as I said it's the lining of your uterus.

    You'll probably want to wear a pad or tampon. For your first few periods I recommend pads over tampons as they are much easier to use. Pads stick on to your underwear, and "catch" the blood so it doesn't go on your clothes. Tampons are inserted inside your vagina. If you don't have access to these then I recommend you just stuff some toilet paper into your underwear for now. If you can't ask your mom to get you pads or tampons you could ask your doctor or school nurse to give you some.

    There's nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing immoral about having your period. Every girl gets them, its entirely normal. You won't go to hell.
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  • Can you tell your doctor you’ve had sex underage?

    Okay say you’re a 16 year old girl... you’re doctors nice and chill. You’re boyfriend turned 18.. soon after sometime then you end up having sex..? You’re protected by plan b after an using a condom of course.. is it ok for the girl to tell her doctor she’s had it only once with her boyfriend that was 18 when the doctor asks if she had done it yet? It’d be okay right and the doctor can’t tell parents because it’s your info with patient doctor? Nothing would happen?
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  • Can you go to dr to get prescribed birth control while on your period?

    I’m having issues with my period and I’m currently 2 weeks in my cycle and I was supposed to go to the dr today to get prescribed birth control but I don’t even know if they’ll do it when I’m still on my cycle? Help!
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  • How do babies come out of the vagina?

    I mean the tubes inside of a vagina are too small for a baby to come out of - and the vagina itself is too small to release a baby out of it - how does it come out?
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  • Does "fingering" feel good an how does it work exactly?

    My boyfriend wants to "finger" me before actually having sex. Is this a good idea or a bad one? I'm not opposed to it but do have questions. Will it hurt? Is there a greater chance of getting an infection or getting cut from a fingernail or anything? Should he just go in and out or do something else? Both of us a virgins, and adults. I thought having sex for the first time would be just penetration but I'm scared it will hurt. So he suggested maybe a finger first. What is everyones thoughts on this?
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  • How hard is it to get your tubes tied?

    I’m a 19 year old from Pennsylvania with no kids and I’ve been thinking about getting my tubes tied but I’ve heard stories of women being denied due to their age or not enough children, and even if they are able to their insurance doesn’t cover it. Does anyone have any idea how likely it would be for me to get approved?
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  • Puperty...?

    (I'm a teen). When your boobs are growing they slowly go from staying up to falling against your ribcage. How do I stop them from sagging down? I want them to stay the way they are.
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  • My "boyfriend" just found out I was a hoe?

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  • My boobs have sagged so much in the past 3, almost 4 years that I wonder if it’s even normal sometimes?

    My boobs weren’t really that big to begin with, like a small C/32C. Not small either, but pretty average. And they were really perky up until I started college at 18. And then they just started sagging and sagging and it’s still going and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t stop it. It’s really depressing and I don’t know what to do. I’m only 21 and feel like I already need a breast lift. They shouldn’t be this saggy for my age. It’s making my self-esteem and self-confidence go way down. I don’t know why this has even happened, it’s really weird. At first I thought something was wrong but I guess it’s normal? Do chest exercises even work to make your boobs more perky, or is that just a myth?
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  • Why can’t I orgasm during sex?

    Best answer: Educate yourself and him- Most women do NOT orgasm from intercourse alone
    This has been Known since the 1960's! You Need to Learn How your Own Body works sexually

    there are 100's of books on Female Sexuality- I kindly suggest you and your partner Read some

    you can start with this article

    : the majority of women do NOT reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone.

    You're not the only one asking, either

    . Sadly, more women than not have just never been informed as to how their sexual anatomy works, and that vaginal intercourse is not often "the" sex for women, or a kind of sex which results in orgasm for most all by itself.

    Dr. Gail: Women take on average 20 minutes of stimulation and arousal to have an orgasm. Men take quite a bit less. Women also have more variation in what they find to be stimulating as well as having more difficulty defining exactly where and how stimulation works best. Only 20 percent of women are able to orgasm with intercourse alone, most women need some sort of direct clitoral stimulation.
    Dr. Drew: Yes, men and women are wired differently, moreover women are wired differently from each other. Many times women will feel as though they are flawed because they are not living up to a certain standard of climaxing. Men make it worse because they generalize what’s needed to make a woman climax. Often men believe women are the same, and once they figure what works for one woman they apply that same method to all the other women they are intimate with, and that’s one of the major problems.

    50-60% of women will never have an orgasm via intercourse and will require clitoral stimulation to climax.

    30% of women will have a reliable orgasm with intercourse.

    10% of women will orgasm with intercourse and could possibly have sequential orgasms.

    5% of women have true multiple orgasms only through intercourse and these women typically find oral sex uncomfortable.

    It's also important to recognize that there really isn't such a thing as "vaginal" or "clitoral" orgasms.

    That terminology was invented mostly by psychologists way back when, before we even had real study on women's sexuality or on human orgasm in general.

    orgasms happen primarily in our brains and nervous systems, we simply feel the effects in our whole bodies, including our genitals. Women may arrive at orgasm through clitoral stimulus, but that doesn't make that orgasm clitoral.
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  • Are you meant to feel something inside you when you insert two fingers into your vagina?

    Was having sex with a guy recently and he’s fingering me and says ‘what’s that?’. He was questioning something he could feel inside of me. He’s fairly experienced compared to me when he’s my first sexual partner so I’m a little worried. When I was on my own I tried to investigate and when I inserted fingers into my vagina, he was right- I could feel something inside me just sitting there close to where inserted. It’s not my ‘hymen’ because that’s already broken (a while ago) so is what I’m feeling normal? I have no idea.
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  • Should I get my daughter a vibrator?

    My daughter is 13 and a couple months ago I found out she was masterbating. So we had a conversation and I told her that what she was doing is perfectly normal and all of that jazz. She recently asked me for a clitoral vibrator. Should I get her it?
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  • Can you start birth control right after having your first period?

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