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  • Bulge in swimsuit crotch for girl?

    I'm definitely a female but my clit is a lot bigger than normal (like an inch) and it pokes out, and you can definitely see the outline of it through my bottoms. It looks like i have a little dick head down there. It feels really uncomfortable looking like i have a wiener, which I guess I do have (just a pretty small one...). What should i do
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  • Porn makes me feel uncomfortable and grosses me out is that normal?

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  • Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?

    Guys i’m so happy. I was crying for like 3 days because I didn’t get my period but I just got it! I’m not pregnant!!! 
    10 answers
  • How To Make my Vagina Tighter?

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  • Why can’t I orgasm during sex?

    I’m a 20 year old female and I’ve never been able to reach orgasm. It’s never because I don’t enjoy sex, because I do, there’s just never any climax but it’s not causing me any frustration, there’s no feeling that I need to orgasm. I’ve had multiple sexual partners and I’ve never reached orgasm with any of them. Also I’ve never orgasmed through foreplay or masturbation, I’ve just never been able to orgasm at all. It’s becoming an issue for me now because I am embarrassed about it and find it difficult to talk about. Is there anything that I can do?
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  • Should i have my first sex with my maid ?

    Best answer: Who cares who you have first sex with?
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  • In the US can an 18 year old girl get circumcised if she wants to?

    Will any doctor perform female circumcision on an 18 year old girl if she wants the operation done? I know it is illegal to do it to little girls but what about young women who can consent?
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  • Please help pee is see through?

    usualy my pee is yellow but not it see throught idk why please halppppppppp
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  • Do black men generally have bigger penises on average?

    My simplest way of considering that it’s true is that black people only make up 14% of the country yet 90% of the porn videos you see with black guys they all have huge d*cks! There’s some with well hung white guys but rarely, and for blacks to be that small of the racial makeup the proof is right there on all these porn websites. They’re all well hung am I wrong?
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  • Ways to abort at home?

    Lets say you just realized that you’re pregnant and you want to abort it but can’t afford abortion. How do you abort it at home?
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  • Will i still get my period if I'm impregnated a couple days before it's due?

    Best answer: It takes several days for a fertilized egg to move down the fallopian tube and implant itself.

    If the egg has not yet implanted.. Yes, you will get your period.
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  • Bloody bowels?

    This is TMI for people but I'm scared and not sure if I need to go to the hospital. Emergency rooms are extremely expensive.  I haven't been feeling well and have been having much more frequent bowel movements than usual along with alot of cramping if I dont. They have been painful, like little knives however I'm not constipated as they are still soft. This time I went and it was incredibly painful, I wiped and it was covered in bright red blood (almost like I had been on my period it was so much). The water in the bowl was red too. Is this okay or do I need to go to the hospital? 
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  • Could I be pregnant ?

    If I lost my virginity on friday and my period was supposed to come this monday! It’s Wednesday now and my period still isn’t here! I don’t even have period symptoms anymore 
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  • Inverted nipples?

    I have inverted nipples, i was born with themlike that. Will guys think im ugly or weird or defective? I am so scared to be seen naked because of them they really freak me out and im so worried the guys wont like me if they see them. on th ebright side i never have to worry about being cold or getting nipple peircings lol
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  • I can't find my clitorus??

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  • I have a short vagina ?

    Best answer: Your hymen is a sort of block to the vagina canal. And it does need to be torn/removed to allow full length of a normal sized penis to enter.The actual depth can be usually at least 7 inches or more after you lose the hymen.
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  • If i somehow get impregnated while i'm on my period, would the period stop or would i finish it and miss the next?

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  • Do attractive Women Poop 💩 ?

    Best answer: Everybody does, we would die if we didn’t 
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  • Please help! I'm so worried! The condom slipped off! Could I be pregnant!? :(?

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