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  • Does this translate to "no good"?

    Best answer: Doing nothing useful? I'd say that was 'no good'.
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  • Can you please translate "SS.MM. los Reyes realizan un recorrido guiado en Sanlúcar de Barrameda" into Spanish for me?

    Best answer: Their Majesties the king and queen are on [taking] a guided tour in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.
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  • How are you supposed to say/pronounce 'Soften'?

    I'm from UK, and I've only ever heard it said 'sof un'. But watching youtube video's with my daughter on slime making, most people say it 'sof tun'. Which got me thinking, you say the T in 'Softer' but never herd it said in 'soften' Which is correct? Or is it just pronounced differently in America?
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  • Native English speakers, could you please help me with these issues?

    Best answer: "the Cygus" is the only key error, missing definite article, but in choice of words,
    "away from us" rather than away from the Sun
    The system does not orbit the sun, so there is no reason to use it as a reference.
    "picture features" may have a better word selection choice.
    Photograph, drawing, movie, animation - more specific is better
    "features" as a verb = prominent attribute
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  • Should I use “have been“ or “had been“?

    Best answer: We WERE in France for a week last year.

    The second is correct.
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  • What is the correct pronunciation of Adidas?

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  • Would this sentence have a sense in English?

    Best answer: First, does it MAKE SENSE, not "have a sense".  To "have sense" means something different.

    Yes, it's correct. When speaking however, we'd say "...since two" or "since two o'clock", and leave off the "pm".

    Lastly, "and they BEGAN doing this at 2:00pm", to "have begun".
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  • I have a question regarding the nuance of “get moving “ . ?

    I looked up the meaning of  “get moving” in a dictionary and found out that it means “to hurry”. I’ve been trying to translate a sentence into Japanese, but I’m not sure “get moving” really means to hurry. The sentence I’ve been working on is the following. “I’ll essentially be covering the do’s and don’t s of the online world starting off with simple things like keeping phones out of out of the bedroom to help with sleep and taking a break to get moving after a couple of hours on screen.”
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  • Do Americans know all the english words iN the dictionary? ?

    I have been studying english, because I'm gonna work in BPO industry where advanced english is required. I have learnt a lot but I find it annoying that everytime I read articles accross the internet, or watch CNN news, I always find, read and hear new englsih words. I take down notes everytime I see or hear new words,  but it just seems endless. Do I really have to memorize them all. I have gotten used to hearing daily english conversation and I felt confident with it. I thought it was adequate, but yeah,  everytime I read articles,  I just cant understand them because there's a lot of new words in them that are unfimiliar to me. Do I really have to memorize all the words in the dictionary? In order for me to be able to communicate? 
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  • Which non-human language sounds the most like one of the human languages?

    Best answer: Bird .. the budgie I had as a teenager made sounds which resembled French to a T.
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  • Welcome to the white house in spanish?

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  • Is this sentence grammatically correct?

    Best answer:  
    Do you mean that the diner is STILL empty every day/night nowadays?

    If you want to say that the place had been empty every single day/night (from its inauguration to that night), I think it is better to say:
    - That night the diner was, as it haD always been, empty.
    - That night the diner was empty, as it haD always been.
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  • How do you say i love you  in russian?

    Best answer: Hi,

    Я тебя люблю
    [Ya tie-BIA liu-BLIU]
    “Ya” means I
    “Tiebya” means you 
    “Liubliu” means Love 
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  • Can I say you re welcome to someone who doesn t say thank you?

    Best answer: Usually that would be considered as a sarcastic remark, so it's kinda rude. Might not be such a good idea to do so.
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  • Is this sentence grammatically correct?

    Best answer: No it's not. It's ambiguous about the "small bands."

    I think you mean:

    Around noon the workers go out in small bands to get lunch.

    in small bands is an adverbal phrase modifying go out the verb.
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  • How to say hello in gaelic irish?

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  • How do you say "Give me a horse burger" in Spanish?

    Best answer:  
    "Give me a horse burger, please."
    "Dame una hamburguesa de carne de caballo, por favor". (informal)
    "Deme una hamburguesa de carne de caballo, por favor". (formal)
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  • Which word is correct?

    Best answer: Choko is correct. However, there's a slight difference. Using "our" makes the sentence more personal and self-centered. Using "the" makes it less personal and simply refers to the general area where you are.
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  • A question about English grammar?

    I'm studying English. I have a question about English. Is the following sentence natural? 1. How many times have you been to France until now? Is it all right to use "how many times" and "until now"? Thanks in advance.
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  • Which word is correct?

    Best answer: You opt for the last to determine plurality, so use "are". "is" works, because you can see "the employees" as a set, but if you do that you usually use a collective noun, like "Neither he nor the staff is willing".
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