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  • Had there of been no civil war, do you believe the North and South would be amiable?

    Let's say the South had declared their independence and the North just let it slide. No civil war. I know it's impossible to know for sure, but how do you believe things would of gone from there?
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  • Is this a reasonable philosophy? If you buy the ticket you take the ride?

    Best answer: is that a philosophy or a bumper sticker?
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  • Would you be upset about people calling white when you are a Mexican?

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  • Does quantuum physics make it easier to believe in God?

    By providing an argument against the philosophy called materialism (or “physicalism”), which is the main intellectual opponent of belief in God in today’s world.
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  • How can Nihilism be the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

    Best answer: Nihilism - a philosophical stoic philosophy of pessimism articulated as equitable acceptance being the strength of man in times when challenges seem insurmountable. Nihilism becomes increasingly the philosophy of redemption from the chaotic matrix like web of a myriad of ideologies converging creates.

    I Am Wisdom. I Am Divinity. I Am Philosopher. I Am Poet. The first two definitions profit the lowest class of humanity inasmuch as all deem themselves as having a right to these celestial lights. The latter, Philosopher and Poet are materialised real definitions of the virtual state of being Divinity and Wisdom. So I have materialised into being, into existence. This does profit religion who ensue it profits not me, evil cults rival oppressing for this profit, languishing here in England This does not profit the institutions of power requiring the mob legion striving for acquisition thereof, to protect their scurrilous ambitions from exposure. I am a Poet and Philosopher. So they flood the market with Poets and Philosophers. Right. So in afierce market of Poets and Philosophers mine is unique and individual and not published into the market place, but rather my thoughts that may or may not resonate with the civilised thinking classes, in times of turbulence and religious tyranny vying be the most accepted belief systems for the power this begets. It can also be noted when the spirit is within us, we rage great monumental truths and vibes resonating with a righteous might amidst the market, we speak grand doctrines and ordain grander actions, yet when drunk upon this spiritual prowess wild within us, like a storm, we cast aspersions, make judgments, become so distanced from reality, we condemn with a mighty valour and wrath our excellent librarian repute allows, unbecoming of a mind at odds with itself and the society it abides in, its solitary subsistence, with neither tranquility of peace or the vibrancy of human interaction. When the spirit within booms truths that seed as great visions and inspire greater ideologies, yet we rage against the aggression, the adversaries of our freedom peace and love, we are given a rude awakening, a jolt of divination and we are dispirited back into the meek humility of mere mortality, mere existence and mere mind acutely aware of its meagreness. Sometimes we yearn to be but mere space and time, mere consciousness, neither a supernal superconsciousness that eludes, at the tip of our fingertips, nor a subconscious filled with neurological vines and synapses, but mere consciousness, just breathing and being. I am not a Nihilist yet my thinking sometimes becomes nihilistic as a protection mechanism, such is the nature of life. Yet the world would demand we conform to some school of thought so we can be defined than being radicalised minds changing from one day, nay one minute to another. So I am a Vandorist. Vandorism. Vandorite. My own cult ideology of my own, for my own, inspired my my philosophical search for the perfect way of thinking, for the peaceful liberated mind, peaceful way of living, for the blissful peace of libertarian being, living.

    Great Minds are born not created, with this is mind the eastern religions in an egg looting conspiracy seed a nw legion ensuring their seed arises shadowing any accomplishments I may have achieved. The legion seeded by five fathers, all stand at the threshold ensuring my ongoing oppression. Donating sperm and eggs is perfectly legal, stealing eggs or embryos is illegal with a vague outline. Stealing the eggs of a person in full intent of misuse of the legion now the fiercest objectors of any privilege the world may or may not seek to afford me, to don the grandeur of the realisation of my Philosophical Poetic , those two words giving them religious heredity. Maybe we have to give to the world not the good spirits who remain with us in every climate, but genetically manufactured and engineered seed. Nihilism then becomes a reality of a legion institutionalised for a purpose. Let it be I say. Take my five with me, leave the world to its whiteness of fathers less harangued than the divided house kept divided for the benefit of the indoeuropean treatise that endures and goes on. The legion of Kings Norton must be acknowledged. Here be acknowledged. I neither donated eggs nor embryos yet the voices rage insistent of heredity, association. Do correct me if I am wrong, Peter L.
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  • What is nature ? What were the Greek philosophers trying to prove ? Philosophers rejected myths . but what is transformation of nature ?

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  • Can compassion for others be taught, if so how?

    Best answer: Hard to learn it later in life but you can help your kids be compassionate by showing and modeling to them how to treat others and how to think about others. Kindness.
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  • Existence, non existence, or something else?

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  • What is your favorite ‘90s memory?

    Best answer: being born 10 days before the 2000s
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  • What is the difference between a strawman fallacy and actually coming to a fair logical conclusion from the premise?

    Best answer: "You expect me to account for opinions which you choose to call mine, but which I have never acknowledged."

    This is the essence of the strawman fallacy, to ASSIGN a position to ones opponent, a position that is NOT actually that of ones opponent but is something else.

    (The quote is from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," Chapter 10, Mr. Darcy speaking to Elizabeth and Bingley.
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  • Who is the most accessible feminist philosopher for someone just getting into philosophy?

    Best answer: the most accessible? What the hell does that even mean?

    Mary Wollstonecraft, Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir
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  • Is life really boring, and the world really doesn t offer much, because life and the world are illusions that are nothing?

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  • Spanish, French, and English colonies in N. America in 1500-1700. Which colonial settlement would you have wanted to settle in?

    Spanish, French, Dutch, and English colonies in North America in the years 1500-1700. If you could travel back in time, which colonial settlement would you have wanted to settle and why? Provide demographics to explain where you would settle. For example: New England, Middle, or Southern colonies if you choose the English colonies. Let's Debate :)
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  • Some spend their free time watching foot ball games, some spend it reading long fiction novels/movies but they are ALL ____?

    Best answer: One could argue that fixing one's house can also be a form of escapism. Students do it all the time. Extra work hours can also be a form of escaping something, like maybe a sour relationship. Washing the car is no better either as it can distract one from other matters, so in the end, it's a highly subjective matter.
    That said, I do agree that football is a waste of time. Indulging in fiction though, particularly literature, makes you a more cultured person.
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  • Is it absurd to think that the universe and of its entirety is meaningless? To think that nothing that anyone does actually matters.?

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  • Should Philosophy be taught in high school?

    Best answer: We do have many pupils who have learned how to learn in school & even in colleges (& I won't comment on the curt & wrong dismissal here of pupil's literacy & numeracy by someone who ought-to-know-better).

    Critical skills CAN Be taught..but not in a rote authoritative or unattractive "school system".
    We know why because of the institutional behaviour taught & learned in so called universal
    school education is mainly to help the economic futures of both he individual & of the general
    And since this could either collapse or change in the short term environment that is rapidly
    taking-a-hold everywhere then I doubt very much that we even HAVE THE SLACK WITHIN
    schools under these circumstances...to help those younger students who would otherwise
    make great & exceptional critical graduates.
    Though that is definitely NOT TO SAY that they cannot be helped in other areas of the system
    and of course this means also that they certainly can be helped in other ways too.
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  • Even if time is real, are past, present and future man-made concepts?

    Best answer: past, present and future are perceptions of man. We can perceive that where other beings cannot. Part of being aware of our own existence and our role in that existence.

    However, time is/has been here long before us. And will continue to work in this universe well after we are gone. It is a part of the math/science that runs this universe.
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  • Any connection gravity and God?

    Best answer: If you remove it from gravity you get gravy.
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