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  • Where was I before I was born?

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  • Why do racist white people say that blacks sold their own people as an excuse to why slavery was right?

    Aside from the fact that all black people aren't of the same nation or tribe to begin with, why would this be a response to justify racism? Do they also think that if a man sold his young daughter to some old, fat man who used her for his... pleasure, that she should be blamed and/or that the fat man's actions are justified because her own father sold her?
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  • Was Titanic built by drunken British people is that why it sunk?

    Best answer: The Titanic sank as the result of a chain of events. There was a fire in the coal magazine. That was not an uncommon occurrence in steam ships of the day. You dealt with it by using the coal. However, maximising coal use to deal with the fire could have meant that the Titanic might have run out of coal before it reached New York. The captain therefore took a shorter route than was advisable at that time of year, the ship hit an iceberg and was lost.

    The Britannic, Oceanic and Olympic were similar ships built by the same people and these all had long careers as ocean liners and were later renamed and used as troop ships. Irish Catholics do not have much of a track record in building large ships. It took Saint Brendan 3 months to cross the Atlantic in his coracle.
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  • Do conservatives still oppose the New Deal?

    I never hear conservatives talk about the New Deal. Are they now okay with the interference of the Federal government into our lives? Are they okay with the massive welfare state, mandatory unions, minimum wage laws, and other labor regulations?
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  • Why were Christians banned from reading the bible during the middle ages?

    Best answer: Rome wants to control the religion of God, hence the creation of the Roman Catholic church. Prior to the existence of the Roman Catholic church, Rome was a great persecutor of Scripture-adherent Jews and Gentiles. But Rome's great persecution of these people, did not quell their numbers, but their numbers only grew as a result of the persecutions. So Constantine, an emperor of Rome, changed Rome's tactics, and used infiltration, and what the Bible calls the way of Baalam. Even long before the great split from Rome, known as the Protestant Reformation -- Scripture-adherent believers existed -- like the Waldenses (Vaudois), Albigenses, the Lollards...etc... Just as Islam did not precede Biblical Christianity, Roman Catholicism did not precede Biblical Christianity. Rome did not want the general public to have access to the Scriptures, for fear that the people would learn that the Catholic organization departs from the Scriptures. However, even with the availability of the Scriptures today, many people are in this cult, because they neglect to read the Scriptures for themselves. They blindly accept the Vatican's own private interpretations, which do not take the words of the Bible at face value, but reinterpret the words through their own philosophical framework .. which is what other cults do like Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh-Day Adventists.
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  • What was Uranus called before it was discovered?

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  • What s the frilled thing around peoples necks in old paintings called?

    Best answer: A ruff. They were highly detailed, used a LOT of the finished fabric, and were heavily starched to stay in that shape. Only the very rich could afford them.

    The SCA (a living history group) has info online on how to make them. In fact there's several YouTube videos out, some are super simple as they go for the easiest way without being 100% historically accurate.
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  • Question about the Reformation under Henry VIII?

    I know Henry simply destroyed a lot of cathedrals and monasteries during the Reformation, but would Winchester Cathedral for example, which I believe existed before the Reformation, originally have been a Catholic cathedral and then simply became a Church of England Cathedral after the Reformation?
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  • Is it possible Newton was descended from the vikings?

    England had been invaded by the vikings before?
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  • What transportation existed in 1492-1776?

    I already said caravels, horses, and caravans but I need 20 and I can t find any.
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  • Who's death were people more upset about Princess Diana's, Or John F Kennedy's?

    Best answer: It's Princess Diana and it's not even close. Nobody outside the USA even cared about The John F Kennedy one much. no offense to The US President. But it's the truth. They might have heard of it though. In fairness to John F Kennedy.
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  • How did ancient people from different countries or civilizations communicate with each other?

    Best answer: Same way we do now: translators.
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  • What Is Texas Culture Like?

    Best answer: Half and half, Mexican and American
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  • Was it common for 1st cousins to marry each other in 19th century America? If so, why?

    Best answer: No, it was not common. Not unheard of or illegal, but not common. Marrying cousins once removed was quite common, however, and still is.
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  • Where did the ancestors of today’s Native Americans probably came from?

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  • Was George S. Patton really a problem for the USA?

    Was George S Patton, part of the problem that people are talking about, when they talk about "America's Bigoted Military Hierarchy in world war 2 ? And how so ?
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  • Does United States history teach the Union army of the civil war was an army comprised of a union of British and French soldiers?

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  • Hitler escaping to Argentina?

    Your opinion?
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  • Are Native Americans the descendants of Israelites?

    The Mormons, Glenn Beck, and author James Rollins claim they are.
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  • Why were cortes and 508 men able to conquer an empire of millions?

    Best answer: The Totonac are an indigenous people of Mexico who reside in the states of Veracruz, Puebla, and Hidalgo. The region of Totonacapan was subject to Aztec military incursions from the mid-15th century until the Spanish arrival. Despite the establishment of Aztec fortifications throughout the region, rebellion was endemic. Major Totonac centers were Papantla, with an estimated population of 60,000 in 1519, Xalapa (around 120,000), and Cempoala (around 80,000). Cempoala was the first indigenous city state visited by Hernán Cortés in his march to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán. The Totonacs of Cempoala joined forces with Cortés, and along with the Tlaxcalan Indians, contributed significantly to the Spanish conquest.
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