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  • What did they use for clocks and time in the middle ages?

    what was a way they calculated the time in the middle ages in england?
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  • How did England rule the US, back when there was nothing but slow ships?

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  • Poll: If we did indeed land on the moon in 1969, why have we never gone back?

    With all the technology in the last 50 years man has never been back to the moon. And many people think the 1969 landing was staged. Makes sense really. Thoughts?
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  • Was Adolf Hitler a good paintist?

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  • Why do the British hate the Argentine so much, isn't it time to turn the page?

    Best answer: It's silly to claim that all Britons hate the Argentines. But they did go to war with them, and there are still some pretty strong feelings held by SOME Britons about that. It's important to note that Argentina didn't invade the Falklands because they really and truly felt compelled to claim them for themselves - they went in because Argentina was going through a very difficult time economically, and the sitting government thought that going to war would distract from that situation. They were very wrong in thinking so.

    Secondly, the Argentine government mistakenly believed that Britain would not opt to defend the islands with full force, which was obviously not the case. Many Britons died defending the islands and many died in the fight to reclaim them. Public opinion on the war in Argentina was divided with some people - mostly ultra-nationalists supporting the invasion, but many Argentines never wanted to go to war with Britain, and the issues that led to the fighting were only exacerbated by the invasion and subsequent conflict, so in the end, the few Argentines who were for it began to see things differently.

    Though located much closer to Argentina than to Britain, the islands have never belonged to Argentina. The Argentines never had a legitimate claim to them, and even if the islands had belonged to Argentina at some point in the past, the vast majority of the population consider themselves to be British and feel very strongly about remaining part of the UK, so what Argentines might think is irrelevant. Going to war with Argentina was mostly seen as righteous in the UK as Britain was defending its territory and its people, and as happens with any war, the enemy aggressor was viewed unfavorably and a lot of that has yet to disappear. Perhaps in the decades to come the animosity that some Britons hold for Argentina will fade until it completely disappears, but because the war occurred relatively recently, many people in both countries continue to have strong feelings about it.
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  • Do you wish the UK could return to the 50s?

    Best answer: We can never return without a time machine, but we can embrace morality based on wholesome family values and discipline and National Service would provide the youth with a sense of purpose which they lack and that's why so many self-harm.
    Of course, something will have to be done about the ethnic population which has destroyed British values and integrity, while escalating our crime figures, and I suggest weeding out the undesirable factions and sending them to Isles of Wight and Isle of Mann. That action will clean up society at a stroke. However, as I've said repeatedly, only a National Socialist regime will implement these changes. Not possible while liberals run the country.
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  • Should the Nazis be praised for the moon landing?

    Best answer: You are on to something here: As soon as the human race learns that we can accomplish great things together instead of spending all our time trying to steal credit for any clever ideas we will be able to move on to true greatness.
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  • Historically, Britain usually had a weaker army than some of its neighbours, such as France and Germany. Do you agree or not?

    Historically, Britain as an Island nation have tended to prioritized and relied on its naval supremacy to defend itself from foreign invasion, whereas the Continental nations such as France have always prioritized and relied on their armies to defend themselves. Consequently, there is a marked disparity between the relative size and strength of those armies and navies. Due to the differential priorities between the nations of Europe. True or false?
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  • What happened to the people of roanoke colony?

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  • Why is the United States the only former British colony that declared its independence?

    Only former anglo-saxon country. Were Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders given more rights than Americans were and thus Americans had to revolt agains the British crown?
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  • The term "racist"was coined by an antiwhite genocidalist as a tool to browbeat whites into demographic genocide. Are you guilty of its use?

    Best answer: its a shaming tactic used by the media to keep whites down.
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  • Which Allied country played the most important part in defeating Nazi Germany, the UK, USA or USSR?

    Best answer: Anyone who lived in 1945 would have said the USSR.

    Nowadays after years of propganda, it's ''America''
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  • Why were the Dardenelles in Turkey so important to the British in WW1?

    Best answer: Capture of them would have allowed the British to open a supply route to the Russians, and open a new, Southern front against the Central Powers, flanking the stalemate of the trenches in western Europe, and bringing British naval might to bear for a time, at least.
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  • Was the American Indian wars considered a genocide?

    Best answer: During the 1800s for many ridding America of the natives was important. People like General Custer were all for killing all the Indians out and freeing the land up for European settlers. Many of those famous American frontiersmen killed their share of Indians, opening up the west by helping get rid on the indians. Even during the 1960s Indians were seen as having been murderous people who killed Europeans just for the hell of it. White Americans wanted to see them as a people who were so murderous they had to be killed out. It wasn't till about the 1980 where they started to be shown as a proud people who were trying to defend their people and hunting grounds from murderous Europeans. Europeans gave them smallpox infected blankets which the Indians received gratefully not realising they were being given blankets that would wipe out most of their tribe so those who gave them the blankets could take their lands.
    I would say the Europeans of the time committed genocide against the native Indians.
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  • Why was Christianity made so popular by the Romans when they were the ones who were persecuting them?

    Best answer: True Christianity was not made popular by Rome. What God had actually established was substituted for paganism (to the Roman government) adding a veneer of Christianity onto a pagan culture. God does not allow statues and images, the veneration of saints.. praying to angels, Mary...etc... God's name alone should be magnified and exalted. Real Christianity (scriptural adherent Christianity) was becoming popular, and Rome desiring to put all things under its feet, came after Scriptural adherent Christians and Jews - making them either convert or die. Many Jews died, and plenty also become converts as Anusim.

    The way to get away from Rome's grasp was to move as far away as you could hope to get. Though Rome kept slaughtering people who wouldn't bow to it, wherever it gained power... the spirit of it, is much like the spirit of Islam. Even Roman Catholic "holy" days like Easter (Ishtar) and Christmas (Saturnalia) are pagan. The Christmas tree is prohibited by the Bible (see Jeremiah 10:1-4), as a practice of the pagans, something which God's people should not learn nor do.

    God also says not to go back to Egypt. The use of obelisks (steeples) on church buildings are symbols of the power and authority of Egypt, even a phallic symbol of Baal worship, spiritual adultery (idolatry). Jesus explained that people were throwing out the truth of God, in order to embrace the vain doctrines, cultures, and traditions of man - that rendered God's truth null and void to the people. God did not establish the nicolaitan heirarchical structure, the structure of lording themselves over the flock, or conquering the laity. The purpose of true shepherds is to lower themselves as servants and build up the rest of the congregation, so that we may all be on the same page... not perpetual milk drinkers and pew warmers -- but able to be strong Christians, knowing how to apply God's words and His Truth to our lives and walk in His ways, sharing His Truth with others, being doctrinally sound in His statutes and precepts.

    The way of Baalam is domination through infiltration. God does not accept the admixture of secularism and paganism with His Truth, and sinful living with righteous living. Truth with error and unrighteousness with righteousness. There is no middle ground or fence sitting with God. He spews the lukewarm out of His mouth. The fence sitters and those who worship Him in vain by doing pagan religious customs are put in the same category as the idolaters. Jesus said to come out of her, My people, lest ye partake of her sins and receive of her plagues.

    This He was speaking of the whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots. The only entity which fully matches the Bible's description given in the book of Revelation concerning the identity of the whore of Babylon, is Vatican City. The Vatican rules behind the powers of the nations, even through its orders: the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons... Unfortunately, in the USA we are not one nation under the true God.

    God does not accept idolatry, and people aren't free to live however they want, but only according to His righteousness. Our political buildings are erected to false gods and goddesses - and are their temples. Even the national monument is another Baal's phallic symbol. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world, and explained that the whole world system is currently under the influence of the fallen angels.

    The devil doesn't mind, copying and counterfeiting the things of God, and redirecting worship from God onto himself, as the Bible says that he wants to be like the Most High. One of satan's goals is to enthrone himself in the 3rd temple which will be built in Israel. Many will worship the antichrist as he receives a deadly head wound, right eye utterly darkened and is resurrected. The false prophet will even cause fire to come down from the sky. These workings are not by God by of fallen angels, and the Bible pre-warns of these things in the book of Revelation, Matthew chapter 24, 2 Thessalonians ch. 2, Deuteronomy chapter 13...etc...
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  • When did the Civil War start?

    BQ:When did the Civil War end?
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  • How good at insults was Winston Churchill?

    If a prime, mentally sharp Winston Churchill were to go toe to toe with a modern competitor in a match of "The Dozens," would he be able to hold his own or would he be at a cultural disadvantage?
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  • What guns did the cheeky uncouth American rebels use to harass the brave British troops so far from their homes&families?

    Where did they get these guns from and was it cowardice they did not meet the Red Coats in open battle but hid in the trees and forests?
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  • Are Indians and Arabs related?

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  • When did English rule in Ireland get vicious was it with the original Norman invasion 1169 or after Protestant reformation in ?

    Best answer: it was always vicious the time team on TV were digging a fort in Ireland that was an irish stronghold in 800 AD and a Norman knight took it and built up a domain till it was known in England and a Representative knight of the King was sent to dethrone him and he did I cant remember the king John I think so its around there the protestant reformation was bloody all over England a local church has plaques disembowelled alive burned at the stake is that the vicious you mean we were hardly friendly neighbours shall we say, and for the harpies sorry you cant read it its not a CV AND I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB I HAD PLENTY WITHOUT
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