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  • Do you agree that Obama was a great disappointment?

    Best answer: No. He was incompetent. He's now seeing how easily he could have been a very powerful president. He has to wake up everyday and see Trump fight more battles than Obama ever did and while doing so putting more people to work, generating more economic growth, creating record high tax receipts, and unprecedented economic growth as far as the eyes can see.

    I think Obama is very regretful that he spent 8 years using executive orders while doing everything to crush the American economy.
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  • Why are some holocaust survivors not even as old as the holocaust itself?

    Best answer: One of the prerequisites for collecting reparations says that if you were a fetus at the time of the Holocaust, then you qualify. This, of course, goes against the claims of being led to gas chambers immediately upon arrival to that camps, since the mother would need to have survived at least nine months for the person to be born - and we're talking about the last days of the war when exterminations supposedly increased to "dispose of the evidence".

    There's another, less known fact about collecting reparations. If you earn too much money or have too many assets, you are ineligible. This means that if you're a rich survivor, you don't get compensated for your suffering. Too bad - it would be a shame to have suffered so much and made something of yourself afterward only to get cheated in the end.

    Thus, it appears that the reparations aren't for "surviving the Holocaust" - they're a retirement pension given only to those who went through it. It's a "club dividend".

    It should also be noted that reparations are paid even if you didn't "die in a gas chamber". They're called "Holocaust reparations" and yet, the word "Holocaust" is being defined as an all-inclusive event that goes beyond the original definition of "holocaust" where it originated. It's a tailor-made word created solely to draw sympathy and create a distraction from the truth.
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  • Why do people like modern art?

    Best answer: I have never got it myself, though I would admit there is the odd picture I do appreciate 95% to me is crap. Impressionism, now you are talking. I was in paris at the beginning of June, if you are ever there you must visit the Musee d Orsay and the Orangerie( has Monet's largest canvasses) 2 of the most amazing places I have been and been stunned by some of the artwork.
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  • Who was the President in 2016?

    A. Donald Trump B. Barack Obama
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  • Why didn't the NAZI's crush Britain during WW2?

    Best answer: That wasn't the deal
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  • Why did the USA not retaliate after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

    Best answer: If you mean why didn't the US immediately attach the Japanese homeland it was because the US did not have the forces to do that at the time. Remember the US was fighting the Japanese in the Philippines which the Japanese attacked on Dec.7 1941 the same day as Pearl Harbor.
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  • Why was there no protest from other countries when Israel started to expand it's borders after it was established in 1948?

    Best answer: Those who lost the land on which they resided, were obviously upset. They had no say so. The Nazi perpetuated the holocaust, but it wasn't they whose land was given away!
    First war 1947-49. Israel calls it the war of independence.
    A historians account.

    Next war.
    1967 - the six day war, June 5th - June 10th. Syria, Jordan and Egypt versus Israel.
    Miko Peled's take on the 6 day war is not the U.S./ Israel spun version. His father was the General when Israel was founded in 1948.
    Syria, Jordan, and Egypt wanted there land back.
    The six day war was fought precisely for that reason. U.S. backed Israel. And USSR the Arabs. But a decision was taken not to participate in their proxies local battle, to avoid a direct confrontation between U.S. and USSR.
    Uncle Sammy claimed USS Liberty had been attacked by Egypt and so unlike the USSR, it found a pretext to help Israel defeat the Arabs. Even in 2018, those papers have not been made public! However the tape recording can NOW be heard by all.

    In the bigger scheme of things, the imperialist powers U.S.and Britain (it was their balfour agreement that caused the whole mess, same land promised to both the Jews, and the Arabs), saw Israel as their proxy in the region.

    The U.N. is ignored.
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  • How did they do it?

    Stone Age men not only had to find their own food (there was no google)but had to build a shelter ,have water, make their own clothes, cook the food, and fight off Dinosours ho did they do it?
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  • Why did Obama let Russia hack America?

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  • What would america be like today if the south had won the civil war?

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  • Are there any other WW II vets here on Yahoo?

    Best answer: Thank you for your service to our nation.
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  • The native Americans practiced slavery, where is your outrage?

    It was well known that the Native Americans enslaved the people of the tribes they conquered. However, I have never seen any liberal outraged because of this
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  • Was homosexuality the main reason for the decline of the Roman Empire?

    Best answer: Yeah, too many gays.
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  • Did Joan of Arc save the "English" language from disappearance?

    Because if the two antagonist kingdoms merged into only one , Paris woud have been the Capital City , the Court's language would still be French , the Old English idiom, who started to disaggregate because of the French influence, would have completely disappeared.
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  • Do the transatlantic cables laid on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the 19th century by ships like the Great Eastern still work today?

    Best answer: The transatlantic cables today are optical cables, they've replaced the old cables laid by the Great Eastern. Today, ninety-five percent of all telephone and data is still transferred over submarine cables and not via satellite as you may intuitively think.
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  • Did Hitler only hate the Jews or was he a white supremacist too?

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  • What famous person from the 20th century do you admire the most? Why do you admire him or her?

    Best answer: Mother Teresa.
    She loved human.
    She lived for human
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  • Were black Americans systematically targeted by eugenics during 1920-1940s?

    Best answer: That is true. Ethnic cleansing/genocide happened right here in USA. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was very racist. She convinced the Klan to support her to target blacks for abortion. Abortion clinics were purposefully built where African Americans lived to try to exterminate the black race

    Picture: Margaret Sanger speaking in front of the Klan
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  • Where the British ever in Qatar?

    Did British explorers arrive in Qatar and turn it into a British Colony?
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  • Who was the richest American President?

    Best answer: Trump by far. He is worth over 6 times as much as the second wealthiest president.
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