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  • Who are the 10 worst Presidents?

    1. Franklin Roosevelt 2. Woodrow Wilson 3. George W. Bush 4. Lyndon Johnson 5. Harry Truman 6. Barack Obama 7. George H.W. Bush 8. Ronald Reagan 9. Donald Trump 10. Bill Clinton
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  • Why does 9/11 get more attention and coverage than other recent terrorist attacks?

    Most people rarely talk about the 7/7 bombings, the Madrid train bombers, the 2015 Paris attacks, the 2016 Nice attack, etc. but 9/11 keeps coming up still even though it has been 17 years. Why?
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  • When did the last Indians in America die off?

    I remember reading about how there were lots of those people in the US hundreds of years ago.. Hunted and lived in tents. About when did the last of them die? I believe they still existed in the 1800s but not sure how long after..
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  • How close was Germany to winning the war?

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  • What could the US have done to reduce the effects of the Holocaust?

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  • If truly ancient egyptians where black. that would means black people where the first slave masters and whites were the first slaves.?

    thus black people cant pull the racist card anymore
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  • Is there one of your family fought in World War?

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  • Did Italy switch sides in world war 2 and why did they?

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  • Why do liberals hate the moral values of the 1950s so much?

    Best answer: In the 50's black families were incredibly solid, married parents and barely 20% of black babies were born out of wedlock.
    Democrats and Feminazis then told women that they don't need men, black mothers were given govt money for having babies out of wedlock, given govt housing - and what is the result??

    Multigenerational poverty, epidemic single parenthood, violent drug infested neighborhoods, and over 75% of black babies are born out of wedlock.

    They DO NOT WANT people relying on themselves, and want to increase govt dependence.
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  • Why did Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy?

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  • Were Spartans brains or brawn?

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  • How many Nazi war criminals were tried and convicted after WWII?

    I'm trying to find it on the web but can't find anything credible that would give me the answer I'm looking for.
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  • Do you observe that schools, books, and other sources of information focus more on Hitler than Stalin?

    Best answer: Winners control the narrative. Jews have always been vilified in history, but they were determined to take extra steps to make sure nothing like this ever happened again.

    There was a new type of media for the modern age. Movies, radio, mass market magazines. Television was about the take off. Many Jews were prominent in media. This idea of Jews "controlling" the media is a matter of intprepretation, but their numbers in media are disproportionate to their numbers in the general population. This activity is acknowledged by Jews like Alan Dershowitz, Joel Stein, and many others (see comments). There is a well-researched, scholarly book called An "Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood." This is must reading for anyone serious about discussing these issues.

    The effort was to emphasize persecution, sometimes to the point of overselling it. Thus, there are proposed laws in several states to made Jewish genocide education mandatory in public schools (see comments).

    The consequence is that much of this was so fervently sold that any attempt at serious discussion about these issues often gets quashed. You get knee jerk reactions of "anti-semitism" and other sensitive claims, often from people who are not even familiar with these issues.
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  • How do you dodge a military draft during a world war?

    Best answer: You could do the rarest of rare things and simply refuse, without either running or offering any explanation. They would probably imprison you. Yet they cannot really make you serve if you simply do not take one step at their command and simply do not pick up a gun. Total non-participation, particularly without any explanation, generally makes them violent, and they have in fact no scruples about breaking their own laws in regard to the treatment of prisoners. Some people go and fraggle the command. Some impair their own health. Some explain that they are pacifists. Some run to Canada. I would probably take any weapon anyone offered me, though I would not necessarily use it as they wished me to do. I rather like being handed weapons though.
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  • Why did James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King Jr.?

    I desperately want to know why did James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King Jr.? Is it because of racism??
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  • How did people initially react to the invention of the aeroplane?

    How was the reception? From any class in the society.
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  • What kinds of thing did Jewish people exaggerate or even lie about regarding WW II?

    Best answer: ^**_________The item about thousands being killed to make soap and lampshades. They always made up things. It's funny how all these horrific things happened, but the STILL felt the need to embellish. _________________
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  • Question about World War II?

    I asked this question a few minutes ago but I misworded it, what I meant to say was if Hitler HAD NOT declared war on the US just after Pearl Harbour as well as the Japs, would the US have gone to war mainly against the Japs in the Pacific and not so much in Europe as well?
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  • Did Britain, not Germany, lose WW2?

    Best answer: It was ultimately the USA and USSR which won and benefited from the war.
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  • Why doesn't Communism work?

    Best answer: Because people are selfish by nature. Because people want what's better than the next person by nature. Because people seek novelty and enjoy having a choice by nature. Because many (not all) people are more driven to develop great products and services for personal financial gain as opposed to considering their input in society. Because by nature societies build from competitiveness (although this is open to debate) and because it can stall the world from progressing due to the sense of entitlement communism can cause (although this is also open to debate)
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