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  • If dinosaurs really existed why aren't they mentioned in the bible?

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  • If ancient Egyptians used to be so advanced, why are modern Arabs so behind now?

    If you look at all the architecture of ancient Egypt, it looks magnificent and totally above that time. The statues, pyramids, buildings, it looks like a civilization that flourished and was heading the right way. But if you look at modern Egypt now, it looks primitive, and to say the least, absolute garbage. It seems to me that the ancient Egyptians that built all the impressive infrastructure were not Arabic, because when you connect the dots to today, it's like two different people.
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  • Why did the big bang kill all of the dinosaurs?

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  • 25 million books are missing from UK libraries – but who's counting?

    Best answer: There is something adrift in the upbringing. Books in libraries are for the benefit of all members of the community they serve, so there are victims same as any crime. People who steal library books presumably think nothing of shoplifting, mugging or any other criminal activity. One thing that does work is an amnesty for people to return stock, no fines, no questions asked.
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  • Where is Africa America Located? Exaclty. So Why Are Black People Called African American...?

    Best answer: The United States Government has deemed it necessary to classify citizens by their ethnic ancestry. The government states that most Blacks have a total or partial ancestry from Black ethnic groups of Africa.
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  • What do you think if I name my daughter Cleopatra after the great Cleopatra?

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  • Does anyone know what language the common people of ancient rome spoke?

    Best answer: They spoke "dog latin" or "pig latin" a dialect quite similar to modern day Romanian.

    Why Romanians speak a latin language is rather baffling, as that area was only under Roman rule for a few decades. There is a Wlach (Romanian speaking) minority in Macedonia (a region under Roman rule for far longer), who are considered by some to be not so much Romanian as Roman. Perhaps their speech is the closest thing around today to working class latin
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  • Who was the famous engineer who died while trying to save his passengers.?

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  • Is genocide okay as long as the group who dies was less civilized than the group doing the killing?

    For example: the European immigrants killed nearly the entire Native American population off
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  • How did holocaust victims stay strong throughout the holocaust?

    writing essay
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  • Why did America attack Japan with a nuclear bomb?

    America was in war with France and Germany but why they hit Japan? And why with a nuclear bomb? How the Japanese reacted after that? I'm not good in history at all so I would appreciate any extra help. Thank you
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  • If slavery were legal, would you own a slave?

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  • Where did white people learn how to oppress other races?

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  • What would've happened if the Nazis had gotten the Atomic Bomb first?

    Best answer: The U.S obtained their first working nuke in 1945 so lets assume the year is 1941. I think when Germany got their first functional nuke they would send the schematics and research instantly to Japan. Then they would threaten to use the nuke unless the allies (Mainly Russia at this time) backed off and either surrendered or gave Germany substantial land. To prove their weapon Germany would probably launch their nuke most likely directly at Moscow. Russia not backing down still when Germany obtained it's 2nd nuke they would hit either London or St Petersburg.

    Japan having been given all the resources of the nuclear research by Germany would be close to a functional nuke as well. So lets say the 2nd nuke Germany launches is at St Petersburg. Having their 2 largest cities decimated in an instant Russia might either back off or begin negotiations with Germany having the majority of the government wiped out in the explosions and having in 1941 were losing to Germany quite badly.

    With the eastern front secured Germany would focus all available military assets towards the western front meaning the war would last longer in this timeline because Germany had the bulk of their army and best and newest military assets on the eastern front. With all this military power diverted west Britain would be crushed even with the help they recieve from the U.S. and would get invaded. D-Day would not have gone so well or more likely not at all. The U.S would divert resources it had to fight Japan towards fighting Germany relieving the military pressure put on Japan. because of the threat the nukes posed and also to help Britain, their main ally at this point.

    Japan now with less bombing and warfare in the pacific at this time would have a functional nuke and they would immediately launch their nuke at Hawaii or more likely Los Angelas. Having seen what happened to Russia the U.S would be desperate to end the war even having public opinion turn against the war to avoid being nuked. At this point he U.S. would be close by now to a nuke and Germany would obviously have been working on more as well. The U.S would threaten the Axis powers now with their own nukes and the Axis would likely not believe them so I think the U.S would nuke Berlin or Tokyo, probably Tokyo.

    Now is where it gets tricky. Having seen the results of the nuke and the destruction of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Los Angelas, Japan, Germany and the U.S would hesitate to launch their nukes and most likely begin negotiations. Germany would gain Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, France, West Russia and parts of Norway and Sweden, And even Britain. Japan would gain parts of western China and Manchuria, The Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, Parts of Korea and potentially parts of the Philippines.

    Then would come a cold war like era between the Axis Powers and Allied Powers. China even after giving some of it's western parts to Japan would be world power as would Australia & both nations would be one of America's closest allies unlike our timeline (China in our timeline). The U.S would also give China, Australia and what remained of Russia (Probably east of the Caucasus Mountains would be the new border) all their nuclear research as a deterrent to the Axis Powers just in case. Both sides would be stockpiling their nuclear arsenal and military might just building more and more tension having proxy wars like in our timeline between the U.S and Soviet Union. Then we'd be in modern times.

    Obviously a lot of details are left out and this is just my interpretation of this but this is how I think it would have gone. Hope it helped.
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  • What did people do for fun in the 1980 s?

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  • Did the Greek and Roman empires fall because of the homosexuals who were in charge of things then?

    Best answer: Yes.
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  • Why are Ancient West African Empires ignored when it comes to World Civilizations?

    Some people like to say Africans have no history or that ancient Egyptian were not black. Ok you can say what you want about Egypt but you can't deny the greatness of Mali, Ghana and the Songhay Empires. Timbuktu was home to some of the world's premier scholar . People came from all over the world to learn from African teachers and the city was full of knowledge and the precious libraries were a huge part of the culture. It's sad these empires declined because of poor leadership and weakness.
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  • When did king James of Scotland publish the first ever bible?

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  • Who would win in a war between Spain and Italy?

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