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  • Why was there more Americans casualties in the war of 1812 than the brits?

    Best answer: In the latter part of the war the British troops involved were the battle hardened veterans of Wellington's peninsular army who had been fighting the French for 4 years and when they came up against poorly trained US militia at battles like Bladensburg the outcome was predictably one sided. You also need to consider the fact that American troops were often commanded by incompetent amateurs like General William Hull who was initially sentenced to death for the humiliation of surrendering Detroit although his sentence was commuted.
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  • Why was British Leyland on strike so much in the 1970s?

    it was state-owned and we had a "nice" labour govt.
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  • Why did the Slavic people greet the Nazis at first when the Nazi armies first entered Ukraine?

    Best answer: 1932 - 33 Soviet Famine - Estimated 12 million Ukraine deaths. It would be easy to make the mistake that rule under any other country was going to be better, even the Nazis.
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  • In ancient times and times before that when mirrors werent avalible to everybody how did the average person know what he/she looked like?

    Best answer: People probably first started to look at their reflections in pools of water, streams and rivers which were the first mirrors. The earliest man made mirrors were from polished stone and mirrors made form black volcanic glass obsidian. Some examples of this kind of mirrors have been found in Turkey dating back at least 6000 years.
    The Ancient Egyptians used polished copper to produce mirrors, and often the round face of the mirror would be embellished with ornamentation.
    The Ancient Mesopotamians also produced polished metal mirrors and mirrors made from polished stone were known in Central and South America from about 2000 BC. In China mirrors began to be made from metal alloys, a mixture of tin and copper called speculum metal that could be highly polished to made a reflective surface as well as mirrors made of polished bronze. Metal alloys or precious metals mirrors were very valuable items in ancient times only affordable to the very wealthy, but metals like copper and bronze were available to most people to at least have a small knife for example.
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  • What happenened to German restauranters in Paris in 1916 and 1941 when the German armies took over?

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  • Why isn’t there a white history month?

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  • How did people dispose of trash in the past? Before modern day garage trucks and landfills?

    Best answer: I medieval times, they just threw everything, including faeces and carcasses in the street. The roads were knee deep in filth. Towns and cities stank.
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  • When did the KKK officially die?

    Best answer: Historians generally divide the Klan into three eras. The "First Klan" was the terrorist organization formed by Confederate veterans in the late 1860s and lasting into the 1870s. It was mostly used to commit terrorism against black Southerners and their white allies in order to secure white rule in the South once again. They kind of faded away partly because their political goals were achieved but also because the US government went after them aggressively.

    The "Second Klan" arose in 1915 after the release of THe BIrth of a Nation, a white supremacist film from director DW Griffith, which portrayed the original Klan heroically. This new version of the Klan, originally formed during a ceremony on Stone Mountain in Georgia, had a broader mandate than the original Klan as they were also anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, and anti-Jewish. They also marked the greatest power of the Klan, with massive membership across the nation, not just in the South. But just they were powerful they faded away in the 1920s in part because of a raft of corruption scandals.

    The "Third Klan" arose in the 1950s in response to the Civil Rights movement. This Klan was all about stopping civil rights, with a small core of the most ardent members willing to use violence. This Klan was also more working class in character. Wealthier Southern whites weren't any less racist, but they had more respectable white supremacist organizations to be a part of. This era of the Klan is generally thought to be ongoing, but the Klan today is incredibly minor in terms of membership and power. They really began to lose membership, and thus power, after their movement suffered the decisive defeats of the 1960s and 1970s. They were formed to protect white supremacy in the South and they lost. Not only did they lose the legal battles with the passage of the LBJ era civil rights legislation, but they lost the cultural battles with the nation pretty much deciding that open racism and discrimination was unacceptable and beyond the pale of legitimate discussion.
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  • What were the constitutional problems during and about the Civil War?

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  • Was there an Arab slave trade of Africans?

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  • If WW2 didn't happen would the British be absolute global rulers of the world lol?

    I would guess to say if Germany paid off the fines from WW1 and just stayed good lil Germans then at some point Russia would have kicked off WW2. The EU and British would have been much better prepared for that war and defeat the Russians. America involvment would have probably seen them still come to power as trade would have been useful. Oh and also we probably would have nuked russia. I wonder what happen to Japan in my alternative history haha Sorry am high 😄
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  • How did the native Americans react to the American Revolution independence to the declaration of independence?

    Best answer: Everything from immediately siding with the colonists, to immediately siding with the British, to wanting to remain neutral to civil war. Native Americans numbered hundreds or even thousands of groups, each with their own opinions and interests.

    Most fought for the British, based on the opinion that if they did the British would limit expansion into native territory if the war was won.
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  • Do you think Gerald Ford was the best Republican president in modern history? I do he actually did Nothing and that helped Americans?

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  • If Gerald R. Ford was US President in 1976, which former Presidents were alive then?

    Best answer: Only Nixon.
    LBJ died in 1973.
    Truman died in 1972.
    Eisenhower died in 1969.
    Hoover died in 1964.
    Kennedy died in 1963.

    No other former president even survived into the 1950s.

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  • Why were the Japanese so brutal in their treatment of the Chinese during WW2?

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  • How can you find out how a town looked in the 1800s and what stores and other businesses there were? Maybe even the owners of these places?

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  • If Ulysses S. Grant was US President in 1876, which former Presidents were still alive then?

    Best answer: None. After Andrew Johnson died on July 31, 1875 - US Grant was the only living ex/active POTUS until the inauguration of Rutherford Hayes in 1877.
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  • When did American become independent from Great Britton?

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  • America destroyed the Old colonial empires of Europe soon after WW2. True or false?

    Most political analysts have tried to explain the Post-WW2 decolonization of Africa and Asia as being due to the so called "Rise of nationalism" in the Third world. The spread of nationalism had suddenly erupted in the immediate wake of WW2, which is what precipitated the subsequent decolonization of Africa and Asia. However, the spread of nationalism in Africa and Asia was caused by America feeding those countries with propaganda in order to gain a decisive edge over the Old colonial powers of Europe. Most of the nations in Europe had been economically ruined by WW2, which is why they were in no position at all to carry out counterespionage to prevent the spread of nationalism in the Third world. But those Old colonial empires would never have ended were it not for WW2 and the concomitant rise of the USA. Consequently, it is completely false to say that the decolonization of Africa and Asia was "inevitable". This could only have happened with the rise of America and the economic ruin of belligerent nations in Western Europe. The spread of nationalism could never have happened without the intervention of US propaganda in Africa and Asia. Therefore, the decolonization of Africa and Asia is mostly America's fault. Because it was solely in America's interest to weaken the Old colonial powers of Western Europe. By whatever methods at their disposal. To push their country to the very forefront of global politics. Do you agree or not?
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  • Was Kennedy a weak President?

    Best answer: Both statements can be seen as true.
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