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  • Germany lost WW2 because they were outnumbered and outgunned by the Allies. True or false?

    Best answer: Superior military technology?
    Compared to the western allies they were about 10 years behind.
    Their codes were broken, subs detected and taken out, their aircraft obsolete by 1943 their logistical systems were laughable, their surface ships sunk every time they left port.
    If they held out for a few more months they would have been nuked.
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  • True or False, Hitler's political opponents were the, "Social Democrats"?

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  • How come people in the UK are more interested in the Tudor period and WW2 and less inbetween, e.g. how the British Empire developed?

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  • Views on how ww2 started and how hitler came to power?

    Best answer: The Great Depression was dropped in the lap of Franklin D Roosevelt. His New Deal policies designed to pull America back to its feet were failures. He needed a way to stimulate employment and war was a proven way to do it. What he did was to stir up conflicts between Germany and Poland over old wounds caused by the Versaille Treaty. Mainly what Hitler wanted was passage through the Polish Corridor so he could provide support and protection to those Germans stranded in Danzig and East Prussia - which still belonged to Germany but was cut off by the Corridor. Poland refused and Britain encouraged them to stop negotiating with Hitler.

    The reason for this was to provoke Hitler into attacking Poland. Britain waved a phony offer of support in front of them and they took the bait. They stopped talking to Hitler and he attacked, just as Britain had hoped for. When it came time to honor their agreement, Britain was nowhere to be found for the next 8 months. By the time they lifted a finger to do anything the conflict was over.

    On the other side of the big pond, Germany was still reeling with the unfair (and illegal) reparations forced on it by Britain and France. Not only did they suffer an economic meltdown right after WW1, but they also fell the full effects of the worldwide depression more than anyone.

    Antisemitism was common throughout the world - Hitler didn't invent it. But he was antisemitic as much as anyone else who was also antisemitic. It wasn't antisemitism that caused him to turn against the Jews - it was what the Jews ("Zionists", actually, but almost no one knows the difference, and most references are of Jews) did to Germany.

    Germany had almost won WW1 against Britain when the Zionists offered to bring the United States into the war on Britain's side in exchange for the rights to Palestine (this controversy, in itself, has connections to events that happened before, during and after the war that affected the outcome of all three events, plus it exposes Britain to crimes that have remained hidden).

    The Versailles Treaty imposed an illegal restriction on Germany that Hitler violated - the right of self-determination. This was denied to Germany although it had been a recognized right in the international community since the mid-1800s. One of the first things Hitler did to restore Germany back to the people was to rid Germany of the cause of their destruction - the Jews.

    Contrary to what has been claimed throughout history, Hitler had the right to do such a thing. He was Germany's Chancellor and it was his right to run Germany the best way he saw fit to benefit its citizens. Claims that he didn't have the right to get rid of the Jews are based on emotional responses that coincide with today's practice of political correctness.

    "I think the problem we have today is most Americans have a difficult time accepting the past because we read into the past the prejudices of the present. The moment you do that, you're not dealing with history." - Ed Smith, Professor American University
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  • What was the most powerful European country ever in history?

    Best answer: Rome
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  • How did people in the past centuries live (lifestyle)?

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  • Vlad the impaler vs dracula?

    was he better when he was just normal Vlad the Impaler, or his villainous form Dracula kinda like an Anakin or Vader question
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  • Do you agree that the souls of murdered people take revenge on their slayers?

    Best answer: I think strange things happen sometimes.

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  • Who was the first american woman to hate on a muslim ?

    Best answer: Veronica Moser
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  • Was China one single country or multiple different countries during the era when Alexander the Great was doing his conquests?

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  • Were there intelligence collection, spying, counterespionage and surveillance in ancient and pre-modern times?

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  • Until the 1400's where were slaves for Europe imported from? What language did those slaves speak?

    Best answer: Conquered peoples.
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  • Why would anyone want to become an archeologist?

    Best answer: Indiana Jones portrays probably actually more realistically what archaeology was like back in the 30s they we're more like bandits and there was a race on to loot tombs. I remember a story of an Italian strongman who was famous for carrying a sledgehammer and breaking into tombs.

    History provides good writing material for the movies and cool stuff for museums.
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  • The real reason for Brexit was so Britain could keep the pound?

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  • Would Germany have won World War II if they had defeated Britain before invading the Soviet Union?

    Best answer: Here are a few facts about WW2 that no one seems to be getting.

    Hitler was not out to take over the world or even conquer other countries. His only "crime" was defying the Treaty of Versailles, which was illegal, to begin with. Because of the Jews (Zionists, actually - another distinction that most people ignore) who stabbed Germany in the back when they brought the United States into WW1 in exchange for the rights to Palestine.

    WW1 was the first international conflict, and so the damages it caused were unprecedented. Because it was fought mostly in France, France sustained most of the damage - for which they endeavored to extract reparations from Germany for, since Germany was the last one standing in the end.

    In those reparations, they denied Germany of their right of self-determination, which had been recognized by international law since the mid-1800s. The Allies felt they had a right to determine Germany's policies and thus became upset when Hitler took over and proceeded to restore Germany against the directives of the Versailles Treaty. The first thing he wanted to do to fix the problems was to eliminate the cause - and the world took offense at the thought of eviction of the Jews.

    They had no more right to dictate Germany's policies than Hitler had to dictate the policy of any other country. The treaty of Versailles wasn't intended to set things right - it was intended to exact revenge on Germany, and the legalities didn't matter.

    Yes, Hitler attacked Poland. But before pointing fingers, the thing to do is ask why. But no one is interested - they've been taught to hate Hitler because he hated Jews and there is no room in people's heads for reason and facts. Hitler attacked Poland because he was provoked into it - partly by the illegalities of the Versailles Treaty and partly by FDR who failed in his own attempts to recover from the Great Depression, so he had to start a war to stimulate jobs at home.

    And Britain - Britain wouldn't know "facts" if they were tattooed inside everyone's eyelids. It was Britain who started the ball rolling that led to a second world war. Germany wasn't the only ones who were stabbed in the back - so were the Arabs.

    These fantasy scenarios about would Germany have won the war if...? (Or better yet, "Would Hitler have won against a race of intergalactic aliens?) - these questions only prove that people aren't interested enough in history to learn about it - they treat it with no sense of reality like it came out of some storybook.
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  • Why did people immigrate to canada in the 1920s?

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  • Why was the Battle of the Bulge named "Battle of the Bulge"? What was the Bulge?

    Best answer: Because the Germans created a “bulge” around the area of the Ardennes forest in pushing through the American defensive line.
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  • Men did you really not want a wedding and just did it for her? were you miserable just trying to keep quiet?

    Best answer: Truth is yes ..weddings are something only women enjoy
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  • Why did the USA and Brazil receive so many slaves?

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  • What if Titanic had been using some form of headlight, some rough equivalent, a floodlight sweeping the area ahead lighthouse style,,,?

    a spotlight to further investigate anything else,,,, A), what prevented the use of such & B) how would Fata Morgana (a mirage type probably present that night) have affected it? Maybe if they'd seen their light being mutated by Fata Morgana, they'd have realized it was present, there was (not just the danger of collision,,,,,,) but that they could no longer trust visual inspection
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