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  • When did the United States become more powerful than the United Kingdom?

    Best answer: More natural resources. All we have is North Sea oil and the consumer didn't see much benefit at the petrol pumps thanks to the greedy EU.
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  • How would America be different if the Romans won the American Civil war?

    Best answer: We'd be speaking Latin, darling, though with what sort of accent is anyone's guess.

    Little Donnie wouldn't look like much in a toga (and his Latin would lack polish to say the least), but Mitt Romney might be able to carry one off beautifully.
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  • Will the 2010's be remembered as the worst decade in history?

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  • Why is our border wall different than the Berlin Wall, besides the fact that ours it to keep people out and theirs was to keep people in. πŸ€”?

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  • Which big event was NOT associated with Manifest Destiny?

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  • Why did Nixon pal up with communist China?

    Best answer: business opportunity and placate the USSR
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  • What if Germany won the Battle of Britain?

    Best answer: Western women , girls and everyone would be safe now in West Europe

    Google migrant rape Europe
    Roma gypsy network Europe
    Roma gypsy migrants from India history
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  • How would you paraphrase "compromised" in the text below?

    Mussolini proclaimed himself leader of a new Social Italian Republic and, though he was little more than a German puppet leader, his return provided a rallying point for true believers, and for those who were so COMPROMISED that there was no turning back.
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  • Why was Florida so behind for a time? I have talked to people who lived here back in the day and did not have electricity til the late 50s.?

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  • Vikings vs Islam, who would win?

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  • Was it a terrible mistake for Britain to have declared war on Germany in 1914?

    Best answer: Yes it was and it was down to George V putting severe pressure on the government to declare war as he had a tiff with his Cousin the Kaiser.
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  • What are Japanese opinions on White people?

    Best answer: Theye hate
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  • Which of these was NOT characteristic of the Middle Ages in Europe?

    Plague Famine Public Education War Feudal System Religious Oppression
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  • Why did England do this to Ireland?

    Best answer: To prevent further rebellion and to spread Protestantism (Church of Ireland) into Ireland.
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  • What two major events helped bring about the end of the Middle Ages, and HOW did they affect so much change?

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  • Does the Battle of Britain prove that Britain was stronger than Germany?

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  • Jewish people were the people who wrote ancient "Greece" philosophy and science? How much of ancient Greece history is fabricated?

    Isn't most of ancient Greece history fabricated by historians and jews? Any person who could write back in the 200 A.D. could write a bunch of lies and if historians found the writings of liars the historians would pass off those lies as the truth. Most jews could write, most gentile people could not. Most historical texts have a very questionable provenance in that they are "found" 500 to 1500 years after they were supposedly written and no one really knows who wrote them and any person who could write back in 200 A.D. could have wrote it to manipulate.
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  • When did the US become more powerful than the UK?

    Best answer: WW2, the US made the UK pay for all the military hardware to carry out the war against Hitler and that made the USA a lot of money. When it was clear that Hitler was beaten the US joined in and were able to expand the empire to take over many places around the world, such as Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Diergo Garcia and install military bases all over the UK and Europe too.

    USAF bases in the United Kingdom:-
    RAF Alconbury (USAFE)
    7560th Air Base Group (ABG) (1953–1959)
    10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing /Tactical Fighter Wing (1959–1994)
    423d Air Base Group (1995– )
    RAF Barford St John
    Detachment 1, 2130th Communications Squadron (AFCS) (1960-1992)
    422d ABG (1993– )
    RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge (USAFE) *
    79th Fighter Squadron (FS) (1952–1970) (RAF Woodbridge)
    81st Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) (1951–1993)
    (RAF Bentwaters to 1958, Bentwaters/Woodbridge to 1993)
    RAF Burtonwood (Air Materiel Command) *
    59th Air Depot Wing (1948–1965)
    RAF Blenheim Crescent (EOARDS/USAFE)
    422d Air Base Group (2007– )
    RAF Chelveston (SAC/USAFE) *
    SAC Reflex Base (1952–1959)
    42d Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron/10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (1959–1962)
    RAF Chicksands (USAFSS) *
    10th Radio Sq (1950–1951)
    7534th Air Base Squadron (ABS) (1951–58)
    6950th Radio/Security Gp (1958–1978)
    7274th Air Base Group (1978–1993)
    RAF Croughton (USAFE)
    1969th Communications Squadron (CS) (1950–1955)
    1230th Airways and Air Communications
    Service Squadron (AACS) (1955–1961)
    2130th Communications Squadron (1961–1971, 1983–1986)
    2130th Communications Group (1971–1980, 1986–1993)
    2168th Communications Squadron (1980–1983)
    630th Communications Squadron (1993–1994)
    603d Communications Squadron (1994–1996)
    422d Air Base Squadron (1996–2005)
    422d Air Base Group (2005– )
    RAF Fairford (SAC/USAFE)
    7507th Air Base Group (1950–1952)
    3919th Air Base Group (1952–1964)
    7020th Air Base Group (1979–1989)
    11th Strategic Group (1984–1992)
    420th Air Base Group (2004– )
    RAF Feltwell (USSC)
    5th SSS/21st SW
    RAF Greenham Common (SAC/USAFE) *
    7501st Air Base Squadron (1951–1953)
    3909th Air Base / Combat Support Group (1953–1964)
    7551st Combat Support Group (CSG) (1964–1968)
    OLA, 20th TFW (1976–1979)
    501 TMW (1982–1991)
    RAF Lakenheath (SAC/USAFE)
    7460th BCS (1948–1949)
    7504th ABG (1949–1953)
    3913th ABS (1953–1955)
    3910th ABG (1955–1960)
    99th ADS (1959–1960)
    48th TFW (1960– )
    RAF Manston (USAFE) *
    123d FBG (1951–52)
    406th FIW (1952–1958)
    RAF Little Rissington (USAFE) *
    870th Contingency Hospital (1981–93)
    20th TFW (1981–93) accommodation for RAF Upper Heyford
    RAF Menwith Hill
    RAF Mildenhall (SAC/USAFE/AMC)
    7511th ABG (1950–1955)
    3913th ABG (1955–1959)
    7513th ABG (1959–1966)
    513th MAW (1966 – )
    100th ARW (1992 – )
    RAF Molesworth (SAC/USAFE)
    582d Air Resupply Group (1951–1956)
    482d Troop Carrier Sq (1956–1957)
    303d TMW (1986–1989)
    423d ABG (1989– )
    RAF Sculthorpe (SAC) *
    47th BW (1952–1962)
    RAF Shepherds Grove (USAFE) *
    116th/78th FBS (1951–1958)
    RAF Upper Heyford (SAC/USAFE) *
    7509th ABS (1950–1951)
    7509th ABG (1951–1952)
    3918th ABG (1952–1958)
    3918th CSG (1958–1964)
    3918th SW (1964–1966)
    66th TFW (1966–1970)
    20th TFW (1970–1993)
    RAF Upwood (USAFE)
    10th TRW/TFW/ABW (1959–1994)
    423d ABG (1995– )
    RAF Welford (USAFE)
    420th ABG (2005– )
    RAF Wethersfield (USAFE) *
    20th TFW (1951–1970)

    The USAF also maintains a communications station at RAF Croughton, as well as a jointly operated communications and intelligence support station with the RAF at RAF Menwith Hill.
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