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  • Why was Germany defeated by the Soviet Union?

    Best answer: Let's get this straight - they were defeated by the Allies. The Soviet Union could not have done it alone. The Allies also could not have won without the help of Soviet Union. FACT. Germany was essentially surrounded and fighting on multiple fronts. They simply didn't have the manpower and money to sustain a long war. Their only chance was a win against the Soviets in 1941-42.
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  • What is the difference between the Nixon administration breaking into Democratic headquarters and the Obama spying on the Trump campaign?

    Best answer: One used third rate burglars and the other used the intelligence apparatus. LOL
    One had the media against him and the other had the media behind him. LOL

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  • In the 1960s in California, who was responsible for closing hospitals for the mentally ill?

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  • Would World War II breakup if all the major players already had nuclear weapons?

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  • Was WW2 primarily a Soviet-German war ?

    That is what my German friend claims . He says that WW2 was primarily a life and death war between Soviet Union and Germany everything else was a side show. Thoughts ?
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  • What's the greatest Empire to ever exist in all of civilization?

    Best answer: I think in terms of what percentage of the known world they controlled, the Romans are still No. 1. But in size and wealth and strength, it's the US today.

    But that's not a good thing. Our Benighted President wanted to use July 4th to brag about our military power but there are many other wonderful aspects of the US. Empire is EXPENSIVE. EVERY empire eventually fails when the cost of empire bankrupts them, and we are headed in that direction. Ronald Reagan doubled our defense spending, and GW Bush doubled it again (NOT COUNTING the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). Trump wants to double it again! It used to be the biggest single item in our 'discretionary' budget. Now it's the second biggest item. Debt service is the biggest item!
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  • Since Christopher Columbus never set a toe in the continental United States... Who founded America first?

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  • What Germany famous at?

    Best answer: English is obviously not your first language. The sentence should be "What is Germany famous for?" And the answer is Engineering, Pharmaceuticals Science, Philosophy, Literature and Opera Beer and Food.
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  • What was the name of that scooter introduced about 15 years ago that people thought would revolutionize the world?

    Best answer: That would be the segway
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  • Did the German people fail Hitler?

    Best answer: No. The Germans did as they were told. The German people suffered a great defeat. They had no business marching into France, bombing London, and taking over surrounding countries.
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  • I a question about the reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Please read below.?

    Japan needed all the raw materials (oil and rubber), airplane parts, machine tools etc for its military to be fully effective to invade and occupy the whole of Asia, particularly the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) which is oil rich. Japan started its military invasion into Korea, China and Southeast Asia, US imposed economic embargo on Japan. In mid 1940s, US drastically increased its Navy strength in Pearl Harbor and Phillipines as any attack by Japan on British, French and Dutch colonies in Asia would result in a war. As a result, In Sep 1940, Japan, Germany and Italy signed the Tripartite Treaty which consisted of six articles. The main ones are.. 1. Japan recognizes the leadership of Germany and Italy in the establishment of a new order in Europe. 2. Germany and Italy recognize the leadership of Japan in the establishment of a new order in Greater East Asia. 3. Japan, Germany, and Italy agree to further undertake to assist one another with all political, economic and military means if one of the Contracting Powers is attacked by a Power at present not involved in the European War or in the Japanese-Chinese conflict. Following the US economic embargo, during 1941, Japan offered to withdraw from all occupied territories IF US would adopt an independent interpretation of the Tripartite Treaty. My question is...The Tripartite Treaty could have been avoided if US had not increased in Navy strength in the Pacific signalling a preparation of war with Japan. Is it correct? 2)
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  • Could the 1930s British Empire have retaken NYC and totally controlled the northeastern USA?

    Best answer: what a war that would have been
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  • Why is the USA like the only country in the world that doesn't really care about "Soccer" aka "Foot ball" in rest of world?

    Best answer: That's slowly changing. But slowly. The US has so many other sports that it cares more deeply about. The only time it cares about soccer is when you turn it into a national pride thing with the World Cup...and even then we don't care ALOT.

    To older Americans, soccer just isn't much a spectator sport. Alot of just bouncing the ball back and forth looks to us like a lot of time wasting. The Simpsons did this perfectly back in it's glory years. Forward to about 1:30 if you want to see the relevant part only.

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  • Were slaves kidnapped and brought here to the USA and did they fight back when kidnapped if they were?

    Best answer: Good question. The original slavers of black people were black people themselves. What would occur is that one tribe in Africa would attack another tribe in Africa. And the winner took the spoils, which included the women and livestock, and vital males as slaves.

    So when the Europeans went looking for slaves, they steamed to parts of Africa where slaves were being created as the spoils of war. "Many nations such as the Ashanti of present-day Ghana and the Yoruba of present-day Nigeria were involved in slave-trading. Groups such as the Imbangala of Angola and the Nyamwezi of Tanzania would serve as intermediaries or roving bands, waging war on African states to capture people for export as slaves." [Wiki]

    One would expect that during such wars both sides fought fiercely. Which means, yes they did fight back when the roving bands of slavers did attack.
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  • Was the Bosnian Serb who murdered Franz Ferdinand & his wife a Bosnian Muslim Serb or what were his beliefs?, why he did it?

    Best answer: No. It was planned as a joint venture of a secret society that called itself the Black Hand. Its aim was to create a greater Serbia and rid it of Austro-Hungarian influence and rule. Several single assassins had tried unsuccessfully to murder him during the previous 5 years. On the day of the planned assassination, six separate assassins were lined up on Franz Ferdinand's route to a reception at Sarajevo town hall. Several failed to act and the remainder bungled the task. The reception went ahead as planned. An individual, also a member of the Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip heard of the bungle, and determined to carry out the murder himself. He lay in wait near the Latin Bridge and successfully carried out his intent. He tried to kill himself, but failed and was tried for the murders.
    The murder had nothing at all to do with any religious motives, but it did provoke the start of Word War 1.
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  • Why are the British so anti-American and non-inclusive by shunning American Independence Day?

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  • Where did all the holocaust victims get burried?

    ive looked it up like 6 different ways and all i can get is a more recent story of "1000 holocaust victims found in mysterious grave burried X" but i want to know where the other millions of people were burried. Did they leave them in the mass graves or did they dig new graves and put them there or did each victim get burried separately? i watched a documentary recently about the holocaust as well but cant remember if they mentioned where they got burried. i remember it showing them forcing the remaining nazis to dig up the bodies but then it also showed them being forced to put bodies in a huge hole and thinking back on it really confuses me. so basically what did they do with all the bodies?
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  • Who ordered the king George to massacre the natives in america?

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  • The Holy Roman Empire was relocated several times during its Reign of one thousand years. Why?

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  • Are "Slavic" people really that different to "Germanic/Nordic" people? how so and where did "Slavic people " originate?

    Best answer: 'That' different...no they're not, but it really means what you mean by 'different'. You say 'people' so 1st....
    The actual 'people'..... they're genetics are very close. The Nordics, Germanics, Slavics have been intermarrying/ mixing/ sharing space, and being neighboring countries for at least 1000 years. The Poles for instance are very close to and mixed with east Germans, the same for the Czechs with central Germans, and the Russians with Nordics (especially Swedes and Balts). None of this of course stopped them from all being enemies.
    The languages....There's a difference there. The German and Nordic languages are related and similar. The Slavic languages are similar/or (same) among Slavs but not much with Germanic or Norse.
    Culture/history...Some big differences...The western Slavs (Poles, Czechs, Slovenes etc.) are in the German/ West European culture/history. The eastern Slavs (Russians, Belarussians) have their own East European culture/ history hooked on to the Nordics (Swedes/ Baltic Finns) mixed with influence from medieval Greece. The south Slavs culture (Hungary on south), is a mix with both West and East Slavic, but with a stew of cultures thrown in (Magyar, Romance, Greek, Turk). Ukraine is kind of torn between the west (Poles/Czechs) and east (Russian) Slavs.
    The origin home of the Slavs in Europe goes back to 2500BC+ (pretty old) and can be found along the 'Bug River' that flows east-west between the N-S 'Vistula River' on the west and the N-S 'Dnieper River' on the east. Along the Bugs center going E-W is the 'Pripet Marshes' a geographic region in the past known for it's wetlands, forests, fertile soil. It was the Slavic home since some say 3000BC. Today the city of 'Pinsk' sits in the middle of it.
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