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  • Was Jesus the original hipster?

    Best answer: Pretty sure that most of the things that Jesus did were not done ironically.
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  • Is William the Conqueror the best leader ever?

    Best answer: If by leader, if you mean convincing the most people to follow him, he's not even in the top 10. If you mean having the most impact on history, not the top 10. If you mean the nicest person...Probably not that either. So chances are, whatever you mean by the question, the answer is "no".
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  • If you could change one event in history what would it be? It’s supposed to be funny.?

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  • Was declaring war on Germany in 1939 the biggest mistake in British history?

    Best answer: One of them, most certainly. Sometimes, it is best to leave well enough alone.

    The biggest mistake was not overhauling the British system, to add racial and cultural definition, along with all the other necessary measures. This enabled the current predicament, with the very severe threats, threat exposure and disfigurement of thousands upon thousands of people, including myself (though mine is minor), and the disfigurement still continues.
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  • Cultural Effects of a 1985 World War III?

    Best answer: The cultures of North America, Europe and a good part of Asia would have been essentially eradicated in the global thermonuclear holocaust and the resulting famines and pandemics. South America, sub-Saharan Africa and Australasia would largely come through it, although they'd probably be under military law or dictatorship for a few years and certain significant pro-West or pro-Soviet cities such as Auckland or Johannesburg would be nuked.
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  • How did cowboys on a cattle drive stay regular if they are mostly beans?

    Or were they all constipated and angry?
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  • Should the U.S. have dropped a 3rd Atomic bomb on Emperor Hirohitos palace?

    Best answer: No because this would have destroyed the Japanese nation and people. Hirohito was so important to the Japanese that he was spared any trials or charges because he was vital to the reconstruction of Japan.

    America was brutal in dropping the A-Bombs, but the only alternative was a full-scale invasion of Japan that would have killed millions upon millions more.. America treated post-war Japan with humanity and rebuilt the country.

    Historical Revisionists can lie, distort, but this is a simple fact.
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  • What is the oldest civilisation ?

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  • How would a non-thermonuclear World War III in 1985 play out and what would be its cultural effects?

    Best answer: The most effective warfare now would be cyber war, played out by misinformation and economic disruption.

    People have become so stupid they swallow any lie told on social media (just look at what has happened to inoculation rates due to social media lies). It is easy for our enemies to manipulate people without critical thinking ability and to create divisions within society. Some of our own people are already doing it so little help from our enemies could make a lot of difference.

    If an enemy can disrupt our banking system, the economy will grind to a halt in no time and civil unrest could easily result. Suppose your bank balance and saving vanished overnight and your credit cards didn't work any more? Suppose your pension stopped or your benefits ceased? Suppose the computer systems at work all stopped working? What if traffic lights no longer worked? The result would be chaos.

    Who needs an expensive thermonuclear war when you can bring an enemy to its knees without even working up a sweat.
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  • How did Spartacus die?

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  • Were Gulags in the USSR just prisons, or were they separate?

    I used to think that only people who spoke out against the soviet government were sent to the gulag. After doing some online research, I found out that many were just normal criminals. Does anyone have a chart or a list of gulag imprisonment by year by type if crime? Were gulags the soviet prison system? Were there other “normal” prisons or did all criminals get sent to the gulags?
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  • What potential problems could result when a president frequently acts separate from Congress on a major issue?

    Best answer: Trump declared a state of emergency to get funding for his wall because Congress disagreed. This is a first in history. That money means unapproved sacrifice f/ someplace. Congress is in charge of the budget.
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  • Why did Hitler let USSR attack Berlin?

    Best answer: Let?
    He didn't have a choice. he USSR was invading from the east whilst the Allies wre invading from the west.
    His armies were crippled and already surrendering.
    He didn't have a choice.
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  • Did Adolf Hitler want to steal the Crown Jewels if they successfully invaded Britain?

    Best answer: The Nazis were stripping conquered countries of anything of value, in Gems and gold, expensive art and other things of value I would say the crown jewels would have been taken back to Germany. Germany was using looted treasure to fund the war and apparently when Jews were sent to concentration camps and murdered the Germans stole all their assets, homes, jewellery, gold and I believe took all their money from their bank accounts which helped fund the German war effort. The Germans were planning to put Edward the 8th who had abdicated the British throne to marry his love Wallis Simpson back on the English throne so whether they would have been left any crown Jewels is up to speculation but I seriously doubt it. Finally Winston Churchill forced the former king to move to Bermuda and given the job of governor and if he refused he was to be charged with treason for dealing with the Nazis in planning what would happen to England when the Germans took over, so he was out of the way and could not do any more dealing with the Germans.
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  • In American colonies, the Institution of African Slavery evolved into a major economic force. Why were Africans rather than Indians enslaved?

    Best answer: First Nation historian Big Chief Running Casino has written- The Native American he don't plant taters, he don't pick cotton. Red's don't sing the Blues because we had our homelands. The poor Africans had nowhere to run being so far from home. Stephen Foster's song 'The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home
    'Tis summer, the darkies are gay...' assumed too much- Not all the Darkies were gay. We had a few in the Nations, they put the feathers in the arrows.
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  • Is it true that in the whole history Russia has done nothing good and invented nothing?

    Best answer: Russia has some of the greatest writers that ever lived and some very good musicians. Dostoevsky who Wrote Crime and Punishment and the Brothers Karamazov and many other great books was one of the greatest writers in all of the world's literature and so was Tolstoy and other Russian writers. The computer was invented simultaneously by three countries America, Germany and Russia during WWII. The Russian Psychologist Pavlov was the founder of modern clinical Psychology. Russian Ballet is considered the best in the world. Russia put the first space capsule into orbit and the first man in space.
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  • Could American Indians have done better in the face of European encroachment? If so, how could they have done better for themselves?

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  • Aside from the nobles, what entity held the majority of the power and influence in the Middle Ages?

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  • What modern military rank would a Roman Centurion be equalivent to ?

    Best answer: It would depend on different things, the Roman army didn't have a formal ranking system as we know today, a Centurion was more a term for a senior soldier than an actual rank. Typically a Centurion would be in command of 100 Legionnaires,,, hence the term Centurion,,, giving him a rank equivalent of a First Lieutenant, however, other Centurions would be given command of several columns, giving them a rank equivalent of a Major or a Colonel,,, in fact, the term "colonel" is derived from a Centurion in command of a column.
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