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  • Why did Serbs, Croats and Bosnians all hate each other so much?

    Best answer: This legacy goes way back centuries. Let me pick it up from the 12th century.
    Various groups of people in Europe, who would not agree with everything the Catholic church stated or demanded, were persecuted by it, and hounded from pillar to post. Although accused of wicked practices, these non-conformist Christians were generally admitted even by their detractors to have morality and standards of life and industriousness "superior to those which prevailed round about them." I continue to quote from this book...

    "Byzantine persecution drove many of the believers westward into Serbia, and the strength of the Orthodox church in Serbia pushed them further, into Bosnia... As late as the 17th century congregations known as 'Pavlicani' (Paulicians - 'Das Furstenthum Bulgarien' Dr. Constantin Jirecek, Wien) remained in Philippopolis and other parts of Bulgaria..." Eventually, they became "Bulgarian Catholics in contradistinction to the Bulgarians generally, who are either Orthodox or Pomacs, that is, descended from ancestors forcibly converted to Mohammedanism. It was, however, in Bosnia that their greatest development took place."

    Going back to 1199, the Kulin Ban (ruler of Bosnia) and tens of thousands of his people left Catholicism for the non-conformist form of Christianity. So did Minoslav, Prince of the Hertzogovena and the Roman Catholic Bishop of Bosnia. "The country ceased to be Catholic and experienced a time of prosperity that has remained proverbial ever since."

    Pope Innocent III and the King of Hungary exerted pressure to revert the people back, under threat of war, but the people refused to go back to Catholicism. In 1222 the pope ordered the King of Hungary to invade Bosnia and the country was devastated. The pope "called a crusade of 'all the Christian world' against it; the Inquisition was established in 1291 and Dominican and Franciscan brothers competed in applying its terrors to the devoted churches.

    "Meanwhile, the constant pressure of Islam was becoming an increasing danger in Europe, and Hungary was in the forefront of the fight; yet this did not awaken the Catholic countries to see the folly of destroying a barrier between the and their most dangerous foes" [the Muslims]. The Inquisition was still going on in 1325. The battle of Kosovo (1389) extended Turkish rule over Serbia, yet papal persecution continued. 126 captured Bosnian magnates were beheaded and thrown from the rocks of Doboj into the river Bosnia in 1408 The desperate Bosnians turned to the Turks for protection.

    "The struggle between Christendom and Islam swayed to and fro on its long battle-front. But whenever the papal party prevailed, persecution in Bosnia began afresh so that (1450) some 40,000 Bogomils, with their leaders, crossed the frontier into Herzegovina, where the Prince Stefan Vuktchitch protected them. The capture of Constantinople in 1453by Mohammed II, which led to the speedy subjection of Greece, Albania and Serbia under the hands of the Turks, did not [cause the Bosnian Bogomils to return to Catholicism]. "At last (1463) when the Turks advanced again on Bosnia, the people refused their king any aid, and preferring the Turk to the Inquisition, made no resistance to the invader, with the result that within a week the Sultan took possession of seventy towns and fortresses, and Bosnia passed permanently into Moslem hands, to stagnate for four centuries under a deadening system destructive of life and progress."

    Once you grasp the centuries of horrors inflicted on those national groups, you will see why hatred has become so deep-rooted. I do not excuse it, for Christ called His followers to love their enemies and to pray for those persecuting them, but if you and I had been living through those evil times, we might not have been all that we should be.
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  • Why did freemasons depict a plasma spaceship landing atop a pyramid on back of the dollar bill?

    the ship with the all-seeing eye looking out at the world surrounded by the glowing electrically-charged plasma? and why do the aztec pyramids have landing pads on top for the spaceships to land but the egyptian pyramids don't?
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  • If every Yankee soldier & officer quit & fled to Canada at the outbreak of the Civil war,would south have occupied Washington&NYC or stayed?

    Down south
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  • Was Andrew Jackson an awful President he wasn't even born in the USA but in Ireland Antrim to be exact?

    Best answer: The dude was a bad a_*ss and completely insane. Personally, I don't think he was a bad president nor do I think he had that many choices available to him to deal with the Indians. On a side note, he adopted an Indian child.

    My favorite Andrew Jackson story is when he chased a guy that insulted his friend with a horsewhip. lol

    There is also the story where a guy insulted his wife, so he decided to challenge him to a duel and allow the guy to shoot him first. After the guy shot him in the chest Jackson shot back and killed him.
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  • Why do Czech, Hungarians, Romanians, and Yugoslavians all look and sound very similar?

    what is their related history maybe? are they all a mixture of "Slavic people" and "Turkic invader people"? how similar are their languages and cultures?
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  • Would old civil war veterans have enjoyed Clint Eastwood’s movies about the time after the civil war& unrest,or would they think its untrue?

    Best answer: They would look at the moving pictures on the screen and yell, "What sorcery is this?"
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  • Do you think German Jews would support Hitler if he was just a nationalist but not anti Semitic?

    This may be an absurd question so forgive me.. if Hitler and the Nazis were indeed very anti communist and anti socialist and pro war. But they were rather indifferent to the Jews and gave them the option to “prove” their loyalty to the fatherland . Do you think German Jews were proud nationalists? Or were they always different and progressive from other German people? In simple words, would German Jews be loyal to Germany
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  • My tutor has instructed me to spend at least one day a week this summer revising the history of WW2. I need some ideas: can you help?

    My tutor says I can do it any way I like as long as I revise "the heck" out of it, and I should try to make it as fun as possible. I thought about removing Hitler and Germany completely from the story, or even making them the innocent victims of aggression by the Allies. However I've settled on a less extreme revision that will focus more on Hitler's role as a writer (i.e. Mein Kampf, which was a best seller in Germany for several years from 1933 onwards) and as a devoted husband. Other revisions I am toying with are removing the USA from the story, instead making it that mainly UK, France & Russia overthrew the Nazis (although still having USA come in to the story in August 1945 to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Do you have any ideas that I could incorporate into my revision? Thanks so much!
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  • Was Stalin a necessary evil?

    Only someone like Stalin who gives no fs can take on Hitler and win, the Soviets pretty much single handily defeated the Nazis, with some help late game
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  • Trump said Continental Army took over the airports from the Brits in American Revolutionary War in 1775.Brits burned White House.True or not?

    Best answer: There were NO AIRPORTS in the 1700's. and the Brits burned the White house during the war of 1812. That is when Dolly Madison saved the painting of George Washington. Trump just keeps proving how stupid he really is.
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  • Why did the black rats carrying the bubonic plague arriving in London in 1348 not kill the crew?

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  • Why did NATO decide to bomb Serbia again in 1999?

    Best answer: From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO_bombi... :

    Armed clashes between the two sides broke out in early 1998. A NATO-facilitated ceasefire was signed on 15 October, but both sides broke it two months later and fighting resumed. When the killing of 45 Kosovar Albanians in the Račak massacre was reported in January 1999, NATO decided that the conflict could only be settled by introducing a military peacekeeping force to forcibly restrain the two sides. After the Rambouillet Accords broke down on 23 March with Yugoslav rejection of an external peacekeeping force, NATO prepared to install the peacekeepers by force.

    So, it was because they would not stop fighting, were killing civilians and would not let peacekeepers in.
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  • Can the Northern scotch/Irish get booted from Northen Ireland so the country can be wholesome again?

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  • In your opinion, who was the cruelest ruler in ancient history?

    Best answer: Ashurnasirpal II. He would flay his enemies alive and hang their skin from his palace walls.
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  • Are the Palestinians descendants of the ancient Philistines?

    Where does history say the Palestinians come from? And where does history say the Philistines come from? And when I say history, I mean world history not religious history.
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  • Is it strange that we in USA celebrate washington as the first President, when there were 10 Presidents,prior to him? For example, Randolph?

    Best answer: yes, that is true
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  • Was a 20 year old male considered a man or a boy in 1830s to 1840s in England?

    And was a 20 year old female considered a woman or a girl in 1830s to 1840s in England?
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  • Why do people seem to think that the past was such great times?

    Pirates like Edward Teach, better known to history as blackbeard... He was the Bane of the Caribbean, making the old Caribbean the most dangerous waters in the Atlantic if not the world, of its time. The Cosa Nostra, better known to crime and to history as the mafia, the mob or the Italian mafia or the Italian mob... This outfit is responsible for the world that my grandparents would have known. Labor unions Casinos Horse racing Greyhound racing Strip clubs, brothels, night clubs. Bars and pubs in the cities and the form and culture they mostly took in the cities. The Italian Lottery, the numbers racket, Better known to crime, culture as history.. As simply "The Numbers". But also thousands of murders a year in a city less than half the size of what they are today... And many times the prevalence and the severity of what gave me and a LOT of others, PTSD. And This is all just in the last century. Two centuries ago and were talking about Gun Duals to solve problems... Which is MURDER today. Also plain fact is, is that never before in American history has its ideal middle class ever existed. It is today that it exists the most. As recently in history as 1944, a kid age 14 was executed in the electric chair in what amounts to a Trial by the Cop's words. His name was George Stinney Jr.. Back in the Neolithic, we get the basic ideas that we're trying to break ourselves out of today.... At great cost...at in America.
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  • What did Thomas Edison say to Albert Einstein?

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  • Why the Jewish backed US government wanted to support the MUSLIM side so badly in the Yugoslavian war?

    Best answer: MusIims and Jews are more or Iess the same imo
    Also that was an irrelevant war in an irrelevant country that most people in America probabIy forgot about if they even heard of it.
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