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  • What in your opinion is the great american novel?

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  • Is Science Fiction For Loosers?

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  • I have trouble remembering what I read. What can I do?

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  • What do you do if you suspect that some of your stories are being rejected purely for political reasons?

    I’ve had the baffling experience of some of my stories getting turned down despite everyone I show them to saying they loved them and even some editors saying they enjoyed them but are still “passing” on them. Even some editors of some major magazines who have communicated with me personally have said they enjoyed the story but then they go on to give dubious and phony reasons as to why they are nevertheless “passing” on it. Of course, I have my suspicions as to why this is. I am almost certain that it is due to the political elements and motifs of the stories which the liberal elite snowflakes who dominate the publishing industry find threatening. That is why they give these phony “passing” pretexts even after complimenting the works. These people seem to have no shame in stifling the aspirations of brilliant young writers like myself. What can I do about this?
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  • Help with a character I m writing with mental illness please?

    Best answer: Give all your characters realistic personalities that your readers might meet in their life or write from your own experience with people. The story often isn't relatable but the characters are.
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  • I am writing a book. What is good name to give a kid that gets detention all the time.?

    Best answer: How about the initials DK
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  • How is my writing?

    Best answer: It's got quite a few issues and flaws, but I don't do line by line critique here unless I have a specific request for that and the poster's promise to behave like a reasonable person when they see exactly what's wrong with their writing. Too often I've taken a half hour to help an aspiring writer only to have them be embarrassed and delete the question, or to get all hostile and defensive, stalking me here and thumbs-downing or reporting every reply I make.

    The issues I see are with wordiness, chronology, and dialogue attribute goofs. All teachable elements, for the record.

    Edit: Here you go. Remember, it's just on person's opinion.

    All it took for Adam to visibly jump was the first BANG! [This is a goof in chronology. You tell the reader he jumps before you tell us there's a sound that caused it. There's a point of view issue as well. If Adam "visibly jump(s)" then whose point of view are we in that they observe the jump? I'd have assumed Adam is alone and we're meant to be inside his head as he experiences what happens.][In fact, a lot of what isn't working in this is a failure to be inside Adam's head as he experiences it. The reader needs to know not what he sees, hears, and says but what he thinks and feels.] “What the hell?” He said [You nearly lost me right here. Knowing when (and why) to capitalize dialogue tags (the "he said" parts) is basic and this mistake shows you haven't mastered it.] to himself [Do we need "to himself" if we know he's alone in the room?] as he rose to his feet [To one's feet is the only way to rise, so saying that is redundant.] from the chair he had been falling asleep on. [<--Again, chronology slip-ups. The order of events you present to the reader is very nearly backward. In literal order, he was falling asleep, there was a sound, he jumped, he rose from the chair.] When the noise didn’t come to an end [<--Wordy. How about a simple "didn't end" or "continued"?], he fought through his slightly shaky yet rapid breathing [<--I literally don't get how a person would have to fight through their breathing, even if it's shaky and fast.] and inched closer towards his door to lock it [Here's a great spot where the reader deserves to be inside Adam's head. Why does a noise make him scared rather than curious? I bet you know, but the reader doesn't.], but that’s when he heard [This is classic filtering, telling us which sense the character used to gain input. Create a sound and let your reader assume he heard it.] movement coming from the other side of it. He slowly opened the door [just] wide enough [just--moved to a better spot] to peek through the crack, [Not a big deal, but I'd break for a new sentence here, since there's no compelling reason to join the clauses.] and once he saw that it was just a group of people [Too vague. Does he know them? Don't withhold information from the reader.] , he heavily sighed and then [Use and or then, never both.] folded his arms across his frail chest.

    “Hey, geniuses,” Adam said loud enough from behind the now wider doorway. [<--As dialogue attibutes go, this is awkward and contains an error in fact. (The doorway isn't wider; the door is open wider. Not the same thing.) Loud enough for what or who? Does the reader need to be reminded the door is opened wider when it was the last thing he did? Keep an eye out for repetition. You've used "loud enough" very soon after "wide enough."] “Way to bring those things over here.” [Congratulations for being one of the few people who knows you need a comma after "hey." The dialogue spoken sounds natural and real. I'm hoping your next sentence would tell the reader what "those things" are.]

    [Like any critique, all you have to do is be open to it. Use what you like, ignore the rest. Happy writing!]
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  • Does a book author need an editor?

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  • Can one be a good writer even if he has no interest whatsoever in it and is only doing it to try to make money?

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  • Whats the best FREE software for writing a book?

    Best answer: Any program that can save files in .doc format (Microsoft Word) will work. .doc is the de facto standard for writing long documents. If you want to publish your book or share it with anyone, they'll almost certainly expect that format. Before I started coding my own HTML (long story), I used LibreOffice, which is a free download from
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  • Best Murder mystery/serial killers Books?

    So I’m on a reading fix and I’m looking for some good murder mystery or serial killer book. What are some of y’all favorites?
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  • Im writing a story based on making a deal with the devil. Its gonna be about a school shooting, and im stuck on how to start it. any ideas?

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  • In love with Shakespeare?

    Best answer: I could not pick a favorite as there are so many
    One of the most famous quotes is, "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears".
    What about, "The quality of mercy is not strained but dropeth..."?
    From Macbeth, "Is this a dagger I see before me?"
    Another famous quote, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".
    Then there is, "The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars, but in ourselves"
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  • Authors, how is this piece of writing?

    Best answer: I haven't laughed like that in ages!
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  • I need a name for a crappy high school in my book. Something that sounds... I don't know, local?

    Best answer: [Name of town] High School.

    Northtown High.

    ** DeGrassi High of the T.V. series was filmed partly at a school near, not on, DeGrassi Street in Toronto and was not called by that name. . Some think it a cool name, but it is really ordinary. Most schools are named after the town or part of a town or a notable person. The name does not denote the school's reputation. DeGrassi Street is a typical east Toronto residential street built in the 1920s to 1940s from the look of the houses. Not a slum but not stylish. The real school did well locally in sports and academics in the 1980s
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  • What’s the best book series you ever read?

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  • Looking for someone connected with the story of the dun cow or watership down who provides line by line editor?

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  • Ok...let me reword my question again,...I need names that can be used for boys as well as a girls.?

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  • My department has a theme of Superheroes for World Book Day. Who can I go as?

    I want to avoid Lycra and would prefer to go as someone unusual/out side the box. Any ideas welcome!!
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  • Continue the series : seeker, breaker, wielder... ?

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