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  • Why are younger English kids more liberal and left wing?

    Why are so many into smoking drugs and engage in recreational sex and do not listen to their parents? Many also hold warped lefty views which includes flooding Europe with unmentionables. In my days it was not like this. We loved our country, attended church, never spoke up and kept away from drugs and other disgusting filth that is encouraged nowadays. Sunday service has been delayed on the account of a heating issue in my church. In the summer, I along with other fine members of the aristocracy will fund our church. New heating, roof and seating. While I wait "The lord is my shepherd..."
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  • Does England get less "Christmasy" each year?

    Best answer: 100%
    It really doesn't feel like Christmas and we're stopped celebrating it to a large degree. We have a nice dinner and a few drinks, but don't buy presents. I do, however, say happy birthday to Jesus and I bet most people don't give him a thought.
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  • 🎸 Guitar question: Is memorizing and practicing scales a good use of time if I don't plan to improvise? Thanks!?

    Best answer: Here's an analogy: "I want to be a stage actor and not a playwright. Do I need to understand grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and vocabulary?"
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  • Do more Americans or more English people use current events?

    I often see Donald Trump here and Brexit issues half and half. Who are the biggest posters? Us English or our cousins across the pond? Quite a storm last night eh? Few fences and gates have fallen over but my efficient Irish serfs are out early repairing the damage. All night the wind howled.
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  • Want 2 learn guitar & bass. Which should I learn first? I ve read the bass is harder. How much more of a challenge would it be over guitar?

    Best answer: I don't believe that bass is harder than guitar, but that shouldn't be the basis of your decision either way. You should learn the instrument that interests you the most.

    I may be biased because I'm a guitar player, but here is *my* view. If you have no strong preference, I can make an argument for learning guitar first. Guitar is a more versatile instrument. It can be a stand-alone instrument, or one that accompanies. Bass is really more of an instrument that just accompanies other instruments. Also, guitar will give you a wider overview of music than bass. Once you've learned guitar, picking up the bass is really more a change of mindset than learning a new instrument. Going from bass to guitar is a much tougher transition.
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  • A good instrument to learn after playing clarinet?

    I’ve played the clarinet for almost 7 years now and want to switch to something else (that I can still play in my high school concert band).
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  • How do I get rid of stage fright? Or Being embarrassed all the time.?

    Best answer: Stop worrying about what anyone thinks. You have to be able to simply not care if you make a total fool of yourself - and once you get to that point, you actually WON'T make a fool of yourself.
    The ones who really do look out of place on stage are those who stand there looking embarrassed.
    If you're just going for it - putting everything into it - you'll look professional and competent.
    Remind yourself you're doing it (acting, dancing or singing - whatever) because you want to. No-one is forcing you to.
    Remember to breathe - a lot - and just before you start, lower your shoulders and smile. That really helps to relax you!
    Good luck!
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  • Do guitar brands / prices make a difference?

    I’ve played guitar for awhile , I’d consider myself a decent guitarist , I’ve played only a few more expensive guitars a few times in shops but nothing of the higher end , like a Martin , or Gibson , so on , I’ve never had the money to buy a higher end guitar , but I now do do higher end guitars make a difference? Will I feel / hear the quality of the guitar ? Also list a few acoustic/ electric guitars you’d recommend.
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  • What instrument do you play or used to play if you stopped why did you quit?

    Best answer: I've played euphonium since 6th grade and I want to get into percussion but I probably won't have much time to play after I graduate. Good luck on your test
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  • What Brand Of Guitar Is Best For Beginners?

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  • This is a question for guitar players. I want to be able to tune my guitar down to drop B and drop A but am having issues.?

    So basically I read online that in order to get any decent sound and tension from my strings I need gauge 11-12 or maybe even 13 for playing in drop B and or A. I have seen people using I believe to be standard guitars, Les Pauls and such. So I went to Dawson s to buy a pack of either EB beefy slinky or not even slinky strings. I was told by the Dawson s employee which I can only presume is a musician, that this is not possible, because I would never be able to get the intonation correct on my guitar. He told me to go buy a baritone guitar or 7 string. Problem is I don t think I buy this opinion, as I keep seeing others do it and I also don t want to spend hundreds on a good baritone of which I may not want to keep using. Please help me out. Any help is appreciated.
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  • What genres of music do you think will never die out?

    Best answer: Classical/art music will never die. Although many people do not think this to be true, we know for a FACT that ticket sales to at exhibits, concerts (not including pop, rap, Rick, etc.) and theater (again, not including Broadway/Vegas, etc.) exceeds the revenue is ALL SPORTS in the US, combined. Do not tell me an opera ticket is expensive, when you know what someone paid for the Superbowl. No, classical audiences are not just full of old ladies - more and more people of all ages and incomes attend the arts, since they are far more likely to find a legitimate artistic and emotional experience there. Try days ago, we played Scarlatti sonatas live, then took a break and watched Outlaw/King. I thought this week's SNL bit with rappers and MeToo was hysterical AND just as relevant as The Price of Everything - about the obscene marketing of fine art. Make things change over time - but she things are classic. The jeans you are wearing we invented in 1847. Still wearing them . . .
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  • Are there people who only buy solid state guitar amps and never buy tube amps?

    Best answer: Certainly, for several good reasons. Solid state amps tend to cost less, and that's a huge reason. They also weigh less watt-for-watt and that's an important point if you schlep your own gear. Additionally, technology has come a long way and there are many superb sounding solid state/modeling amps. Solid state amps require less maintenance and most people agree they hold up better when being transported and jostled between gigs.

    I've been playing since the days when all amps used tubes, so I've collected a few tube amps through the years. Occasionally I'll bring one to a gig, but 99% of the time I gig with solid state amps. I use a Roland Cube 80xl for guitar, and a vintage Peavey Session 400 for pedal steel.
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  • Is Meryl Streep Overrated?

    Best answer: I am not a fan of hers. She depresses me to no end
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  • What role does “British humor” play in the articulation of group identity?

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  • Is it normal to feel "post concert depression" when you were the one performing?

    i ve been practicing my dance coreo for months with my class and we rehearsed after school and worked really hard on it, i would even have to excuse myself to drink water or throw up at times because i was so fatigued or light headed or nauseous after class, and now, its all over, i performed and people loved it, i feel so empty i dont know what to do with myself, i want to keep dancing
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  • Do Heavy Metal players prefer mahogany neck on their guitars or maple?

    Best answer: I tried to learn more about you - but your other questions are blocked. I am a career multi-degreeed full time professional musician in NY area, since 1973 - as are DH, adult son, his wife (they are now hear Philly). If you are a student - then realize that you cannot BUY technique. I am a flutist, and my Muramatsu, with some extras, runs about 10 grand. I could get it in GOLD for forty grand. Zero difference in sound or key response, etc. It is just BLING, and I am making a living just fine on the one I have. I have a couple of nice expensive dress-up watches - my daily Skagen ($100?) is more reliable, actually. So if you are concerned with YOUR speed, tone, etc. - then know that the majority of it is in YOU - and the more education and experience, the better. Yes, you need a decent instruments, and eventually will have preferences, or outgrow what you own - but to spend big NOW, unless you are at a high level, recalls the old saying: "Your playing is writing checks that your skills cannot cash." Originally a sports saying - applies to all of us, too. I hope you find each instrument, along your way, that helps the most in your growth, - but YOU have to push the instrument - t does not pull you along. This is maybe my 6th flute - and as I got better, I moved up into another instrument that would allow my hard-learned skills to shine - it was never the other way around. I used to pick up good used mid-range flutes, send them to tech who would work them up when they had slow time, and then offer them at cost to local HS players, through their band director. I used to joke with them, that if they had a kid with an All-State audition coming, up, I could pre-load a flute with either the Hindemith or Prokofiev sonatas. I took some of the band directors a second to get the joke . . . yeah, we WISH it worked like that.

    So no answer on the wood - just my experience on how ANYTHING on better instruments work. And beware of loony gizmos, wonky opinions, Magic Formulas, etc. Every instrument has them. They only work on the wallet of the guy selling them. Heck, the guy that Trump just appointed to acting AG had a previous job selling wacky inventions - and his company had to pay over $28 MILLION on fines for fraud.
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  • Why did this lady wake me up?

    I just fell asleep between classes; college; as I usually do when I have a long break and need to mentally prepare for a dry, 3 hour class. This lady who I didn't know taps me on the shoulder and says "I'm sorry, you just look really exhausted...are you okay?" I replied that I was and told her why I was resting, but she still looked confused but let me continue on being myself. Most people in the room are used to me sleeping as they see me every day and never thought once that something might be wron. Either that or they just never asked me about it. Do you think this lady usually likes interrupting people from their blissful naps because she can't have one??
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