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  • Where was carnival invented? Brazil?

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  • Guitar name ideas?

    My mom found an electric guitar off the side of the road that someone was throwing away and gave it to me since I play guitar. I need to give it a name but I can’t really find one that suites it. It must have been left out all night because there were bits of ice on it. The paint is cracked arround the sides. Its rusty and dusty as well. It’s a burgundy red with a black Stratocaster pick board. I was figuring something old or tough or something like that. So far I’ve thought of Oscar (cuz oscar the grouch lived in a garbage can) and big red.
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  • How dumb is it that some people teach you can learn musicianship, theory, and music itself in the confines of a classroom?

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  • Can people get hand insurance?

    Best answer: i believe the answer is yes
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  • Is it really easy to do cartwheels in high heels?

    Best answer: I couldn't even walk in high heels!
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  • What are some really cute songs for a guy and a girl to perform together. as a duet, on the karaoke, please?

    All suggestions are welcome. New songs, old songs- (it doesn't matter), but the cuter, the better.
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  • How do you get over stage fright?

    Best answer: I went to a college that had a lot of 'performing arts' curricula. Stage fright was a big problem with all performers, even very talented ones (which was surprise). So in almost every class we had to do presentations to the class, to help us get over our stage fright. (I was not a performer myself, I should mention.)

    EVERYONE was scared to death the first few times, but after two or three times we got over it. It's doing it that gets you over it. We were told that being very well-prepared gives you confidence (and it did!) And also to bear in mind that we were all in the same boat, that everyone else would have to do this.

    After a couple years of this I got so that I actually enjoyed the attention! All through my career (I'm retired now) I actually enjoyed speaking in front of a group!

    So just DO it. Don't worry about it. If it's a decent church, everyone there loves you and wants you to succeed. The first time might be scary but after that it gets easier.
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  • How hard is it to learn electric guitar after learning acoustic?

    I m planning on learning how to play acoustic guitar. How easy is it to then learn how to play electric guitar after that?
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  • What is the purpose of a 3/4-sized guitar?

    Best answer: For young children a full size guitar can be too bulky - they can have trouble reaching over the top of it, holding it on their knee and reaching the tuners. In the same way, some smaller adults find a dreadnought too big for them.

    Hand size isn't really an issue and there is very little difference in the width of the fingerboard and the depth of the neck. The frets are a little closer together but it makes little difference to the player.
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  • Are Ukuleles considered guitars?

    Best answer: No. It's a different instrument.
    Just like a violin is not a double bass.
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  • Who is woody allen?

    Best answer: He's a screenwriter, director, and actor whose specialty is nebish characters living in New York City.
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  • Can terminally ill actors still work?

    Best answer: Only if the studio is willing to take them on without insurance.
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  • Instrument question?

    So I am currently I 8th grade playing the trombone. I’d say ( and my instructors would also likely agree ) that I am farely advance for my grade. One day, I asked my instructors if I could play a would wind, particularly the piccolo. My instructors said no, saying it would mess up my ambushure. Do you agree with them? Should I take private lessons and learn it on my own, or listen to them
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  • What is the best guitar for a beginner to buy.?

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  • I can't stand high school band class.?

    This is mainly a venting exercise for me as I'm having a panic attack at the mere thought of going to band tomorrow. First of all, I'm not involved in a good band program. My school is huge, but our band is laughable in size. Why? The assistant band director is a lunatic. He has the expectations of a proper drum corp for children as young as 14. In order to receive full marks, you must be "compared to the finest players on your instrument" and "challenge the listener's concept of the "ideal". If anyone reading this is in a high school band, you'll understand how ridiculous this sounds. We aren't allowed to socialize at performances. We must be professional at all times, even when we're just waiting in the stands for our results. He has the delusion that if we intimidate the other bands we will score higher. I know this sounds like a whiny player justifying why they aren't first chair, but both of the directors have obvious favorites. I am invisible to them. You will not get anywhere in class if you don't kiss their ***; something I refuse to do. I think that the attitudes of the other students in band are childish and pretentious. We recently had to relocate to a gym that isn't in use as our band hall is being remodeled. I watched a kid get confused and accidentally wander into the band hall. Everyone started screaming "What is a non-band kid doing in here?" and bullied him until he left. It makes me sick how band kids treat non-band kids. Anyone else feel similar?
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  • Should magic(sleight of hand,illusions, etc) be considered a performing art along with acting, playing an instrument, singing etc?

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  • I want to start learning guitar. Should I start with acoustic, classical, or requinto? Also, what cheaper guitars are decent for beginners?

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  • Can I still join the debate team despite having bad stage fright?

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  • Should I be an artist?? not convincing enough with my talent. trumpets and keyboards and guitars and bass. so many bullshit artist today?

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  • Do some guitar tunings require certain strings gauges?

    Best answer: I've tried DADGAD, DADGBE, DADGBD, Open G, Open E and Open C and I've always just used whatever strings were on the guitar. I've had no problems although maybe if I was going to use one of these tunings all the time I'd choose different gauges.

    I have an acoustic that is in "Nashville Tuning" - that's the "extra" strings on a 12 string - and it obviously requires specific gauges as four of the strings are tuned an octave higher than normal.

    Some people use tunings that, to me, aren't "guitar tunings" - they de-tune the whole instrument by several steps. In some cases they want the guitar to be in the range of a baritone guitar or even a bass. Tunings like this certainly wouldn't be possible (assuming the guitar was going to be playable) on a set of 0.009"-0.042" strings!
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