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  • What's your opinion on affirmative action?

    To me, if you hire someone because their not white or a man; just to fit a qouta is racist... to both parties. Ignore the fact if they meet the requirements for the job or not. Hiring them just to make your business look good by filing a qouta is racist/sexist to both whites/men and non whites/woman. Judging people based on their race /gender is awful.
    28 answers 16 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Is it normal when you've been a caring person to eventually stop?

    I don't know what happened to me. I use to be a caring person but now if the other person does not act in a similar way I feel very annoyed and like I'd prefer to take back the energy I feel was wasted on them. I did not use to be like this and wouldn't have even thought about what I got in return. I think it started when I was very kind to some people and then they threatened my life and did other things that showed awful behaviour, another person manipulated money out of me and then situations kept happening were I would care about someone but they'd be evil or take advantage. Now I don't feel obliged to do anything for anyone because I feel I'll either get nothing back and feel extremely drained and tired from helping them or that they'll manipulate me or expect it 24/7 or something else. Is this a normal progressive thing with age, or something bad that I can correct? I no longer feel good helping people and getting people to pay me to do any work and not do it for free feels like getting blood out of a stone.
    18 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • Will Obama’s pledge to feminists to place quotas on men going into STEMs ever become a reality?

    11 answers 17 hours ago Gender Studies
  • How to be happy without being in a relationship?

    I find it hard to be happy and I feel empty if I don’t have a man in my life how can I be happy again and get out of this depressed state
    7 answers 9 hours ago Psychology
  • Why are atheists so intelligent?

    50 answers 3 days ago Sociology
  • How to stop compulsively behaving emotionless?

    I'm not emotionless, I just think I've got hurt so many times it's an automatic response to avoid any sort of emotional connection with anyone. I don't even look at girls the same way anymore. Even if the girl is pretty, smart and brings up an interesting topic I just reply straight-up in a very cold manner which usually kills the conversation instantly... I'd like to change that, but don't know how... It's been going on for about a year.
    6 answers 12 hours ago Psychology
  • Would you support policies forcing women to pay for programs to help whie males achieve equality and overcome the oppression they face?

    Why or why not
    12 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • Do feminists still use the “KillAllMen” hashtag?

    Or has that finally fallen out of use?
    12 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Agree Or Disagree: You cant trust nobody?

    23 answers 2 days ago Sociology
  • Is it safe to have anal sex?

    15 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Feminist:Are you aware of your misandry?

    Gurl, wake up!!!
    11 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • Do girls have sex for the same reason as guys?

    Best answer: Women do NOT enjoy sex with men. The continued practice of heterosexual sex is just proof of the privileged position of the male in our patriarchal society. In the past sex was necessary for human reproduction, but these days sperm banks and artificial insemination make sexual intercourse unnecessary.

    If we lived in a truly liberated society women would no longer have to have sex with men, and they would be free to enjoy lesbian sex. In lesbian sex the clitoris is stimulated which allows the woman to have an orgasm. Men don't know where the clitoris is, and if they did know they don't care. There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm or the mythical G-spot. Women who claim to have a vaginal orgasm during sex with men are just faking it so that the man will feel it's OK to finish, and also because they've been fed the lie of the vaginal orgasm.

    See these research findings of leading feminist academic, Professor Catherine McKinnon:

    "Male sexuality is apparently activated by violence against women and expresses itself in violence against women to a significant extent."

    "Women fake vaginal orgasms, the only 'mature' sexuality, because men demand that they enjoy vaginal penetration."

    "Women are raped and coerced into sex."

    "All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman."

    "In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent."
    8 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • How do I develop psychopathic traits?

    I must make it clear that I do not plan to inflict harm on others! I just want my emotions to die out! I don’t want this to sound like some sorry call but I’m sick and tired of being everyone’s comfort cushion! For the past year I have been rejected and treated like a scapegoat! By girls mainly. I kept telling myself that the next one would be different and to keep a strong head on my shoulders, but that only ends in heartache. Because the ones to come do the same. So I feel I should just cut down my emotions and prevent any more pain. Like I haven’t been crying recently? Is this bad. The pain sort of sends a chill down me making me want to cry but I never can? I hear say that psychopaths don’t feel any emotion. (Yes they prey on the kindness of others) but isn’t that what people have done to me when I was polite. When I got bullied in school and beaten I used to tell them it was okay and that I’d forgive them. Not any more!! Any ideas??
    7 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • Why do I hate violence against women, but not men?

    Best answer: I hate violence against both men and women. May be I am a bit more worried about women than men due to obvious reasons that everyone should know. Does that make me a white knight? I don't care.
    14 answers 3 days ago Psychology
  • How can society fault men for infidelity?

    90 percent of all infelidities by man is cauased by lack of sex from their partners. Clearly its the womans fault if a man strays from her.
    10 answers 10 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Is it normal that I want to completely isolate myself from society?

    I have no longer the feeling of being with other people, I just want to be completely left alone. I'm definitely introverted, which I hear is okay, but is it common to want to isolate yourself from society? I do not want any friends in my life any longer and I wish to be alone for the rest of my life. I hate talking or interacting with people, it's painfully awkward unless it's necessary to communicate with them. I've been trying to cut off my friends completely and it seems to be working, which I'm happy about. Does anyone else have the same feeling or is there just something wrong with me mentally?
    23 answers 5 days ago Psychology
  • If feminist claim women are no lesser than men then why do they want protection from men?

    Best answer: i don't know about you, but my father raised me to protect and defend everyone and anyone who is smaller than me or not as strong.

    being 6'3" tall & tipping the scales at about 250 pounds, that means i will protect and defend 99.997% of women and well over 90% of men.

    gender has nothing to do with it.
    6 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Hillary Clinton couldn't satisfy her husband, so why did she think she could satisfy our nation?

    16 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies