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  • I'm useless and would be better off dead?

    I can't do anything right and am going to commit suicide tomorrow. No one will care and I won't care either
    149 answers 1 day ago Psychology
  • Did black women have it easier than black men in the slavery days?

    Best answer: Ofcourse they did

    That is truly horrendously inhumanly outrageously abusively nastily crudely ignorantly barbarically bluntly arbitrary biased cruel discriminatory unfairly.

    Black women gets the easy light fluffy work whilst we do the hard work building america, black women just needs to clean the house, do some chores and sleep with their masters. Whilst we slaving away picking cottons and getting our asses whopped. It's so unfair, i wish i was a black woman. =(
    220 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • What should happen to men who hit women?

    Should there be a punishment if you hit a woman in any circumstance? or should they be allowed to?
    313 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Are men who bash women secretly gay?

    Best answer: You are 50% right..
    There are in fact TWO reasons why men in this section so viscously hate on women..

    1) They have been rejected by women their whole life (most are secret virgins)..
    Naturally being rejected by a woman can be a humiliating, painful experience. Men more so than women hold grudges and over the years this turns into Misogyny of women.

    2) They are secretly gay..
    Most misogynists are actually homosexuals. It's unclear why this happens but there is strong evidence it has to do with their mothers and their upbringing. Also just from my experience in this section I can see from the answers that the men are very feminine and weak.

    But yes, saying bad things about women doesn't make you better than them. It just makes you look like a loser and insecure.
    169 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Is gay shaming against misogynists is an attempt by women to divert people from the truth?

    Best answer: History says women used shaming tactics 1000 years ago. I think it has something to do with them being weak and unable to confront men in any other manner.
    27 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • Feminist women, you say that there aren't enough women in STEM, CEO positions or politics. Are you...?

    Best answer: Not a feminist but I am a programmer I studied and majored in computer sciences in college and studied science with a minor in psychology

    women don't turn away from STEM because of sexist attitudes beliefs and thinking or discouragment that is an excuse and total bull They don't pursue it because of the difficulty and critical complex thinking involved

    A lot of my friends dropped out of the STEM majors they were originally in because they couldn't handle the math and critical thinking involved and required and didn't want to put in the time and effort. It's easier to do liberal
    Arts because they just read a textbook memorize Stem courses are not like that.

    Textbook in STEM courses only gives you theory and formulas then you have to apply these theories and formulas to many different situations And have to derive and solve problems come up with solutions. That's why these major fields are so hot and pay so high.
    People pay you to solve problems.
    10 answers 14 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why are women allowed out of the kitchen?

    128 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why do women like Rich Men?

    I once met a woman who only likes rich black men, only.
    9 answers 2 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why if a man sleeps with a drunk woman it's rape, but if a day chick takes advantage of a drunk guy it isn't?

    I've woke up several times next to a woman I wouldn't give the time of day to sober. I think the law is very beneficial to the woman. You see women getting slaps on the wrist for drowning their children and everything. If you're drunk and you sleep with someone, its NOT RAPE.
    9 answers 4 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Are Feminists a Cancer to Society?

    11 answers 13 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Is It Just Genetics?

    Best answer: Yes just genetics.
    Look up a basketball player called 'Blake Griffin' he has white skin but very heavy black features, Dad is very dark black, mother is very white redhead.

    Then sometimes you get the opposite of that, dark skin with narrow features.

    It's just luck of the draw.
    9 answers 10 hours ago Anthropology
  • Questions about bullying?

    I'm going to perform a speech touching on this subject by the next week and I want to do some research. I don't feel like just googling it all through because the amount of articles out there is really overwhelming. 1. Does bullying have to be aggressive? Most sites say so, but then there's a couple or so that say that bullying can 'take the form in subtle actions' 2. Can bullying be simply because the bully doesn't like the victim? 3. What if the bully intends to make the victim feel bad by offending him/her, but not realizing that it's bullying? Can that still be considered bullying? I've seen some kids constantly making fun of someone else and they know that the person doesn't like it, but it wasn't until later when someone scolded them that they realized they were bullying 4. Can sexual/non-sexual harassment also be called as bullying? (Idk, maybe it's just me being stupid but the two sound like different things) If you want to let me know some other things about bullying that I should take into account, go ahead. If you also have any personal experiences with bullying, either as a victim or bully, you can tell me that too. This is absolutely optional though. There is no need to share your personal problems f you don't want to Thank you to anyone who answers (properly)
    10 answers 14 hours ago Psychology
  • If people walked around naked wouldn't females be constantly looking at male penises??

    47 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • I can t help but dislike most men?

    I was raped by my father when I was born to around 7-8. He would do it regularly and he took advantage as my mother didn t know and since I was young and in a way thought it was normal. My two brothers are usually nice and caring but every time I see statistics of rape and domestic violence that women and men endure as a result of a man, I get sickened. (I am perfectly aware women can be abusive too, and I think that should be more acknowledged) I am 14 and I regularly get cat called. I do not look older than I am and I was cat called when I was 11. I unfairly assume every man is like this and my anxiety levels go crazy when alone with a man. I want to trust men but it s just so hard. A taxi driver tried to touch my leg which obviously didn t help. That was only a week ago. Every time I restore my faith in men, an incident occurs. At school a boy said he wanted to rape me to his friend. I just hate being objectified when I don t dress revealing (even if I did, I would not be responsible for his control and actions) I went to therapy but that didn t help.
    21 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Heterogeneity report 15: Do you appreciate the enrichment?

    http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ (News section. Right-hand side) Three schoolboys arrested after alleged acid attack at Dagenham. Alien community members most likely responsible, given the method used. schoolhttp://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/thr... Man loses hand in Halal shop. http://www.wimbledonguardian.co.uk/news/... I am sure you have all heard about that racist man spitting in that 'white' woman's face by now. Mental illness is not an excuse.
    10 answers 2 days ago Dream Interpretation
  • Is MGTOW Even a Thing Anymore?

    Best answer: MGTOW is nothing but a small group of 25 and 30 year old virgin men and butthurt whiney guys crying about women either not petting them on the head enough or burned them and hurt their feelings. Those weaklings are getting old and irrevelant.

    Us bad ******* are back and running shyt again. MGTOW is dead and dying and never was relevant with men. Just femi-males.
    7 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • A billboard in Charlotte, North Carolina reads "Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It". Do you find this sexist?

    17 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Why don't feminists use reason and evidence?

    10 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Sexism in the workplace?

    does anyone have stories of facing blatant sexism at work, in school, or elsewhere?
    17 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • When did men get the right to vote?

    51 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies