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  • Why is there Power in a Woman's touch but not in a Man?

    Best answer: Clairvoyancy radiation flash ...When a womman touches no matter how softly her epidermal buoyancy sends a chain of frequency commands metastisizing through the body ----It;s almost poisonous
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  • Why would anyone want to be racist?

    Best answer: Prejudice is, of course, a universal trait. We all prejudge others: this probably evolved from our survival instinct, which required early humans to make instant decisions when assessing external threats.

    But to prejudge is to make a decision about someone based on minimal information – and despite the obvious flaws in this thinking, research shows that it endures. Some studies even show that we form a strong opinion about others within 15 seconds of meeting them. Last year, an investigation into employers’ impressions during job interviews showed that they were heavily swayed by eye contact, personal appearance, quality of small talk, and strength of handshake. All of these may have a racial or (race-related) cultural dimension.

    The interviewer makes judgments based on his or her own experiences, but these could well be incorrect if the interviewee has a different background: the appropriate strength of handshake, eye contact, or even personal appearance is entirely subjective. And that’s even if they don’t make a direct judgment on the interviewee’s race.

    To pre-judge is to make a decision about someone based on minimal information

    So what do we mean by “racist”? This is contentious: what do we even mean by race? Does “race” even exist – is it an artificial construct?

    For practical purposes, I’ll define it as the visible physical difference between people based on their geographical background (skin tone, curliness of hair, eye colour, for example). And I’ll define racism as prejudice based on race, combined with power.

    In its purest sense, a racist is someone who believes another person is inherently inferior due to the biological fact of their race. This belief drove the centuries-long enslavement of Africans by Europeans, and also the colonial era that followed, in which Africans were deemed incapable of running their own lands. Part of this discourse involved associating Africans with a plethora of negative personality traits: they were supposedly primitive, simple-minded, lazy, aggressive and sexually uncontrolled. This became a convenient way of justifying a system of exploitation that created massive wealth throughout the western world.

    And it’s there in the way Muslims are commonly perceived as a threat – be it from terrorism or grooming, despite the numbers committing these crimes being relatively tiny – because their religion is considered, by some, to be primitive. And although Islam is a religion rather than a race, these attacks are often racist in essence, because of the religion’s strong association with people from a Middle Eastern or Asian background.

    Many people are aware only of overt racism: the kind displayed by the Chelsea fans who were caught on video chanting “We’re racist, and that’s the way we like it,” or by people who take to the streets to demand that those who look different be eradicated from society.

    This kind of person could correctly be labelled a bigot – though in their own mind, their beliefs could be a rational response to a perceived threat to their own ethnic group by outsiders. It could be their local neighbourhood changing in appearance, or a sense of unfairness that help is being given to another group. Whatever the case, it’s quite clear that policies can be put in place to prevent those who hold such views from discriminating against others directly.
    Out in the Night: New York City's racism and anti-gay bias plays out on screen
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    More difficult to tackle is covert racism: either by individuals who have subconscious prejudices or by institutional structures that discriminate indirectly by default. In any given organisation, successful qualities are seen as those possessed by its leaders - in the UK those could include, for instance, an Oxbridge degree, excellent grammar, membership of a golf club. Different personal qualities are overlooked, effectively excluding large swaths of people who may be perfectly able to do the job in question, but have a different cultural background. Wilfully or not, there’s a strong pull to recruit “people like us”, who “fit in”.

    This kind of racism is far more prevalent, and far more damaging, than the overt type – yet because it doesn’t have the dramatic impact of, say, cameraphone footage or a celebrity gaffe, it’s little reported.

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  • Why do women choose clothes that are sexually enticing?

    So, there was the question about why women's clothes are so perverse, and one of the replies made a point which I want to steal and tailor a bit. Why, when given the freedom to choose any clothes they wish, do women seem to favour highly revealing clothing that leaves little to the imagination and is the most sexually provocative? Sure, we have this clothing in our society, but it's hardly the only look available and society looks more favourably on you if you don't dress that way, so why do you all choose it?
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  • What would you do if your child said they were going to run away?

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  • Isn't Abortion genocide considering all the black women who get them? Do liberals try to stop crime by eliminating the future criminals?

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  • Why does Father's Day still exist?

    Best answer: Because society wants us to worship fathers as a function and promoter of male hegemony.When fathers do less for their children than mothers( most do) there is no reason to admire fathers
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  • How many genders are there?

    Best answer: As many as Tumbler feminists claim there are. I think they're up to a billion by now.
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  • Why are black men obsessed over white women?

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  • Is shyness a curse?

    Best answer: Yes- I've been shy my entire life and it has caused me to miss out on meeting people and making friends. People mistake my shyness for arrogance and dislike me because of it.
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  • Why do Women love going to Bars?

    Best answer: Alcoholics
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  • Why do many young, educated black men choose to not date black women?

    I am a black lady in college. Now of course, as a whole the vast majority of black men go with black women. However, I noticed that if you look at young, black, educated males, they mostly go with whites, non white hisanics, Asians etc. Why is this? Thoughts?
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  • What is the biggest problem in the world?

    Best answer: The wars caused by poverty, hunger, and lack of drinking water.
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  • What age does it become weird to be a virgin?

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  • Why are men so annoying?

    Best answer: Because you LOVE it. Men, you can't live with us, and you're to weak to kill us.
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  • Do you agree with feminists who dismiss fathers as worthless and unnecessary?

    Best answer: Yeah, they've been saying that stuff for 40 years. it's typical really. we've just been recently blessed by the advent of Youtube to see them give away the game.

    It's sorta like a KKK rally where they throw some red meat to the audience to get some cheap applause. it lacks substance because there is no threat but of their own making. They are there not because they were threatened by men. They are there because they don't feel men deserve their place at the table. They want to dismantle man. Take him apart piece by piece. Erase your past present and future

    It's hate. pure hate.

    Luckily for men. We can retain our position just by not getting involved. Because your sperm is like power. once you give it to her, you don't possess it anymore. And once she has a baby it's like challenging a person with glasses. She can rip your head off but you can't fight back. Even if you try you still lose because she's looked upon as weaker. Basically; You're ******! Your future is now in her hands and we all know how that story ends.

    So, the solution is to not play the game. that is the only way to win. Close the doors. Put a padlock on your zipper. BUILD & BUILD & build and invent till our hearts content. Don't allow them in. Put up signs that say, NO FEMALES ALLOWED. Let them fight among each other if that's how they want to play it and well see who is truly better.
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