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  • Are actions good or evil?

    20 answers 16 hours ago Psychology
  • How come when women have "looks standards" for men it's "personal preference", but when men have standards for women, it's "objectification"?

    Best answer: Women in general tend to put themselves in the most positive light possible. If they said that they won't date "ugly guys", they would appear shallow, so they will phrase it in terms such as "personal preference". The other thing that most women cannot handle is accepting the rules when they don't work in their favor. A perfect example of this is the whole fat acceptance movement. When a woman is too lazy to monitor her diet and exercise, it's easier to make men out to be the bad guys for preferring slim women. They get the government on board to back them up and they literally try to change the rules of what is "allowed" to be considered attractive because they don't fit that mold. And if a man prefers a different type of women, then it's "objectification" rather than just HIS personal preference.
    16 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why don't male-rapists hire prostitutes for sex rather than hurting regular women.?

    Best answer: It's about both power and sex. You are not wrong in saying it's about sex, but you left out the part about
    power. I think they actually like to watch the revulsion of the woman, and a prostitute will not fight or
    struggle, so they think that's boring. They are really sick.
    51 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Would you agree with the saying that lots of women are horrible people?

    18 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Is it true that only kind people commit suicide?

    13 answers 8 hours ago Psychology
  • Why most homeless people is male?

    Best answer: Answer is simple: Women get help from the government, men do not.

    Women can get food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare ...ect. Men do not get these things.
    9 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • I ended a relationship with a woman due to her sexual history. does that make me a sexist or a smart man?

    Best answer: No matter WHAT some of the other commenters here might say... you are a smart man!

    Look, women who have one-night stands are NOT relationship material... period. That kind of reckless sexual behavior is indicative of someone who is overly free, careless, and frivolous with sex. A woman that engages in that type of behavior has little regard for sex, as she will have it... with strangers. This is not normal female nature, no matter how commonplace it is today. Also, understand that just because a lot of people do something... doesn't mean that it is normal. In the United States, over 40 thousand people die every year from heroin overdose, but that doesn't mean this is normal human behavior. Normality in humans, speaks to behavior that is consistent with our nature. No matter what feminists try to say, men and women have different natures. This fact has been massively helpful for us as a species, and has led to our combined global success. When I talk about "normality" in this sense, I am talking about evolutionary psychology, and it is different for men and women, as we evolved to serve different roles, and are therefore different from one another today in both mind and body.

    To be clear, neither man nor woman is superior or inferior to each other, we are just different. We evolved together to collaborate, and we have different strengths, weaknesses, attributes, tendencies, and characteristics. Since humans have walked the earth males and females have had different tasks, because we are better suited for different things. Over time, this has shaped our psyche in different ways. This has far reaching effects, but in terms of sexual promiscuity... it means by nature, men tend to be promiscuous, because we don't get pregnant, and we don't nurse (breastfeed) children/babies... the BEST way to pass on out genes, is to put them in as many women as possible. That doesn't mean that behavior is ethical or moral, but it is part of normal male instinctual behavior. Female behavior is different. Female sexual behavior favors monogamy. The reason is because a promiscuous woman is unfaithful by nature, and no man wants to provide for a woman that has sex with other men, or raise and provide for children that may not be his. An unfaithful/promiscuous woman is worthless to a man, in fact... they are worse than worthless; because a woman like that... can actually make a man devote all of his time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, and resources to another man's children (while his own don't even exist) and to a woman that has sex with other males. This is why throughout the whole of human history men have shamed wh*re's/sluts, and is the reason for the "double standard." Its because as our roles have been different, as a result... our natures have been shaped differently.

    The woman you described is a victim of the modern "hook-up culture," which has its roots in feminism. This culture swing began surfacing in the 1960's, and has gotten progressively stronger since then. This culture tells women that it is perfectly acceptable to be as promiscuous as men, and... this has killed the institution of marriage, and ruined human male/female relationships everywhere. There are two separate, but related reasons for this. The first is simple, the reason being that men will not and cannot be devoted to promiscuous women, because we know that they are intrinsically unfaithful. The second reason, is... once culture/society tells women it is okay to be promiscuous, they become unfaithful to their husbands and boyfriends the moment a higher status male comes along, which in turn creates a viscous cycle.

    You can't turn a ho into a housewife. The only way men can have a worthwhile relationship with a woman, is for the woman to be cautious and selective sexually. Women who only sleep with men that they are in committed relationships with, who don't cheat, and feel strongly against cheating. Also, the less sexual partners a woman has had... the better!!! Which usually means the good women tend to be younger. Optimally, it would be best to marry a virgin, but... in our modern world, that would be next to impossible!

    You don't like promiscuous women, because you are instinctively inclined to not like them! Why should you like them?! There is nothing good about a promiscuous woman, that should make a man want to be committed to her! It goes against your evolutionary psychology, and that is what the majority of women in this modern culture just don't get! I think I would be really miserable had I not basically won the lottery in life with my current relationship. I am just insanely lucky!!! because... I just so happened to meet a girl who grew up in a religious home, with strict parents. As a result, I was her first real relationship, and we first met when she was 18. I am 13 years older than her, and I started out just helping her with college math... one thing led to another, and we started dating. When we started out dating, she told me straight up that she was a virgin, and she wan't going to be having sex with me until we were married. I liked her a LOT, and recognized the value in a woman like her. A year later we got engaged, and for all intents and purposes we are essentially married, we are just saving up the money for the marriage she wants to throw, and yes... after we got engaged she began living with me, and yes we are having sex. However, we both consider ourselves married to each other, we will also be legally married in about a year, and fully expect to spend our lives with each other. So... good luck to you!!!

    You are not being sexist, you are being smart!!! Don't let anybody tell you different!!!
    33 answers 4 days ago Gender Studies
  • Spiritually speaking: does anyone else ever get sick of having to speak/think/breathe "Logic" all the time?

    To the point that the FIRST thing on most people's mind is always: "well, is it logical, though?" Ever felt like saying: "f*ck it!", and becoming something else instead? Like... handing out answers that are not dictated by whether or not something is *logical*, but just simply by whatever colors, images, emotions and sensations are moving inside you, at any given moment? I used to be all like: "let's rebel against this dreary, soulless bullsh*t, man!" But it's not even THAT anymore.. It's just, my brain no longer works that way. Unless I bloody force it to. Which is.. well.. boring. Ever felt like you'd rather create a story than win an argument? That dreams are just as real, and just as impactful, as academic propositions? Or that maybe you just don't care anymore, trying to define what's what... In short: I wish more people on here were slightly mad, perhaps. And that more real life people couldn't sleep right now, because insomnia. Grrrrrrr.
    14 answers 21 hours ago Psychology
  • I feel like I should commit suicide. But I don't know how?

    I can't breath, I can't go on. I need ideas on how to commit suicide fast.
    20 answers 3 days ago Psychology
  • Why do men fcking get married and then whine about?

    Best answer: That's all heterosexual men do is blame everyone else for their phuck ups, and they leave no one or nothing out.
    11 answers 7 hours ago Gender Studies
  • If my parents never met would I still exist and be born to a different mother or father?

    15 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • How come pro-life people do not protest against school shootings and mass shootings, you see none of their signs at anti-gun rallies?

    17 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • 1 out of every 3 men will rape or sexually abuse a woman,?

    fathers molest their own daughters are terrifying multiples. 94 percent of rapist never get caught. Just how fvked up is todays world?
    20 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Are we born with an ego?

    Best answer: Yes. Development studies show that we have instincts at birth, called performative motor skills, and recognition neuro devices giving us a sense of mine and not mine, even at that age (at birth). This continues to develop as the human's brain grows. The ego is a very simple construct for the infant, and it increases in its complexity until it reaches such heights of consciousness as achieved by Monks, or someone like me ("my" consciousness)
    17 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • Would you say a 24 year old is almost 30 as it's only six years?

    10 answers 9 hours ago Psychology
  • How come WHITE women (especially from western countries) are the ones who hate men the most?

    Best answer: white men have caved and given their women everything they want and demand. the result is white women view their men as complete wimps and have absolutely no respect for them. honestly, would you respect someone who did everything you told him to do and never stood up for himself?
    10 answers 18 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Have humans evolved (biologically, psychologically, etc.) in the past 40,000 years or so?

    11 answers 1 day ago Anthropology
  • Why do the world hate us Americans??? Please read below......?

    Best answer: I don't hate America, but I do think Donald Trump is a major liability.
    I love lots of American things, America gave me some of my favourite bands, some of my favourite movies and TV shows. (To provide some context, I'm Australian).
    I get politics. I get the fact that the leader of your nation may not always be a respectable human being. Here in Australia, John Howard was Prime Minister for 11 years, and I freaking hated him. He was a nasty little opportunist that won elections by making the case that he would be brutally hard on refugees.
    Yes, maybe some people really do hate Americans, but educated people should view America in a more rational way.
    I believe all people deserve the chance to learn how to think critically. We are a long way off from that, but it is something to aim for.
    13 answers 1 day ago Sociology
  • Are straight women as disgusted towards gay sex as straight men are?

    8 answers 2 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Would it be dumb for a single guy to buy a 5 bed 4 bath house?

    He is living alone, no roommates, or family. Should he go for a smaller 3/2 townhouse.
    21 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies