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  • I feel worthless and want to die?

    I was born with a cleft palate and even after SEVERAL surgeries it’s still very noticeable. All my life I’ve been self conscious about it and never loves myself because of it. I had little kids look at my face and ask me about it. A couple years ago this little girl asked me what was wrong with my upper lip. I went in the bathroom and cried because I hate being different. I now work at a restaurant and this other girl was standing next to me. This big group came in with a bunch of kids and I noticed this one kid staring at me and I SAW him point directly at me to his friends and whisper something and laugh. I know for sure he was either saying something about my big nose, my messed up face including my lip too, or just how ugly I am in general. That tore me up on the inside and I wanted to crawl up in bed and cry my eyes out. All my life all my old co workers made fun of me behind my back and nobody liked me. I’m just wondering now if my face has something to do with it. I just don’t loved myself and just want to die. I hate being born different and can not afford a surgery to fix it. I’m just miserable in life and even when my baby gets older he’ll probably be embarrassed by me and not want to be seen with me. Should I just kill my self
    16 answers 19 hours ago Psychology
  • I’m not confident I can go on living for long?

    To make a 22yr long story short, I grew up in an abusive environment. My parents were very physically and psychologically abusive, as well as my older brother, who was popular at school and made a ton of people hate me and make fun of me in the halls. CS was called once when I accidentally gave away the physical abuse in 1st grade but my mom made me say it was all a dream, even though I told them multiple accounts of it, and they believed her and left me. I’ve been in and out of numerous eating disorders and self-harm behaviors my entire life. I’m pretty sure I’m not saying all of what happened but I’m cutting it short here. I’m 22 now, graduated college and have a good job. I credit the only reason I’m alive to my 2 dogs. I have great friends, however I don’t get enjoyment out of life. My dogs have always been there for me and licked my tears away and comforted me after the abuse. If I were to kill myself, I promised that I wouldn’t do so until after they’re dead. That’s becoming more of a reality everyday. I’m aromatic and asexual, and have no interest in romantic relationships at all - tried them, not interested. Could be from the abuse, but that fact won’t make me interested, so don’t try. Don’t want to have kids. I’m not energized by any career goals. Don’t love my friends or life enough to want to keep living. After my dogs, there is nothing keeping me alive. Some days I just wish they died already so I can too. I fantasize too much about dying. I can’t move out because
    9 answers 21 hours ago Psychology
  • Which gender is more sexist?

    14 answers 15 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why do all women once they start to get older, switch to that old woman perfume?

    You know, white diamond, chanel number 5, its like an unwritten rule for them once they hit 40-50 to switch to old woman smelling perfumes, you rarely see older women wearing the fruity scented stuff young girls wear. My theory is older people have more body odor, and have to swear strong smelling perfumes to cover it up.
    23 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • How likely was Hitler an alien from space?

    22 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • How to deal with loneliness when you don't have the resources to support a relationship ?

    I'm a 24 year old software developer from india. My childhood was rough parents had divorce and grew up very poor so don't have inherited resources. my job don't pay much and mostly spent on my daily expences, plus i live in a rented apartment and in india this is a bad bad deal. And in india women don't really feel attracted to someone who doesnt have resources to suppoert her, because of huge population and struggle of living. And even if i manage to get a partner financial situation would be misarable and i don't wish that upon anyone. So i stay single and intend t do so for forreseaable future. But loneliness eats from inside any ways to deal with it ?
    10 answers 1 day ago Psychology
  • Do you support prohibiting women from military service?

    18 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why are people who point out injustices against men considered to be vindictive toward feminists instead of consistent against injustice?

    6 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Why is it wrong for the nice girls to be sexual?

    Best answer: We are in the middle one the largest sexual revolutions. It started with Janet Jackson popping her breast on live television in the 90's during a superbowl game and it's been a thing ever since. Girls who don't talk about or explore sex are considered "sexually oppressed" or even "sexually muted"; so a girl with dignity, pride, and self respect was supposed to be turned into a complete thotty by now. If you aren't a person openly talking about how you spell coconut on his wang then you clearly are a "prude". Yes, having some level of privacy or secrecy about your sex life is discouraged in the new world order of feminism and "woman empowerment". This is just how the social world works now if you choose to be social with people. Yes, people can be asocial, but most people just assume they are prudes; only the extroverted people who want to get noticed are expected to be thotty.

    Honestly, it's bar culture taking over as the dominant culture and we can thank the working class for that since they make up the majority now.
    12 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • When a woman describes herself as "average looking" in her dating profile, is that code for "FAT?"?

    11 answers 9 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Anyone surprised at how often women get violent?

    I see women get violent less often than men, but they still get violent fairly often and people don t seem to see it. For example, at least 1 in 7 men experience abuse from their female partner. Isn t this shocking?
    13 answers 21 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Is the moon landing evidence of a superior western Christian civilisation?

    Best answer: The Moon landings were born out a need for American democracy to prove itself superior to Russian communism. In the 1960s both Russia and America were at their height of power and wealth and were the only 2 countries that had the wealth needed to run a proper space program. To get the American space program to where they put a man on the moon was estimated to have cost the American tax payer 24 billion dollars which is roughly the equivalent to 500 billion dollars in todays money. If the Americans or Russians had another space race like they had in the 1960s it would likely send the countries bankrupt as neither is as strongly financial as they were back then.
    So it was not superior western Christian civilisation that put man on the moon but rather superior economical times of these Christian countries although I think religion in Russia back then was actually banned. If other countries had felt the need to put a man on the moon to show their technical skill and their superior type of Government likely they would have been in the space race. At the time no Asian or Muslim country really had the economy or expertise to build the space ships and control centres but as we see now countries like Japan, China, Korea, and India have over the last few years shown they have become technologically strong enough and wealthy enough to take on a challenge like space rocketry, although no Muslim countries seem interested in spending their money on space and have left it to other nations.
    It was the politics of the time and the fear Russia would soon be able to mount nuclear missiles in space over America that drove America to prove whatever the Russians could do they could do better, and in the long run they did.
    21 answers 2 days ago Sociology
  • Men try to PERSUADE us to have sex with them ——— Why ?

    Best answer: If I asked 1,000 women to have sex with me, and one out of a hundred said yes, that's ten more women I would get to have sex with than if I hadn't asked at all.

    Some men don't mind rejection if there is a chance of acceptance!
    33 answers 3 days ago Gender Studies
  • What's your opinion on Diane Abbott having fears she will be raped by a far right extremist?

    I can't see it happening unless it's a far right extremist who's blind with no sense of smell, no man could be that desperate. google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6788195/amp/Diane-Abbott-fears-raped-murdered-extremists-online-trolls.html" rel="nofollow">https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyma...
    10 answers 6 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why don t I have any friends?

    Being social has never really been an issue for me. For the last couple of years I ve found that there are very few people who s company I look forward to. I m usually polite to most people and readily engage in conversations. Maybe it s me or maybe people have gotten more boring lately. Any thoughts?
    16 answers 4 days ago Psychology
  • Is it ok for a man to not be attracted to women?

    Best answer: Sure, some people are gay or asexual. They don't choose to be
    10 answers 15 hours ago Gender Studies
  • What are boy scouts?

    And why does there have to be boy scouts and girls scouts instead of just scouts? Is it like sports teams or something? If not, I don't think they should be divided.
    6 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Do you think I have enough reason to get an abortion because I'm not financially stable and the father mistreats me?

    I'm not financially stable at all. A baby right now would be very overwhelming and I think I'd have a meltdown, adoption isnt an option. The guy I'm pregnant by is a very horrible person and would make my life hell more than he already have if I had a baby with him. He's controlling, very disrespectful, a narcissist and physically and verbally abusive. If I was pregnant by a decent guy I'd have the baby even though I'm not financially stable. He's really awful and I wish I was pregnant by my ex instead who was actually a decent man.
    9 answers 7 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why do women expect MAN to pay on 1st date?

    Best answer: Career women are just weird. Women expect men to pay for the meal because it shows a willingness to provide and makes the woman feel cared for.

    Btw, most women that are breadwinners are single mothers.

    Also, sixty years ago many women had part time jobs.

    Fun fact though, even most feminist women prefer men that pay for the first date and are chivalrous. Why do you think that is? Why do you think the women that claim to be against all that stuff still prefer it more times than not? These women even call that kind of behavior benevolent sexism and yet in studies they still prefer the guys that do it.

    Feminists tried their best to get men to prefer career women and yet they failed to do it. Feminists tried their best to get women to hate chivalry and yet they failed to do it. The only thing they really managed to do was force women in the workplace by lowering the wages of men.
    87 answers 6 days ago Gender Studies
  • It is He ?

    6 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies