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  • What does it mean when a girl turns her head 90 degrees as she walking towards you?

    Best answer: She is explaining the meaning of snobbism to you
    40 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why are alpha males so useless?

    54 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why is being a “cat lady” considered a bad thing?

    Like god forbid a woman has an actual job and isn’t a loser stay at home mom and doesn’t want to pop out a million babies and make her husband food every day even though he’s perfectly capable of doing it himself. I hate babies and love cats, I don’t get what’s wrong with that
    20 answers 22 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Should the government pay women to be housewives and have as many children as they possibly can?

    Best answer: What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll,
    What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll,
    What do we do with a Yahoo Poe troll
    Ear-ly in the morning?

    Way hay and up she rises,
    Way hay and up she rises,
    Way hay and up she rises,
    Ear-ly in the morning
    14 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Why is it only men required to register with the US Selective Service System, and not women?

    Gender equality refers to the equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities, not just the equal rights and responsibilities. Do women want gender privilege rather than gender equality? I am not going to buy the "women are physically weaker than men" argument, since if it was just about physical strength, weak men would not be required to register, while women with stronger physical constitutions would be required to register with the US Selective Service System. And, women serving in the army to get paid is also a proof that they are capable of serving in the military.
    14 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • I’m not sure how to stop having low self esteem over being 27 still single.?

    Best answer: Do you enjoy being alone? A lot of us feel pressured by society to date and get married or hang out with people we don't want to, just because others do it.
    It may really be that you have subconsciously decided not to pursue these things and you feel the pressure from others and what you think society expects.
    I've been there plenty of times.

    Why do you feel you need validation from the opposite sex? I'm not trying to sound all feminist or empowering, but you really don't need that to feel like a real or complete person.

    Is it your looks, your attitude or something you feel is not good enough? If so, then waiting for others to change their opinions won't work.
    You, in fact, need to change that perception of yourself first. If it's that you dress sloppy and no one will approach you, change that. If it's that you are always locked up in your room, change that. Most of these things are all your own self-perception or personal choices.
    And if you are indeed happy with how you are and don't want to change for other people, that's fine, too. Just understand that they all have standards and lives that they may not be willing to change either.

    People are good and people are cruel. Some will judge you, others may be inspired by you.

    Stop being afraid and stop punishing yourself for being happy alone. You sound like you are letting that anxiety steal your happiness, and it all stems from something you have the power to control.
    4 answers 9 hours ago Psychology
  • If men got pregnant, would abortion be legal everywhere?

    Best answer: There are women who are dead-set against abortion. There are men who support it.

    The basic concept of a person's right to choose what happens to that person's body vs. when a fetus becomes a baby are fundamental, *NOT* gendered. Yes, the issue is a bit more visceral with women than with men, but abstraction doesn 't change the issue.

    Should murder of people that are not you be legal? Should someone that is not you be forced to support someone else that is not you?
    17 answers 23 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Am I being way too insecure about myself? What am I supposed to do? Please help.?

    Hi there, I’m a young female teen and I really need help with my feelings. Truly, I don’t know exactly how to describe my feelings so I’ll just try and do it as close as I can. I feel empty, alone in my own body sometimes. I honestly don’t know who I am. It’s almost like I don’t have an opinion. I make small choices than I end up regretting later. I don’t know truly if I’m ok, meaning what type of person I am to others. I feel like no one loves me. Like my family is “supposed” to love me JUST because I was born into that family. My friends, I feel like they are on a different planet sometimes but I just might not be with the right people... I’ve always felt different, and I really don’t know who I am. My appearance, feel down I know I’m beautiful in some ways but when I look at myself I don’t see it. I dont feel special even though I get told I am, but I don’t even feel like a person. I don’t know myself. What am I supposed to do? Please help.
    7 answers 1 day ago Psychology
  • Is gender a social construct?

    19 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • Why does no one seem appropriately concerned about Mexican military disarming Americsn soldiers on American soil?

    Best answer: Worse, a number of Border Patrol officers have been attacked, even killed, by Mexican federales - or uniformed imposters. Mexico fails to cooperate, and media generally fails to report. Been going on at least 30 years that I know of. Mexico is not a good neighbor.
    7 answers 2 days ago Immigration
  • Are humans evil?

    I can’t seem to think of a precise answer to this question. Human beings have done incredibly nasty and evil things in the past, but we’ve also done some of the nicest things. A nasty thing being the extinction of the dodo bird for example, a good thing being people saving animals from fishing nets etc. Are we good, evil or neither?
    12 answers 2 days ago Anthropology
  • Why do you call Asian Countries (I am from India) third world? All Gods were Asians. We are from ancient lands so we are first world.?

    You are new so you are third world. My civilization is 5000 years old. It means we are from First World country. and Your countries are just 1000 to 700 years old. You are second or third world.
    14 answers 1 day ago Economics
  • Do women ever get tired of all of the articles online about how men find women over 24 unattractive, or how men hate when women complain,?

    or how men hate when women do this or that? Why do men feel the need to write so many of these? If men are tired of women and find us so awful and ugly, there's an alternative! I'm so phucking sick of men right now. Why do women live their lives worried about what men think and trying to please them, when a good dildo for sex and dog for companionship would be so much better?
    9 answers 9 hours ago Gender Studies
  • What percentage of gender fluid people are just trying to get pity and attention?

    12 answers 1 day ago Gender Studies
  • When exactly is “now” if time is continuously marching forward?

    10 answers 10 hours ago Psychology
  • Can you sue a person or company for sexual harassment?

    Okay so my manager is gay, like the super gay type of dude & the other day he smacked my butt. I’d say In a joking matter but I felt super uncomfortable. No I wasn’t playing along with anything. He just did it out of nowhere, being a girl I feel like maybe I should’ve been comfortable with it. But I’m just not. Not to mention I just started this job about a week ago & he started shortly after me.
    5 answers 12 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why would a murderer develop a sudden interest in religion after committing the crime?

    Best answer: Like most religions, Christians in particular, FEAR. Fear of hell.
    9 answers 13 hours ago Psychology