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  • Are actions good or evil?

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  • Is it true that only kind people commit suicide?

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  • Spiritually speaking: does anyone else ever get sick of having to speak/think/breathe "Logic" all the time?

    To the point that the FIRST thing on most people's mind is always: "well, is it logical, though?" Ever felt like saying: "f*ck it!", and becoming something else instead? Like... handing out answers that are not dictated by whether or not something is *logical*, but just simply by whatever colors, images, emotions and sensations are moving inside you, at any given moment? I used to be all like: "let's rebel against this dreary, soulless bullsh*t, man!" But it's not even THAT anymore.. It's just, my brain no longer works that way. Unless I bloody force it to. Which is.. well.. boring. Ever felt like you'd rather create a story than win an argument? That dreams are just as real, and just as impactful, as academic propositions? Or that maybe you just don't care anymore, trying to define what's what... In short: I wish more people on here were slightly mad, perhaps. And that more real life people couldn't sleep right now, because insomnia. Grrrrrrr.
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  • I feel like I should commit suicide. But I don't know how?

    I can't breath, I can't go on. I need ideas on how to commit suicide fast.
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  • If my parents never met would I still exist and be born to a different mother or father?

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  • Are we born with an ego?

    Best answer: Yes. Development studies show that we have instincts at birth, called performative motor skills, and recognition neuro devices giving us a sense of mine and not mine, even at that age (at birth). This continues to develop as the human's brain grows. The ego is a very simple construct for the infant, and it increases in its complexity until it reaches such heights of consciousness as achieved by Monks, or someone like me ("my" consciousness)
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  • Would you say a 24 year old is almost 30 as it's only six years?

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  • How come females do not have open minds about any boy who isn't totally "normal"?

    I was bullied and mocked by the popular girls at school when they found out i was writing them stories, they bullied me and called me a loser and made sure that noone in school liked me. i hate how anyone who isnt "normally sexually adjusted" is just a disturbed loser who pervs over females and gets off over grossing out girls by making them sniff how much his puny ickle body stinks. Also they spread smelly little lies that obsessed with the female from the call on me video, LOL as if! Just coz she was the female I chose her for National Feminine Empowerment Day speech, and just because i chose to focus on how body probably stinks off pumping her body, going in to exquisite, creepy little detail about all the bits of girl that would get moist and un-fresh, who cares am i rite? It's totally not worth all the girls getting a hair in their vag over, giggling behind their hands and rolling their eyes like theyre SUPER grossed out! LOL the only thing that stinks round here are their attitudes!!
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  • I'm a Christian. I felt happy and loved but now I don't feel the Lord and am depressed most of the time now?

    Why am I feeling like this? What did I do wrong, that made me feel lost and depressed all them time? Now I'm getting to the point of wanting to die? How can I feel his love and happiness again? Please help! P.S please no hate
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  • How do i stop feeling sorry for myself?

    feeling sorry for myself that my life so far never worked out how i wanted? im a man aged 40 now and ive had a difficult struggle through my adult life, mental problems, not very good communication skills, i suffered bullying in my earlier adulthood....i missed out on finding relationship with girls.....and ive not had an awful lot to do with people, hence my low confidence around people, shyness and lack of communication abilities. ive lived in a council flat since 2005 on my own, never having achieved a support network except my immediate mum and dad. living alone now, having missed out a great deal, missed out on opportunities and relationships & dealing with loneliness, i can't help but feel sorry for myself? how do i stop that and play the hand that i was dealt? at 40, is it too late to rebuild my life and acquire relationships?
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  • How do you stop caring what other people think about you?

    It sounds crazy typing this but I m so tired of caring what other people think; it definitely makes life less enjoyable. I m a highschool student and I constantly am worried about how I look or act and what other people say about me. I know I shouldn t because you only get one life so you might as well live it up but it s extremely hard for me.
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  • Is this recently brought back childhood memory make me as bad as i think I am?

    When i was Around 9-10 years old me and my sister (who was around 7) would inappropriately touch eachother, we weren t threatening eachother or threatening to do things to eachother if they didn t do what one would say, we would just watch something when our mother wasn t home we shouldn t have been watching (r rated films and such) and childishly do what we would see in the films like kissing each others cheeks, or lips. My parents divorced when we were young and both my parents where very young at this time, my mom would always work or go out with her friends, so we were often very unsupervised. But one night i went too far, we were sleeping in the same bed and then when she was asleep i touched Her chest and then caressed her and i realized it was very wrong and stopped, i cant Remeber things from my childhood too well or remember the exact details or sequence of events or the exact age, these memory s have recently been making me feel intense feelings of regret and sadness and worry, We haven t done anything like that since we were children and i havent Talked to her about that stuff cause i dont Know how she d feel and I d like to leave it in the past cause I d imagine she was regretful we did that stuff too. I fee Like I m a terrible person and i dont Know what to do please help.
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  • I HATE women?

    Sexually im attracted to women. But hate, i mean i dont respect them. I think about just beating them down in anger. Cause they never liked me and thats frustrating for a guy who just like at least ONE girl to lile me back and have intimacy with. Im 23 years old and still a virgin. It makes so angry and not understanding it that it makes me uncomfortable that idk how to handle it. Being in social environment out around a bunch of strangers heightens my frustration and anxiety. They ignore me like i dont exist. Like They dont give af about me. No women wants me. And in clubs it's the worst. Seeing all those girls smiling at all the guys and them pulling them off the dancefloor but women would treat me like im a fvckin monster and worst piece of **** ever in their minds if i go up to them. And i cant stand it. Thats why i hate women. One time i was out at a place a girl bumped into me on the dancefloor and i shoved her in her back pretty hard it jolted her. Im just going nuts how no girls want me so i lash out. But i keep it bottled in my inside, when im fuming. I could murder. I would kill myself if life keeps continue this way towards me. Sorry if im a bit extreme i just came from the club and im full of a headrush and andrenaline. Im hate the club im done going f7ck these biitches Fück life. Nothing ever goes my way. And dont bash me. Youve never stepped in my shoes feeling like the world mistreats you. Like you're lesser than. Like you are nothing. Idk what to do
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  • Is Pizza Hut communist because they didn't me order a pizza with cat meat on it?

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  • I enlist in the marines this summer. Will they have my favorites in the vending machines?

    For starters, I need mustard, watches, and eye liner.
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  • I caught my wife having a threesome with Big Bird and the Cookie Monster. Should I divorce her?

    Best answer: Hook up with Miss Piggy.
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  • Is President Trump narcissistic and if so is there any treatment available to him.?

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  • I've been lost for 8 years and confused about my personality. im 24. how can i get back to me?

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  • Do most people keep their next door neighbors a polite "distance"? if so, why?

    Best answer: All it takes is one bad neighbor and you have issues you can't control and can't move away from.
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  • Is it possible for you to be hurt so bad all emotions are dulled completely and time flys insanely fast with no recollection of memory?

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