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  • Do you text your spouse all day, every day?

    For years my wife has has this thing to where if you text once then you should be able to text all day. And she gets mad when you don't or can't reply when she expects a reply over something that can wait till you both get home. I recently started a new job a few weeks ago and right now I'm still in training. Yes, I have a desk, computer, phone, etc but knowing how my wife is I have not yet given hr my email address because I don't want her emailing me about frivolous things. Again, things that don't need an immediate reply. Well, Mon, during some down time I sent her a text and we had a little conversation. Tues I didn't text at all until later in the day when she sent me a series of texts saying how it was funny that I could text Mon but I'm quiet today. I explained to her that I was working and training and didn't have time. She wasn't hearing that answer. Her reply was basically, "oh, so weren't you training Mon? It's funny you could text that day." Ok, yesterday, Wed, wasn't that big of a training day BUT I was still at work and again, during some down time we had some back and forth texts. Last night in the store she made the snide remark. "Oh, you weren't busy today because you seemed to find time to text." I can't get my wife to understand that some days and times I'm available to text her but others I'm not. She even made the comment that I had time to go one Facebook and like one phone but couldn't text her.
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  • Take a sad life and make it better?

    Best answer: Pull yourself up by your boot straps and take control of your life. there is no god to do it for you
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  • Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?

    Best answer: Rich and ugly probably. I'd be able to afford plastic surgery, expensive makeup, beautiful clothes, and a hair stylist. That could help with the ugly appearance.

    But being poor and ugly is tempting too, if I can't have the above things.
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  • How can long term physical and verbal abuse from a sibling effect your personality?

    Could someone give me a short list of how long term abuse from a sibling can effect a peroson personality wise? I’m trying to better understand this lesson in my psychology class. Thank you.
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  • Do you find full frontal nudity offensive in movies? Is showing genitals too far for theater audience since most of lack artistic value?

    Best answer: I'm disgusted by femalenudity. I'd rather seeing male nudity instead.
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  • From a Darwinian perspective is being gay right or good??

    Best answer: It was an enormous disadvantage in the past. However, nowadays, with retirement accounts, restaurants, and adoption, a gay person does not need of a person of the opposite gender to live independently.
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  • I hate my life Need some advice?

    I don’t know what to do I hate my life I can’t stand it I was sitting in the public park today and I was trying to holdback back tears but I couldn’t I could not stop as much as I fought them they were worse I feel broken inside like all I do is get rejected and shut down by all the people in my life and I hate being around them because they make me feel little I had to catch the bus and it was only myself and I couldn’t stop crying again and I am crying right now typing this I hate how worthless and rejected and like everyone just wants to have an argument with me I chose to avoid them but then it creates a bigger problem and “I AM THE PROBLEM”
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  • Since my Dad is an alcoholic will we all become alcoholic?

    Best answer: No*......since u are aware ur dad is an alcoholic....u should be able to choose NOT TO TRY that first drink when all your friends are drinking away, underage...thinking they're cool*.................just say NO! and don't start drinking at all*
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  • If you could hear someone's thoughts and they were thinking negatively about you. Would you try to mess with their heads or tell them?

    Best answer: I wouldn't care what other people think of me instead focus on myself
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  • What would be the fastest way to kill yourself without a gun or noose?

    Not that I am considering it, and I don’t want to hear any answers that digress from the question.
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  • Why do unsuccessful people hate successful people?

    Best answer: Most people are like that. Successful people who think for themselves, work hard, have discipline, have goals, and achieve them, are in the minority.

    You are wasting time giving your attention to their unsuccesful mental habits.

    After you have done all you have set yourself, just try to cultivate an attitude of peace of mind and love for your fellow human beings.
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  • What responsibilities do people face in adulthood that they don't have in childhood?

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  • How do you shut students up in an auditorium?

    What are some good authoritive or psychological methods to make students shut up. My idea first was to look for the culprits and kick them out, but few of my professors dare to do this, only 3 out of 30 maybe. Another trick I am thinking of is giving the entire class an extra point if everyone is quiet (not punish everyone by taking a point away or not continuing teaching).
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  • Why is someone always causing me grief!!?

    Why the hell is there at least someone in my life causing me grief and expecting me to do things for them or trying to cause a drama! If it’s not a friend, a family member, a colleague, it’s an old enemy, I’m sick to death of either someone starting beef, wanting something from me or expecting me to do something !! 😡I work so many hours a week, I do night work and I’m always so tired!! Is it like I have this magnet on my head that says, “all ar*eholes, please report to me”! I’m tired of people and people say I’m a nice person, some have even said to nice? I just want to drink my rose and watch tv and everyone up f**k off!! 😡
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  • Is it true that only stuck up girls wear high heels often?

    Best answer: It's probably not a good idea to base your opinions on what "some girl" told you. Stuck up girls tend to think they are better than others, and one way they might show that is by wearing high fashion or expensive clothes, including high heels. Others like to show off by using fancy words or talking about all the great things they own. So, this type girl might wear high heels.

    On the other hand, there are perfectly nice girls who wear high heels. Some like them because they make them taller; some like them because they change their posture; some just think they're pretty, and some wear them because they think boys like them. Also, some jobs expect their workers to wear them.

    So the bottom line is that you can't say someone is or is not stuck up because of the shoes they wear.
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  • If our automatic thought stream is useful to be reflexive against threats, is every non-threat, non-survival moment best spent stilling them?

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  • Do you think he thinks I'm a doormatt for not saying anything?

    Best answer: He's a lot pervy and you ARE a doormat for not saying anything. You should have let him know that he has no business showing other people's private videos and that you're not interested in seeing them. And of course you should never do anything intimate with him because he's probably taping you so that he can show it to other people.
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  • Is my life over?

    I'm 23 and still play computer games like all day every day. This year gotten worse for me and my life as well. I haven't worked at a part time job yet since a year ago already. My past 10 jobs were mostly general labor jobs and some temp jobs for uneducated and not attractive people like me. I wasted 3 years of community college.. only getting certificate. Now realize career wasn't right for me too difficult which is accounting. Why do I have to be this stupid? I don't think I'm that ugly however some people say I'm attractive. I'm very introverted as well no friends nor gf. People tease me while I drive too like throwing peace signs and now I stop driving also theres no point cuz I cant find a job. I fail 20 interviews maybe lack of communication skills or answers. Idk my gaming addiction and smartphone is making me go mentally insane. I play like 8 hrs on computer and 6 hrs smartphone at night right before bed...I get low key bullied most time family say I cant work mcdonalds u cant talk or too slow. Is it over or is there still hope?
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  • Why do people use reverse psychology?

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