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  • Help me suicide?

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  • Why are people so ignorant about depression and suicide??? They don't take it seriously at all! I can't believe the dopey "advice"?

    people on social media try to give a person who is depressed and contemplating suicide. They tell that person to "get help!" Oh, wow! Really? Why didn't I think of that??? They tell you they love you, as if that's supposed to make you feel better! They don't even know you, yet they love you??? And then they give you stupid cliches and slogans like "Suicide is the coward's way out!" "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!" That's supposed to make a suicidal person feel better??? Are they for real? That person is so desperately depressed that they want to end their life, and all you can do is tell them to get help and you love them and their problems are temporary and things will get better and they're a coward and they're selfish if they kill their self! These people make you want to commit suicide! Stupid cliches and slogans won't help a depressed person! Why are these morons trying to give advice about a subject they know nothing about???
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  • How can i not be so afraid of death?

    FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE, i have been so terrified of the idea of death. TERRIFIED. it literally kept me awake when i was young, and continues to do so. the concept scares the living crap out of me so if anyone with a sane mind has some wisdom to give, i will surely and gladly take it.
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  • How do you deal with people laughing at you?

    I work for a charity that helps homeless and people with drug addictions get to medical appointments. We are required to use our own vehicle and In turn we get reimbursed for gas, mileage, and they cover all maintenance expenses. My issue is that people see me picking these people up and dropping them off and I always have this fear that people are assuming that I am picking up these people for illicit purposes. As I was leaving my condo one of the guys who maintains the property snickered in my face. He did it like he knows something about me. I think he’s from that lower income area where I work, and he might see me picking up those drug addict prostitutes. I would quit but I enjoy helping people and it pays a lot of money.
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  • What is something that you consider unforgivable?

    Best answer: When I was growing up I watched my father verbally and physically abuse my mother COUNTLESS times. Everything from calling her a worthless b**** to ordering her out of the house, to pulling a gun on her (many times). I can remember him once hitting her with the butt of his shotgun. I couldn't have been more than seven or eight when that happened; it wasn't the first or the last time he did stuff like that to her. If I tried to intervene I was told to mind my own business, That it was just between them.

    Later in life, after he had a “Come to Jesus" event in his life and promised he would never pull the guns out in anger again, he pulled one on me. When called on it, he said that promise was only to my mother, not me.

    The Final straw was when he assaulted my mother in public right in front of my wife and me. In the ensuing argument among all of us that followed he informed me that I'd better “shut my wife up", implying that if I didn't he would. With that, after informing him that that would be hazardous to his health, we left their house, only to speak to him once more before he died. Every now & then I look back and get a little sad that I didn't have a better father to look up to, and the things he did to my mother, as well as robbing me of a normal childhood (sorry if it sounds a little melodramatic) just make it impossible for me to forgive him, even eleven years after his death. I just hope that doesn't buy me a one way ticket on the down escalator to join him after this life is over.
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  • What do men think of women who knock loud on the door?

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  • Is rape ever justified?

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  • Why are there so many rude people and total inconsiderate people on the internet?

    I ask a question about how to fix my car and I get called a phaggot, a negger, that I suck dick and that I should kill myself and die and burn in hell and that I have no friends and everyone hates me. It’s disgusting.
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  • How do I stop desiring a boyfriend?

    Here's the deal. I'm 24, in my dream career with a high position, just started my Master's degree and I can't stop thinking about a relationship and I'm SICK of it. Everywhere I go, I get distracted with thoughts of being with a man and I feel as if I am robbing myself of my own joy.. like a self-inflicting wound, when I could be using my thoughts for SCHOOL or WORK. I'm really trying to take this time to work on myself and focus on my career, but I was always in relationships when I was younger and felt as if I've become addicted to them and obsessed with men. I'm not dating at the moment and don't want to get distracted. Also, it's almost as if I am waiting for a guy to text me.. a friend, an ex, and I know how horrible this is! :/ Any advice? I don't want to view men in a way where I'm always looking to find the "one." I want to be able to appreciate them as the incredible beings they are and support them, not look to exploit them. Thank you in advance!
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  • Why do people treat me like s*it?

    Best answer: If your friends are treating you like that than they are not your friends, I would look for new ones - go into a hobby (dance, drama, music, knitting) and meet new people. Life is to short to care about those who don t care for you.
    Find something that makes you happy - focus on that as opposed to things that make you unhappy. I got into music and now focus my energy onto that. It feels rewarding ;D

    It s not for me to say though you may have a paranoia problem. Most people don t really look at other people, they are just doing their own thing, and if you are seeing dirty looks from people you don t know it might be something you are seeing. I would suggest taking the advise of petrof, some therapy cant hurt and the professional could give you some techniques to help feel comfortable.

    You will be fine - your e just going through a rough patch. Make sure to get out of that loop and live life. You are young ;D
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  • Should I meet up with an ex friend?

    Best answer: recently got in contact apologizing, unless you got something to lose. Meet up, have coffee, listen to her apology and such, forgive her if she asks and such. Then either keep in touch or not. You ether regain a friend or lose nothing but apparently, this is something she needs. So unless it is something unforgivable, then give her what she needs and move forward, no biggie.
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  • What if I choose not to get help for my Antisocial, Borderline and Bipolar Disorders?

    Best answer: you end up alone and perhaps under a greater strain of depression I imagine.
    If they want to help you find therapy and medication that perhaps could mean you were able to get on with life, why are you against it? Do you want to work out all the answers for yourself?
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  • Should I read her message and reply?

    Best answer: Just delete it and move on, you don't want to relive the past, it is over, you are better off to just move on. :-)
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  • Why don't people in abusove situations just run away?

    Best answer: Usually abusers mentally manipulate their victims like saying "If you run away I'll kill you" or if it's a relationship they say things like "Don't leave me, I can't live without you." yadayadayada. So in the end it's all a mental game.

    Also, are you okay?
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  • Is it normal to get irritated when your parents say no to something?

    Now my whole life everytime my parents or someone had said no i get really pissed off and it can ruin my mood even my day. Is this normal?
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  • Can smoking marijuana or eating edible marijuana products make someone extremely paranoid if they have depression or anxiety or both?

    Best answer: Of course. Marijuana is not for everyone.
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  • Is it common for schizophrenics to feel no emotions ?

    As the you can probably tell by my inquirer,I cant feel any emotion at all apart from maybe, Regret, pity and or empathy, but its so dull it might as well not exist at all. To give you an example, My mother was diagnosed with cancer last year and i felt nothing at all. Anyway im keeping this short and sweet. answer in your own leisure .
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  • I m starting to worry about my mental health. should i be concerned?

    i have a problem with abandonment that is continually getting worse. i f***ing hate it when people don t respond to my messages. it s to the point where i m threatening people and myself constantly just to get peoples attention and to make sure people care about me. i got this mentality where i if someone does something i don t like instantly hate them. and just cut off contact with them but i don t unfriend them bc i don t wanna lose them. it s so weird bc i can see the way i act and yet i still can t control it and if someone doesn t text me i feel like i instantly did something wrong and i tell them i m sorry even tho i don t even know what i did.
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  • Can one person change the world positively?

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  • How to fix my brain.?

    Let me try to analyze the problem. Every time I make a decision I later change my mind.
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