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  • Why do people choose to commit suicide?

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  • My dad is a drug dealing sociopath. Sadly, I have to live with him for time being. Any suggestions?

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  • Is it ok to be a failure at age 19?

    Best answer: You are only a failure if you stop trying.

    You're very young and there's plenty of time for you to become successful. You are the one who defines "success" for your own life. Not others.
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  • I can't stand my girlfeiends sarcasm or how she treats me when i ask her questions anymore, I feel like this wrong?

    For example she bought be a breakfast sandwich, I merely asked where it was from and she snapped at me sarcastically saying " can't you read, why must you always ask me these dumb questions". I said I was just making conversation and why do you act like you hate me ? She started raising her voice ramblingbon saying how can I notvread the bag and I always ask her dumb questions This is not true and she constantly treats me like I am attacking her or her enemy. I feel like despite the nice gestures she does, it is killing our relationship. She can have such a lousy attitude. Most of the time she does not do anything right, she refuses to stop being lazy about her hoarding, obesity, and depression. She's always snapping at me when I talk to her, or she's smothering the heck out of me. When I'm in her messy room she is either picking at me, or too stressed out. I feel like this is like living with my abusive mom all over again.
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  • A man at work eats his dinner really nervously - why do you think that is?

    Best answer: He may have anxiety or needs to get back to work.
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  • In normal life, how to report a bad person?

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  • I'm not happy with my life anymore. Why am I not enough? I'm not smart or pretty or skinny and I have migraines. Life seems so bleak. Help!?

    Best answer: "Tiger mom"?

    First, if you're simply "booking it," i.e. memorizing without love, that tends to develop brittle intellect, dissatisfaction, loss of inner sense or inner child joy, etc.

    If you're living with your mom, or if she's paying for your education, you are in some way controlled by a social contract, which in your case may be unfair.

    If you have some self-awareness, your genuine self, and what you'd like to do in vocations, you might find more joy if you major in that. https://www.rwm.org is a site which helps detail various vocational paths. If you're able to seek vocational counseling at your school, and for example if your mom is urging you to become a working physicist, and your counseling says you might be a good physics teacher in high school, but you'd be quite stressed to compete in a Ph.D. program, then you could adjust your expectations accordingly. As an undergraduate, you'd be in sync with your mom--physics major. Then, after graduation, you'd have to either get her on board with you going into a teacher training program, or find other means to finance it.

    As for love and your own family, Shaunti Feldhahn's "For Couples Only" is helpful, as are "Love Must Be Tough" and "Finding a Higher Love." https://www.hopefortheheart.org is a mild, gentle counseling service, and surely you could talk with them on a cell phone, someplace private.
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  • Why do people think abortion is wrong if someone was raped?

    They don't consider the other persons feelings and are selfish. I do think it's wrong to tell someone who was raped they have to keep their baby. You weren't raped you don't know how it felt. So why don't you stay out of their business?
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  • Is it possible to be “too pretty”?

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  • My girlfriend is very snappy at me and it makes me feel weak and lowers my self esteem?

    Her moods go from panicky to anxious, to defensive, bossy, sad, angry, depressed, miserable. She says things that really make me upset or kill the moment. I dont know what to do because we live like roommates now and dont get along. I can't even ask her a question although her biting my head off. She's very overweight, and full of excuses. Refuses to clean her bedroom and she argues a lotvwhen she doesn't do things right sometimes. I feel like our age difference is a factor too and awkward in public.
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  • Am I normal to mourn for my laptop so much?

    My laptop died. Suddenly. After 8 years. I’ve been crying the whole day. Its not about the money I will have to spend to replace it or my half finished novel that went down with it... I’m just deeply sad for it. It has been the one constant in my life through out the years. I lost my best friend and it was there. I lost my grand parents and it was there. Even when I lost myself. I shouldn’t care this much. Im almost 30. A laptop breaking down shouldnt trigger my depression or sucidal thoughts...
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  • What is it called when you don’t recognize people who are close to you for a minute?

    Sometimes I get this feeling that I don’t reconize people that are really close to me like my partner. My thinking is who is this person? Do I know them? And I do know them. The feeling then goes away but it happens from time to time. I’m not sure what it is called. Dissociation?
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  • Is it bad, that I don't feel pity for the dead?

    I was watching a crime show the other night, and they were describing the murder of a young boy, I got a little scared, but nothing. It feels like I can't feel anything for this person. I know I have feelings, because thinking about loosing my dog, it makes me deeply sad. But, this isn't phasing me, and I think it should. I mean, a young boy was murdered in a very harsh way..
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  • How many people refuse to be a stereotype?

    I don't follow the crowd because they are lost.
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  • Would jumping infront of a train be the best way to commit suicide?

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  • What exactly is schizophrenia?

    There is a person I know from church with a bit of a zany, comical personality that made him quite entertaining to talk to. I honestly chalked it up to him being a goofball. However, a few weeks ago, I was at his house and spilled something. Some of it splashed on a nearby wall, and as I was cleaning it, I briefly placed a framed picture of his mother on the floor. Suddenly out of nowhere, he charged me, knocked me to the floor and began whaling on my head with everything he had--several guys had to pull him off me. He was screaming that I was "threatening" his mother by placing her on the floor. His friends told me he was schizophrenic and begged for me not to have him arrested, claiming that they would speak with his parents and have them work with his mental health specialists about his meds or whatever. (I relented, but let them know he could consider himself a permanent enemy) Amazingly, only a week later, he approached me with a smile saying, "Hey, you're not still mad at me, are you?" and sat next to me with "So how've you been?" like it had just been a simple misunderstanding! I honestly don't know anything about schizophrenia, other than people hear voices and think people are out to get them. What is it, exactly? He's like a puzzle, almost--his reasoning logic is on another dimension!
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  • How do you stop the mind from thinking ?

    My mind is always focused on the past or future I want to enjoy the present moment but never can any advice or techniques?
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  • How do I handle classmates teasing me when I answer all the teachers questions correctly ?

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  • Am living a good life or a bad life?

    How can I know?
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