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  • Why the American people are cold and reserved?

    Best answer: 😄

    Not true.

    In fact, many cities, countrysides, states... are like their own individual worlds. Some have a reserved atmosphere. Some are friendly.
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  • How do you deal with an incompetant person who meddles in personal issues because shes so simple minded?

    Best answer: You recognize the problem, this person is a narcissist and you’re trying to figure out a way to cope with their childish “me me me” behavior and fabricating stories they tell you. They have small minds that can’t comprehend important things. They are a thousand percent untrustworthy, they are pathological liars. So there’s really nothing to do to change how they treat you but you can daydream or leave. You can’t let their behavior trigger you, think of something funny and laugh deep inside. If you live with the person than I know what it feels like to feel like you have nobody to talk to who could possibly understand what you’re going through because they’ve never been in that situation. I was practically dead when I found a stranger to talk to who understood and it felt good to finally have someone to talk to who’s not manipulative and makes you think your crazy.
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  • Why do I get bullied?

    I'm bullied all the time even by my own family. I'm shy, quiet, weird, awkward, weak, a coward, a minority. I don't stand up for myself sometimes because I'm too afraid or don't know how. I always have a bad hair day. I don't dress the best.
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  • Why are people so quick to criticize or make others feel like poo?

    Best answer: Because social media has obliterated the right have your own opinion. Now that strangers everywhere can interact, everyone criticizes everyone because they are likely going to encounter someone with opposing opinions on every post.

    Social media has turned everyone who uses it into arrogant, self righteous, pricks. This is why studies have proven people who live social media free lives are much happier people.
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  • How do I change my perspective so a bad day can still be a good day to me?

    Best answer: It's all mental bro, or laws of attraction so to speak, if you decide today is going to be a bad day, then it will be a bad day, but if you decide to be calm and cool about your day, then it will turn out just fine. Of course there will be days where this logic cannot apply, you're only human at times we get overly emotional. But generally it's up to you to decide how your day will be.
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  • Is it better to stay off of a bullies radar or stand up for yourself?

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  • Does air conditioning make people sick?

    Best answer: It can make you dehydrated.
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  • What are the main causes for depression among the youth in US?

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  • How to start a conversation with anybody and overcome shyness.?

    Best answer: I didn't talk to people either. It's mostly due to not knowing how to act in a conversation I find. Like i'm guessing you are afraid of the convo going quiet and them just walking off and thinking that they hated you. I find you need to be the one to control the convo. Talk to someone practice some opening lines and what ever they say pick up on it and listen to what their import is and then add your own. If they end with something that stops the conversation pick up another opening line. Don't worry if people seem to not want to talk to you it is not you it is most likely them just not wanting to talk themselves. No one is judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.
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  • This sounds crazy but I think I might have magic abilities...?

    this is gonna sound crazy and maybe magic isn't the right word but I have this strange connection to people. Here are some examples of things that have happened recently(none of them are mind blowing but nonetheless a bit strange) 1. I sent an email to my dad with links to some stories on the BBC website that I thkught might interest him. A few minutes later his friend sent him an email with the exact same 3 links attached.coincidence or what? 2. I was having a shower yesterday and was thinking about how I'd like to go ice skating as I've never been before...a few minutes later I get a text from my friend asking if I'd like to go ice skating 3. I have a crush on this guy and me and my friend decided to prank my other friend by making a fake Snapchat account under his name and messaging me using this account so it looked like he'd messaged me just as a joke anyway that same evening the real guy actually messaged me when he's never even spoken to me ever before! 4. I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac and today I thought I had appendicitis anyway later on my mum started showing me a photo album of her on holiday and was showing me her scar from where she'd had her appendix taken out. 5. Me and my friends had to come up with a fictional character to write about in English class, for the purpose of this we'll just say I named him joe bloggs. Anyway the day after a new guy joins school called exactly joe bloggs! Am I just going crazy and are these all coincidence do you think?!
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  • How do you deal with people looking down at you ?

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  • Is my girlfriend acting too childish?

    Best answer: Take this answer to heart, son, because I want to tell you the truth about this.

    Yes, your girlfriend is too immature (not childish) but that is NOT a bad thing. The way she's acting towards you is honestly what men all across our country wish our girlfriends/fiances/wives would do to us. Never discourage this, ever. Once this cute act is gone, it's gone forever. Her innocence will be lost, and the cute factor will never be authentic again. Sure, it might be embarrassing at times and you might feel ashamed to know her when she does it in public, but this is the purest form of love you will EVER get. Also, do not exploit it either. Sex stuff is at her pace, not yours.
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  • Do you like to click on all images of cars until there are none?

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  • I don’t know who I really am?

    Ever since I can remember I have never felt myself. It feels like I am trying to fit into someone else’s life and act in a way to fit into society. The problem is I don’t even know who I am without all the acting and I don’t know how to become myself. I am scared to see my true self what if I don’t like it or worse what if there isn’t a true self and I am stuck living someone else’s life.
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  • Atheists and Christians my goodfriend call me ugly?

    Best answer: He must have thought you were attractive otherwise he wouldn't have asked you out. He was being vindictive because you rejected him.
    You should have tild him that the reason you rejected him was because HE is ugly and has bad dress sense,
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  • Isn’t it funny how Trump is playing the Democrats for rabid extremist ratbags, and they’re helping him all they can LOL?

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  • Why do people mock me?

    Growing up I was always mocked as a kid. I'm an adult now and I'm still mocked. I have a weird voice. I hold my words. I took speech classes but it still didn't help. I hate talking because I fear being mocked so I try to change my voice or talk faster but that shouldn't be a reason for people to mock me. People are just cruel to me.
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  • Why are black guys so loved by women of all races?

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  • How do I change my negative perspective to a positive one while still being within reality?

    Best answer: Whatever you pay attention to gets magnified.

    Focus on the bad - you will glorify it... magnifying it... and it will grow in your sight.

    Force yourself to focus on the good (this goes against human nature... so you must FORCE yourself to do it).

    Focus on the good - hold every thought captive - and submit your thoughts to God for review (He made your brain... He knows everything you think anyway... so you may as well go to Him with your thoughts to see if they are ok by Him).

    There's a good reason why the crucifixion happened at a place called 'The Skull'.
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  • My girlfriend tried to commit suicide in my car. Is she mentally ill, or just craving attention?

    Please don't take this the wrong way, as I noticed some other strange things that seem like she's making up stories. So I am not insensitive in the least, but just questioning her behavior. I was sleeping in our hotel room while she took my car to drive her little brother to the bus stop for school. The housekeeper knocked on our door and said, "Your wife is in your car, crying." When I went outside and saw her in tears, she said she was about to drive really fast and crash because she wanted to end her life. Naturally, I took her inside and comforted her. While we were on the bed, she just lied there lifelessly with no response (physically and verbally) as I spoke to her. At that moment, I was wondering if she was for real, which I based on the following phone calls in which she spoke calmly: 1. She said she has amnesia, and asked me to tell her something that might jog her memory. So I mentioned her favorite TV show "The Simpsons." She said, "Umm, is that the show with the yellow characters?" 2. She said her father is after her, trying to kill her. But a few years later, I saw them together all fine and dandy. Prior to that phone call, she was twisting and turning in her sleep while saying in fear, "Please, don't kill me!" which turned out to be a nightmare about him. 3. She said in a superstitious frenzy that she's going to get me beads because "they're coming." I should also point out that she's very mean to me, as she acts like a self-entitled brat.
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