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  • Why do some people think their farts don't smell?

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    I HAve always been an introvert since I was very young and now I wonder, after spending some time reading and watching videos online about introverts, is it a GOOD THING to be an introvert? I know, a lot of people make fun of us and say we have no social skills, don't like talking to people, are boring, hermits, blah blah blah but also, they say introverts are intellectual, deep thinkers, amazing listeners, good decision makers, etc. So it has me thinking, should I embrace the fact that I am an introvert? Also, I used to believe introverts were not very common, can you believe that? Lately, I've been seeing them everywhere! And what do you know LOL - especially online. In fact, I think most people I encounter claim to be introverts, too! Is it becoming more of a common thing? And what do you think - what are the strengths of being introverted? Would you consider it a positive personality trait? Also, is it a personality TRAIT or TYPE? I've seen arguments for both - please enlighten me. I would like to know. If you're an introvert too, hello =) Please give me your honest opinions, and if you have any stories about being an introvert, please share. I love reading those. Thanks!
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  • ADVICE: Will watching porn harm me in my pursuit for an intimate romantic relationship?

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  • Why do people think unisex bathrooms are a good idea?

    Best answer: Cheap American restrooms have stalls with huge gaps. The rest of the world doesn't. Americans need to have better bathroom stalls, simply as a matter of principle. Problem solved.
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  • How do you handle people taking your silence for weakness?

    Best answer: I give them the silent treatment.

    P.S. - I don't care if extroverts want to diminish introverts. It's annoying but what can you do? There will always be people who object to anyone who is even slightly different than normal but those are the people who are weak. People talk about respecting individuality but what many people want is conformity. They aren't likely to get it from me and I'm not likely to change them so I just carry on.
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  • Should I use cannabis to become a more relaxed person?

    I want to change my personality... I feel like this is an impossible task. So, maybe I should start using weed? I am hypersensitive, I hear too loud, I care too much about micro behaviour and passive agressiveness, I get a lot of psychosomatic symptoms from stress easily and I am insecure.
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  • Am I self righteous if I think everyone is stupid?

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  • Does anyone know if a down syndrome adult can consciously steal and know its wrong?

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  • Is there something wrong with me if all I do is think about painting?

    I’m in my late 20’s and am going through a rough patch in my life. I’m an introvert and I have a hard making let alone keeping new friends. Plus I just go to work and come straight home everyday. I have tried to take on new hobbies and go out more like going to the gym and taking kickboxing. One day I started watching Bob Ross painting tutorials and I am not sure when it started but something inside of me wanted to start painting too. I went out purchased my first set of painting supplies and began painting. At first, I got a bit discouraged because my paintings were coming out looking horrible. I just really wanted to produce one successful painting before calling it quits. then one day I did and then I produced another and another and another. It got to the point I was making 3 paintings a day ( it varied in quality). Now all I think about is painting. Sometimes I am at work and I keep looking at other people’s art paintings online and looking for photos to get inspiration for my next painting. It’s to the point where I feel painting defines me. It also makes me happy to see that I can create something. My skills are also growing very quickly. Mind you I started painting in March. Yesterday I compared my most recent painting to my current one and I have grown a lot in different areas. Someone else also noticed the same thing that my skills are improving rapidly. Is there something wrong with me? I even woke up at 6am today so I get started on my next painting.
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  • Is there a difference in behavior between Christians who went to public school and fundamentalist Christians who were home schooled?

    Best answer: Heck - there's a difference between every person and EVERY other person on the PLANET! And the difference isn't minor, either.
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  • What if i fall into moon mars etc Will my anxiety thoughts go away?

    Best answer: All your troubles will be over if you fall into either one of them.
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  • I’m 31 and have autism and I want to believe we could live as another person in the next life cause I’m not happy with my current life?

    I hate the way I am being autistic, and not having a girlfriend I’m so lonely I’m getting older everyday and still single and I just want my current life to end soon so I could live a better next life and I reject Jesus and Christianity cause it’s depressing and one Christian told me it’s gods choice if I could every have someone so I reject the Christian god for that
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  • Do people watch the news out of curiosity of evil sides of people and to study other's misfortunes?

    Best answer: Shadenfreude unrecognized.
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  • Am I an introvert because I am shy?

    I secretly crave attention and thrive off of it. I practically live off of my phone notifications and I get excited very easily. I love positive attention. I don't like being alone for prolonged periods of time and get bored very easily. I don't even think there is a limit for how many friends I can have. I love meeting new friends. And when it comes to texting, I am always the one to initiate conversation and carry it along. I have no shyness or fear when it comes to texting. But here's the other side of things: In person, I am very shy and quiet. I always have been. I'vee even been told that I'm extremely shy and one of the quietest people ever. This was a while ago, though I am still very shy and awkward. I get so nervous around people because I only see myself through other people's eyes, meaning I care very very very much about the impression I make and I place an incredible importance on being liked. I feel sad if I am not liked and sometimes, like a child, I can't accept it. I like being invited places and I take every chance. If I'm having fun somewhere, I don't want the clock to keep going cause I don't want it to end. In real life, I CAN start conversations if I absolutely must or if I'm in a really good mood but most of the time I don't cause I'm so shy. Public speaking makes my heart beat so fast. How do I keep contradicting myself like that. Is it true? Would I still be introvert if I wasn't shy?
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  • I like to be sexually humiliated and used. What is wrong with me?

    I m a very respectful and lovinh person in real life, but i like to be sexually humiliated and used (physical and not by being insulted). When sex ends, i dont feel good at myself until i become horny again. What is the psychology behind that? How can I change? Looking for a genuine advice, not sex offers.
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  • Why are there many people who think that all bad people can undergo therapy to become good?

    Including the most unforgivable ones.
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  • What are some things you consider to be unforgivable?

    This can be unforgivable things that can happen to you or someone you care about in a variety of different scenarios. Examples can be things you see on tv, relationship things, friendships, etc. You can say things like, "I can't forgive someone who hits me" or I can't forgive someone who hurts other people and can't see themselves as wrong". These are just examples, so come up with your own. Thanks!
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  • Is it weird that my boyfriend of 1 year still has a profile photo on Facebook of him on vacation with his ex?

    I know that most people say a photo is just a photo but it's not even a particularly good photo of him. It's been his profile photo since 2016. It's a photo of him smiling at a tourist spot on vacation with his ex, the photo was taken by her. He was engaged to her and they lived together and were together for 3 years but they've been broken up for 4 years now and it's still his profile photo. Him and I have a lot of amazing photos together, we've been on dozens of trips in just a year. We've gone to Arizona, Iceland, Colorado and Oregon and I got some awesome shots of him alone and of us together. Why not make his profile photo one that doesn't have to do with his ex??
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  • What mental or psychological condition does my dad suffer from?

    I really need help with this question. I'm a 26 year old guy from Nevada. I'm white and my dad is white if that has anything to do with my question. My dad is 66 and has a diploma from a trade school. Ever since I was a kid, my dad has been extremely disorganized, and unclean bodily. He never takes care of himself bodily, never used deodorant and only showers once a week. He's also very forgetful. When I lived with him before I graduated college, I'd tell him that I'm leaving to class in 15 minutes and when I open the door after the 15 minutes, he'd ask me where I'm going. This is just one of the many examples of his forgetfulness. What mental or psychological conditions does he suffer from?
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