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  • Do you think age is just a number?

    Best answer: No. When you hit 30, you'll be glad your foolishness didn't kill you in your 20s. But then you hit 40 and say uh oh. And then 50, when you become tired and uninterested and have to get glasses and a hat to hide your baldness. And after that....ah geez. OLD!! So. No. It ain't just a #. That would be a statement of denial. And I would suggest learn to accept whatever is and live in the moment. Think not of tomorrow or yesterday, just dance like it's 1999 RIGHT NOW, cuz it's all you got and it will end.
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  • Are humans fundamentally bad?

    Best answer: As a person who has traveled extensively, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of other humans I've met are wonderful. Really nasty people are in the tiniest minority, and are evenly distributed across every nation.
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  • What on Earth will white people do, when they become the minority in the US?

    Best answer: There are plenty of open minded or accepting white Americans that will stick around. The rest will get angry, start conflicts to stay in power, or run to other countries where white is still the dominant color. Without them America will finally be truly free and be a safe haven for people escaping the injustices of their own nation. As it was supposed to be when America was first forming.
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  • Why people shift the blame onto others?

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  • Is race a social construct?

    also is racism a learned behavior? anyone know?
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  • HELP! I'm starting to worry about my bosses behaviour?

    Best answer: Keep investigating him he sounds like a killer in the making.
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  • Self Worth?

    How would you objectively explain why selling sex is morally wrong compared to another kind of job?
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  • Why would someone go on a vacation with their boyfriend and post only photos of themself and landscapes?

    My brother in law is 41 and he's dating a 21 year old. He took her to Costa Rica for a vacation. They have been together for 5 months and hooking up for 3 and they're in a committed relationship. she posted dozens and dozens of photos of herself in bikinis, dresses, photos of the beach, photos of her dinner plate and drinks etc but not a single photo of him or any photos of them together. He wasnt tagged in any of the photos, there's not mention of him what so ever, he didnt even like any of the nearly 30 pics she posted on facebook Does that seem strange? they're on vacation as a couple. He has never been married, he has no kids and they're in a relationship so why only post photos of herself. On top of that lots of her younger buddies almost exclusively boys age 17-21 comment and say shes hot and like the photos and her boyfriend doesnt chime in it all. I get they impression that they dont know he exists
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  • Is it normal to feel really bad on your birthday?

    My birthday is tomorrow, and I will be turning 13. But, I feel really sad and I keep thinking sad things. Is that common for kids my age?
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  • Why is India still so poor?

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  • Why is revenge wrong?

    Best answer: It's counterproductive. It prolongs the conflict. It often results in opinions changing in favor of the original aggressor. It's immature and lowers you to "their level".

    It sure feels good, doesn't it?
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  • How can you tell the difference between a racist skinhead to a non-racist skinhead?

    Best answer: i found years ago anyways..the racist ones proudly shown their nazi cross,s white pride patches..the non racist ones had patches of their favorite bands and odd charms...
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  • Being nice is flaw?

    Best answer: Welcome to the real world. People are not all saints. The best way to find friends is to have common interests. Politics, sports, hobbies, etc. are the place to exercise "being nice". You have be discriminate in your application of yourself.
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  • Do you care about people think about you these days?

    Best answer: No I don't care at all. What is more important to me is what I think about myself.
    But this modern world is a bit of a puzzle, because on the one hand we should care more about what we think about ourselves, and on the other hand a bad appearance creates a bad impression.
    They say that you can't judge a book by it's cover, but so many people do.
    Here is my advice to everyone: Think about who you are, what you like, what you don't like, and be sure of your intentions. If your intentions are honest and true, then they will protect you like a rock from anyone who cares to criticise you or put you down.
    Learn who you are from as young an age as possible, experiment with styles until you find something you feel is more you.
    Then lead a life based on your inner self, your inner thoughts and intentions. Aim to do good to others, and always be willing to help where you can.
    The more you apply yourself to your life, the more you learn about yourself and the stronger you become. Good luck with your lives everyone.
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  • Why does the younger British generation not give sh*! about English tradition or history and want a flood of immigration?

    Best answer: Because they re mostly immigrants themselves
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  • Which answer best explains sociology?

    Best answer: B is more Anthropology, which is similar in some respects but not the same as Sociology. Sociology is defined as "the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society," so probably C is the best answer assuming they don't mean physical structures in that choice.
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  • Do you ever start hating a race of people for the hurtful things they say to you?

    If not how do you get over it.
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  • Are people who find happiness in little things in life the happiest?

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