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  • Have you heard of MGTOW?

    Best answer: That's the first I've heard of it. I hope it will be the last. When I hear about things like that I can't help but wonder how anyone has the time for it. Life is busy and yet there are people who seem to be able to waste all their time on propaganda and conspiracy theories that serve absolutely no purpose.
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  • Are there any countries where women haven't spoiled yet?

    Best answer: Whatever you said about women of our time is 100% correct. I know you are an alpha male and played a lot of dating game. All those girlfriends you’ve been with were nothing but useless women. Women simply don't deserve more than a one night stand. Yes, I will say this to all men. When you pick up chics don't stay with them longer than one night. Just fu*ck and dump them. Run away from these bitche*s. Pick bi*ch fuc*k and fu*ck off repeat. Women are only good for a sex nothing more. No women in the world deserve a man’s true attention, love and affection. There isn’t any girlfriend or wife material anymore let alone good looking women with good body and figure. All of them are fat whales and shapeless anyway.
    Leave the physical part and talk about their moral values. They have no human values like men. They have no emotions or feelings like we men do. Women are selfish and lacks empathy and compassion for other human beings. They will s*ck any co*ck if they are as evil as them and entertain their arrogant behaviour. Well it’s not a cup of tea for every man including me (though I do pretend like an @sshole sometimes to seduce them). Men are strong, smart, intelligent and above all we are human beings. We have a good heart. Men are not worthless sex machines like women. I do f*ck a lot of women but I never gave my heart away to any of these sl*ts. I don’t expect to find that perfect woman either. Treat women like prostitutes and nothing special.
    I know my answer is going to make all the women here (and white knights) so angry so I expect them to start some shaming attack against me which means my answer trigger them, I will be happy to see that. Truths are always uncomfortable for those who try to hide it from everyone. Best of luck my friend. May god bless you.
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  • "200.000 women are marching to show that women s rights are human rights" becasue Trump got elected xD. Why are women so pathetic xD?

    On top of the fact that women have more rights in West, and coutnless laws and programs that cater strictly to women, they "march for women s rights" becasue Trump got elected? What a pathetic gender, even plants got moer balls than Western women
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  • Is rape bad cause it's free sex?

    According to "Sexual economics theory" sex is a female resource which she gives to the man in return for commitment, dates, and resources. She always expects to get something for it. In rape she gets nothing for sex, the man gets it for free. That's why she feels bad. Do you agree?
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  • What is the origin of lust?

    Best answer: Attachment or excitement for sensory objects (including ideas, as ideas are the sense objects of the Mind).


    A misunderstanding of Love.

    Lust is one of the three poisons of the Mind in Buddhism, the others being ignorance and hatred.
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  • Why do most women have the personality of a rattlesnake?

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  • Is MGTOW survival of the fittest?

    The men of MGTOW (men going their own way) are swearing off relationships with women as well as having children. Many of these men believe that women are 'flawed by nature', 'evil' and not worth their time, as it's their belief that women (yes, women in general) are plotting the destruction of men's lives. But studies revealed that sexist men are more likely to behave in a timid, beta typical manner around women, whereas alpha males are much more comfortable and confident with women. It's my thought that perhaps MGTOW is keeping weaker, beta genes from reproducing. Women everywhere should celebrate that these sexist, hateful, hypocritical, beta males are off the market! .....
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  • Men be honest, would you like to go back to the old days where you oppressed us women?

    For so much of human history you men treated us like sex slaves, you'd buy us to marry us, you'd rape us and it was ok because it wasn't considered rape if you're married, if you raped us no man would want us and we'd have to marry you etc.The scariest part is that there was no birth control back then and we would die during childbirth all the time. This was so much of society for so long it seems natural that men would want this. Do you secretly long for the days where you could get away with doing whatever you want to us?
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  • Is it sexist to not trust men when walking alone at night? (female)?

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  • Why should the state decide which gender someone can marry?

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  • Wouldn't it be better if all women were easier to have sex with?

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  • So what should the lessons be to little American girls about Trump's win?

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  • Do any men find breast implants sexy?

    I think if a woman ain't got 'em naturally, she just ain't a woman. Nothing in the world can change that.
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  • Why do men post silly questions in Gender Studies?

    Why are so many questions in this section so silly?
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  • How is the first lady a model for young American girls - should we be telling them all to take off their clothes and pose nude?

    and marry rich old lechers and plagiarize their speeches? Does America only see women as +i+s and ***? Is that the new America - demeaning women as objects whose only value is to **** off to?
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  • Why do we women have it so much harder than men?

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  • Is revenge a female thing ?

    Best answer: Hardly.
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  • Why men so scared for Feminists ?

    A lot guys tried to date me and when I say I'm feminist all of them run away. I'm not lesbian so I like men. But I STRONGLY believe women needs equal rights and independence as well as men. So is it wrong? Why men so scared for feminists ?
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  • Is it fair that men are called studs or players for having many sexual partners yet women are called sluts for doing the same? Why?

    Best answer: Once a man figures out that a woman has had very many sexual partners, he will lose interest in her as a long term prospect. Unless he settles for second best. It's unfair to women from a certain standpoint but the experienced men usually get with the girl that has less sexual partners because she will have a better mind and health. He will have better chance of being with her because he hasmore experience with women. So it is unfair also to the man with little experience.
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  • Why do straight men always ruin everthing by trying so hard to prove their heterosexuality?

    It's like yeah, we get it. You don't like pretty colors, or flowers, you don't like dressing nice, you probably don't even like shaving and showering. You like pussy and beer. You're probably a rapist you like pussy so much. Good for you. Why can't more men be like Prince and David Bowie?
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