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  • Which gender is better at cooking?

    28 answers
  • What can I do to feel comfortable around women?

    So the situation is that I'm a 33-year-old accountant that is not particularly comfortable communicating with women casually. Professionally, I am, but socially/casually, I'm not. I understand it's very late in my life to attend to this issue but better late than never.I want to do something about it and I understand that it will take time. So I thought that working at a clothing store, in the weekends, where I face women consistently, where I can small talk, would be the best place to start However, I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad idea because the extent of an interaction at a clothing store might never get past a small talk. But, maybe, initially to get rid of my nerves, this might be a good thing. I wanted to gather your opinions and see what you guys think. I thought about working at a casual fine dining restaurant, but I'm not good-looking by society's standards and I'm not big either. So that's out of the picture. Is working at a clothing store a good start to remove some nerves ?
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  • False rape accusation ?

    Does the accuser suffers if it is proven the its not true ? Is the law sexist against male ?
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  • Why is it ok for men to rape and murder women, but being a feminist is wrong? ?

    White man : rapes, sexually harasses, and treats women like animals = totally acceptable  Women : want basic human rights = crazy men hating psychos  
    18 answers
  • Why do feminists try to instill a victim mentality in women?

    How is this helpful?
    11 answers
  • Are girls taxed at higher tax rate for the exact same product than boys are taxed?

    A feminist in a recent answer stated this calling it a pink tax
    15 answers
  • Why do females cry when you tell them that you are not interested in dating them?

    Favorite answer: I don't know about crying  but what i have experienced they get nasty when you turn down there advances .
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  • Who do you think is more sexually arousing:a nude woman or a woman in bikini?

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  • Is this the best punishment for creepy men?

    Favorite answer: "Is this the best punishment for creepy men?"

    There need be no punishment for creepy men.  Your feelings do NOT translate into law ... thank God for that.

    If feelings became the measure of law, then perhaps you would get your way.  "Creepiness" would become illegal and men could no longer stare at you.
    ---BUT THEN ---
    the multitude of people that are offended by what women wear would also get their way, and women would be controlled as to how they could dress under the same penalty of being beaten with lashes and canes in public.

    Are you happy now??

    We either all have freedom, and have to learn to get along with this freedom ... or we let our feelings get the better of us and one by one give away our power to the state to restrict each others freedoms by allowing the state become the totalitarian dictator over all of us.  There is NO middle ground here.  And once freedoms are gone, it's another fight to the death to get them back.  You don't just unfry this egg.
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  • If men suddenly got pregnant, would abortion be more accepted?

    I feel like a lot of men who are against women having abortion, don't know how it feels like to be pregnant.
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  • Why aren't girls ladylike anymore?

    I come from a very traditional family, it's how i was raised. The girls in my family were always very feminine and ladylike, wore dresses, sat with their legs crossed, didn't have children until they were married. Nowadays it seems like girls aren't very feminine or ladylike, nowadays a big number of them walk around in what would be considered men's clothing, i see a lot of them sit with their legs open, never wear dresses or skirts, listen to crazy rock music or rap music, and are all around just not feminine at all. Why is this? why are so many girls not ladylike anymore? it's getting harder and harder to find a real woman.
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  • Women are worthless?

    You stupid hoes are only good for f*cking and nothing else....you are our living blow up sex dolls that we love to use like toilets....why should women be respected??Toilets don’t get respected either after leaving a dump and c*m....you hoes will always be below us and no feminist whore can change that no matter how hard you try.....you will be always inferior.....I’m a superior creature aka a man and you whores can suck my d!ck.
    6 answers
  • Why is a man not expected to take responsibility for his child?

    SINGLE MOTHERS ARE ALWAYS BLAMED. But not the deadbeat dad who won't take responsibility. The misogynists and MGTOWs who hate single mothers never mention deadbeat dads. Do they think it's NOT shameful for a man to impregnate a woman and then run away from being a parent?
    7 answers
  • If men are so superior as they like to claim then why do they live shorter and have more chance of getting cancer and heart attacks ?

    Doesn’t sound superior at all to me.
    11 answers
  • Why do women think men are defective females?

    Women claim they're superior when they tout the "double x chromosome" while guys have a Y chromosome that is pretty inferior to the X chromosome.
    10 answers
  • Are women sexually entitled to have sex with men without any responsibility...?

    Favorite answer: That's the claim by pro-choicers. Predictably most of these pro-choicers support government imposed child support. 
    8 answers
  • Why does the USA discriminate against men in so many ways?

    I studied in the USA and was surprise how discriminated against are men and how men just accept this. Why is this?
    7 answers
  • Why can men get sterilized but women can’t? ?

    Favorite answer: Tell them you're trans. They have no qualms are sterilizing and neutering fricking _children_ if they say the magic T word. They're giving hysterectomies and double mastectomies to completely healthy teenage girls. Under the age of 18.
    20 answers
  • Is gender dysphoria caused by child abuse/ neglect?

    Favorite answer: Sexual abuse and trauma can cause gender dysphoria. It does not cause all GD. These are the cases that end up detransing five years later with their bodies and lives ruined because some dumbf#ck "gender therapist" "affirmed" them instead of treating their root issue. GD also happens in same-sex attracted kids who don't want to grow up to be gay. They'd rather mutilate themselves and live as the other sex. It can also be caused by autogynephelia. GD isn't one thing.
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  • Do women lose respect for a man if he pleasures her sexually...?

    Favorite answer: I bet.. women tend to be unthankful and respond positively to negativity and mistreatment more then kindness as kindness is a symbol of submission and weakness. Women are attracted to power. 
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