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  • Which gender is more sexist?

    Best answer: It used to be males, obviously, but the times they are a changing.
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  • Why do all women once they start to get older, switch to that old woman perfume?

    You know, white diamond, chanel number 5, its like an unwritten rule for them once they hit 40-50 to switch to old woman smelling perfumes, you rarely see older women wearing the fruity scented stuff young girls wear. My theory is older people have more body odor, and have to swear strong smelling perfumes to cover it up.
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  • Is there evidence that women are as good as men at anything..?

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  • Do you support prohibiting women from military service?

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  • Why are people who point out injustices against men considered to be vindictive toward feminists instead of consistent against injustice?

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  • Why is it wrong for the nice girls to be sexual?

    Best answer: We are in the middle one the largest sexual revolutions. It started with Janet Jackson popping her breast on live television in the 90's during a superbowl game and it's been a thing ever since. Girls who don't talk about or explore sex are considered "sexually oppressed" or even "sexually muted"; so a girl with dignity, pride, and self respect was supposed to be turned into a complete thotty by now. If you aren't a person openly talking about how you spell coconut on his wang then you clearly are a "prude". Yes, having some level of privacy or secrecy about your sex life is discouraged in the new world order of feminism and "woman empowerment". This is just how the social world works now if you choose to be social with people. Yes, people can be asocial, but most people just assume they are prudes; only the extroverted people who want to get noticed are expected to be thotty.

    Honestly, it's bar culture taking over as the dominant culture and we can thank the working class for that since they make up the majority now.
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  • What's your opinion on Diane Abbott having fears she will be raped by a far right extremist?

    I can't see it happening unless it's a far right extremist who's blind with no sense of smell, no man could be that desperate. google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6788195/amp/Diane-Abbott-fears-raped-murdered-extremists-online-trolls.html" rel="nofollow">https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyma...
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  • When a woman describes herself as "average looking" in her dating profile, is that code for "FAT?"?

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  • Anyone surprised at how often women get violent?

    I see women get violent less often than men, but they still get violent fairly often and people don t seem to see it. For example, at least 1 in 7 men experience abuse from their female partner. Isn t this shocking?
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  • Men try to PERSUADE us to have sex with them ——— Why ?

    Best answer: If I asked 1,000 women to have sex with me, and one out of a hundred said yes, that's ten more women I would get to have sex with than if I hadn't asked at all.

    Some men don't mind rejection if there is a chance of acceptance!
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  • Is it ok for a man to not be attracted to women?

    Best answer: Sure, some people are gay or asexual. They don't choose to be
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  • What are boy scouts?

    And why does there have to be boy scouts and girls scouts instead of just scouts? Is it like sports teams or something? If not, I don't think they should be divided.
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  • Do you think I have enough reason to get an abortion because I'm not financially stable and the father mistreats me?

    I'm not financially stable at all. A baby right now would be very overwhelming and I think I'd have a meltdown, adoption isnt an option. The guy I'm pregnant by is a very horrible person and would make my life hell more than he already have if I had a baby with him. He's controlling, very disrespectful, a narcissist and physically and verbally abusive. If I was pregnant by a decent guy I'd have the baby even though I'm not financially stable. He's really awful and I wish I was pregnant by my ex instead who was actually a decent man.
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  • Why do women expect MAN to pay on 1st date?

    Best answer: Career women are just weird. Women expect men to pay for the meal because it shows a willingness to provide and makes the woman feel cared for.

    Btw, most women that are breadwinners are single mothers.

    Also, sixty years ago many women had part time jobs.

    Fun fact though, even most feminist women prefer men that pay for the first date and are chivalrous. Why do you think that is? Why do you think the women that claim to be against all that stuff still prefer it more times than not? These women even call that kind of behavior benevolent sexism and yet in studies they still prefer the guys that do it.

    Feminists tried their best to get men to prefer career women and yet they failed to do it. Feminists tried their best to get women to hate chivalry and yet they failed to do it. The only thing they really managed to do was force women in the workplace by lowering the wages of men.
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  • It is He ?

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  • Why men are afraid to mentor women at work. I am a 23 years old female?

    It seems they are afraid of being alone with me and act weird. I am losing opportunists because of this. Are they sexist.
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  • I always find myself doing a "ring check" on random women I see. Is this weird or just a normal response to male desires?

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  • Do most women expect men to take care of them financially?

    I notice that most women don't know anything about personal finance or investing, and have literally no interest in learning about it. They choose soft majors in college that lead to low paying careers, they don't understand how student loans work, and have no interest in educating themselves about it. So I come to assume either a) they expect their parents to take care of them financially, or b) they expect a future spouse to take care of them financially. If many women have no interest in making money, no interest in investing, no interest in even learning about personal finance, and no career goals to support themselves and afford to pay rent and live alone and pay their ALL of their own bills with no debt, it's a pretty logical conclusion to make
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  • Why don't men have reproductive rights?

    Best answer: Men have reproductive responsibilities, women have reproductive rights.
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  • Question to feminists, would you consider being a "gentleman" to be sexist?

    For example lets say a man holds the door open for a woman because he believes he is being a "gentleman" or gives up his seat to a woman because he feels obligated to let a woman sit if there is no available seats left for her. Would you say this is correlated to sexism , isn;t this a belief that men are superior and therefor they must help out the inferior gender?
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