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  • Why do most people have period sex period sex is gross and degrading?

    What type of person would want blood on their penis? If I got somebody elses blood on my penis I'll be extremely mad and grossed out and I'll probably want to throw up.
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  • If men insist that "gender equality" should be the ultimate goal of feminism, why didn't they seek gender equality without being pressured?

    Best answer: All I can say is the vast majority of people are disgusting human beings, I've come to notice that the more social someone is the more true one of the following are: either he/she is 1) shallow,superfluous,easygoing(as: having no true personality prefering to agree with whatever their group thinks is right) or 2) they're peabrained Idiots, with very simple and stereotypical tastes and little knowlegde about things that don't concern their immediate lives (like: why is titan so earth-like, or how fast a rocket can fly etc...) , either way men as a whole never thought about that for the same reason most women didn't: it wasn't affecting their lives in a horrible way, so they're rather let it continue than take the time and effort to change their thinking ("it's a man world" "men have to lead") it also helped that most women to this day aren't nearly as interested in things like math, physics etc... as any serious research will point out e.g: in Finland a place with great gender equality way less women gradute in physics than in Iran,the differences between men and women also continues in the fact that most women still expect some kind of chivalry, and expect men to ask them out and taking them for dinner, and like to be "sweeped of their feet" and dominated in bed (the huge sucess of movies like:Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey corroborate this) the few women who aren't like this are usually shunned and shamed (although today with the whole "women empowerment" and "girl power" is becoming worse for men) by society the same way men who don't follow their roles are, they tend to be more withdraw and "masculine" as well, so there you have it given that the majority wins (democracy is mob rule and given that most people are kind of idiots it is a idiocracy too) the majority fit their societal roles well enough and needed outside help to begin questioning and changing...
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  • In most animal species the mother takes care of the babies. Do you think (human) women are naturally more nurturing or society's teaching?

    Best answer: I think women on the whole are more nurturing than men. I don't think I've ever seen a man squeal over a baby and want to hold it and play with it. There are women who are not the least bit nurturing though. And it's not just humans. I once had a cat that gave birth and didn't have much interest in her kittens.
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  • Why do women manipulate men nowadays?

    Best answer: Women have been manipulating men since the dawn of man, this isn't anything new and isn't going away anytime soon. A man's best defense is to learn how to stand up to her and not feel bad about it. And in terms of a relationship, be prepared to see her go.
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  • How can (asocial) men be attracted to women?

    Best answer: Asocial people in general don't tend to be attracted to anyone because in most cases they're rather be alone.
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  • Which gender murders more children?

    And abortion definitely counts.
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  • For some reason I hate feminists? I love the equal gender rights movement? But I think some women want to be better than men?

    Especially the lesbians I HATE THE QUOTE: "WOMEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT" idk y that doesnt make any sense some feminists think they're so special that they think guys are stalkers just bc they wanna flirt w/ her especially the feminists and lesbians in my school some women hate it when a guy flirts with her but she's the one always putting makeup on and making sure her booty's poking out also I hate it when they get picky about men I love the equal rights thing but they go too far when people over award them just so they can get off the media's back we have too many women's events that men are starting to lose their real balls yet they're the ones bitching on snapchat about they wanna bae
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  • How can I make myself not attracted to beautiful women?

    I'm not saying that I want to stop liking women, but I'm just saying that I'd like to be more attracted to regular, less attractive women. I have an obsession with beautiful dark skinned Latinas. I've noticed that most beautiful women from all races, are liars, scandalous, cheaters, vindictive, conspiring, and narcissistic; yet despite all of that I still find them attractive. I know that NO good whatsoever can come from being with a beautiful women, for me anyway, so I was wondering if there is a way to see only inner beauty as appealing, and stop focusing on outer appearance. Thanks for your comments.
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  • Why doe s society put way more pressure on Men than it does on women?

    Men are expected to provide, protect and pretty much sacrifice themselves for the family
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  • Why do people say that you can only be a victim of rape ONCE? & after that, you put yourself in the position & allowed it?

    Best answer: Because they are ignorant and unempathetic.
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  • Guys is it bad if a girl orgasm too fast (cos she fancies u too much)?

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  • Why are women such cowards?

    Strong and independent ones don’t exist. I’ve been friends with, dated with, beefed with and observed loads of women and can safely say they’re such cowards and strong independent ones don’t exist You ain’t even tough physically majority of you think it’s acceptable to hit a man for verbally provoking you BUT will only EVER hit a man when you’re alone with him if you can confirm he’s the type who won’t hit you back OR only when you’re in public so you got people to rush n defend you because you know if you get hit back you’re gonna be seeing stars and crying If ever you’re arguing with a guy you can never ever keep it between you and him like an adult you always gotta get others involved in the convo (if online showing friends screenshots) or making it a public display (if online posting it on your story) When you get your sexual advances rejected you either get offended and hastily block the guy or desperately pretend you were never interested. “I was just testing you haha” “I wouldn’t want you anyway ugly asf” “my friend took my phone” Grow up all of you
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  • Why is the feminist SCUM manifesto so widely read?

    What about it is so appealing to feminists?
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  • If I, an unattractive man, says "hello" to a woman who doesn't find me attractive, is this now sexual harassment?

    Best answer: It is if you do it in a sexual way, consciously or not.
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  • Do SJWs tend to promote equal opportunity or do they tend to promote discrimination?

    Please give examples to support your answer. Thanks.
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  • Why do college aged women want to work so badly and be a career oriented woman and then once they work for a few years they don’t want to?

    Best answer: Because many of those women you think "want" to be stay at home moms are actually pressured to from outside influences, such as inflexible jobs or financial pressures. Some mothers do genuinely want to stay home with their kids, and that's fine, but if you actually *talk* to mothers about why they chose to stay home, you'll notice many of them saying things like, "Daycare would have taken my entire paycheck, so it made more sense for me to stay home." In other words, mothers (and sometimes fathers) feel forced to give up working because the cost of childcare is just too great a burden, which makes it not much of a "choice" at all. In most industrialized countries young families are much better supported by guaranteed paid maternity/paternity leave and subsidized childcare, and female employee retention rate is higher as a result than in the US.
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  • Why does my boyfriend kisses my chest all the time?

    Best answer: It's obvious that he wants to have sex with you. Kissing chest is a way of saying "I wanna touch your boobs...".
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