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  • Do men avoud good looking girls?

    Cause ive been told im prettt and guys stare at me...but i pretty much am dying for a man and no one comes after me! Are they just avoiding pretty girls?
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  • Alpha males and women are good match because both have very low IQ right?

    Beta males are not considered sexy by women because we have very high IQ something they can't get use to.
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  • Has feminism destroyed happiness in society and made it backwards?

    Best answer: Polls show that women have become unhappy since feminism.
    Feminism has clearly ruined many men's lives and male suicides are a huge problem so yes feminism has created a great deal of unhappiness for men. Although they seem to be fairly happy once they move away from women so it's not universal.
    For children, feminism on the whole been a disaster with half a generation at risk of all sorts of negative outcomes.

    I would still say "destroyed" is a bit strong. It's only really "destroyed" happiness for women. Not entirely for men and children.

    Yes feminism has made society backwards. It is anti-intellectual and it is a most pernicious ideology. We had been doing so well in all sorts of egalitarian issues until the rise of feminism.
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  • Why is the gender studies section just filled with angry losers expressing how much they hate the opposite gender?

    I didn't know they gave Internet access to the patients in mental asylums.. But here we are. All in the gender studies section.
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  • Do Like beTTER math or English's?,,,?

    Best answer: english
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  • Gender Studies: Why is this?

    I have noticed when male and female babies get born they are both equal in size and strenght, you see no difference between a male and female (except genitalia) same goes on with boy and girl toddlers and prepubercent children but then when puberty starts there begins the difference with height, strenght and voice, the boys get taller, stronger and their voice changes but girls stay shorter and weaker most of the time, then you have adult men and women, you can clearly see the difference but then as they age they begin to be similair again like before puberty, elderly men become weak again, smaller in size and are equal as elderly women, their voices are high pitched again and now men and women are again equally the same as before puberty and when they were babies. Why is this? Nature surely is a strange thing.
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  • Why should I stand for paying higher vehicle insurance premiums than women?

    I've been the legal owner and operator of a passenger vehicle for 10 years now, never once had a single citation or accident on my record, and I STILL pay a higher premium than a woman with a record of citations and accidents. Why should I have to stand for this? Why do men let this stand? This kind of discriminatory practice should be criminal. If women faced this discrimination, it would have been abolished by now.
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  • Why does sexism still exist in academia?

    Best answer: Sexism is alive and well in academia thanks in large part to the strong influence of SJWs.

    Most colleges have kangaroo courts that punish accused males without due process. Most colleges have very anti-male innocent bystander and rape prevention training. Colleges often use affirmative action in their hiring practices, with many actively preferring female candidates in STEM areas especially. Colleges typically enforce Title IX in a very one-sided sexist fashion. For example, they will come down on an athletic department that has slightly more males than females in athletics, but of course not do the same for aerobics, palates, etc. that have vastly more females. We see the same with courses. Colleges make a big deal out of more men going into STEMS but not about more women going into women's studies, nursing, etc. We of course see safe space for women, but not men. There are more scholarships for women than men.

    Of course, the sexism starts long before college. In the U.S., we passed legislation encouraging K-12 to focus on girls in education over boys and it's worked. Since it's passage, boys have continually done worse and worse with fewer going onto college compared to girls. The AAUW (feminist education lobby), actively pushed one-sided sexist practices in all levels of eduction including "no boys allowed" educational advancement opportunities for girls that is denied boys. Women's' studies courses are not an unbiased view of gender issue, they are typically noting more than feminist agenda pushed onto pliable minds.

    Education is incredibly sexist.

    The reason why is because of feminism and SJW influence on education. The biased Title IX sexual assault practices for example are a direct result of feminists pushing the Department of Education and Obama administration. The laws I mentioned were proposed by the feminist group the AAUW. It was the National Organization of Women with support from a foundation that pushed for the establishment of biased feminist studies courses.
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  • If there's a fat-acceptance movement for women, should there be a short-acceptance movement for men?

    Best answer: I believe that as men whatever the world throws at you, you deal with head on.
    In my opinion it you are fat you made that choice and as a person you deal with the consequences of it. If women want to make some big movement for obesity for feminism then I say let them.
    If any man didn't like the way they are being treated based off their weight then they can go get on a treadmill and loose some.
    But no one should be pushing for fat acceptance in our world idc who you are. I ain't the a skinny person but I keep my weight under control because that is what people need to do something called self discipline and self control. If you don't like that I don't think fat acceptance is good then maybe you should take a look at our fat society we need to loose the weight any way possible
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  • As a male cashier I tend to be friendlier and more attentive to attractive female customers. Is this a bad thing or is it normal?

    Best answer: I'm feeling like both answers is right. Don't learn to kiss up to women just 'cuz you're attracted to them. Don't make biases. Not saying to not go after them, but attend to your customers the same.
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  • Is female circumcision a big deal if you do it in a hospital?

    Best answer: Since male isn't. Nope.
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  • So who's more of a hero to feminists?

    Best answer: "So who's more of a hero to feminists? "

    I can't tell you because I am not a feminist. But what is crazy is that ANY feminist hero of any kind is always going to be someone that has maligned either men or masculinity. Worded differently, I don' t know of a single noteable feminist anywhere that thinks nicely of men. Yet I can name half a dozen man-hating prominent feminists on the spot!

    The reaction one gets when bringing up the hateful feminists that hold positions of power within the feminist movement, seems to back up the idea that even most self-proclaimed feminists go along with whatever ANY feminist proclaims .... including hateful misandry.

    Feminism has no Jesus figure, or Gandhi or Martin Luther King type figure either. Every single prominent feminist I have ever known has been unsympathetic towards men, to say the least. How can anybody go along with a movement that is this divisive at it's core?
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  • What is the best gender?

    Best answer: Neither. Both are magnificent and has a function.
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  • Is female pleasure wrong?

    I got called a hor in one post that i posted that said I had sex with my boyfriend. He basically monitors my page and report as many posts he can. Thats sad that he cant get over it. You cant stop all women from having sex
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  • Why do always girls get more bullied in school than guys?

    Its always girls that get treated as shiit throughout elementary school, middle school and high school, by both guys and girls while guys just get bullied by guys, rarely by girls. Why do girls go thru hell and get so much more hate than guys??
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  • What do women dig more?

    Best answer: There are a lot of women that are sexually attracted to the younger musical type. But there is also the smarter kind of woman that for the sake of financial gain takes it upon herself to make an old man comfortable in his final years and the man knows that the woman doesn't particularly like old men and wants the money. but it's an equitable agreement that they both come to you keep me happy till I'm dead and I'll leave you a pile of money.
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  • Why do men promote terrorism? Why does it suck to live with those people?

    New Zealand's prime minister Arden (a woman) does the opposite: During her Tuesday address, Ardern vowed never to use the alleged shooter s name: "He is a terrorist, he is a criminal, he is an extremist, but he will, when I speak, be nameless, and to others I implore you: Speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them. He may have sought notoriety but we in New Zealand will give him nothing -- not even his name." Yeah I'm doing it my way. My way my way my way. That's the only way I do it. There I did it. Now it s done.
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  • NASA says first human on Mars likely to be a woman?

    Best answer: Gender should never matter.
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  • What should I pack in my hospital bag for when I give birth?

    Best answer: Clothes to wear home (stretchy pants and baggy shirt just in case)
    Undies, loose bra, socks and shoes
    Toiletries, brush, make up if desired
    A small notebook to take notes
    Outfit for the baby, blankets, CAR SEAT
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