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  • Why are American women more bold and confident than Russian women?

    Best answer: because russian men are more macho, they suppress their women. gender roles are more traditional and backwards in eastern europe
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  • Is back sleeping more manly than side and stomach sleeping?

    Best answer: Sleeping by itself makes you manly because you'll be making yourself vulnerable and if you're comfortable exposing your vulnerabilities then it shows how tough you are.
    So based on knowing that, I'd say that the most manly way to sleep is to be tied to the bed naked during it, so get a buddy and have him tie you up, that'll show people how manly you are.
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  • Why does Russia has such a backward society?

    Russia still suffers from social backwardness like gender discrimination, homophobia, domestic violence and Alcoholism. They are worst in gender equality. Even Saudi Arabia is better than Russia in gender equality. Women are completely worthless creatures in Russia. Men beat their wives. Suprisingly, how do Russian women tolerate such idiots. Also, they hate immigrants.
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  • Are lesbians the only truly happy women?

    Best answer: At least I don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.
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  • Women and illiteracy: does society work better if women remains uneducated?

    This question may sounds odd, but researches from major universities worldwide (like a recent research from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, based on a sample of about 5600 women) shows that a woman that reads difficult books tend to develop anxiety and depression, tend to be less devoted to her husband and family and less inclined to fulfill her natural duties like childbirth and cleaning. The research indicate that women who don't have an high school degree and an independent income are less subject to divorce and infidelity, and live a happier life. The same research conclude that some difficult book genres, like philosophy, could have a serious negative impact on the emotional balance of a female while others (detective fiction, gardening books, fantasy novels) could bring some sort of short-term benefit. I'll post you the link later. I think it's a very interesting topic, it's a different perspective, and perhaps should be taken into consideration.
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  • What is do bad about feminism? Why do men hate feminism?

    Best answer: "What is do bad about feminism? Why do men hate feminism?"

    Too many prominent feminists are seen and heard hating on men as sanctioned by the feminist movement to no challenge to that misandry as "feminism". We cannot get to the root of this question without acknowledging that there exists many man-hating feminists that hold positions of power right in the feminist movement. Any discussion that will not admit this completely obvious elephant in the room, is doomed from the get-go.

    All of my criticism for feminism is directed towards the mainstream feminist movement and it's PROMINENT leadership feminists there. I am almost never talking about individual people who self-idenitify as feminists because basically, most of them appear to be either not "true feminists" or they are true feminists that simply pretend they don't follow the current movement with it's radical social change movement for the optics.

    Let's understand some very pertinent things about "feminism". The ORIGINAL feminism from last century was all about equal Rights for women, and that feminism is over. Finished! All adult women today in the first world are fully emancipated, legally autonomous individuals with all the same legal Rights and Opportunities as men. So that feminism is not what we see today.

    But almost EVERY FEMINIST of any stripe seems to use this original definition of feminism to describe themselves, or their idea of feminism.

    However, what we see today promoted as feminism, by the PROMINENT feminists that hold positions of power in the mainstream feminist movement, bears little to no resemblance to that definition. In fact, what we increasingly see as "feminism" is feminists in prominent positions of power, speaking disparagingly towards men and masculinity. There is a lot of public man-hating going on by the most prominent feminists that hold power within the mainstream feminist movement. And few if any other feminists dare challenge that or call it out. What are we supposed to think feminism is then??

    I will also state this. I cannot even name ONE single prominent feminists that has spoken nicely of men. Not one. Yet I can name half a dozen prominent man-hating feminists on the spot. How crazy is that?
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  • Do you personally believe that women simply want equality or to control the world completely?

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  • Is okay to slap a person in a wheelchair if they are insulting you?

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  • Is feminism a disease or a mental illness?

    Best answer: It is indoctrination into ways of thinking which border on the insane.
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  • Why do these emotionally unstable mentally ill Feminists who fear men project all their feelings of men onto all women?

    As if all women feel the same. There is this old woman who lives a couple houses down from men and she accuses every man of being a stalker. I work with a guy who lives right next her and he gets a lot of the accusations of being a stalker just because he so happens to live next her. The police no longer take her seriously. Now I've also heard that she accuses every woman of having plans to hurt her but she is the only woman in my 24 year life that seems to be scared of men. No other women seems to be this mentally ill of fear men. Every other woman I've met seems to live happily amoung men. I have a female boss and most of my co workers at this point are men and she's doesn't seem to feel uncomfortable. Seems to have a laugh with us and feels comfortable. I've also asked countless of polls on here, girlsaskboys, Reddit r/askwomen and quota asking women of they live in fear of men when they walk down the street and the overwhelming answer I got all the time was no.. they're not scared and they don't live I fear. So why do Feminists who are scared of men because they are emotionally unstable and mentally ill think they speak for all women. As if all women feel the same. I'm told by Feminists that every women i see in public is somehow fearful of me and other men but I don't see it. Only online do I see this crazy crap spewed
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  • What would a female supremacist society look like?

    Best answer: Kinda like this.
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  • Rape is now an epidemic in every civilized country?

    Best answer: like Muslims in Rotherham
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  • How would the marriage be, if a feminist girl marries a MRA guy?

    Best answer: There will be some fireworks for sure. It would depend on each ones respect for the others opinion.
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  • How do we prevent men from breeding with women to prevent abortions?

    Best answer: It's just another bullsh!t control tactic when they complain about abortion. Men do not have to control where they shoot but so want to be involved with what a woman decides to do with her genitals.

    Thomas CNSRV ·She also has the option of abortion so you should be more careful about not giving the woman the option if you do not like it. You know damn well what could happen when you shoot in a vagina.
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  • Why do they hurt when he kisses or touch them?

    Best answer: Yes it can be sensitive at certain times of your hormone cycle. Don't feel ashamed about wanting to get a Doctor just to check that everything is ok. You probably just have sensitive skin, but just in case it's a hormonal imbalance, it's best to get checked out by a professional.
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  • Which countries have legalized same sex marriage so far and do you think it is good for the society?

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  • What is the obscure technical term for enjoying watching women make love to other women?

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  • Is the result of men's unfulfilled sexual needs more dangerous than women's?

    Best answer: Depends on how you define dangerous. There are more consequences to a woman. In addition, women seem fine with going without sexual release for six months at a time, while a man cannot go more than two or three weeks (most men) one way or another. Even if men do nothing, erotic dreams may eventually take care of that.
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  • I know straight men can find other men good looking (even if they deny it), BUT why...?

    do straight men not get ROMANTIC type crushes on good looking men yet they would feel like that for good looking woman? I know looks aren't the only thing can make you have a crush for someone nut right now I am focusing on looks I guess (So please, spare me the lectures)... And I don't think being straight is TOTALLY up to genetics either, I think there are more factors involves such as past experience etc. Could one reason be because when a straight guy sees another guy, it's more about admiration- ohh i want to be like him! whereas with a woman he finds cute it's like, I want her?
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  • Can you be a happy person and a feminist at the same time?

    I saw a stand-up female comedian perform. Her routine was all about her going to feminist meetings. She spoke about how it was impossible for her to be a feminist. She said that she likes to see the funny side of life. But the feminists saw only the bad things in life. She spoke about hard is having a sense of group in a group of feminists who think everything is offensive. Can you be a happy person and a feminist at the same time?
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