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  • Why do women believe they should be judges of masculinity?

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  • Why do people say that men are more confident or have higher self esteem than women ?

    I have noticed that men say things such as : " I'm ugly " " I'm a loser " " she's out of my league " " I don't know what would I do without her " " I don't deserve her " Whereas women say " I'm hot " " I'm pretty " " I'm a strong , independent woman " " I deserve a tall , wealthy funny man " " I don't need men " To me it makes sense that men have low self esteem whereas women have high self esteem .. This is a consequence of men never receiving any compliments whereas women are always receiving compliments . Why do people say that men are more confident or have higher self esteem than women ?
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  • Why do some women get so caught up in the "victim" mentality and blame society for reasons why they aren't able to be successful in life?

    Best answer: "Why do some women get so caught up in the "victim" mentality and blame society for reasons why they aren't able to be successful in life?"

    Those "some women" are feminists. And since feminist "theory" denies that there are any differences between the sexes while presuming any different behaviour is socially constructed, then they HAVE TO assume that any discrepancy in outcomes MUST BE due to sexism.

    Feminists first deny evolutionary biology. Then they mandate everything that falls in line with biological nature to be "sexism".

    If feminist "theory" was extrapolated to things outside of gender, then they would claim that Basketball is racist because there are too many Blacks there. See what I mean? All men on average, have more muscle mass than women do. Yet every male/female outcome is supposedly "sexist" if there isn't 50/50 male/female representation?

    Feminism as an ideology is a poorly though out set of guidelines that contradict each other depending on the point being made. Feminism uses shame so that nobody will notice, or bring up their contradictions and double-standards. It's a house of cards.
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  • Men, how many of you can honestly say 'I respect women'?

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  • Do you know any type of men who have it easier than women in dating/marriage?

    For instance... poor women have it a way easier than poor men in finding a romantic partner for dating or marriage... Shy women have it a way easier than shy men in finding a romantic partner for dating or marriage... Women of any height have it way easier than short men or very tall men in finding a romantic partner for dating or marriage... Foreign women (for instance east asian ) have it way easier than men when it comes to dating /marriage in western countries. Unfunny women have it way easier than unfunny men in finding a romantic partner for dating or marriage... Do women always have it easier than men at dating? is there any type of man who has it easier than women in dating or marriage?/
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  • Are men naturally more "hollow" than women?

    I feel like this is true, us men are the more weaker sex than women. We're more likely to be "see through", "hollow", "bendable", etc. as compare to women because we have 1x and 1y chromosome, the "y" chromosome is smaller compare to the "x" chromosome and if the "x" chromosome f*cks up then we don't have another "x" chromosome to fall back. Women have a more harder surface in comparison to men but is likely to be "hollow", "see through", "bendable", etc. through childbirth.
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  • Why do people laugh at sexist jokes against women but get mad at sexist jokes against men?

    Best answer: Because kitchen > jail. You are still your own boss. Better than any job. You just don't want to deal with beggar men. Plus, that's where all the knives are.
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  • Why do we use the word “ beautiful @ to describe anything but the male body ?

    People use the word “ beautiful “ to describe women , flowers , cars , animals , places and so on but no one except gay men use the word “ beautiful “ to describe the male body . Now I understand why a heterosexual men wouldn’t use such word to describe members of his sams gender .. however I fail to understand why women who claim to be heterosexual are so unwilling to ever describe the male body as being “ beautiful “. Why is that ?
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  • Why are women slut shamed for having sex but men aren’t?

    Best answer: To many guys, a slut is anyone doing the same thing they are doing or want to do.

    Hypocritical? You bet it is.
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  • Do guys feel safe walking around their neighbourhood at night?

    I was thinking about this the other day when I was walking home from the shops after dark. I see guys out for a run at night all the time, so it makes me wonder if they don’t feel scared or worried to do so.
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  • Why does #MeToo want to label Monica Lewinsky a victim 22 year later?

    Best answer: The MeToo Movement believes that it is not possible for a powerful man to have consensual sex with a woman. Even when it was the woman who was pursuing the powerful man, it must be coercion by him. That is not the only weird thing about the MeToo miovement. Another weird part is that a woman never lies (or that women lie about sexual abuse so rarely) so that whenever she accuses a man, then it is automatically evidence that he is guilty. Even if the woman acted freiendly and affectionate towards a man after the alleged assault, that it is not evidence that the sex was consensual. They have psychologists and psychiatrists who are ready to say that it is normal for women to be friendly and affectionate towards their alleged rapists. To me this is all a bunch of hogwash that does not pass the smell test.
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  • Do women get jealous of men who are more attractive than them?

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  • Why are female animals so boring looking and look less attractive then male animals in most species?

    Even in human species females are less attractive then male animals? Why are female animals less attractive in most species?
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  • Do you think “feminist” is a ugly word?

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  • Is it true that women don't want men who give them everything they want, whenever they want?

    Best answer: Let's look at this from the evolutionary point of view:

    To get her genes to the next generation, a woman needs help in the form of defense from predators, people from other tribes and unsuitable lovers (people getting her pregnant when she doesn't want to be or with genes she doesn't want).

    If a man appears weak-kneed, he is probably unable to provide that defense.

    A woman's exposure to how a man acts is primarily limited to what she sees, what he does AROUND HER.

    Consequently, her evolutionary test if he is suitable is that he stands up to what is around him, which most often is HER.

    Certainly, seeing a guy in action defending you from somebody else is a *MAJOR* turn on, but it doesn't happen very often, so women have to surmise what this guy is like by what she is around to see. If he looks like he'd be useless when push comes to shove, it's better to find someone who appears tougher.

    Of course, evolutionary psychology is 99% based on what happened to humanity on the plains of Africa, not what happens on the streets of modernity.

    And recognize that "appears tougher" is seen through the lens of a woman growing up herself. What appears tough as a teen will be very different than tough as a 40yo. We all learn over time that resiliency has a lot more to do with how you handle stress, how you handle setbacks, than your ability to take a punch.

    Your ability to be a good parent in modern society has almost nothing to do with your ability to physically intimidate your neighbors, for instance.

    50yos know that. 15yos usually don't.

    In any case, evolution directs sexual gratification towards very ancient traits of dominance, while the thinking woman lets her past experience show her who she wants to end up with. Women don't want someone who will run away, but they really really don't want someone who will walk away leaving her holding the baby.

    I think women tend to be much MUCH more practical about whom they date, despite the trope that they are more romantic, than men do. Perhaps they read romance novels to get that out of their systems.

    And certainly over time, a sense of security based on reality rather than bad-boy-protection can be far more sexy and loving.
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  • Why do men always claim women talk so much?

    In my 20 years on this planet in my opinion men talk a lot more without even realizing it. But they still joke about women being too loud or annoying when its them that cant stop talking. I dont get it. And I know that my experiences arent universal but it cant be just my "luck" to be surrounded by quiet women and loud men. It makes me mad tbh. Everytime Im out with family or friends I just have to listen to all these dudes laughing about women doing this or that and in most cases its the men who do these things. And the women always sit next to it and laugh too like haha yeah it just be like that. And Im too spineless to say something but inside I get so angry. Im really quiet and part of it is cause in my family women are more like background characters and I cant seem to break out of that but I still gotta listen to my dumb uncles telling me women talk too much... they're the only ones talking at the dinner table. Where did this stupid saying come from that women talk too much?
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  • Why are so many guys into m2f transexuals?

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