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  • Why do feminists love to celebrate their own gender's beautiful and sexy bodies but get mad when men celebrate them?

    Best answer: When feminists are catcalling and stalking other women you may have a point.
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  • Why is Misogyny not a criminal hate crime?

    Best answer: If there is no crime being committed, it is not crime. I HATE ISLAM, for instance. I do not hate Muslims. Islam is a horrible religion, most Muslims are fairly nice, but rather compliant and ignorant to how bad their religion is. They just don’t know any better and the religion, by default, can not go through reformation. It needs to be eradicated. Again, not hate towards people...the religion.
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  • Should I keep fighting for this girl?

    Best answer: Go Utena! I'm cheering for you!!! Utena! Utena! ...
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  • Is "toxic masculinity" a misandrist dogwhistle ...?

    Best answer: Toxic masculinity is to feminists as toxic bloodlines are to the Nazis and the KKK.

    It is an element of an ideology based on the hatred of specific biological traits. It would be fair to say that Toxic Masculinity is a misandrist idea just as Toxic Bloodlines are a Racist idea.

    If you want to know if it about hate ask yourself which ones of these sound like hate speech

    -Toxic Blackness
    -Toxic Semitism
    -Toxic Gayness
    -Toxic anything else but masculinity
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  • Should I break up with my girlfriend?

    One year ago I was dating a girl who was very, very attractive. I mean, I couldn't help myself. She is basically a '10'. Unfortunately she is affected by an embarrassing illness: every time she see a seagull she starts farting and screaming and 'crying' like the seagull itself. The specialists thinks she affected by Tourette Syndrome. Moreover, we live in a seaside town, I mean, there are a lot of seagulls here. I would be ashamed to break-up with her (she is fundamentally a very religious and fragile person), but my friends started to walk away from me and treat me like air, and I honestly don't know what to do with her.
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  • Why do feminists hate marriage?

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  • Why are girls love wearing masks nowadays?

    Best answer: I live in the UK and currently I've not seen one person, female or male, wearing masks..... Not sure whether your from a very polluted country, like China, where most commuters seem to wear face masks..
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  • Are you glad that Harvard disciplined faculty dean for representing Weinstein?

    Best answer: You have that wrong. Mr. Sullivan was removed from the Deanship of Winthrop House (he's still on the law school faculty) because as Dean he was unable to restore a declining social / academic climate. In effect, he hid from students instead of interacting with them.

    “Over the last few weeks, students and staff have continued to communicate concerns about the climate in Winthrop House to the college,” he wrote. “The concerns expressed have been serious and numerous. The actions that have been taken to improve the climate have been ineffective, and the noticeable lack of faculty dean presence during critical moments has further deteriorated the climate in the house. I have concluded that the situation in the house is untenable.”
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  • What do you think about these beliefs?

    Best answer: A person doesn't become a person until they are living independently on their own. That can't happen before at least 24 weeks of gestation. A fetus is not a person and the rights of the mother come first.

    A child doesn't require a mother and a father, it requires loving parents. They can be gay, straight, aunts, uncles, grandparents or foster parents. They key is that those raising the children are loving parents.

    Blood does not completely define family.

    "Children ask 'where did I come from' regularly" - That is false.

    At some point children should be informed of their origins.

    "Sperm donor children spend their entire lives searching for the 'biological father'" Another falsehood. Many don't want to know them.
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  • I have heard feminists complain that hotel customers masturbate in front of hotel maids cleaning the room. Does that really happen?

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  • Why did all the planned feminist marches fizzle out?

    Best answer: 1. Women weren’t signing up. They realized there was no specific agenda they were marching for.

    2. Financial backers pulled out due to strong anti-Semitic attitudes on the part of the organizers.
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  • Is the KillAllMen hashtag used by thousands of feminists on social media, how feminists show their love for men?

    Best answer: "Is the KillAllMen hashtag used by thousands of feminists on social media, how feminists show their love for men?"

    I don't know if feminists actually worked out any reasons for #KillAllMen. But what it did achieve was to normalize hatred against all men right into the feminist mainstream. For many of the radial Third Wave feminists this was probably a eureka moment where they found that they could shamelessly promote their open hatred of men and have other feminists go along with that.

    For the rest of us, it just put modern feminism on display for it's complete lack of morals, focus and accountability. To this very day, there has been no challenge to #KillAllMen by mainstream feminism or any prominent feminists within the movement.

    This is what feminism looks like.
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  • Do men dislike it when a woman has....?

    1. Dimples 2. Pouty lips (naturally...not too pouty though) 3. Black hair 4. A short height Do men think these features (in a woman) are unattractive?
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  • Why did/do men find Princess Diana attractive?

    She looked so manly, and had short hair too. Idk if it's just me, but she wasn't attractive. Maybe it's cause I'm a woman and I'm straight. But still, she just isn't...*that* good-looking. She doesn't look too feminine (her face and hairstyles)...
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  • Is abortion a reason to be sexist against women?

    Best answer: I'm glad women get pregnant and not men.

    Men love sex. If men could get pregnant and experience childbirth, abortion clinics would be as common as gas stations. They would be everywhere. And birth rates would come to a screeching halt.
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  • Why do men have to stand up and pee all over the seat when they use the restroom? Isn't it gross to go into a public stall and see that ****?

    Best answer: cause they dont care that theyre doing that, i think they should at least clean it up
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  • Can a gay man have a wife?

    Best answer: Many do. The trick is to find a woman who loves your aesthetic sensibility and also wants a companionate marriage.
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  • People say it's very wrong for a man to hit a women because men are usually stronger than women. What about strong guys hitting weaker guys?

    Best answer: I think that hitting someone who has not hit you first is wrong (in most circumstances, at least). And I think it is especially wrong to hit someone smaller and/or weaker than you, *regardless* of gender.

    If the smaller or weaker person hits first, I think your only obligation under most circumstances is to restrain yourself to proportional force. If someone barely taps you, you don't knock their teeth out. Again, regardless of gender.
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