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  • Are Facebook people Sexist?

    Noticing a Woman and Feminists posts a Picture or a Rant on their timeline and they get about 11 likes and a few comments under their posts. But Men post things, and they get Zero comments and only a few likes. Nobody cares what you say or post if you're a guy. The women get most of the attention just for being pretty. It just seems kinda sexist to me
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  • True of False women? A good man is hardest type of man to love?

    It is a hard thing to love a good man. A good man is not a nice man – he does not do things to be nice, he does things because he has a moral code, a set of values he prioritizes and will always do his best to make sure that his actions are in line with his own personal standards. A good man will not do the easy thing or the convenient thing, or even the thing that he wants to do; he will do what he knows to be the good thing. Is this true or bs to you?
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  • Feminists, what do you consider toxic masculinity? And do you think there's an equivalent "toxic feminity"?

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  • Can a woman really call herself a feminist if she shaves her legs?

    Best answer: Yes.

    Feminists would take the position that every woman should have a choice whether or not to shave her legs. A feminist voluntarily shaving her own legs is not inconsistent with that.
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  • Why is women's underwear skimpy and sexual instead of practice and durable?

    It often covers very little, is very thin material, often partly see through, and all sorts of strange designs that don't protect your body in any way, just make it look like a wrapped up peace of meat on display. Why is most women's underwear like this?
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  • What does turn you on more? Passionate kissing or Sex?

    I get turned on more by kissing than sex, I dont know if i’m the only one lol. But kissing does feel more intimate and better to me than sex. Sex doesnt always feel great to me and it can hurt sometimes but kissing never hurts and always feels wonderful especially french kissing 💋
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  • What do you think about Laura Mulvey's Male Gaze theory?

    Best answer: To identify what's obvious to anyone who's ever seen art from the ancient world and call it groundbreaking is a little trite. Men are more visual creates, duh. People already knew this. It's one thing to write a paper giving a name to what is basically our human programming. It's another to suggest that society can somehow change the biological coding males and females were each born with. The truth is that if women would boycott companies that use female bodies to advertise they'd stop doing it.
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  • Why do Americans lack a good family system like we Indians have?

    Best answer: That depends in which part of America are you living and what generation of Americans you are talking about. Americans, especially in the past, had a good family values like most Indians.

    It's just due to cultural Marxism, hippie oriented culture and third-wave feminism that led to degradation of family values. I think it suddenly started to happen in 1960s or 1970s.
    American people started becoming rebellious at that time.

    Sadly, I'm noticing this similar trend nowadays in Indian families too, especially in Urban upper middle class. They are getting in the trap of "hook-up" culture which is prevalent in West. These young modern Indian guys and girls get exposed to Modern Western Ideology through media and try to apply it in their own nation. Also, India is turning into a feminist country and creating such absurd divorce laws that creates a drift between a man and a woman.
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  • He did things against my will and talking to other girls is it normal that I'm angry?

    We were friends for 4 years and started a relationship. He ejaculated inside of me against my will and then refused to take me to get a plan b pill and refused to pay for it. On top of that he won't show me his phone because he's flirting with these females I'm sure. And I'm very livid!!
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  • Can a boy wear this?

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  • Isn't a feminist saying she doesn't hate men the equivalent of a KKK member saying they don't hate black People?

    I think so.
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  • How come there have been campaigns for more women in some jobs but not others?

    You always hear things about how there needs to be more female doctors, scientists, CEOs, world leaders, etc. But you don’t hear much about the need for more female sewage workers, garbage men, or really anything blue collar. I personally think it’s more of a class/status thing than anything else.
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  • Are women with black knit caps men-hating feminists?

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  • Should women be allowed to eat McDonalds?

    Best answer: Not fat ones.

    There should be a special branch of the police to stand outside McDonalds and turn away ALL the fat women.

    “No!” the policeman would say, holding up his hand, in the sign used to stop traffic. “You have had enough hamburgers! No more hamburgers for you! Your immoral gluttony has turned you into a fat pig! Good people do not want to be offended by the sight of a waddling great porker like you! Get you gone!”

    In fact, any fat woman found guilty of attempting to enter a McDonalds should be held in custody for 48 hours on a water fast, to help her lose weight and learn some DISCIPLINE!

    For a second offence, 5 days, for a third offence, 7 days and a whipping.
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  • Is gender a social construct?

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  • When a lesbian sleeps with lots of women does she get praised or $lut shamed?

    Would she be considered a womanizer/player/stud or a whore/$lut/skank?
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  • Why does disney studios try to promote women superheroes so hard when girls don't even read comic books?

    Best answer: Once again, Disney is feminist and as a result promotes feminist messages. Feminist TV shows and movies has been showing women that are better than men in every single way for several years now.

    Feminist media commonly promotes the idea that women are emotionally stronger than men, mentally superior to men, physically stronger than men, and better fighters than men. It also has a strong tendency to promote the idea of men staying home and taking care of the kids.

    And btw, the difference in greatness is huge. I still remember seeing a 6'7 320 pound guy fight a 5'4 110 pound woman and losing badly.
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  • Who should do more effort to change for the other: the man or the woman? The aim is a happy relationship.?

    Are we expected not to change and accept each other the way we were? Do men find women who demand them to behave or look different as trying to prove power? Is it not true that the man looks up to the woman who tries to change to satisfy him? On the other hand, a woman would look down to the man who easily accepts any change she wants him to do? How do people manage the differences between partners in the relationship?
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  • I’m too white for a girlfriend in 2019. How to be less white?

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  • Why are men who have hit women labelled as abusers or cowards when a lot of the time it’s not the case? (Read desc)?

    Not saying it’s ok to hit anyone but when I’ve hit girls before and someone hears about it I get the routine comments “You’re a wife beating abuser” (never hit any of my ex’s, domestic violence is unacceptable and unconnected to gender) “Feel tough hitting women because you’re too scared to hit a man” But if ever a man loses his temper at someone who happens to be female and beats her up, that’s not any of the above. If a man strikes a woman back should she strike him first, again those two theories aren’t relevant. Those types of men do exist but I’m not one of them. I’ve lost my temper and beaten up, not hit, couple of girls when I was in school. Obviously no girls gonna hit me first or back because I’m a big guy but I’d do the same if it was a guy. I’m not an abuser neither as I don’t feel a need to control and intimidate. I do appreciate that women are weaker and less able to defend themselves but if you don’t put your hands on a man unless it’s self defence. A woman is capable of breaking a man’s nose and jaw so no man should take a beating from one. I have adult self control now and don’t hit no one
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