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  • Why are men so feminine nowadays?

    Nowadays you see men walking around in tight pants, colorful clothing, walking around taking "selfies", they are scared of everything, they are sensitive, they whine, they have feminine hand gestures, I even see men painting their nails. I live in Los Angeles, California and I see a lot of men walking around acting all feminine, most men actually. And it is very annoying. I don't remember seeing men like this back then, back then men were actually men. Why are they so feminine nowadays?
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  • Why are some women not nurturing, supportive, or feminine at all? I don't find them attractive at all?

    Best answer: I agree with you . For instance I find women who call themselves " pro choice " very unfemenine .. The same can be said about women who promote premarital sex , one night stands , divorce , indecent clothing .. And then these women have the nerve to expect men to fulfill their traditional gender roles such as being the provider , protector and leader .. Try finding a woman who doesn't expect the man to be taller than her or a woman who doesn't think that men have the duty of paying for dates or proposing marriage ...
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  • I want to touch and rub my female coworker so badly what should I do?

    I work at Staples and there is this girl I work with, we talk a lot and we get a long really well. When she took over the cash register and I bent down to pick up something Dropped and then I had a an extremely strong desire to start rubbing her legs and try to slide my hands up her shirt that took every fiber of my being to stop. Why am I getting this feeling and how can i Stop
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  • Do you know a girl who thinks she is better than other girls?

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  • My girlfriend did not tell me she was virgin?

    Best answer: she kind of did by telling you she never had a boyfriend before
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  • Why am I always dumped for ugly women?

    I have been dumped 3 times in my life for ugly women that don’t even hold a candle to me. I know I am beautiful so it just confuses me. If I get sperm eyebrows, a pancake as$, and thin lips will I have more luck with men?
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  • Is voting for a female candidate in any part due to the fact that she is female against feminist principles?

    Best answer: If anyone votes for a candidate because she is a female and not based on merit is sexist, pure and simple.
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  • Why is society set up to advantage women over men...?

    Best answer: Society, at least U.S. society is set up to advantage women of men primarily for two related reasons: Gynocentrism and feminism. Most societies have long sent men off to die in war, but not women. It was common in many ancient civilizations when conquering to kill all (or most) the adult men and take the children and women as slaves. "Women and children first" is an attitude that has been around for quite some time.

    In modern day America however, most of the laws that discriminate in favor of females and disadvantage males are a direct result of feminist lobbying efforts to win such biased laws. Getting women added to affirmative action, women owned business advantages, the Women's Educational Equity Act (advantages girls in education), VAWA, health mandates or women under Obamacare are all examples.

    In addition to legislation, feminism of course has increased gynocentric attitudes. We see feminists arguing our judicial system should go lighter on women (which it is) for example. The whole idea of toxic masculinity is another example of creating an anti-male, pro-female attitude. Creating an attitude that males are evil oppressors and women are oppressed victims is how feminism wins support for one-sided laws and practices.
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  • Why did feminists in England block legislation that would have made sex selective abortion illegal there?

    Best answer: Simple. English feminists don’t like female sex selective abortions occurring, but they want the right to abort based on sex if they want to. It doesn’t take much thought to deduce which sex feminists want to selectively abort.
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  • LOL what do you think of Anti-feminist/White-ISIS Milo Yiannopoulos' message to all women?

    Best answer: I think you cat eye arise
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  • Is it okay to hug your BF's friends?

    I mean, if his (male) friends have become YOUR good friends too. Is it ok to hug them? They're just friends with you.....
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  • What does "one in twenty" mean in the text below?

    Best answer: It doesn’t make any sense. The whole paragraph is written quite poorly. I wonder if it’s a bad translation or something.

    I would also assume it’s 1:20 M:F, but that doesn’t make much sense. I even did a couple google searches to see if i could figure it out, but no luck.
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  • Can I become gay like men do in prison if I cannot find a sufficient female for intercourse?

    Best answer: Men do not "become gay" in prison, even though they may engage in homosexual activity. The problem is that they don't stop being men and having sexual needs in spite of the fact that they are locked up and have zero access to women. So they make use of what is available.
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  • Don t you just hate Bangladesh women?

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  • Are Libra woman jealous of Leo woman? If so, Why?

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  • Is reluctant consent the surest way to end rape?

    Best answer: LIke when the would be rapist is reluctant to consent to raping someone? Great idea.
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  • Why do men call WOMEN shallow?

    When they are also shallow themselves. They want skinny women with nice aa$$$$ and large breasts. And that’s ok ? But if a woman wants a man who makes good money, she’s a gold digger
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