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  • Why I push gas on car but car no go?

    I push gas but car no go. My English bad. Need learning English. Car no go. Make loud noise. Smoke *** out. Loud bang sound like gun. 
    21 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can I pay off my car immediately ?

    So I owe capital one $8,000 for my car, I've been paying it for a year already. However, I have the money ready to fully pay off the car now. Are there any hidden fee or anything that I should be aware of before paying? Thank you.
    20 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • What are your opinions on vehicles with stick shifters on the column (also known as 3 on the tree).?

    Best answer: They tend to be problematic. A cable in the system is prone to stretching and loosening. There is less 'feel' than a stick on the floor. Even stick shifts with rods and joints are superior. But nothing beats direct into the 'box.
    14 answers 1 day ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Right thing to do?

    So, me and my dad are trying to decide on a simple thing, heres the story, my dad helped my sister purchase a new car, it was a bit more than her old one, for this my dad sold my sisters old car, for 500$, should we give this money to her, or not? We arent hurting for money by any means, so were thinking we should give the money to her, would you give her the money?
    12 answers 1 day ago Buying & Selling
  • Is switching between summer and winter tires the same as changing a flat?

    Assuming they're on their own rims and you label them so you know where each one goes, is removing winter tires and installing summer ones (and vice versa) the same as removing a flat and putting on a spare? Or is there more to it than that? In other words, is it just a matter of knowing how to change a tire?
    12 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I want to finance a car at 18. This is the full story..?

    Best answer: You're only 17 years old  (you've yet to turn 18) and you work at a job that pays minimum wage. You can't buy a new Mercedes-Benz for around $27k to $30k (not even for cash), and you can't buy a used one for that price either. If you could find a used one that costs less at a "no credit" place, the car would probably be a piece of junk that's just about ready to fall apart. 
    It's doubtful that you could find a finance company that would finance you. You have no credit history and you're too young to sign a finance agreement. 
    Even if you could buy a used Mercedes for cash, you wouldn't be able to afford to drive it. Those cars are VERY expensive to operate - at least 3 times more than a "regular" car. It's not just the gas and the monthly payments that you have to worry about. You're going to have to insure the car, register it every year, and maintain it (oil, tires, belts, any mechanical repairs, etc.). Even a simple oil change for a Mercedes-Benz can cost $100's of dollars.  
    If owning a Mercedes-Benz is your "passion", I'm afraid you're going to have put your passion on hold for a few years - until well after you've graduated, gotten a well-paying job, and have built up a credit history. In  the meantime, keep on driving the $2500 car that you presently have. 
    14 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • I am planning to buy a new car in 2020. How do I make sure it’s a good investment?

    41 answers 5 days ago Buying & Selling
  • What is a tune up on a car?

    14 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Who could have been at fault if it a car was hit by a semi truck?

    I live in Southeast Georgia. One day I dropped my boyfriend off to work. It was a 45 minute drive. The highway doesn't have many street lamps, most of your light come from your headlights. On my way back home, I got on the highway. I started on the right lane, moved my way to the left lane. I realized there was more semis driving that day, going way faster than my speed. So instead of them skipping over to the right then the left. I switched to the slow lane. Now the speed limit is 60mph. I was going 65mph. About 25-30 minutes into the drive, a semi gets on the highway & drives behind me but then switched to the left lane. (Side note: cops have stopped and parked on the side. One day my boyfriend was going 70mph on a 60, I guess the cop wasn't liking it and flashed his light as a warning.) Now because of that, I decided 65mph was good. I stayed on the right lane, because it is the slow lane and for those who are close to their exit. I was 10-15 minutes away from my exit. The semi never sped & barely made it up to my speed. From the side I see the very beginning of the hood and notice how it started getting to close to the door. I slam on my breaks & drive into the emergency lane & into a small ditch. When I slammed my breaks is when I noticed his turn signal. I've driven on bigger highways, if a driver was ever being too slow, they'd speed, go on the left lane then switch back. How can you avoid getting hit when you're stuck between a speeding ticket or slowing down traffic? 
    9 answers 1 day ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Does a 1976 Honda CB750F need a battery in it to kickstart and run? ?

    9 answers 1 day ago Motorcycles
  • Every time i am on the cb radio someone curses on channel 19 at me on the CB RADIO WHAT CAN I DO ?

    8 answers 17 hours ago Car Audio
  • How long does an insurance claim take?

    I crashed my car 2 weeks ago(not my fault) I called the insurance to make a claim, they gave me the number of the adjuster, but the adjuster hasn’t called us back in a whole 2 weeks and I even left a voicemail. Is this normal or an insurance claim shouldn’t take this long? Florida 
    12 answers 3 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • Windshield wipers only last 1 million wipes average. How dissapointed are you hearing this?

    8 answers 2 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • If you cause a car accident will it go on your driving record?

    20 answers 4 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • Did you know the older Honda's and Toyotas can basically last forever if you take care of them?

    12 answers 2 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Which is heavier oil or gasoline?

    8 answers 7 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I hate driving my dad around?

    I'm fully licensed, and when I started working, my dad started looking around for a car for me. One of my cousin's is a car mechanic and he previously had a Volkswagen Jetta which he gave to his younger brother. So I decided I'll purchase the Jetta from him.  I had a look at the car, drove it around, and decided I'm going to buy it. So my parents paid for the car, I signed the paperwork and now that my dad is paying for the first year insurance, he's asking me to drive him around since he himself is tired of driving. His job requires him to drive all day, and he's gotten tired. At first I didn't mind, but now, I just go under pressure. He's pretty calm when I'm driving but he refuses to drive my car because its a German car. Now, I'm so used to driving alone when I'm in the car that driving a family member around, I feel like I have to drive perfectly. I don't speed, I'm very serious about my insurance rate and bringing it down as much as I can. I will even avoid driving my car unless I have to, just to bring insurance down. But, I go under pressure. The only time I wouldn't mind sitting in the driver's seat is if my car drives itself lol. But if my dad needs to get somewhere, I'll tell him, you drive, up to you which car you want to take. I drive my car on weekdays when I go to school and work. I feel like such a terrible son for this, but I also feel uncomfortable/under pressure. I don't know what to do.
    7 answers 9 hours ago Buying & Selling
  • Is Ron the stupidest name you've ever heard of?

    Best answer: Neil & Bob anyone?
    9 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • 2001 PT Cruiser keeps dying?

    I have a 2001 Pt cruiser with 280k miles. It runs great, no check engine light or anything. However, whenever I leave it sitting around, it dies. I use another car to jump it, waiting about 15 mins for it to charge and sometimes the car won’t start up but it usually ends up doing so. I tried taking out the fuse for the radio, thinking it was that but it still dies. Lights are turned off
    7 answers 10 hours ago Chrysler
  • Engine cover purpose?

    Was looking at buying a full aluminum cover for my focus st. Oem is plastic and i've heard of problems regarding overheating. Not taking it to the track and i live in Co so doesnt get ridiculously hot. Any real pros or cons? Obviously just doing it for looks
    8 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs