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  • 11,300 miles since oil change in my Camry. I use 0W 20 the oil level is fine and it looks good. Do I still need to rush to get it changed?

    47 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How can retirees afford RV travel?

    63 answers 6 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Are second hand BMW's worth it?

    Best answer: At your age, with that car you are looking at the most expensive car to drive on Earth! Insurance alone will be a killer. Then add in the most expensive maintenance costs as well. We are talking 3 to 4 X times normal maintenance. And they require ALOT of it. I knew several people who bought one and had it repossessed because they could not afford the maintenance cost. Last friend was in his 30's. Broke down several times. $800 here, another $600 there for simple stuff. Then it broke down leaving him stranded over 800 miles from home. He ended up abandoning it and paying for a ride home because he could not keep up with the costs. And he was earning a VERY decent pay at the time.

    So if you have a ton of money to invest into a very unreliable and expensive car, then fine.

    Bu the fact is you can get a higher performance and less expensive to maintain car that is NOT a BMW. Even my employer who is a self made millionaire refuses to ever own one again. Are you a millionaire?
    32 answers 4 days ago Buying & Selling
  • Is it bad to pour hot water on a frosted car windshield to defrost it?

    I'm talking in the morning when your windows are frosted from the coldness. Is it alright to pour warm or hot water on the glass?
    58 answers 6 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Why's can my car do only 155mph when the speedometer goes up to 180mph?

    Best answer: Maybe it's limited to 155
    30 answers 5 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • I changed the water. Pump. And my car still. Overheats. Could my freeze plugs be bad?

    23 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • New Car vs. Old Car?

    Best answer: People trade in cars for a variety of reasons...change in family size; change in occupation, the wife is now driving it so it must be able to handle bags of groceries and kids....no longer is the 2 door sportscar of dads going to cut it; or they want their car updated...and were offered a good deal for their classic Barracuda. Sometimes the car is worn out, but that is pretty obvious.

    Anyways a New Car is IMMEDIATE Depreciation. As soon as you drive it off the lot you lost $5000+. The next day the car is worth that as a USED VEHICLE. You had a chance to phart, spit, puke and snot in the car, so it is not NEW. That is a big drop in cash, which you will NEVER get back if you say wanted to flip the car for a new one next year.
    . Used cars already took that "Hit" so the depreciation goes down gradually...depending on the car. Some cars tend to hold onto their value because they are "IN DEMAND" for one reason or the other. Some get lucky on that GUESS.

    . Used cars the insurance is lower because the car value is lower and you are not forced to carry collision...so basic PL&PD(meaning you are insured for damage to other people and their property...you will take of your repairs to your vehicle yourself out of your pocket-should the accident be YOUR fault.)

    In new cars you are the test guinea pig. The auto manufacturer tries to make a good car but sometimes with the new changes there are unforeseen problems. Making the car troublesome(not a Lemon, but close in bitterness)
    . Used cars have a reputation already. Either they made it to the used car lot or they are in salvage yards. ..or are way cheap. Meaning, for the discounted price you are willing to pay for the repairs, or can live with the cars oddness in the way it functions...It could be an electrical gremlin...fix the car by hitting the dashboard with your fist and the car goes again, or something else...that is weird and wonderful.(if you are a bit of a handyman/mechanic then it is no big deal.

    So it depends on the person. Some just want to drive and not think...
    Others like to tinker; and tweak.

    I have bought vehicles for $1.00. Why so cheap? It was a dual fuel gas/propane pickup truck with no rust...and they just did not want the propane anymore so just dumped it. If I bought it it saved them disposing of it. (for some people, I have to shake my head but I got it.) Got another for $50 and that was because it was old English Morris...that was garaged stored. Person was getting too old to drive and he wanted that much and out of his garage. Private sales have always been better than lot sales. On the lots the car salesman is there to make a buck. Private people most times don't know a lot about cars, so if you have a good eye and good judgement can find deals.

    Now, I may drive these cars for 5 years.
    Compare what I paid to paying $20,000.00 to own one.
    I would need to do a LOT of repair to equal $20K(and that NEVER happens)
    24 answers 5 days ago Buying & Selling
  • Classic car as my first car?

    I have money saved up for m first car, and I want to get a 1978 continental https://classiccars.com/listings/view/91... I am 17. Could I be insured for it? Is this a bad idea? I hate how cars from the late 90s/early 2010s look and I don't have the money for something newer
    28 answers 5 days ago Buying & Selling
  • If it has 1 liter 3 cylinder and revs 1000 rpm at 75 mph, how many mpg can it get?

    30 answers 5 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • If this lady showed up to your doorstep asking for sex what would you do?

    Best answer: I'd f*ck her inside out and lick her p*ssy and her a$$hole.
    31 answers 4 days ago Yahoo Answers
  • How hard would it be for me to get a new car?

    I'm 19, I work anywhere between 20-40 hours weekly, I have no credit (not bad credit. NO credit) I drive a 2005 Chrysler 300 with the touring package. The cars exterior is a solid 8/10 ( minor dings, what can you expect it's 12 years old) interior is 9/10 maybe even 10/10. Engines fine, trans is fine. All around very clean car. So my question is, if I were to go into a dealership for a new car, (plan on using the 300 as a trade in, on top of a minimum down payment of $5k) am I going to have any major issues getting a car of my choice? I'm really interest in a newer challenger, wrx/sti, some bmws, or a Tahoe or suburban. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    20 answers 3 days ago Buying & Selling
  • How bad is it to go 55 mph in a 15mph zone?

    i wanted to check the acceleration of my car. but i did it at 2:00 in the morning since there is no kids around at that time. just a quiet street, everyone sleeping.
    30 answers 5 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How can I get rid of a car that no one wants?

    To clarify, I don't want any money for it, but I know no one will want this car. It doesn't work. I just want it gone.
    25 answers 4 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • I just got got into an accident with a suspended license.?

    I was backing out of a gas station parking lot and a girl was trying to turn and I didn't see her but she claims she didn't see me either. I was driving my dad's car because I don't normally work Saturdays and mine uses a quarter tank every time I go to work and back. We exchanged insurance and went our separate ways. I'm wondering if anything can come back to me for the suspended license. It happened in Altoona IA and I'm worried if I'm in a lot more trouble than what I'm thinking.
    28 answers 6 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • What is the best FIRST car to get for a new driver?

    -This is going to be my first car and I just started driving. I want something small, cute and safe. Also a car that s not so expensive. I want to put down 2,000 down payment.
    29 answers 5 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Ford motor credit sent out repo I'm thinking about totaling my F150 before they get it. How much trouble would I be in if I got caught?

    36 answers 6 days ago Buying & Selling
  • My rental car got towed, but I was not an authorized driver.?

    **I REALIZE that what I did was wrong, immoral, and totally illegal. I know this so please, PLEASE, refrain from the comments claiming I got what was coming, and this should teach me a lesson, and etc. **I'm looking for ADVICE and suggestions for what I can do regarding where I am at NOW. What can I do now to help resolve my problem. **Thank you in advance to those who respond seriously. Hope everyone had a great 3-day weekend :) My friend rented a car through Dollar Rental (here in Orange County, CA.) She was supposed to put me as an authorized driver but we couldn't find time to get down to the office together (shut up, yes i know STUPID) I did not rent the car on my own because I do not own a credit card, but my friend does. I got pulled over in the rental and they towed it. How do i tell Dollar Rent-A-Car that it got towed? Will there be any consequences (besides my friend being put on the do not rent list) as in fees or fines, for her letting an unauthorized driver take the car? How should I go about this? So far, I have called the tow yard and they said that Dollar has to come get the car UNLESS they sign authorization for another to do so. There is no way I can get this out without telling Dollar... huh? ALL my stuff is inside the car - laptops, clothes, purse, PHONE!, everything. I'll get it back, right? Or is it possible that all my stuff will be lost?! If anyone has advice on the step by step process that will be best for me... i'd super appreciate it.
    21 answers 3 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • My wife went 42,000 miles without an oil change and her Camry is still running great. Aren't Toyota's amazing?

    16 answers 5 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Uninsured Driver Hit Me. Not my fault and I have to pay $500 Deductible!?

    About 2 weeks ago I was on my way to work. I was completely stopped at a red light and I was rear-ended. We pulled off to the side. I got her Name, Work Phone Number, and License Plate Number. She said she didn't have insurance in her car, but will get back to me with all the info that I needed. No police report was filled at that moment because unfortunately my phone broke the night before and I had no way of calling the police. The lady who hit me also said she didn't have a phone on her (which I don't believe). I did file a police report a few days after the accident. I had to mail in a form with all the info I had. Also as soon as I got to work, I used my work phone and filled a claim with my insurance company (Progressive). I tried to get in contact with lady who hit me many times, and never ended up getting very far. Also the insurance agent said she lady hung up on her. So agent said she doesn't have any insurance. The total damage to my car was $3,000. So I had to use my uninsured motorist insurance and also had to pay a $500 deductible. The insurance agent said they'll try to go after her for the full amount. I think this is really crazy tho. I did nothing wrong, it wasn't my fault, and I have to pay $500. I understand my insurance is going after her, but is there anything I can do? Can I take her to small claims court or something and would it be worth it? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    21 answers 5 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • What should I study in college in order to be an aircraft disaster investigator?

    I wanna investigate aircraft disasters, I wanna invastigate wether the plane crashed because of technical failure or because of weather or because of a terrorist attack. Since aircraft crashes are not regular how do these people make a living? What should I study in college?
    20 answers 4 days ago Aircraft