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  • What's the golden rule when you drive a car?

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  • Does this seem like a scam?

    So I have been looking to buy a vehicle, I am 17 so I do not very much about cars. I found a 2006 Nissan Altima on Craigslist for $1500, I emailed the seller and got a reply within a day. She said she was selling the car because her son passed and it was his first car so it brings bad memories. She told me she lives in Kansas City so she would pay to have the car shipped go GA at her expense. She said it will be through a Ebay protection program so it will be safe and she said I will have 5 days to inspect the car before she gets any money through ebay and for her to get the money I have to want the car. My mom said this sounds fradulent.... Any ideas before I buy?
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  • Would a new fuel pump solve my problem?

    I have a 2004 Ford Ranger 3.0L and has recently had issues starting up. I have to turn the key to ignition about 4 times before it can start normally. some details: -The engine cranks completely fine. -Fuel Filter has been replaced -Battery is new -Fuses have been replaced -Fuel pump relay does work -once turned off, it will start again perfectly if started directly afterwards Would a new fuel pump help me out?
    15 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can I go a year without changing oil?

    Only drive 50 miles a week average so will take a year to do 3000 miles. Can I buy synthetic and go a year and a half? Own a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 6 cylinder truck. Recently changed oil with the over 75k Oil but do I need to.
    16 answers 18 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Why can't these idiots make a tire that doesn't slip in the rain?

    I hate it when I'm at a stop and I accelerate and there is water on the street from stupid rain and the stupid car slides all over the place. That should be illegal. Why don't we have a tire that actually sticks to the road? It's like DUH!
    22 answers 2 days ago Safety
  • Should i buy a 2004 crown vic from a auction?

    186,000 miles, engine will not start, it cranks but won't start
    22 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • If I get in front of a truck driver and he hits my car will he lose his job?

    Best answer: 98% of truck accidents are caused by a car cutting off a truck. If this is a legitimate question, understand that it takes the length of a football filed for a fully loaded semi to come to a stop from 55 mph. I would recommend not even pulling in formt osf a truck unless you are a good 3-4 car lengths ahead of the driver. Not only do trucks take longer to stop, the driver is still human. We don't really know what his response time will be in a particular situation. One thing is for certain: truck drivers hate traffic because they are always getting cut off.
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  • Can I sell a car without keys?

    First off, I know little to nothing about cars, so this may be a dumb question. I've had this car sitting in my driveway for a while now and I'm looking to get rid of it. It's a fairly nice car (2002 Jaguar X-Type to be exact) but it only had one set of keys, and they were stolen in a robbery. The fact that there's no key and that it hasn't been started up in months are really the only things wrong with it. I'm trying to get rid of this car, and at this point my asking price is ridiculously low because I just want it gone. A lot of people have told me I'll be better off getting keys made and getting the car back in good condition before trying to sell it, but here's the thing: I basically have no money right now to do these things, and as I've said before, I really just want to get rid of this car. So my question would be is it acceptable (or even possible) to sell a car with no keys as-is? The buyer would essentially have to come tow the car out of my drive to a dealership immediately to get the thing working again, which seems like something nobody would want to do. I've been thinking that the best choice might be to just pawn it off on one of those "we buy junk cars" companies, but it seems like such a waste to get rid of this thing for a "junk car" price. Then again, as I've said, my asking price is very low and I really want to get rid of this thing, so maybe that's the best way. Can anybody tell me the best option for someone who is broke and trying to sell a nice car that has no keys and probably some engine troubles from not being started up in so long?
    20 answers 2 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • Is it better to get rid of an old car and buy a new one or to just make repairs on the old car when problems come?

    I have a car that is paid off. It's 2010. It has under around 85,000 miles on it.
    16 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • What speed should I go to merge on the highway? I usually enter at 45 mph (speed limit 70), is this too slow?

    17 answers 2 days ago Commuting
  • I want to know about a car accident from 1951.?

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  • My cousin still owes $22,000 on his car but doesn't want the car anymore, asked me if I wanted the car?

    I never made payments on a car before so how does it work? The car is under his wife name. They don't want the car no more. They took out a 35,000 loan and have 22,000 left on it. They asked if I wanted the car, he said we would have to go to the bank together. I have bad credit so I told him I can't take out a loan to pay it he said I don't need to take out loan and that "I will be taking over his car payments for title" someone explain to me how does it work? If I want the car under my name instead of his wife name. Thanks
    13 answers 1 day ago Buying & Selling
  • What is the difference between ball & needle bearing?

    12 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can a passenger jet fly with only one engine working?

    A passenger jet being the common 737 or the like.
    11 answers 23 hours ago Aircraft
  • How do you tell if you have a bad bearing on one of your tires ?

    Best answer: Tires don't have bearings, wheel hubs that the wheel assembly mounts to do.. with the tire lifted off the ground, lightly spin it.. if you hear growling or rough noise, the bearing in the hub might be bad... If the tire can be wiggled in 12-6, 6-9, and other clock positions the bearing could be bad.. it can also set your ABS light.
    21 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Whats the advantage of diesel gas over regular gas?

    Best answer: higher effectivity, less consumption and more torque, longer lasting, safety

    the higher effectivity of diesel engines make the diesel engine consume a lower ammount of diesel, that is not only good economically to burn less fuel but a vehicle has with one fuel fill a bigger range than with gasoline, that is more practical and for drivers who drive through very remote areas that can make a life saving difference.

    the higher torque and lower reving with diesel makes cruising more relaxed for the diesel driver, the higher reving of gasoline engines is more relevant for racing but less relevant for public traffic.

    a diesel engine is heavier than a fuel engine, a disadvantage can be then a quicker wear out of the steering and the suspensions but it will take like several tenthousand miles till the wear out from the heavier weight becomes apparent, wich makes that disadvantage a minor disadvantage and beside that, that stronger wear-out can be compensated by makeing the parts the steering and suspension etc. is made of bigger, to be more enduring to the higher weight.

    diesel is a lubricant, gasoline is a solvent, that is why diesel engines last longer than gasoline engines.
    gasoline can be even only in form of fumes in the air and explodes but diesel is far more difficult to explode or even set on fire, that is much better for safety.
    14 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Do you know how to change a car tire?

    9 answers 10 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I want to learn to drive a manual (stick shift car). Should I buy the car I want and learn in it.?

    I m considering a Subaru Impreza STI or WRX , which most only come manual. I have read and watched quite a few tutorials on the basics. Now my issue comes down to know one willing to teach me...I've asked all the driving schools CDls want you to pay them $1000s of dollars. I've even asked salvage yards and garages if they would be willing to teach me the basics. Now my question comes down to THIS. The Impreza's that haven't been in snow and salt/rust are all down south. I'm in New york. I'm willing to fly down south purchase the car and drive it back up and learn along the way. Is this a dumb idea?
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  • What is a car?

    And why can't people just take the bus?
    18 answers 2 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Where does german cars get their engines from?

    Best answer: Germany, Japan, Mexico and South America.
    10 answers 22 hours ago Other - Cars & Transportation