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  • How to stop in a manual car?

    when the road comes to a stop I usually brake a little put my car in neutral and let it coast there and stop it in time.. for example if I was in 3rd I just put it in neutral and stop the car with my brakes (much easier) but my father told me this technique was wrong I should keep the car in gear until the road comes to a stop then as the car's rpm is about to die I should put it in neutral what are your thoughts? and is the way I'm stopping damaging my car?
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  • New engine 2004 f150?

    One of my family members has a 2004 f150 with 105,000 miles on it but the engine blew so he asked if I would want it for $1000 and then I would pay someone to put a new motor in it. Is it worth it? How much would a new engine cost to put in?
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  • How long can you go with a bad front wheel bearing?

    Best answer: You can go until the wheel stops turning. Then it costs more to fix. Then it is bearing and axle stub. Outside of that, not much else happens. You would also need a TOW TRUCK TO TOW IT AWAY. And you burnt up a tire.

    Humming noise?? would have me looking at the tires FIRST. Bearings sing a gravelly bass....like Rod Stewart. They never hum.
    Try swapping tires around(do tire rotation) with radials that is front to back on same side.) Also inspect the tires carefully for debris...gravel in the tread and pick it out because new they never came with rocks. Tire separation should not be happening these days but only you can see if there is a bulge on the bottom of the tire. Also have the tires to the correct tire pressure as written on the car door or in the driver's manual. NOT THE 32 ON THE TIRE as that is a number that is universal with all the tires no matter if the car is as light as a SMART car or is a Cadillac. One car weighs over a ton and the other doesn't and yet the tire number is 32. Something is wrong with that number don't cha think? The owner's manual will tell you what the tire pressure is Suppose to be for that CAR. Trust the car manufacturer that they are right. My HONDA for example has 35PSI recommendation. The manufacturer also recommends the correct tire size to be on the car. Also drive on a different road. Chances are also good it could be THAT particular road....is the problem.

    Bearing failure is not something I have experienced and I have put 1 million miles on a vehicle, bearings are fine. CV's have failed but not bearings.

    Wheel will never come off because it is bolted on. Also check the tightness of the wheel nuts. Some sicko's are running around with a wrench and loosening the wheel nuts on cars so that they are either missing or on finger tight.

    I personally would find a more knowledgeable mechanic than the one you are seeing now.They would be doing an unnecessary job & you still have the problem. "THAT MECHANIC" & having to pay him for not the solution.

    Some inexpensive tire have oddball tread patterns that sound different than what you are used to. Aggressive snow tires HUM when on the highway, that is the road noise of the tread. Nothing else. In the snow they don't make that noise because they are in the snow and not on hard pavement. Turn up the radio to some tunes is the normal solution. Some cars are not so well insulated against road noise or your window is open a crack or the rubber door seal is missing....so you hear the road noise. Or exhaust pipe is rubbing against the metal of the body and that vibration sounds like a hum. That is an easy see by you if you crawl under the car and check to see that the exhaust pipe does not touch the metal body. It should be on rubber hangers that hold it away from the car. Or a body part is loose or in the engine compartment and vibrating. Check the air cleaner element to make sure it is not ripped. and everything is as it SHOULD BE. Your eyeball fingering inspection is FREE. The mechanic is charging you money to do the same falking thing. Difference being you are looking for the problem. Not trying to pay money for something useless.

    Put it this way. If the car had a carburetor, they would blame the carb. Not that it is the problem, but it seems to work in mysterious ways...so they can LIE and get away with it.
    40+ year mechanic.
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  • If I trade in my car at the dealership, am I throwing my money away?

    I'm in the market for a new car, and several dealerships have given me a trade in value for my current one. But the dealership can't give me book value for it because that is what they'll be able to sell it for at most, as very few people pay sticker price. I figure I can sell my car privately, direct to the next owner, and get about $2500 more for it. Then I can take the the cash to the dealership and make a larger down payment than trading in the car would get me, and my monthly payment on my next one will be lower. Is trading a car in at the dealership for idiots?
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  • I just got my tires replaced. the factory size is 215/45r 18 the shop used 225. Is that a good thing or should I ask for the correct Size?

    10 answers 10 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Someone hit my car and drove off. I have license plate number ..what do i do?

    18 answers 2 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • Car accident after insurance had lapsed?

    I was at fault in a car accident where my insurance had lapsed. This wasn't deliberate but I had forgotten to inform my insurance of a change of address where I was living at the time. There was significant damage to the lady's car I collided with and she has minor injuries. A friend has said the outcome now is for sure she will be suing me for a substantial amount in damages and rightly so. Is he correct?
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  • Why did all of my motor oil consume after a year of having it changed, with no hints? No smoke nor leak?

    I changed my motor oil in my 2006 G35 Infiniti Coupe about a year ago and just realized that all the oil had been consumed without a trace of smoke while driving or leak from the vehicle. I just had it filled again with a synthetic oil. What could have caused this? I am even suspecting a mechanic (a different one from above) of having dishonestly drained it recently so that I would have to go back to him for filling oil.
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  • I m a 39 year old male, never had an accident, do why am I being quoted $300/ month for basic liability insurance on a 2002 Nissan quest?

    I haven t owned a car for a while, driving 18 wheelers I didn t need one. My credit score took a plunge due to a business failure. And I recently moved to the Las Vegas area. The last time I had basic liability insurance on a older car it was about $38/mo. Now I m being quoted $300!? What exactly is effecting this most?
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  • Salvage title or not?

    I’m currently looking at a 2014 Chevy Camaro with 88k miles for $11,000. The owner says that it is a salvage title and that he has the title in hand, but when I’ve ran several VIN checks on the VIN he provided, no accident records or salvage records of any sort pop up. What do you guys think? He says it’s salvage, but VIN says otherwise.
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  • Why do people drive big suvs and trucks that pollute the air more instead of saving our planet?

    Know i understand we need semi-trucks to transport food and other goods. But people are buying big trucks and Suvs just because they can and alot of them get worser gas mileage and pollute the air more. Why are people polluting our planet instead of attempting to save it?
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  • Can you drive with handbrake?

    My brake pad is not working at all, and now im on a budget. My job is like 2 mins driving/10 mins walking from my home. but Im 2nd shift and not feeling like to walk to home at 1 am in a not so safe neighborhood. So my question is can I drive with my handbrake at 15-20 mph speed? will that do a lot of damage to my car?
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  • Should you put lube behind your brake pads?

    ive watched countless videos from Chrisfix who has 5million subscribers to other videos where they put a little bit of lube on the back of their break and and on top and bottom where it rides the calipers for anti squeak. My mechanic friend and others are telling me no I shouldn't, brake dust can accumulate. Made me look like a fool as they all argued against me while i told them I've seen countless opinions online from amateur to career machanics saying to use lube. Which is right? And yes, I agree that since car factories dont come with it why should you but are the online opinions ive read wrong then? your thoughts?
    16 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • If there are unused cars at the dealership, let's say 2011 year old car models, are those still considered brand new to this day?

    Best answer: EVERY dealer has "unsold" vehicles. That's so you have a choice, but there are no brand new 2011 cars on any lot, anywhere.

    All new cars are sold. Occasionally, there will be a few left over into the next model year, but they are all sold with discounts. The same discount a skilled negotiator can get any time.
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  • Can anyone tell me if this is a red flag on this car listing?

    I am in the market for a "new" midsize sedan. I never buy new cars, I always go for slightly used, like new cars because new cars instantly depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot, so I save a lot of money that way. The best one I saw and test drove today was a 2017 Nissan Altima with 25k miles on it. It has a clean Carfax. Sticker price was $16,800 but I negotiated it down to $14,400 in the event I get it tomorrow. They are holding it for 24 hours while I think about it. Here's my concern: It has two previous owners. One wouldn't concern me because some people drive a car for a short period of time and then decide they don't like it or want something else. And of course if I want to buy barely used, it has to have a previous owner by design. But this one, in the span of only two years and 25k miles, has already been owned by TWO people who both apparently had reason to trade it in after such a short period of time. Is this a red flag that something may be wrong with the car, or am I just paranoid?
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  • How much is a Lambo?

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  • Where do I report illegal parking in Texas?

    Two people in my street keeps parking their cars near the stop sign at our street on opposite sides so we only have space for one car at the stop sign. There’s been multiple times when we can’t see incoming cars and almost crash due to only having space for one car coming in or out. I live in Austin, TX. Where can I report this too?
    8 answers 1 day ago Safety
  • Some automakers are already selling 2020 vehicles, but how can this be?

    The year 2020 hasnt happened yet, so any car currently for sale in any dealership cannot be a 2020 vehicle, it would have to have been manufactured 2019. I suppose an auto maker could unveil a future vehicle design or concept car, for display only in showrooms and auto shows, and say "This is the new model with a planned release for 2020." I suppose they could even sell preorders. But if it currently exists in a dealership and you can drive it home today, then how can something already manufactured be a 2020? Before something is made in 2020, 2020 has to actually come.
    6 answers 5 hours ago Buying & Selling
  • What would you do if you bought your 18 yr old niece a car and she sold it?

    It was my niece, I paid $2300.00 and a year later she sold it for ONLY $400 saying it was a lemon without even saying anything to me. I would have paid to repair it. Or I would have given her the 400.
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  • When did 80s cars stop being common on the road?

    I hardly ever see cars manufactured in the 80s today.
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