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  • Is there any disadvantages to driving a Crossover compared to a Sedan?

    my sister got a good deal on a 2019 CRV Touring on clearance shes had it for 3 days but her boyfriend was telling her how its too big, it will be hard to get into tight spaces, horrible turning radius, the AWD will be dangerous in terms of cornering, the run flat tires do not come with a spare. He was totally against Crossovers. He wants her to get a Civic 2019 Touring, he was saying its smaller, easier to drive, easier to fit into smaller spaces, more comfortable for the driver and passengers, less maintenance I might have to agree. He is a car guy he drives a 2011 Chrysler 300 V6 Pentastar and he takes care of his cars well.
    13 answers 14 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How do nails end up on the road?

    I'm tired of getting nails in my tires every 3 got damn months
    41 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I really want to become a Qantas pilot. If I start in a job as a cleaner at the airport how long will it take to work me up to being a pilot?

    Best answer: Just work really hard. The recruit all their pilots from the cleaning staff.
    14 answers 1 day ago Aircraft
  • Car problems ?

    So my dads car cut out a few days ago. We had aa come out and look it over, he said it looks like the starter motor.. so we booked that In.. had the battery and the starter motor replaced.. but now there’s another problem the starter motor is getting power all the time and doesn’t stop when the car is off, so can’t drive cos it will burn it out.Any advice or idea. What to do or does my dad just should get a new car.
    11 answers 21 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Does anyone use snap on tools? its a brand. are they good?

    26 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • There are rust holes in the trunk of my car is it safe to drive?

    My car is 23 years old and there are rust holes in the trunk where you can see the floor. Is the car sill safe to drive? i don't really drive much and the engine and transmission is still good. Should i avoid hauling too many groceries?
    14 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Vehicle oil filters, does brand really matter and why?

    Which one is best out of these? Microgard, WIX, Bosch, Mobil, FRAM, K&N, ACDelco
    14 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Am I wrong for feeling like this ? ?

    So I have been having issues with my car . My boyfriend paid for my catalytic converter  and labor . Total was $750 . I am extremely grateful the he paid for it because he knows I can’t afford it . My car was driveable so we drove to my mechanic (he in his car , me in my car ) that is 35 mins from my place . We drove back to my place expecting to pick up my car the next day , but The mechanic had to order the catalytic converter again b/c he was sent the wrong part . So we make ANOTHER trip to the mechanic (35 mins away ) so that I could have my car to drive in the meantime . My part comes in and we both drive back to the mechanic to drop my car off . The car gets fixed so he drives from his place to mine(30 mins with traffic)  to pick me up , and then we go to the mechanic to get my car (35 mins ) . When he comes he seems all sulky and tired and I ask him why he is being like that and he says because of the drive . I was like “ I know but it was sort of expected .” He barely talks the entire time driving and when we get to the mechanic I’m like sorry you had to drive so much . He’s like “ Yeah I just didn’t feel like it and it’s the end of the day and the middle of the week (Tuesday )” To me that’s no reason to act so WEIRD just because you have to do something for someone, YOUR GF . When it comes to spending money he’s okay but when he has to DO anything that disrupts his schedule it’s like he can’t handle it . Am I wrong for feeling like he’s selfish ? 
    16 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Who has priority when both cars turn left?

    Imagine if car 2 and car 1 both want to turn left.Obviuosly car 3 will go first as it drives on main road. My question is, who will go first car 2 or car 1 if both of them want to turn left? Will car 2 turn left last because it has stop sign thus less priority? This has been bugging me for days.Im having my driving exam soon so any help will be appreciated.
    13 answers 2 days ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • So should we take the dealers advise to replace them? Our car has 58,000 miles.  ?

    Best answer: I advise you not to. Struts last way longer than that. Unless you feel like contributing to the dealers collection of good used struts. 
    8 answers 19 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Will I see my Dad before he dies?

    8 answers 7 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What happens if you go from using synthetic oil to using conventional oil?

    Best answer: See what the CAR MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDS for your car.  If there is no mandatory Syn oil, then you do not need it.
    .  So immediately you got more money to spend on Drugs or Beer.
    9 answers 22 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How to restore headlights?

    11 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Do Built-In GPS in vehicles need reception like Cellphones do?

    My Uber driver today, had some issues with his Cellphone cause we went into an area where there was poor reception and it kind of made him lost to get to my destination in which I had to direct him myself. He had no built in GPS on his car which was disappointing because he was driving a 2020 Honda Accord which he brags to be about $41K CAD, yet no maps. What happens if I'm in the forest with my car with no cellular reception? Would maps work? Can I navigate back to the nearest highway?
    8 answers 12 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Which is the most reliable car Audi or Volvo?

    9 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • What is the process of getting a drivers license in PA? ?

    I am 20 years old, and don't have a drivers license.   I live in Pennsylvania.   I've been making plans with people to go get it since I was 16, but each time I was met with "Oh, I forgot about it" or "Oh, I made other plans."    To the best of my knowledge, the process is I go to the DMV and take a knowledge and vision test to get a driving permit, then go back to the DMV the next day and get the full license.   As far as I know, I would not need to take a driving test.    I would need to take my birth certificate, social security card, and proof of residency (two pieces of mail).    Is the process different, do I need to bring something else too, or is that all correct?   
    8 answers 1 day ago Insurance & Registration
  • Who knows about fixing cars because I think I may possibly have a defective car starter?

    Hello. Let me tell you I had to buy a new fuel regulator, brake master cylinder, and starter after i bought the starter my car was back on the road with no problems. I went to a tire shop to get another tire the man took my car in the back and changed it then brought it back to the front and i paid for their service. I jumped into my car to start it and nothing!!!!! 😮OMG I was so angry they check the battery and it was nothing wrong with the battery my lights came on and everything. I told them what I just changed a couple of weeks ago smmfh 
    10 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Would putting "thread lock" on a screw /bolt that is not fully tightening into the threaded hole be the solution to that problem?

    Best answer: Pull the bolt out and inspect its threads and the threads for the hole for obvious damage, trying a new bolt if you have one the same size. If the hole threads are shot then the only real options are to try to re-tap the threads or drill/ream the hole and install a heli-coil or similar product. 
    You can use a non-permenent thread lock product if there isn't any tension/expansion/pressure on the union there and hope it works. There are various locking compound capacities, just so you know. Can't assure you that will work, seen people use white Teflon tape in a pinch just to grab and hold, but anything like on an engine or piece of equipment you're better off doing a real repair and not bubble gum and baling wire. 
    10 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What to do with my totaled car that has a lien? ?

    Long story short, I bought my car last December at a buy here pay here place. Last month, I hit a deer and my car is considered a total loss and I only have liability insurance. My car has been sitting at the shop for almost a month now and I don’t know know what to do with it. I can’t drive it and I can’t sell it because I still owe $6,000 on it. Can I call my lien holder and see if they what they can do for me? I know I’m going to have to pay off the rest of the loan, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to find a place to store a car that doesn’t run. Could they possibly come get the car and take let’s say $500 off my balance and I continue to pay off the loan? Or is my only option to park it until it’s paid off?  Please no hateful comments as I am already kicking myself for not having full coverage. :) I will also add that the lien holder does not include gap insurance or any other type of coverage in my monthly payment. 
    6 answers 10 hours ago Insurance & Registration
  • For Toyota Tundra owners...tire inflation questions?

    Best answer: The tire pressure is determined by the manufacture and is based on the weight of the vehicle and the load it can carry. No matter what size tires or brand of tire you install the pressure stays the same. Inflate your tires to what Toyota recommends and nothing else. 
    7 answers 1 day ago Toyota