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  • I have changed all the motor mounts and still have a  clunk when i put the car in gear?

    12 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What would you say was the worst era for automobiles?

    Best answer: Yeah, I remember when you could stand on a street corner and watch cars go by and tell the Japanese one from the American ones.  Today they all look alike.  Automakers are struggling to keep up with safety concerns and fuel efficiency, and this tends to make all cars look alike.

    But the worst time for US car companies was the 70s.  They were having trouble getting smog controls to work but they also just made some really crappy cars.  The 80s were a little better, not much.

    In the late 70s, Ford did a big expensive study to find out why Americans preferred Japanese cars.  Imports were no longer cheaper or smaller, so why were American drivers still buying them?  They spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars on this study.  What they found was that Americans liked Japanese cars because they lasted longer, so they were a better deal for the money.  Immediately, Ford decided to spend a BILLION DOLLARS over the next few years, not to improve the quality of their cars so much as to change the public's perception of them!  A big part of this was an ad campaign centered around a new slogan "At Ford, Quality is Job One".
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  • Buying a private plate for a vehicle registered to someone else?

    I want to buy a private reg plate for my car but my parent is the registered keeper/owner of the car. Does that mean they would own the plate and not me? 
    7 answers 1 week ago Insurance & Registration
  • Was the studebaker or nash metro or tucker the car designed to look as if it were coming or going?

    4 answers 1 week ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Are auto garages open during this shut down?

    Best answer: Most auto shops and dealers are still open around me.  But things may be different where you are.
    7 answers 1 week ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can I get temp tags?

    Best answer: Don't know, best ask the DMV.
    6 answers 1 week ago Insurance & Registration
  • Car incident with ex-partner?

    Was involved in a non-fault car accident with my ex-partner. I was driving and I am insured, so is she. However, it was cheaper for to report it on her insurance with an excess of £500 and excess protection. Claim accepted, I agreed to pay under the conditions she claims that £500 back and returns it to me. I pay £500. We since break up, things become very toxic, hurting one another and I vandalised her car. The police said I should pay for repairs and it will be a ‘civil agreement’. My ex-partner is now refusing to return to me the £500 she promised also expressing that her premium will increase and using that the fact she “bailed” me out of paying a higher excess against me.  What is my course of action now?  Do I have any right to be demanding even half the £500 from her? 
    11 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Is safety to travel Bangladesh in this situation?

    Best answer: of course no, because cavid 19 attack BD
    4 answers 1 week ago Safety
  • I had to take a wheel off and the nuts are badly rusted very hard to get off should I put oil on them or grease or nothing?

    14 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can my husband face legal troubles for selling a car with ‘stolen’ tags? (MO)?

    A few months ago, my husband bought a car for his mother. He made all the payments on the car, traded his own car and the title was put in his name. His mother was suppose to switch the title over to her name but never did out of pure laziness. His mother was also very abusive and would yell and hit me while my husband was at work. I found out I was pregnant and did not want to put the baby’s life at risk and left. I told my husband he could stay with his mother or leave, but if he left he would have to take the car from her, or else we would have no way to get to work or the hospital and no income. He decided to come with me and take the car. We made the decision to move out of state and sell the car. His mother put tags from one of her old cars on the car when he bought it for her, before we left we asked if she wanted the tags back and she said no. When we sold the car we made sure to tell the guy those weren’t legal tags and to get the car legal asap and toss the tags. Tonight, a sheriff called us from a restricted number and asked us if we had sold the car with the tags on and who put the tags on the car. We told him his mother put the tags on the car and yes, we sold the car with tags on the car. He said the tag was reported stolen. We asked if we were in any legal trouble and the cop refused to answer and hung up. Can my husband face any legal trouble, if so, what kind? what steps should we take from here? 
    5 answers 1 week ago Buying & Selling
  • How long to repair my car?

    How long do you think it will take to repair this, if repairable at all
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What do you think about vehicle's with loud aftermarket speakers, subwoofers, and loud aftermarket exhaust?

    14 answers 2 weeks ago Car Audio
  • Honda color match paint issue.... please help ?

    Just replaced this fender and I went to repaint the fender myself, I’ve done this a million times and I’ve always got it very close if not perfect until this time. Fender came pre primed black, sanded with 400 and started painting. Did three light coats(all 10 minutes apart) and it looked matte black.... until I did two layers of clear coat. Then in the sun it looks super blue. The factory color is to the left of course and doesn’t match. I don’t know what I did wrong I’m super stuck.  Paint code is b92p nighthawk pearl metallic and it’s a 2008 Honda Civic coupe. I used duplicolor color match paint for this and I’ve always used them in the past and it’s matched pretty well. Any help ?
    5 answers 1 week ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Car Registration. ?

    I live in California and I recently bought a car off my friends dad. What do I need to take to DMV to register it to my name. He didn’t give me paperwork since the person he got it off transferred the title through Triple AAA.  
    15 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Can I use oil in my car instead of gasoline?

    22 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Will a bad or damage head gasket cause multiple cylinders to misfire? also will it make the car to lose coolant? ?

    Best answer: Yup. Cylinder heads warp with age. Cast iron or aluminum, same, same. When they warp a number of things can occur. A tiny bit of coolant gets into the combustion cycle and you wonder where it's going, coolant can leak onto the ground, more significant amount gets into one cylinder and you get a sweet smell from the exhaust and a milky sludge in the motor oil, OR motor oil can leak from one cylinder onto the ground and you lose a quart or two of oil every week or month or if it's a lot worse a whole lot more oil every hour. Only solution is to remove the cylinder head, send it to a machine shop where they check it for cracks, holes, warpage, and recondition it to like new condition or sell you a remanufactured head if yours is cracked or beyond repair. Running the A/C shortens engine life by about 50% based on my observations since the 1970's. Now we have a whole lot more heat producers under the hood on modern cars but you'll still get more miles out of a modern engine than way back when mainly due to fuel injection and OD transmissions.
    9 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is 16,000 miles low for a used 2017 car?

    Best answer: While it is lower than the expected normal of 10K/yr it does not mean anything anymore with everyone working from home on their PC. So they have no job to drive to&back daily so they may have only shopping for food as a 1ce a week thing so the car is basically parked.  My car is 13 yrs old and I drive an average of 2500/yr.  The car you are looking at has done double that(figuring 3 years) or 5333/yr.  You can Google up the car and see if there is any problems with that model (experienced by other drivers) If nothing really sticks out then, you can see yourself if the car has been taken care of or has been driven into the ground...just by the wear and tear.  There should not be anything like that.  It should look basically new. But because it is NOT A NEW CAR, they can not give a new warranty for that.  So, easy 10K if not more is off the price of that car compared to new. Check and compare the price with other cars in the newspaper (same year, same make) under "Auto's for sale" in the classified section of the newspaper.  While you can't run out and see every car, you will get an idea of what the going selling price is and you can figure out by the car description that it is Like New or an old beater on its last legs. You get a ballpark figure and an idea if the car is good or troublesome.  Go with that.  Never be in  a rush to buy.  There will always be another car somewhere.
    21 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • I accidentally ran a stoplight ...can I fight?

    So there is a stoplight by my house and it has a super long yellow light..until the other day..the light turned yellow and instantly turned red...making me run the red light...i dont know why that day was different...but will they listen my my line of reasoning about the light or should I just pay the ticket?
    20 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Driving instructor suspended lessons?

    Have paid my driving instructor a lot of money to learn. 40 hr lessons worth and have so far completed 14. I had my test booked for the end of the month and all my lessons were lined up towards test date. But because i wasn't enjoying the intensity,  pushed my test date back. Soon enough all test had been cancelled in the uk for 3 months. He messaged me saying 2 of his students have gotten the Corona Virus and test centers were closed for 3 months, and in line of goverment advice he would close his driving school. This means i would not be having any lessons although other driving schools are still operating.  I asked him to update me, and ofcourse i want everyone to be safe. But at the same time realistically speaking, ive paid for lessons. And currently that is on hold because he's own choice of not wanting to teach with this corona virus. I know he doesn't do refunds, whats your advice?
    7 answers 1 week ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • How to get the license?

    Best answer: You can probably register online but you'll probably have to go inside in person to get the license. Call the agency and ask them directly due to this pandemic and they may have restrictions and limitations at this time.
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration