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  • Motorcycle riders: do u worry about car to motorcycle collision & inertia injuries? How do u overcome that fear and enjoy the ride?

    Best answer: "a bad motorcycle accident with a guy doing tricks down the street"
    That was no accident, it was a strong possibility and predictable. If you use a motorcycle as it is intended to be used there are still risks of injury, if you decide to use it as it is not intended then you increase those risks.
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Motorcycles
  • My car lockers do not work, why?

    All car lockers stop working. First was in the drivers door, next the trunk, then in the passenger door. The key does not turn in the keyhole. This is Honda 2007 year manufacturing. What might happened?
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Should I sue my job? ?

    So I was sent home voluntarily because I had a headache. I told my manager it was nothing serious but she insisted that I went to the hospital and I couldn’t come back without a doctors note. I saw people cough a my job and show flu like symptoms but they weren’t sent home. I had no health insurance so I had to pay 200 dollars for a wilk in check up.. when I went to the doctors they said I was fine they even laughed at the situation.. when went back to the work the next day I showed my manager my recipe bill she completely ignored it it was like she didn’t even care.. her face looked so shocked when she saw me because I guess she thought I was never gonna come back.. that was just a hint to me that I was bullied into this.. overal what rights do I have?? 
    13 answers 2 weeks ago Rail
  • Is it safe to get a Uber while the coronavirus outbreak is happing?

    11 answers 2 weeks ago Safety
  • What happens if people did not buy from sweatshops?

    like if everyone stopped buying
    9 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • I have got the hang of automatic cars so should I just take an automatic driving test instead of stick shift?

    9 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Motorcycle valve tic tic noise ?

    ok so i just checked the valve clearance with feeler gauge,everything seems perfect.. but the bike still makes the noise, what could be wrong?? 
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Motorcycles
  • Why does the 1998-2004 Opel Astra G only has one shallow cup holder inside it's glovebox & one square cup holder behind it's handbrake?

    5 answers 1 week ago Car Audio
  • Is it better to buy used car or a new car?

    I’m going to be buying a vehicle at a dealership for the first time and could use some tips. I’m not sure if I want to buy new or used. If I buy used am I just buying someone else’s problem? 
    21 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • Were there as many 2020 ambulances in late 2019 as 2020 Sedans?

    a) yes b) no
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Cars & Transportation
  • Where is 3m?? Why no masks?

    6 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can a slow person Drive a car?

    Best answer: Your reaction time has to be fast and correct.  Your mind is always working.
    So a mentally slow person is not quick to react and react quickly.
    It would not be advisable for HIM to operate a car. EVER.  It will be his rolling coffin. AND he will kill others. So the lawsuits would be coming out the Ying Yang.
    11 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Aren’t trolleybuses less like retail goods than cars?

    a) yes b) no
    6 answers 1 week ago Buying & Selling
  • What’s wrong with my car ?

    Best answer: The screeching sound is a slipping drive belt. Either replace it or tighten it.

    The window is a different matter. It may just be sticking. Start by lubricating the channels it slides in, use a "rubber & nylon" lubricant, which is actually a silicon spray, and which you will get in many car parts or diy places.  Run the window up and down to distribute it and see if that helps. Then try removing the door card and lubricating the pivots in the linkage mechanism. Both simple and cheap to do, well worth trying before you invest in a new motor or linkage.
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Does antifreeze kill you instantly?

    15 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Idaho Lemon Law (used cars)?

    Best answer: Here's the lemon law.  It's really specific - "While Idaho's lemon law does not explicitly state that it covers used vehicles, those that are sold to another party before the warranty has expired may still be covered. State law covers vehicles for up to two years following the delivery of the vehicle or 24,000, whichever comes first."

    What do you mean by "known to fix the car and add the bill to your payments?"  The dealership has a history of these problems?

    I have no idea what the warranty situation is - you towed the car back to them and THEN you signed an agreement for the warranty?

    Are you being taken to Small Claims Court for the "shortfall," the difference between the value of the car and what you owe on the car?

    Your explanation is somewhat confused - which I do understand.

    It appears to me that the Lemon Law does not protect you.  I find the Lemon Law to be a scam to a certain extend.  I bought a brand new Toyota, could be used as a shift or auto transmission.  In the first year it shifted into auto three times while I was driving it.  Took it back each time, repaired it each time, months would go by and it would downshift again - once going 55 miles an hour.

    I fought over the NYS Lemon Law for almost 2  years and got NO relief.  I lost a ton of money on the car, but I traded it on (to the same dealer) and got another car.  I was pretty sure I would get killed on the highway if I kept the car!

    The dealer claimed that each and every repair was for something else - no two repairs for the same problem, and so I lost the case.
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • Causes of slow AC freon leak ?

    Last week i got my car's Ac system serviced which included replacing few O-Ring seals with new ones oo somes pipes and even of Evaporator as well. Ac was blowing extremely cold air but now after 1 week, Ac is blowing cool but not cold like before. I went back to that automobile shop guy and after checking freon level he said it's a bit low and there's still small leak left somewhere. Seal on evaporator is new and all pipes located in engine bay are not leaking as he checked again today. Now he is saying it could be compressor seal that maybe leaking as there is no else place left from where freon can leak. If it's really compressor seal then it won't be that much expensive as compared to evaporator seal which is really expensive to replace so that's why I'm asking here that do the evaporator seal really go bad that early ? Because after putting new seal he performed pressure test in front of me and it was not leaking at all. What else could cause system to leak slowly ?
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Would it be possible to float a house on barrels and tow it across the Atlantic?

    Say a house was put on rollers, and moved down to the coast in Ireland, floated on barrels, and towed behind a fishing trawler, would it be possible to tow the house all the way to Newfoundland or Labrador? What would happen?
    5 answers 1 week ago Boats & Boating
  • Will I get fired?

    Im an autoglass Technician ( I replace windshields) I have a van and drive around and fix cars. With all of this craziness going on with Corona virus will I lose my job?
    18 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What is this part called?

    In picture highlighted in red.
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Cars & Transportation