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  • Is 37,000 miles a lot for a used 2017 car?

    Best answer: For people who drive way more than the national average it may not seem like a lot, but 37,000 miles on a 2017 is exactly average for a three year old vehicle. Assuming that it was properly cared for and driven responsibly, it is the right sort of vehicle to look for in terms of value. The mileage isn't excessive and the greatest depreciation has already occurred putting into the "sweet spot" of used cars. Plan on paying high market value from a dealer, however. . 
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  • How can you tell if a used car has Coronavirus?

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  • I am planning to buy a classic car. Are classic cars a smarter alternate for the modern Investor?

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  • Is this a good time to buy a car at 50% off?

    What happens if I make an offer on a new car at 50% off?
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  • Do you think dealers will start giving away cars since they're costing them money unsold?

    Insurance, finance charges etc.
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  • If you bought a used vehicle in MA, in as is condition, are there any time lines or conditions that would nullify sale, or is that it?

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  • Can I pay off my car immediately ?

    So I owe capital one $8,000 for my car, I've been paying it for a year already. However, I have the money ready to fully pay off the car now. Are there any hidden fee or anything that I should be aware of before paying? Thank you.
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  • I can't decide which car to buy, any opinions?

    The options are Kia Sportage, Ford Kuga, Hyundai Tucson, Peugeot 3008, Mercedes GLA, BMW X2, Volkswagen Tiguan? If anyone has any opinions on these cats id love to hear them.
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  • How much can I talk down a used car price if I am paying cash?

    Best answer: The standard method is to "make an offer".
    There may or may not be a counter offer.
    If there is a counter offer then you can either take it, leave it or make a second offer.
    You have to be willing to walk away from the deal when haggling! Some people will walk away for a day or more before making a second offer. Most frequently when there was no counter offer on the first offer.
    Here is the thing- haggling demands you know when the price is not worth haggling over and also what the going price is. I for one don't haggle, I know what something is worth and if the price is right I buy it. If I am selling an some one low balls me it is no deal now or later. So you have to get an idea if the seller is willing to haggle.
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  • Right thing to do?

    So, me and my dad are trying to decide on a simple thing, heres the story, my dad helped my sister purchase a new car, it was a bit more than her old one, for this my dad sold my sisters old car, for 500$, should we give this money to her, or not? We arent hurting for money by any means, so were thinking we should give the money to her, would you give her the money?
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  • Is this 2012 Honda Civic ex sedan a good buy ?

    54 miles , pervious salvage title , good condition , no mecanical problems , only 5,900 bit marked down to $5,400? Should I buy or not ?  
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  • I hate driving my dad around?

    Best answer: Well friend if your father has helped paid for your car and your insurance you owe him money and you're paying him back by driving him around that's the way it works pay your own bills and then tell everybody else sorry I don't drive anybody else around unless they pay me cash money get yourself a taxi license or a new birth certificate and say sorry you cannot enter my vehicle unless you pay the fare
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  • I want to finance a car at 18. This is the full story..?

    Best answer: You're only 17 years old  (you've yet to turn 18) and you work at a job that pays minimum wage. You can't buy a new Mercedes-Benz for around $27k to $30k (not even for cash), and you can't buy a used one for that price either. If you could find a used one that costs less at a "no credit" place, the car would probably be a piece of junk that's just about ready to fall apart. 
    It's doubtful that you could find a finance company that would finance you. You have no credit history and you're too young to sign a finance agreement. 
    Even if you could buy a used Mercedes for cash, you wouldn't be able to afford to drive it. Those cars are VERY expensive to operate - at least 3 times more than a "regular" car. It's not just the gas and the monthly payments that you have to worry about. You're going to have to insure the car, register it every year, and maintain it (oil, tires, belts, any mechanical repairs, etc.). Even a simple oil change for a Mercedes-Benz can cost $100's of dollars.  
    If owning a Mercedes-Benz is your "passion", I'm afraid you're going to have put your passion on hold for a few years - until well after you've graduated, gotten a well-paying job, and have built up a credit history. In  the meantime, keep on driving the $2500 car that you presently have. 
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  • I am planning to buy a new car in 2020. How do I make sure it’s a good investment?

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  • As a co-borrower of a car loan,was I suppose to be notified before car was sold?

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  • Is the the best strategy to get a great deal on a car right now.?

    Im in the market for a new car. Or at least it would be my new car. I buy barely used, low mileage cars instead of new, let someone else take that depreciation hit. Not to mention they tend to have a much higher profit margin on used cars so more room to haggle. But besides that, i see a car online at a dealership im interested, and if all goes well with the test drive, here are my strategies. 1. Even though i can afford to pay in full, in cash, I use in house financing, then turn around and pay off the lender. I still avoid nearly all the interest, and because dealers get kickbacks from the lenders for that, it allows more room to negotiate down the sticker price. 2. I was going to wait until summer, but with the pandemic going around, car dealerships are taking a hit. Im not happy about the tragic state of things, but theres nothing i can do about it, so might as well strike when the iron is hot and they are desperate to make sales. 3. I go tomarrow or tuesday, end of the month. Preferably tuesday night. Last chance for salesmen to make a commision that cycle, and combined with number 2, I expect they'll take what they can get within reason. Does this culmination of factors pave the way for me to get the best deal possible?
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  • How is it that car dealerships are allowed to say there is no straight off the lot 11 percent depreciation?

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  • Where can i find sold car prices?

    I'm looking to find sold csr prices. I think if i have this info, i can better negotiate or see how it compares to the prices at the dealer today that im looking at. Anyone know a website?
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  • Selling copper by pound at the recyle center do they round up to pound?

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  • Is it still possble to buy a truck based suv brand new?

    Alot of suv's these days are just raised up cars. But how about a real suv that is based on a truck frame? is it still possible to buy one brand new?
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