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  • If I trade in my car at the dealership, am I throwing my money away?

    I'm in the market for a new car, and several dealerships have given me a trade in value for my current one. But the dealership can't give me book value for it because that is what they'll be able to sell it for at most, as very few people pay sticker price. I figure I can sell my car privately, direct to the next owner, and get about $2500 more for it. Then I can take the the cash to the dealership and make a larger down payment than trading in the car would get me, and my monthly payment on my next one will be lower. Is trading a car in at the dealership for idiots?
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  • Salvage title or not?

    I’m currently looking at a 2014 Chevy Camaro with 88k miles for $11,000. The owner says that it is a salvage title and that he has the title in hand, but when I’ve ran several VIN checks on the VIN he provided, no accident records or salvage records of any sort pop up. What do you guys think? He says it’s salvage, but VIN says otherwise.
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  • Some automakers are already selling 2020 vehicles, but how can this be?

    The year 2020 hasnt happened yet, so any car currently for sale in any dealership cannot be a 2020 vehicle, it would have to have been manufactured 2019. I suppose an auto maker could unveil a future vehicle design or concept car, for display only in showrooms and auto shows, and say "This is the new model with a planned release for 2020." I suppose they could even sell preorders. But if it currently exists in a dealership and you can drive it home today, then how can something already manufactured be a 2020? Before something is made in 2020, 2020 has to actually come.
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  • If there are unused cars at the dealership, let's say 2011 year old car models, are those still considered brand new to this day?

    Best answer: EVERY dealer has "unsold" vehicles. That's so you have a choice, but there are no brand new 2011 cars on any lot, anywhere.

    All new cars are sold. Occasionally, there will be a few left over into the next model year, but they are all sold with discounts. The same discount a skilled negotiator can get any time.
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  • Can anyone tell me if this is a red flag on this car listing?

    I am in the market for a "new" midsize sedan. I never buy new cars, I always go for slightly used, like new cars because new cars instantly depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot, so I save a lot of money that way. The best one I saw and test drove today was a 2017 Nissan Altima with 25k miles on it. It has a clean Carfax. Sticker price was $16,800 but I negotiated it down to $14,400 in the event I get it tomorrow. They are holding it for 24 hours while I think about it. Here's my concern: It has two previous owners. One wouldn't concern me because some people drive a car for a short period of time and then decide they don't like it or want something else. And of course if I want to buy barely used, it has to have a previous owner by design. But this one, in the span of only two years and 25k miles, has already been owned by TWO people who both apparently had reason to trade it in after such a short period of time. Is this a red flag that something may be wrong with the car, or am I just paranoid?
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  • How much is a Lambo?

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  • What would you do if you bought your 18 yr old niece a car and she sold it?

    It was my niece, I paid $2300.00 and a year later she sold it for ONLY $400 saying it was a lemon without even saying anything to me. I would have paid to repair it. Or I would have given her the 400.
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  • Whats the name of the "fin" on top of cars?

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  • Is a year end event a good time to buy a new car?

    Many dealerships have year end events. Usually not to be confused with the sales events they have during the holidays, where they have specials on all their new cars. Im referring to the year end events thatmany dealership run starting from December 26th through New Years day. During this period I always see these commercials on TV. Discounts on their remaining current year stock as they make room for their next model year stock. I have an old beater and can now more than afford the payments on a new car. I was thinking of getting one this summer, but suppose I wait until the year end events. First thing in the morning the day after christmas, I go to a dealership advertising a year end event, while they still have a decent selection, and make a deal for one of their 2019 models. The way i see it, as they are trying to make room for the 2020 lines, I can negotiate a lower price. Most dealerships will haggle with you and you can negotiate it down below sticker price, but at the year end events the sticker price on a 2019 will be lower than it is today, and I can start my negotiations from a lower starting point. And despite the discount, I'll still be getting a brand new car that will last just as long as if I got a 2020. Is there any flaw in buying during year end events, or is it the best time to buy?
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  • What happens if owe on a title loan but move out of town (with the car)?

    Details: $600 loan 1 year old Already paid approximately $945 (Interest+payments) Still owe $260 not including interest Will they take it to court or come locate me and confiscate this hunk of junk and if they do will the scores be settled?
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  • How can I either remove a co-signer from my car loan or transfer the car loan to another individual?

    So I have a co-signer on my car and I was planning on getting a new one. Good news is, I have someone who is willing to make the payments. They are super cheap payments because me and the co-signer got a great rate. Bad news is, co-signer doesn't want their name on the loan if I give it to this trusted person. So. How in the hell do I get the co-signers name off the car loan? PLEASE HELP!
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  • I have an 84 ford thunderbird in excellent condition with under 80,000 miles. what is the value?

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  • How do car trade ins work?

    Best answer: You take the vehicle you are planning on trading with you to a dealership, select the car you want to buy, and they will go about trying to give you as little for the old vehicle as possible.

    Their first attempt will be to tell you they will 'pay off the old loan', but will actually try to roll that 'payout' into the cost of the new vehicle.

    If you try to convince them to give you more for it, they will start to balk about the condition of the old vehicle, and cry about things like 'how much it will cost to put new tires on it' (even if the old tires are nearly new), etc.

    Next, they will attempt to negotiate a car payment - this is a trick. Negotiate the *sales price* of the vehicle, and only then worry about payment/interest rates.

    Car salesmen are not your friend, they only exist to sell cars to people for as much as possible, putting as much money in their pocket as they can. They can sense if you are a sucker, are uncomfortable/inexperienced with making large purchases, and will take you for a ride if you let them.
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  • Is there anyone out there selling halfway decent cars for under $1000 in 2019?

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  • I have been purchasing a vehicle through a local here in southern california, and I have paid nearly $5000 on it and the sales price is $8k?

    I have an arrangement with the seller and this is a private sale, not through a dealership in california. I have an arrangement to pay $700 a month in an effort to pay it off quicker. The seller clearly depends on this to pay every little bill and harrasses me when I am only a few days late on my payments which I also pay a late fee on. He never transferred the title in to my name and is asking me to pay the monthly balance as well as the registration for the year, otherwise he is forcing me to the return the car with $0 refund. Can he do this? he has a history of selling cars for payments and taking them back, but I need to know what I should do legally otherwise I am out a lot of money and a vehicle.
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  • What the heck does “lady driven” mean?

    Best answer: They are trying to convey it means the first one, but it actually means the second thing.
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  • I purchased a car from a large dealer two weeks ago and I have received letters today saying I am declined for a loan. What happens next?

    My trade in was paid off by the dealer within days of the purchase and that vehicle has since been sold to someone. I am receiving multiple letters saying I am declined from lenders, hence my vehicle is not financed and a payment is due within 3 weeks based upon the contract I signed when I purchased the vehicle. What happens next? What if the dealer can’t find me approval? I am in Florida if that helps.
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  • Can I remove the trade-in from a new car deal?

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  • Help Honda dealership sold me a car with a bad transmission?

    Hello i bought my car two months ago a used car. It is a certified used car. It had 76k miles when i bought it and now it has 77k i only drove it a bit. I took it into the dealership because it kept stalling and eating my fuel. Today they told me that it has a bad transmission and said they are waiting to hear back from the warranty company if they are going to accept or deny my warranty. They told me that i have until 111k miles on my car which is about 30k miles that the car is under warranty for after that its over. Well i also signed up for this thing called mpp motor protection plan where they pay for anything that happens to my car and instead of the dealership trying to fix it they are trying to use my mpp warranty to pay for it. The mpp might even deny my claim and i am currently waiting to see. When i bought the car i recorded the whole transaction and the guy said we do not sell faulty cars and we will give u a warranty to put ur mind at ease. What can i do now if they both deny my claim. A new transmission is over 3k i cant afford that and i financed the car with my bank for 13k. Please help. What can i do can i sue them? Thank you
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  • I recently got a car that needed a loan under two people to finance, if one person signs and the other doesn t, is it complete?

    Trying to return a car that has too high of a loan that I wasn t informed of. Tried to return, but they said all paperwork is complete although one party didn t sign their part.
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