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  • Paying a car in full?

    If I want to pay for a car all at once rather than finance it, do I literally have to pay for it in "cash?" Or can I write a check or pay with debit card? Thanks.
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  • Are you going to buy an electric car anytime soon?

    Best answer: No.

    I might be interested in a plug-in hybrid someday. I like the idea of being able to do 90% of my driving including my daily commute on all electric, without giving up the ability to go longer distances.

    But I think my next vehicle will be a mid size SUV and the only plug-in hybrids on the market right now are smaller cars. And Since I don't buy new cars, I won't be buying anything until at least 3-5 years after it comes out.
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  • What to do with license plate when I sell my car?

    Clean title, everything. Can I just hold on to it until I buy a new car and stick it on?
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  • Why don't car dealerships fill the gas tank anymore when you buy a car?

    Best answer: Its still customary for dealers to fill the tank when selling you a brand new car.

    For used cars, dealers are trying to save cost wherever they can, because their profit is in the margin between what they paid at auction or trade value, and what they sell to you.

    Also, depending on the car, some used cars can sit on sales lots for a long time. Modern gasoline (with ethanol) actually does go bad, so they don't want all their cars sitting around with a full tank of gas. They intentionally keep the tanks low - just enough for test drives - then they hope you won't bother to ask about it. If they do fill the tank at least they are giving you a car with mostly fresh gas instead of a tank full of gas that has been sitting around for months.

    You can always ask them to fill the tank. Upscale and larger dealerships are more likely to do it. Smaller dealerships and those dealing older/cheaper cars are less likely to fill the tank since they have thinner profit margins.
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  • Can I trade a car in that I owe?

    I want to trade my 2017 Chevy Equinox for a Grand Cherokee. I owe 25000 and Kelly blue book says it’s worth 23000 and the car I want is around 40000. If I am able what should I do and say to dealer.
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  • Did you ever have an argument with the car salesmen when buying a new car?

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  • Will they let me pay 100 dollars a month payments to buy a hummer?

    I want to buy a hummer because they are neat.
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  • I need some advice on a car I bought of craigslist.?

    Best answer: If the car runs & drives why would the motor need to be replaced? Perhaps its leaking oil and he suggested replacing the gaskets & other seals, but unlikely it needs a complete motor replacement.

    For $1500 this is what you get - a car with problems that need repair, but not yet bad enough to stop the car from rolling down the road. Want a car in better condition? Then pay more. Nobody is going to sell a car in good working order with no problems for $1500.

    Next time, take the car to a mechanic BEFORE you buy it, if the seller refuses to allow it, then move on.

    As for what you should do now - ask your mechanic for more detail about what it needs, why did he say it needs a new motor? etc.

    You can flush the radiator & cooling system yourself with a garden hose and a $20 adapter, then refill the system with the proper mix of coolant & water (most cars require a 50/50 mixture). So maybe $40 or $50 for the adapter and the coolant. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing how to do this.

    If you're going to be buying cars in this price range you'll need to learn how to do basic repairs & services yourself, Youtube is a great source of how-to videos.
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  • What car I should buy with U$4000 income per year?

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  • What motorcycle I should buy with U$4000 income per year?

    If I cannot get a car, can I get a motorcycle?
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  • Is 140k miles too high to buy a used car?

    I am looking for a first car and in my price range I can’t find anything too good or even new. My friend has a 2010 galant, with a 144k miles and he says 2 grand. Would this be worth it to buy it with that many miles?
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  • Are rent to own car dealerships a scam?

    Best answer: They are not scams, but they are rip-offs.

    A scam is when they promise something and never deliver it. A rip off is when they significantly over charge for what they deliver, usually through deceptive billing/financing options and hidden fees buried on the last page of a contract they know you won't read.

    They are not scams, in the sense that if you make all your payments on time they really will transfer the title and you'll own the vehicle. But they are rip offs in the sense that if you add up the total cost of buying a vehicle this way its much, much higher than simply purchasing the same vehicle with cash or with a traditional car loan through a bank.

    These rent-to-own places, sometimes called "buy here, pay here" lots prey on poor & desperate people who cannot afford to pay cash and cannot qualify for traditional financing.

    The contracts are highly deceptive because its hard to determine the total cost, and you often lose everything if you miss a payment because technically its a rental. If you default by missing a payment they just take back the car (which they still legally own) and say that everything you paid so far was just rental fees.
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  • Can you get out of a car lease?

    I got myself into a lease with a jeep wrangler and I just got it impulsively. (young and dumb) I really want to get out of it badly the payments are so ridiculously high, it wouldn't be so bad if the car insurance wasn't high as well but they both are crazy high! I would even trade in the car for a cheaper car, I'm okay with monthly payments but like 500 maximum and i'm paying way more than 500. Any help is appreciated please nothing rude and nasty.
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  • Accidentally bought a write off?

    Yesterday I bought a 2013 VW Passat from a small dealer, the car seemed fine to me and felt fine when going for a test drive (apart from brakes feeling a bit rumbly but I put that down to the car being stationary for a while) I purchased the car and brought it home. When my partner came home he inspected the car and said right away that he thought the passenger side had been sprayed. After doing further checks we have discovered that the car was a Category S write off and has been repaired. I was not told this by the dealer and would never have touched it if I knew this. What are my rights for rejecting the car and getting my money back? Do dealers have to disclose these things?
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  • Is 15,000 miles a year on a car a lot of miles?

    I live in a big city in the USA.
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  • Should Lease or Finance a car at 18?

    I’m currently 18 about to turn 19 And heading to college. I don’t know if I should lease or finance a cheap car. Something with payments under $200 and I can leave a down payment of $1,300. I currently work a part time job making a little under 500 a month. I need something to get me to work and school (which both aren’t far at all). I don’t want to buy a cheap used car off Craigslist or something because I am afraid of it starting to have mechanical issues and not having the money to fix it. Either way I don’t have the money to buy a cheap used up car to begin with anyway.
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  • Should I trade in my car or keep it?

    I have a 2017 Ford Escape S that I have had for 2 years. The day I bought it I knew what I wanted but the type of model I wanted cost about 10 grand more than I could afford at that time. To make matters worse my old car was practically dead so I took what I could get. I settled for a base model with practically no options. I would later add in remote start and tinted windows but that’s it. It works fine and it has about 22 thousand miles. I still owe 9 thousand dollars on it set to be paid off in a year in a half. The responsible side in me is saying just keep it and get out of other debts. The young minded 24 year old that I am is saying go a head and treat yo self yolo! Opinions? Also I have a really good job and I pay for all my own crap and I’m not using my parents money (they don’t have any anyways).
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  • Do you get any merchandise when you purchase a Jaguar?

    Hi everyone! We recently purchased a dealer demo Jaguar F-Pace and was wondering if they give you any merchandise such as a umbrella, cap, key chain, etc. I know when I purchased my Mercedes and before that Audi they gave all these things, just wondering so I don’t sound like a fool if I ask for them! Thanks!
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  • Used 2001 Nissan Altima sedan for 2400$ should I buy ?

    The mileage is 141,000 owner says it’s in good condition but I haven’t seen it in person yet. Is Nissan a good brand of car ?
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  • 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 3500hd dually is $80,000 MSRP, I go to the dealership with $60,000 cash in a a duffle bag say take it or leave it?

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