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  • How do I get car insurance if I don t have a car, but in order to get a car I need insurance.?

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  • Car is damaged but i dont have full coverage insurance. When i financed the car i told i have gap coverage. Can gap pay for a new vehicle?

    Best answer: IF, you did not buy full coverage which means both collision and comprehensive to protect the (lender), then even if you have GAP, then GAP pays zero.

    GAP pays (after) insurance pays if the vehicle is totaled or stolen, and what is (not) paid, then GAP takes over what insurance did not pay. So (if) no insurance, then there is NO GAP to cover.

    And no, you can't upgrade, then have it fixed, since that is insurance fraud, and I can guarantee they will verify when the accident happened, plus the (time) you upgraded it, thus they will deny it.

    But if the vehicle is NOT totaled, then GAP does not come into play, and only your collision coverage pays to fix it, thus if you did not buy, then insurance won't pay to have it fixed.

    Based on your prior questions, you want out of this auto loan and due to this accident "thought" that GAP would pay off your car loan, but IF not totaled, then GAP is not involved.
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  • I was involved in fender bender auto accident, other driver wants me to pay out of pocket for repairs, but also wants money for car rental?

    Should I pay for her repairs and car rental or just go through my insurance? There is no cost to me to go through insurance, I have no deductible and first accident forgivesness. The only thing is my rates will go up if I have a second accident if I file a claim. I've been with my insurer for several years.
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  • Why do DMV offices seem to vary so much in how strict they are regarding road tests?

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  • Can i cancel my car accident claim with my insurance and start a claim with the person at fault s insurance?

    Best answer: Nope. That is what you pay your insurance for. You claim with yours and your insurance does not want to pay it so will go after the other person (who is at fault) and take it from his insurance money pile.

    Let the insurance companies play their game. That is how it works.

    You cannot approach the other insurance company without showing them the money. In other words pay for a years worth of car insurance with them before they will work for you. No money = no say.

    This is the way it is done. If you were not at fault for the crash, then your rates will not go up.
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  • Hello my friend was involved in a hit and run and she don’t know what to do she is scared and crying she do not want to go to jail?

    She is driving and she ends up on wrong side of the street and she just drove home when she saw the cops but he did not stop her she got so scared she was swerving and driving fast home the cops can to her house but she acted like no one was home she did not have a accident or she did not hit anyone or this was no property damages what to do the what should my friend do
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  • Can I sell a car that I never registered after purchasing it? I live in California and I don t want to go thru the registration process?

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  • Is it ok to regularly use a car belonging to someone else who lives in another state, without transferring the registration and insurance?

    The story: parent owns a really old car, gives it to son (NOT a student - in his 30s) but car is kept in parent's name/ownership; son insures car in his own name, then moves to another state. Is it ok to keep the registration in the parent's name and in the parent's state, or MUST registration be changed to the new state of residence? If the latter, can the parent remain as owner of the vehicle? Also, must the insurance be changed to the new state? Can it be insured in the new state if it is owned and registered in the old state?
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  • I was in an accident driving no insurance in Ct.?

    The other just has a few scratches on the side door well anyway Police came and went to court for no insurance. I now have to pay the deductable on that car. I was told to call in to find out how much I owe so I can come in with a money order. But now that I called again they are telling me they can't find my case and that I have to wait till the 29th to find out what I owe than come back AGAIN after that??
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  • Car insurance help?

    Best answer: By (law) in most states, if the cost to fix is more than 75% to 85% of the ACV (actual cash value) of what your car is worth, then yes, they will total it and pay you ACV, in other words, if not for this accident, how much could you have sold your car for.

    You do have 2 options which depends in which state you live in, may give you 1 other option. You can accept the value of what they determine your car is worth and use the money to buy a (similar) car or use the money as a down payment on another newer car. But that is contingent you don't have a loan on the car, and if you have a loan, then paid to the lender, and (if) it is not enough to pay off the loan, then you would owe the balance (unless) you have GAP insurance. Of even with a loan, then if it is enough to pay off, then any (balance) over that amount is your money.

    The 2nd option is to keep the car vs selling the car to the insurance company. Now if you do this, then they will (subtract) out salvage value, in other words what a scrap yard will pay the insurance company, since the scrap company uses (any) good parts on the car to sell to other people/body shops. But you would still have an (unfixed) car, that unless you are a mechanic that can fix it on the cheap, or in (some) states to keep it (must) fix it and jump through a lot of hoops.

    When it comes to property damages, it is pretty much black/white and hard to negotiate, since it is worth what it is worth. And (no) can't claim inconvenience or lost wages or medical, etc, since this is only for property loss. You can claim those (only) if you were injured and then those would be claimed under a (injury) claim.

    Now where the problem is, that they will show that the value maybe lower than what is out there on the market, but you need to be advised that the value is based on (what) the car sold for,in a private sale or a dealer, but not what it was advertised, since the key is, just like a house being sold, the value is what someone agreed to buy it for that amount.

    good luck
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  • Does my insurance go up if someone hits me?

    This is my first car and I'm not sure how all this works. Last Thursday someone was drunk and came over to see my roommate and they hit my car. The damage isn't horrible but my front door is jammed shut. I didn't find out until Friday, I filed a police report on it. I contacted the woman who hit my car and today she sent me a photo of her insurance card so tomorrow I'm going to contact my insurance but I'm not sure how this is going to work? Someone told me her insurance company will have to pay my deductible and that only her rates will go up? I have zero money to spend right now on a deductible or anything for that matter so I'm nervous about all of this.
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  • I passed my restriction test but i have to retake it?!?

    i took my permit test online in the summer for the florida dmv and i passed it but when i go to the dmv place to get my official permit they tell me that out of 40 in 1 people they chose me to take my permit test again. does this even exist? i can do nothing about it because i already went 4 times again to different places telling them i payed and passed it the first time. plus it is already in the system and i cant do anything about it. what if they make me pay again when i already passed. i payed $40 for the online test!! i’ve told my close friends and family about this and nobody has heard about this.
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  • Im a first time driver i don't have a car yet when can i get a car insurance quote?

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  • I can't remember if I paid my registration renewal, how can I check on that?

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  • How much are BMWs to repair in Canadian dollars please? Help?

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  • I have a new car that i just received the license plates and title. What do I need to have it inspected?

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  • How do I take my organ donor off my license ?

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  • I got into a car accident with just scratches done and I don’t have insurance, what should I expect if they filed a claim or call police ?

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  • Do i need a parent in the car when i drive if i’m 18? in illinois?

    i can’t find anything on the web for my question. but i took the required 6 hour class a week ago and i’m turning 18 in two days and once i go to the DMV do i get a real license or a permit?? do i need a parent to drive with me in the car for a certain amount of time ??
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  • I was in a 4 car accident, why am I getting blamed?

    Driver 4 -> Driver 3 -> Driver 2-> Driver 1 Okay Driver 1 is chugging along and breaks all of a sudden(cause of bad traffic, she said), Driver 2 could not stop in time, rear ended Driver 1(which made his air bag deploy & hurt his hand enough to where he filed a report when he was at the hospital). I am Driver 3 and I stopped in time to where I did not hit Driver 2 s car. Driver 4 could not stop in time and rear ended my car(He ended up totaling his car, lights were all shattered and fluids leaking) Which made me hit Driver 3. Whose at fault? Driver 2 is blaming me and wants me to pay for his car and hospital bills. Uhm wtf. I only hit his car cause Driver 4 hit me in the back first. Can I prove I am right with the pictures I have of my car? There is really no damage at all in the front of my car, and in Drivers 2 back bumper are small license plate dents. I wish I could upload pics! Help! Do you think the virtually non existent damage to my car helps me in this case?
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