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  • If you hit a padrestion in a private car park while reversing out of space?

    I was out of my parking space, as was about to move of I here a thud, somebody is wrong should padrestian give way to moving traffic
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  • Tryn to buy a car but the guy who owns the car doesn’t have the pink slips but have the bill of sales but his name isn’t on the bill of sale?

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  • If my dad gave me a car and I pay for insurance and everything myself is it still his car?

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  • I was involved in a car accident. I need a car rental who pay for the rental?

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  • Are dashcams worth putting in a used car/ 8 or 9 year old car?

    The thing is, even if the accident is 'Not' your fault we all know that insurance companies will only pay out half of what you paid for the car.
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  • I got an MIP and open container ticket a few months back. I paid my fees. auto insurance went up $450. Why? in Wyoming.?

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  • Getting car insurance without a license?

    I’m trying to buy a car so I can learn on it and get my permit. The auto company found a car for me and I got a loan from the bank go purchase the vehicle. However they said I must have car insurance before I can sign for it.. I’m having trouble fining a car insurance that will accept me without having a license yet.. any suggestions on good car insurance company’s that would accept me?
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  • Missing driver's license in Philly?

    I found a NJ driver's license in Philly . What should I do ! Tried getting phone number and emails online and contacted them even on facebook . Nobody responded . What am I supposed to do !
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  • When in a vehicle not driving do you have to identify myself or give id?

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  • Can you sue someone if they hit your car in a parking lot?

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  • I was involved in a hit and run in NY State. My car was parked. The driver hit my car and ran off.?

    The damage to my car is only $100, if that. However, his car is about over $2500 damage, do I need to still fill out a MV-104.
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  • Is an attorney needed?

    I got my Civic in 2014 from a Honda dealer. 1yr later I notice the paint starts looking dull & the hood looked like cracked paint. I happened to get a letter: certain year models had a recall for the paint. I took it in. The guy told me my car wasn't eligible. I figured I just have to deal with it.4yrs later the paint looks WORSE & I kno this isn't right. I research online, come to find out my car WAS eligible for repaint Years ago. So I called Honda Motor company & they told me to take it to my dealer to get an estimate. He takes it to the body shop & said he'll email info tomorrow. 1week later I call him to see about the info. He said he's waiting on Honda to send him a new template.A month later, nothing. I call Honda MC again.They sent my case to a manager to act as a liaison between the dealer and me. Finally took my car in.When my car was in shop they didn't give me a loaner. 2wks with no car. When they finished, a friend of mine wanted to check it out. Immediately he says "nope, it's got orange peel everywhere, he didn't cut & buff it" There's damage to my window moldings, paint, very dusty, damaged my emblem. I took itback, he says "I'm not buffing it, I can't do anything about the molding. I'll buff for $500". Then "$300, & I'm not going crazy on it I got paid to strip&paint" Then says he has a guy for molding for $35. i should've left but I wanted the top done. He left it in worse condition. On my way home a piece flew off. The molding he"fixed" flops while driving.
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  • Can I get away with using my normal insurance to drive with Uber or lyft?

    Best answer: Don't do it. If you have any kind of claim or incident your normal company will drop you and you won't get insurance elsewhere.
    Your normal insurance is voided as soon as you start driving towards a fare because you're now driving for "hire and reward".
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  • If I bought my car, can my dad stop me from driving it when I'm 17 with a license?

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  • If someone broke my car window what can be done about it if the culprit can't be sought out?

    It didn't happen I'm just curious
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  • Did not yield to pedestrains?

    I’m a good driver and haven’t done anything crazy or had a ticket in my almost two years of driving so far. I just happened to make a mistake (highlighted in my last posted question). I was so focused on this mistake that when turning left in downtown, when I’m supposed to yield to pedestrians, I turned when the walk light was on and some people got mad. I wasn’t close to them and no one was hurt, but do you think someone would report that because I didn’t yield? I didn’t want to stop in the middle of the street, and I knew I wouldn’t hit them or get too close. These questions might seem stupid to some but I’m a newish driver and am not completely aware of how tickets work, etc. I also do not have enough money to solve this ticket and insurance raise if These issues happen to turn into something bigger. It’s nice to hear some peoples actual feedback. Thanks
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  • Are there any companies where I can buy auto insurance by the month?

    Best answer: Besides getting the semi-annual policy split into months.
    There are also companies that charge per mile driven - Metromile is one of them.
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  • What should I do?

    I was involved in a car accident a month ago and I’ve received two letters from the other party’s insurance and have been calling them for A MONTH and kept getting sent to voicemail. I’ve left voicemails repeatedly but no response. I was involved in a collision; a driver on the right of me caused me to swerve and the car on the left. The car on the right of me didn’t actually touch my car because I moved out the way but we were all getting ready to pull over but the car on the right sped off and I was following him and my friend signaled for the other car to follow so every party involved left the scene without exchanging anything. Nobody got out the car to see the damage, and I don’t even know the model of the car besides it’s color. We eventually lost the car I hit but I finally got the other car to pull over. The cop came and let the car we were chasing go because he can’t prove anything. So I’m left to deal with the insurance of the car on the right and I didn’t have insurance at the time. The cop said something about me doing a hit and run so I’m kind of scared now. The car I hit probably got my plate number so that’s how his insurance found me. I’ve been trying to cooperate with their insurance but nobody has responded to me. What do I do? How do I get out of this?
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