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  • Have you ever drove a car until it couldn't go anymore then junked it?

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  • How much would you pay a mechanic to change your brakes?

    I live in wa state and I do believe my son was over charged by a shade tree mechanic. He charged 1 of my son s a certain amount to change a hub assembly and then turned around and charged my other son the same price to change his front brakes. I m not putting a price because I want to see if I m wrong 1st. If possible I will add the cost.. Thanks in advance if you take the time to respond and it s a logical answer or 1 that is out in left field. Have a wonderful day
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  • Can you repair your car.?

    I am ok doing basic maintenance on my car, but hopeless if I break down and i call a breakdown company. Can you repair your vehicle?.
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  • What will happen in a car if you...?

    For awhile I’ve been wondering what would happen if you were up to speed in 6th gear and then you turned the car off and put the car into 1st... obviously this only would work for a manual transmission...
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  • If your battery or oil light is on on your car's dashboard would you fail a state inspection?

    My battery is actually brand new and I just checked my oil recently. So, I don't know why they are on unless they are suppose to be on? Those are the only two lights that stay on when I just turn the key in car, but when I start the engine then they go away. P.S.: I live in Virginia so I am assuming inspections might vary from state to state.
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  • Why doesn't my car battery want to charge? None of the lights turn on either. Do you think its time for a new battery?

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  • If I don't drive my leased car that often is it bad?

    Best answer: It's not bad at all. It will be good in that you likely will not go over the mileage allowance.

    It will also be good in that with less mileage on the odometer, you likely won't have to service it as often which also saves you money.

    But, as a student, it seems like a lot of money to spend ( roughly $500/month ) on a vehicle that you infrequently use. Personally I would have bought an older car ( which also would cost less to insure ), or used public transit only as opposed to leasing a brand new car.
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  • How many miles should my Chevrolet Spark 1.2L engine get, before replacement ?

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  • When is a good time to fill up for gas in an SUV?

    In my 2017 rogue it has a 55 L tank. Right now it says I have 186 Km before i go empty but I am obviously not going to wait that long. The rule of thumb is no less than quarter tank full, but is there a certain amount of KM left to drive threshold?
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  • Manual or automatic transmission for first car?

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  • Will my FM Transmitter drain my car's battery if I leave it plugged in?

    Recently bought a very decent FM Transmitter to enjoy Spotify instead of radio. My car is a 2004 Toyota Echo. Will leaving it plugged into the 12V Jack drain the car battery? I've researched a lot and still no definitive answer. The FM transmitter is a bit stiff to pull out from my 12V Jack, plus a bit of a hassle to constantly stick it back in/take it out at the end of every ride I make. When I turn my car off, the FM transmitter seems to turn off as well, since the light goes off along with every other function in my vehicle. But apparently it can still draw a current and slowly drain the battery anyway? If anything I'd like to leave it in during the day, when I run errands, go to work, go to the gym, but take it out at the end of the night when I know I'm done using my car. Thanks for any info.
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  • How does oil get into the air intake/air filter box?

    Not considering the PCV system How would oil, due to oil blow by from bad piston rings, make it's way back up and all the way through the air intake system to the air filter? To me it doesnt make sense. It's not my personal vehicle, it's just something I'm trying to undersr and for curiosities sake. How would oil get pushed up through the intake valve, when the intake valve moves air in the opposite direction of the intake system. How does oil go backwards? Assume there's no breather tube going to the air filter box or any connection in the PCV system. Just strictly worn piston rings and the intake tubing. Can someone explain to me the path the oil takes and how it does it?
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    I have a 2002 ford fiesta 1.3 and it always overheats the fan is constantly on even when just the electrics are on and it takes about 20 seconds for it to turn off when engine switched off.  The fan switch, thermostat and coolant reservoir bottle have all been replaced. And still nothing had changed.  I drained the radiator today until clear water was running through it... replaced the water with coolant but still it overheats.  There are no leaks I can see. And the heating in the car doesn t work.  Anyone have any ideas.  Thanks in advance.
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  • I had an engine replacement and now ii get 35mpg in explorer?

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  • How can i get my car back?

    I paid a guy to fix the fender on my moms car..My mom passed away and I plan on giving it to my brother.And after I paid the guy that claimed to be a auto body guy. I realized he didnt buy any parts but kept asking for more money. I told him I wanted my car back and he said he didnt have to give it back because its not in my name.. He and his girl have been seen staying in the car he has primered the hood and taped the plastic fenders. And I have several texts back and forth where he admits its my car but says he dont have to give it back.. Cops wouldnt do a report they said it was a civil matter.. That car does not have insurance and i dont know what he is doing in my car... Please help... Also his friend helped me move boxes of moms stuff and now stuff is missing ... please give me advice .
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  • What do I do if I used the wrong transmission fluid?

    My friends mom bought fluid for a Honda, but I drive a Hyundai. The gears are shifting hard and the check engine light came on and it's because of the transmission oil temperature sensor. But how do I fix that besides the sensor? I've probably driven no more than 30 miles on the wrong fluid. Is there a way that can be fixed? Will I be able to drain it and replace the filter and use the right fluid? Because I have a feeling that that's why it's shifting hard. Although at first it was because I was low on fluid. But I don't know what to do. I don't want my car to have permanent damage to it.
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  • Are car winter mats necessary?

    Best answer: How necessary winter mats are depends on where you are and where you drive during the winter months. Where I live, rubber floor mats are a necessity because it snows. The snow stuck to your shoes and bottom of your pant legs melt when the heater in the vehicle is on and that water needs somewhere to go.

    With a rubber mats, it collects in the mat and you dump it out. With a carpet mat, the snow ( and salt that is often mixed in ) soaks through whatever carpet mat you have and collects in the original carpet floor. The salt will leave a white, crusty residue on the carpet which is difficult to get clean and, in some vehicles that have control units and/or other electrical/electronic items below the floor board, can start creating all kinds of vehicle issues due to water penetration.
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  • How often should I stopped by Autozone store to check engine light?

    Best answer: The trouble is that you'll never know. A new code can pop up five minutes after you've checked, and just saw the same old codes.

    It's reasonable to assume that, unless you've got some new engine performance problem that starts, you've got the same old codes.
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  • I drove in reverse with parking brake on a very short distance..did i ruin my disc brakes?

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  • Would a cambelt last 16years?

    I have a 2002 rover 75 v6 2.0 petrol I bought the car last year with 88k on the clock I m now hitting 100k but there is no record of cambelt change in its history I asked my local garage to replace it soon for piece of mind but surely if it had never been changed it would have snapped by now it s 16 years old.Six years or 90k is the normal change interval but it must have been changed at some point in its life.the car runs fine no noises any thoughts
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