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  • Why I push gas on car but car no go?

    I push gas but car no go. My English bad. Need learning English. Car no go. Make loud noise. Smoke *** out. Loud bang sound like gun. 
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  • Which is heavier oil or gasoline?

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  • Is switching between summer and winter tires the same as changing a flat?

    Assuming they're on their own rims and you label them so you know where each one goes, is removing winter tires and installing summer ones (and vice versa) the same as removing a flat and putting on a spare? Or is there more to it than that? In other words, is it just a matter of knowing how to change a tire?
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  • What is a tune up on a car?

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  • Windshield wipers only last 1 million wipes average. How dissapointed are you hearing this?

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  • Is Ron the stupidest name you've ever heard of?

    Best answer: Neil & Bob anyone?
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  • Reverse won’t work?

    I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x4. I got stuck in the snow yesterday so I started trying to rock it out switching from drive to reverse over and over. Then reverse stopped working. As I put the car in reverse it just revs super high as if it is in neutral. I have 140,000 miles on it and haven’t gotten oil changed in 4,500 miles due to this corona virus closing shops down. What do you think the issue is? And cheapest fix?
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  • Misfire Won’t Go Away!?

    Okay so I have a 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. This truck has been a nightmare since I bought it. I got it and every thing was smooth, took it to Tennessee the day after I got it. 800 mile round trip the thing ran like a champ. Then out of no where, boom, misfire. I ran the codes on it. Cylinder 1 misfire. So I checked the coil on cylinder 1 cause I seen it had a different coil on it. It was working fine. But I went ahead and took #1 coil and #5 coil and swapped them and cleared the codes. I figured if it was the coil the misfire would jump to cylinder 5. Cleared the codes, drove it, cylinder 1 misfire. I ended up checking the plugs turns out #1 had 2 different plugs than the rest of the engine. So I put new plugs in it altogether. Same thing cylinder 1 misfire. I noticed everyday it was getting worse. Checked the codes again. It said cylinder misfire on #1, #2 , #5 & #6. Changed the coils on all those cylinders. All the misfires went away EXCEPT #1. Drove it for a little while now yesterday I checked the codes again, misfire #1 & #4. No matter what I do I can’t get rid of #1 misfire and everything I do another cylinder misfires. This is the first mopar I’ve ever owned and I’m starting to think mopar just isn’t for me lol. I just got the truck last August so I can’t trade it in on anything else (or I would’ve by now). Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations. I’m so confused at this point. I think my head is starting to hurt just writing this. 
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  • Engine cover purpose?

    Was looking at buying a full aluminum cover for my focus st. Oem is plastic and i've heard of problems regarding overheating. Not taking it to the track and i live in Co so doesnt get ridiculously hot. Any real pros or cons? Obviously just doing it for looks
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  • Are more and more people buying SUV's/Crossovers rather than Sedans? Why?

    it seems like on the road, there are Civics and Camry's but that is about it from what I see, most are driving crossovers or pickups, the minivan is slowly dying as well. Are SUV's better than Sedans? I mean some people say they like crossovers because you are seated higher, there is more space making it more comfortable, and it just feels more luxurious for the passengers. Yeah there are a lot of Sedans for Civics and Camry and some for BMW Benz and Audi and Acura and Lexus but not many Chevy or Ford sedans
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  • How important is it to get a vehicle Tie Rod replaced, if it is loose?

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  • Could this cause engine damage?

    One or both of my catalytic converters clogged completely when I was driving the other day. It drove flawlessly the entire day until this point. This had happened another time but I only suspected an ignition problem, which had been dealt with already by this point. This time the car would barely accelerate and the engine would barely rev no matter how much gas I gave it. I noticed a strong burning odor with the windows open, so I stopped the car immediately and put the car in park. It was now running very poorly at idle, similar to a misfire. I was actually expecting it to stall but it kept running even though it was producing almost no power. I turned the engine off and looked under the car where I saw a slight amount of smoke coming from the catalytic converter area and the pipe forward of that, along with excessive heat. When I saw this I knew what the issue was and that it wasn’t drivable until repaired. My concern is if there could be any engine damage. There was obviously a tremendous amount of back pressure and heat in the engine, which also likely caused a misfire.. however I stopped the car almost right after this began. Could this have burned one or more exhaust valves or damaged anything else in the engine? 
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  • How to drive expired car to mechanic shop or inspection station without getting pulled over.?

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  • Reason for slow start?

    Jeep Liberty 2008 4x4. I went about 4,700 miles without an oil change due to this virus closing most places down. My car started taking a few tries to start after I added oil to top it off to the right levels but it was thicker. So not good for this snow in Utah. I went and got my oil changed yesterday. They used the correct oil, but could it be there is still thicker oil inside? It just needs to kinda clear out? And that’s why it’s slow starting? Or what do you think? My reverse also went out (something broke inside the transmission that makes reverse act as neutral) this was all the same day. Reverse going out came first.
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  • Brakes smell and steaming after driving 100+mph?

    I was going down country roads going fast so I had to slam on the brakes a lot and they had a burning smell did this just ruin my brakes?
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  • How do you get the lid off a paint can when it is stuck on really good.?

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  • Gas cap crushed on the ground..?

    On my street i was walking and I guess someone ran over their car's gas cap and i stepped over it.. I'm scared if my shoes for any gas or traces of gas near them or me.. Is it possible? It just just a crushed gas cap to a cars tank opening
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  • What is this in my garage?

    This is located in my garage and I have no idea what it is. 
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  • Can you use two different types of windshield wipers for a car?

    Best answer: As long as they fit/mount yes.
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  • How come service manual for late model Ford Taurus states balljoint isn't replaceable (one has to buy a steering knuckle with one in it)?

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