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  • Does she have to run premium gas only?

    My wife went to crank her car today and it wouldn't start. My thinking is that it's a push button start possibly the starter had gone out. She called a tow truck and when they go to our house she said it crunk right up. They towed it to the auto shop anyway and Firestone is telling her that she put some bad gas in it. She gassed up at a 7-11 a few days ago and the car has been running fine ever since. Just today it wouldn't start. She's telling me now that Firestone is telling her that she can only run premium gas in her car. It's not like it's a high performance vehicle or a classic car. It's a 2009 Nissan Murano with more than 100k miles on it. I told her she can run regular gas in it but every now and then put a bottle of Seafoam or fuel additive in it to clean it out. Knowing my wife she's going to want to only put the premium in it because "that's what Firestone said." Again, it's not a brand new Lexus, Mercedes, or Escalade. The car is 10 years old. Does she have to run only premium gas now because she got a bad grade of gas in the tank? They want her to go back to 7-11 and I told her that would be pointless to go after them for bad gas. Just don't go back to them. Any thoughts?
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  • What happens when you mix up the positive and negative battery cables?

    Then try to jump a car?
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  • Do I need to flush my transmission fluid?

    Favorite answer: Mistake #1:  sounds like you are going to some quick oil change place . . . their big money is in flushing cooling systems and transmissions . . . 

    NEVER flush an automatic transmission - any good independent garage with experienced technicians has computer programs that specify in detail the maker's recommendations to drain, change filters, refill the transmission......not just stir up the dirt with a machine.  AND these days there are number of application specific fluids - the proper fluid MUST be used.  I've seen the quick-flush places use anything they happen to have on hand.

    Your Owners/Maintenance manual tells you when the trans fluid should be changed in normal use.  BUT since you bought the car used you don't know how it's been driven, what conditions it's been exposed to.  It would be prudent to have a proper fluid change now, even if ahead of the normal schedule.
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  • My car didn't pass inspection because of two defective side mirrors. To replace them would cost more than the car's worth. What should I do?

    2002 Honda Civic.The driver's side has a 1" hairline crack on the top of the mirror cover. The front part of the passenger side mirror bracket is separated about a half inch from the door, but is not loose. The shop said they could replace both mirrors for $629, parts & labor. Are they taking me for a ride in my own car?
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  • How do I get my car to breakdown permanently without totaling it or being too suspicious?

    I want to get a new car, but my mom won’t get a new one until my current one breaks down. My dad used to be a mechanic so he’s able to fix most things within a car, so i need something that he won’t be able to fix or will cost way more to fix than the car is worth. It’s a 2004 honda crv. I’m open to long term plans too, so if that means i have to wait a couple weeks or so for it to eventually break down, then so be it. And you don’t have to give me a whole lecture on how I shouldn’t do this because the car is barely hanging in there and I dont believe its safe to drive anymore and clearly my mom wants to wait until it breaks down in the middle of the road to get a new one.
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  • Does the motor honey trick work? Why won’t my car work?

    I was trying to limp my car back to Indiana from the college in Miami fl. It made thick bluish white smoke and often ran low on coolant. I figured it was an oil burning issue and stopped at Publix, one of the people their said that some car oils have a certain percentage of honey in them, and there is a trick called motor honey where adding honey to the engine oil will increase its viscosity to make it burn less.  I dumped one of those bear shaped honey jars into the oil dipstick hole and then continued driving along, but by the time I had reached the Ocala area the engine was running really rough and making rubbing sounds and it sometimes squeeled. Eventually it made a loud pop and gave out. Is there any easy way to fix the 1995 dodge stratus? How do I get back to Indiana from Ocala Florida?
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  • Is the car dangerous???🤔?

    So, I have a gas leak .........😭.......😱 .... how dangerous is this???? 😱😰 Trust me i know its dangerous but just how dangerous........😩 Does it cost alot to get it fixed? 
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  • Why does my car shake at idle and low speeds?

    Yesterday I was driving fast as hell on the freeway(120mph) on my Chrysler 300. Suddenly when I reach a traffic light and start slowing down and stop the car, my whole vehicle starts to shake aggressively. Any idea on what could have happened?
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  • My 2020 Corolla manual states to use top tier regular 87. What if I use unbranded 87 gas instead?

    The intake valves of new car should be very clean. I don't think just because I pump unbranded 87, the valves will suddenly get clogged. Top tier is often 30 cents more a gallon than unbranded. 
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  • What is the best way to bond a fin that has broken off a car fan?

    My car has an inter cooler fan that is made out of very thick plastic, somehow when I was doing some maintenance it fell and a blade cracked off the fan.  Is it safe to use superglue and baking soda to glue it back on? 
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  • My AA battery leaked on my gold wedding ring. Will it damage it? ?

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  • How to detect an engine vacuum leak?

    Favorite answer: First off start the engine, open the hood, and try to pinpoint where the hissing noise is coming from. This will help you figure out where the leak is specifically. 
    Look for detached or broken hoses. If you suspect that you have a vacuum issue its a good idea to look over the engine for obvious problems. Look for hoses that are detached on one end and hoses that are shredded or clearly cracked. If you spot a problem like this than that is likely the cause of your engine problems.
    The number of hoses your engine has and their locations vary widely depending on your specific engine. Use a flashlight while you are looking at your engine so that you can see as many areas as possible. Small cracks in a hose can cause a vacuum leak. A visual inspection may not be able to find this type of small leak. What I do is use starter fluid or brake cleaner fluid. I spray a little at every vacuum connection and along the hoses with the engine running. When you hit a leak the engine will rev up slightly. It can also be a vacuum leak at the brake booster which would make the brake pedal harder to push. Remove the hose connecting the brake booster and plug the hose with your finger. If the hissing stops and engine smooths out you have a defective brake booster. 
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  • Synthetic OIL CHANGE: I rarely drive my car, about 1000 miles a year. How often should I get an oil change?

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  • Should I replace the PCV valve on my 2004 Lincoln TC with 55K miles. It has a 4.6L engine. The present one is the original.?

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  • My car waffles side to side after braking. The braking system grabs (like with sudden stops) even with easy stops. What might cause this?

    Favorite answer: Badly warped rotor, worn out rotor/pads. Have it looked at by a mechanic if you don't have the "tools" to replace any of the above parts.
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  • I accidentally blew up my friends car. What should I do?

    I took my friends car while she was out of town. I was driving it and my lighter fluid spilled over the front seat and it caught on fire while I was parked on a trail. I walked home and now I can’t put into words how I’m supposed to tell her.
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  • Why engine spark plugs are wet and smell of gasoline?

    Its obviously running rich on gas, and apparently one out of the four cylinders isnt firing. Why is that ? Wires and coils are rather new, and spark plugs look new. Could it be a lack or excessive torque when replaced ? Engine was cold when i replaced them and it ran great for about a week.
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  • Can I reuse timing belt ? ?

    I have a 3.5 charger timing belt snapped bought new water pump tensioner and timing belt threw it on and ran car. Car starts but shakes violently decided I’m just going to get new engine. Now that I’ve experienced a snapped belt out of nowhere I want to throw on a new belt/pump on the replacement engine would it be fine to take these components of the old engine and put em on the replacement they’ve been on the car for about a week but everything is basically still brand new 
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  • Why is CVT transmission considered bad by many?

    I just bought a 2020 Toyota Corolla and it has a CVT transmission. So far it is working very well. Couldn't be better. 
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  • Would you have to remove the valve head cover when removing the engine?

    Hi, I own a 2004 PT cruiser. A few months ago I took it in because the water pump failed, and due to where it's located the mechanics removed the engine from the car. I found out later they jury rigged a part when putting it back in, which caused it to fail a smog test. Now, as it's being fixed again, it's due to a oil leak onto the exhaust manifold, as well as oil filling the spark plug holes ( don't know the exact name sorry) due to the gaskets not being replaced (even though the main valve cover gasket was replaced) when it was last serviced. Would this be a fault of the first mechanic mentioned as they removed the engine, or of another mechanic at a previous time? Sorry if it's not clear what I'm trying to say
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