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  • Personal vehicle needs a new starter. Does my boss have the legal right to see documentation I went to repair shop?

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  • Why do we replace items that still function?

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  • How to start a car fix up and flip business?

    I been wanting to start fixing up cars buying them cheap fixing them up and selling high. I have no tools not much experience on working on cars but I love cars and love watching videos of people fixing cars. How should I start and what would I need?
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  • I put 93 octane gas in my new Toyota Corolla even though manual says 87. What kind of benefit will I get now? ?

    Besides better performance and longer lifespan what other benefits will I see with 93? 
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  • Why hasn't NASA been back to the Moon? (if the moon landing was genuine)?

    Favorite answer: There were six manned moon landings between 1969 and 1972.  At that point we gave them up because manned moon landings were just obscenely expensive compared to non-manned landings. 

    Eventually, after losing two space shuttles, we decided that sending humans into space was a huge unneeded expense because the purpose could be served just as well but more cheaply by robots.  So far the purpose has mostly been to put satellites in orbit.  That was a big deal 50 years ago, but not such a big deal now.

    We've had presidents and presidential candidates try to gin up interest by proposing sending people into space once again.  GW Bush wanted to go to Mars.  Newt Gingrich wanted to establish a permanent colony on the moon (and eventually it would grow to a size that it could be made a state!)  And now Trump wants a 'Space Force' and also to go to Mars. 

    These proposals get peoples' attention, but none of these guys have actually gone far enough to make a plan, to figure how it would be done, how long it would take, and especially WHAT IT WOULD COST, etc.  They're just things politicians say to get attention. 
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  • Can you clean a repair a fusible link for a modern car with a positive battery terminal c picture or just throw away?

    Favorite answer: Go to the dealer and buy a new positive cable fusible link assembly.
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  • What do you call that rubber thing on cars that is supposed to discharge the static electricity?

    I used to see these all the time on cars before the 2000s, you know the thing I'm talkin' about, its a rubber strip that hangs down off the back of the car onto the road. I think the purpose was supposed to discharge static electricity or negative vibes or whatever and that was supposed to prevent travel sickness or migraines or drowsiness? I never see these things anymore, did they actually work or was it just some lame gimmick? Can you still buy them at an auto parts store?
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  • If a rechargeable battery says 2600mah, can I you a battery that says 5000mah?

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  • Car Battery is less than 4 volts?

    I havnt driven my car in 2 months. The battery measures 3.6 volts. Can I charge it or is it completely dead and can no longer be functional? Also, as far as chargers, are there portable chargers that dont require an outlet? My car is in the middle of a street
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  • Could a bad radiator be causing all of this?

    I have a 2001 Camry that has oil in the coolant, it has a burning coolant type smell, it's misfiring and white smoke is coming from the tail pipe. The test for a blown head gasket is negative. What else could cause all of this. My next suspect is a radiator leak.
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  • Does A/C or Heater use up a lot of Gas?

    Favorite answer: The heater is the engine. When it burn gas that heats the coolant and that is what you are sucking heat from as it circulates into the car.  The blower is just a 12 volt electric motor with a fan blade that blows against the heater core to blow off the heat tha radiates out from the heater core.
     so battery power electricity to run fan motor.

    AC has a compressor that is turned by the engine fan belt so it robs power from the engine just to turn over the compressor.  So the engine uses more gas to run the AC.  It too also uses 12 volt fan motor to blow the cool into the car.

    Fan speed does not matter.  It just heats or cools the interior faster.  Window defroster is the 12v fan motor blowing heat against the glass.  You just changed direction of the heat.
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  • Will my car rust if I sandpaper all the paint off?

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  • How often should one buy new tires?

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  • 98 ranger. Went to start it and couldn't press clutch in. Finally went in and was fine for a week. Now no pressure. Pedal goes to floor. ?

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  • Oil leak while car is running?

    This morning I discovered I have a BAD oil leak only when the car is running looks like it’s coming from the front part of the engine didn’t have my jack so I wasn’t able to get under there much but I see what area it’s coming from but can’t exactly see what part and it only does it while the car is running and it’s just not a couple drops the oil is coming out just as fast as you pour it in..Looks like it’s coming exactly under from where you pour the oil in any idea what it may be?? Taking it to a shop in the morning
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  • I have a gas stove but one burner never lights. It has that clicking ignition sound and gas comes out but i guess no spark. What to do?

    Favorite answer: there will likely be a cone shaped, maybe light-colored thing near the igniter clean it off.  It likely has oxidized .
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  • When I downshift and rev match does it increase clutch wear?

    Favorite answer: Anytime you use the clutch it wears some amount. Raising the engine rpm to downshift will decrease the wear on the clutch disc material and the springs in the disc. The lurch you describe will increase wear on both items. If the clutch has excellent grip it won't wear much material on downshift but the shock of the sudden engagement that forces the engine to speed up quickly must be absorded by many parts. So your blip of the throttle decreases that wear for sure.

    Most disc material wear is when people rev the engine and slowly release the clutch. The least wear is when you spend the least time with your foot on the clutch. So in your downshift situation or regular driving a fast foot is key to long life. 
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  • Do electric cars need a radiator?

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  • When car companies put the name “sport” in front of a model of car, does that mean it’s faster?

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  • 1990 ford ranger knock?

    Favorite answer: I think you spun a bearing. If you drop the pan and shake the connecting rods by hand one of them is going to be sloppy and lose. Open the bearing up and plastigauge it to see how worn out the crankshaft is, or look at how scored and gouged it it. If it only has a few light scores in it, you might get away with replacing the bearing. Flush and change the oil and filter. That might keep you on the road a few more months. A machine shop might refinish the crankshaft still in the engine so a new oversized bearing- or a whole set of them can get you another 50,000 miles out of that engine. You could swap in a used engine instead.....and get another..........50,000 miles.
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