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  • Why did this light come on in a KIA Niro?

    Best answer: There is a fault with the Autonomous Emergency Braking system or it is switched off (if it can be disabled in the dash).  Switch it on and if still does not turn off, take the car to the dealer if it still under warranty.
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  • "Real" vs synthetic motor oil?

    Synthetic lasts twice as long, but is also twice as expensive, so what advantage could one really have over the other?
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  • 2013 Honda CRV, sludge in oil. What should I do?

    Okay, so my daughter bought a 2013 CRV with 110,000mi. and it had new oil and runs great. I just changed it at 116,000mi and it was thick, sludgy and there was some buildup under the filler cap and in the heads. It had a Honda filter, but I suspect the oil was thicker than 0w-20. I'm also thinking I should have let it run until it was warm before draining it. I installed a Boss filter and Castrol Edge, which I usually use. Should I use an engine flush like Seafoam next time to clean out the crap, and if I do, how should I ensure that it will be drained sufficiently as to not contaminate the fresh oil?
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  • Did i replace engine thermostat correctly ? Fan switches on?

    Best answer: You often have to wait a day or two and add additional coolant after the air bubbles work their way out of the system and the coolant level drops in the bottle. If there is a lot of air still in the system, the engine temperature switch will think the engine hotter than it really is and the temp gauge on the dash might read hotter than usual. Once the air is out, everything will calm down.
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  • Are fuel injectors affected by engine over heating?

    Best answer: if you melted the pistons everything will be rooted the injectors might still work for now but they will give trouble with in a short period of time bet you one of them will dribble now if you pull them out and run the fuel pump.
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  • What drill do I need to remove bolts on my car?

    I’m trying to get an 18 mm bolt off to remove the caliper bracket in order to replace the wheel studs. What voltage is necessary? First time buying a drill  I have a 2014 Kia Sorento EX
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  • Why can't I find my car keys?

    I looked everywhere except wherever they are.
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  • Is my engine thermostat stuck open ?

    Best answer: If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine will take forever to warm-up and even then, the heater vents will blow lukewarm air at best.

    Thermostats are cheap and easy to install on many vehicles.  If you are in doubt, just change it...
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  • What kind of paint can i use to paint my car?

    i want to paint designs on my car in an acrylic/oil fashion. i was thinking of using an outdoor paint and then spray painting over with a clear primer. is there a better way? will this damage the integrity of my car?
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  • Why is it that few repair shops will work on an Acura?

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  • No fuel injection pulse on 99 Nissan Maxima?

    This is a question for experienced mechanics, as the Nissan dealership couldn't find the problem either. I have a crank/no start condition caused by no ground signal to the fuel injectors. I know for a fact that the camshaft position sensor, and both crank sensors work fine. The fuel pump is good, all the relays and fuses seem fine, but the ECU is simply not sending a ground signal to pulse the injectors. It's not the NATS anti theft system either, because the dealership replaced that and it didn't solve the issue. I already tried to send the ECU to a company known as g7computers to have them diagnose it. They couldn't find anything wrong with it and sent it back. I have noticed that if I remove the ECU, and put it back in later, sometimes the car will start up and then immediately stall. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue? Or does anyone know a list of all the sensors that the ECU takes data from the pulse the injectors? Thanks
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  • 2015 Kia soul bulb is different?

    Best answer: Your bulb is not hard wired. Those wires are going to a socket that pulls off the bulb. The bulb is held in place by a silver spring clip. Undo the clip. Pull out the bulb and remove the socket. You're making this much harder than it really is
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  • Does anyone know what could be wrong with my car? ?

    Best answer: It sounds like it is very likely going to be more than one problem.

    Some possible issues would include - 

    Might need a basic tune-up - you would be surprised how rough a car can run when it needs new spark plugs.  (can feel like shaking depending on the situation)

    Might need ball bearings - could cause issues with vibration (shaking) when driving

    The tire indicator might be right - you might need air in the tires (or new tires)

    Some of the issues sound like shorts in the electrical system or maybe fuses that need changed.  (indicator lights not working might be a fuse - people who want to hide issues with vehicles sometimes cover indicator lights with black tape or if the indicator lights are on a separate fuse - they will pull that fuse.  The black tape trick only works on certain kinds of dashboards.)
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  • What would cause OBD Mil Command Status Fail?

    2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4 .2 failed NJ inspection. Reason was "OBD MIL Command Status Failed"  what would cause that?
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  • Bumper to bumper?

    Can you get a new car under your bumper to bumper warranty? I ask because my car has been making bad shaking noises and a mechanic I know told me that I needed to take it into the dealership and either ask for a new invite or a new car entirely because (I don’t remember all the things he listed off) the car was in really bad shape for only being a year old. Mind you I’ve been doing all the proper maintenance as far as the basics including inspections and oil changed s and cleanings.
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  • Crooked Steering Wheel?

    A while back I tapped a curb (hard enough to bend my front pass. rim which has been replaced) My car tracks fine down the road but the steering wheel needs to be 15-20 degrees to the right since this occurred. What did I do? Just need a front end alignment? 13 mazda 3
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  • My car`s mileage is 128,000 miles, my last oil change was in July 2019? When is my next oil change due?

    Best answer: When the oil looks dark on the dip stick. Don't go by miles
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  • How is called this part of the car ?

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  • How often to replace your car`s tires?

    Best answer: The question is about what I do: I replace my tires when they're nearly worn out. That has been every 4-5 years. That had been putting close to 50,000 miles on them.
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  • Why my gas meter say call help? how can I fix this? ?

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