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  • How to take off the light cover thingy?

    my light went out a few days ago, but i cant figure out how to take off the cover so my attempts at replacing it have been unsuccessful. i’ve already tried prying off the metal things with my fingers, but not much else bc i dont wanna break anything. anyone know how to take the damn thing off?
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  • Does tire pressure change if you put new tires?

    Hi all, I have a question, I had 175/75/13 tires which and the car have sticker that those tires need to pressure at 2.5 bar, now I bought new alloy wheels with 195/50/15, do I still need to pressure the tires at 2.5 or now is different? Does the sticker only says proper tire pressure for the original tires or ? Thanks.
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  • What is the best way to get rid of an old RV?

    Best answer: If it is driveable the simple way is to drive it to a scrap car place. They pay you for it and dismantle it and salvage parts for resale.
    If not driveable then they will come and tow it for you.

    They charge for the tow but still buy it for scrap value.
    This method gets you a few hundred.

    Depending what work has been done on the inside over the years most RV quality stuff will have worn out. You may have things like hidden mould, dry rot of wooden stuff, cracked insulation on electrical wires and so on.

    From your description you might just have value in the engine.You have not said anything about the condition of all the other stuff. Things like rust, cracks in the roof water leaks, electrical issues if any , plumbing problems

    Good luck

    You sell it the same way you would sell an old car.YES it could be fixed up warning you will not get much increase in selling price to compensate the time and costs of refurbishing.
    You have also not said much about what kind of motorhome the Brand and Model
    It might have some value for that.
    How much was it used? A few weeks every year , months and months at a time, driving marathon vacations, what type of weather it was mostly in.Extreme cold or hot weather takes a toll on the unit over time.
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  • Volvo S80 V8 Reduce Speed or Shift up?

    Best answer: There are software updates for the transmission, take it to a dealer and make sure have the latest version. It sounds like the computer is either seeing or thinks it sees too many revs for the gear you're in.
    Just checked again, there is also a software update for false misfire detection.
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  • High mileage diseal?

    I have a high mileage Hyundai i20 174,000 miles on the clock It's making a ticking sound very loudly possibly tappits? I haven't changed the oil or filter yet Is tappit sound meaning my car is going to brake? 
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  • What do people think of smart guys that can't change a tire?

    Best answer: That they are not smart
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  • Should I take slightly rusty car wipers off before putting my car through an automatic car wash?

    Just bought a young nice car, but a wiper has alittle rust on. I'm asking because I'm wondering if the rust can flick off and scratch paint work during wash? If the answer is 'no' , please can you tell me why because there are alot of people on here that just lie for the sake of it. Thanks
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  • What cause oil to get into the timing belt cover? what i use to clean it up before i replace the new parts?

    Best answer: Bad crank seal; the oil pump is directly behind it. Might be cam seal but not as much stress on it. Oil is thrown by sprockets and belt so it may "look" like its coming from somewhere else. 
    Need to pull lower pulley, replace seal . I had to also sleeve it as new seal wouldn.t hold. 
    Use plenty of Liquid Wrench on the pulley. Remove T belt.  Tap on pulley the next day to break it free. . Rent a gear puller from Auto Zone, get new seal and belt (Oil on belt will shorten its life.) replace seal, reseat  pulley with a pipe and rawhide mallet. Clean  Thoroughly with Gunk spray, wipe with old rags.  Retime  gears,put on, new belt. Put cover back on. 
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  • Do you think my car can do a road trip ?

    I’m planning on taking a ~100 mile road trip (53 highway miles) with my friends. My car is a 2005 ford focus with less than 50000 miles on it and it just got an oil change. However, I was told that it was really rusty underneath and and i would need a new car in about a year or two. do u think my car can make it both ways this far? It’s not that long of a road trip, and it has been in good condition (no lights on, no problems recently). I planned the route with the least highways, and I have AAA just in case but do u think the rust under my car will make me break down or should i be fine? 
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  • Is $50 per axle a good deal to get my pads installed.?

    Toyota Camry 2009...
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  • Hello folks, I have tested my gas line to my fire pit , everything was ok . Add a valve at meter area , this time gage goes down . Advise?

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  • Why does my new Furman Generator Die?

    HELP?  P03603  New Furman Generator Dies after a minute or two. The motor sounds like it's throttling up and down slightly while it's running those 2 minutes and then it dies and I can't start it back up again until after it's rested. Furman Customer service asks all the obvious which drives me nuts. Yes, Full of new Gas! Yes Oil is Full on dip stick! Yes, gas valve and choke is on,  Battery switch is on and I press start . I spent a ton of money on this and now when I may need it it's worthless.
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  • Jeep is over heating. had thermostate  replaces and water pump- Will water only cause over heating or not enough antifreeze?

    Best answer: It'll make no difference to your overheating problem. You should, though, use a proper coolant as that includes both an antifreeze and a corrosion inhibitor as well as a little something to help lubricate the water pump. Straight water will be fine while you're dealing with the overheating - as long as it doesn't freeze.
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  • I can tell when a weird customer text me. The customer - are you a mobile mechanic. No mention of  car. I replied no.. I'm a glider pilot.?

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  • Where to find cheapest, but good condition engine?

    Ive got a '17 Duramax L5P, my first diesel and I didn't know that you're not supposed to tow with the tune on the highest setting, and now I need a new engine.  Less than 30k miles on truck, took it in for warranty, but dealer checked ECM and saw it been unlocked for tuning, so warranty gone, any engine I get is coming out of my pocket.  I love the truck, I want a good engine, but I don't want to completely drain my bank account at the same time.  So where can I find a really good L5P engine, but cheap at the same time?  This is what I've found so far: Dealer offered a reman engine, like new condition, but wanted 14k for it, not including install. I found one on eBay for nearly 8k, but it's got nearly twice the miles of the one I'm replacing, and I have to arraign my own shipping Only junk yard around that has one wants 10k for it, and they won't disclose the mileage. There's an auction in driving distance, no special license needed to bid on cars if they have salvage title.  Thursday next week a salvage L5P with less than 10k miles by Allstate is going up, and I know it's got a good engine.  I'm thinking I could buy the truck, put the good engine in my truck, put the junk engine in the salvage truck, and send the salvage back thru auction, get most my money back.  I could just drain battery and no one can test because jump starts are prohibited there. I think that the auction route is the cheapest way for me, are there any other ways I can get a cheap, but good L5P?
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  • Possible reason for car shutting off?

    I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta and recently when I put gas in it then start it, the car will immediately shut off and my battery light and a tea cup looking light will come on. I recently got a new o2 sensor and new battery. I put gas cleaner in the car and it didn’t shut off that one time. Now it’s shutting off again and no one can seem to figure out the reason.
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  • Battery light stays on after changing alternator and battery on 2000 ford expedition?

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  • My motorcycle was leaking gasoline until I was unscrewing and screwing the screw where it was leaking  now it stopped leaking? ?

    The leak I notice was behind the engine, on a screw my motorcycle fell once yesterday, then this morning I noticed a gas smell and gasoline on the floor, I opened her up and started inspecting the motorcycle I noticed a leak near a screw and started playing with it until it stopped leaking after unscrewing it and screwing, now it doesn’t leak what might of caused this leak?
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  • Can your head gasket be blown and show no symptoms ?

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  • Fumes from oil cap?

    I have a 06” Crown Vic and when the engine it’s warm and took off the oil cap and I noticed a very small amount of fumes coming out of the oil cap, what is that? And what is the reason caused that?
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