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  • Can I claim damages caused by a visiting family member on my homeowners insurance?

    My nephew lived with me for a few months and when we asked him to leave he threw a fit and damaged a good portion of our belongings.
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  • Advice on insurance?

    A year ago, I received a check from the insurance check and cashed it. I didn t know I was supposed to turn it in and needed the money. I am paying back the money now. Btw I continue to make my premium payment each month. Can I get my insurance back to active? Any advice please.
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  • If a person dies has no will just life insurance put somebody else on life insurance are they liable to pay his bills?

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  • Building a House. Plan to get a $5000 withdraw out of life insurance policy to use on Closing Cost. Can this policy lapse in the future?

    I am 48 years old. I got this Insurance Policy 20 years ago. Single Dad. I need money to close and I don't have any money now due to buying paint and flooring on this new house. I am broke NOW. If I withdrawal this $5000 out of my Life Insurance policy will I be screwing myself/my daughter later in life? My Benefit $50,000. My policy Account Value is: $6,640 TODAY. If I borrow this money it will be down to $1,840. I pay the annual premium of $400 a year. What will happen? CAN THIS POLICY LAPSE, AND DO I HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON THIS $5000?
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  • Any Lawyers out there, with any insight on Home Insurance?

    My mother had a brain hemorrhage, she was left mentally incapacitated, she is long term care due to both her mental and physical incapacitate, during this time her home was vandalized and squatters moved in, they destroyed her home, I was unable to have the squatters removed for 7 months due to the legal system, the judge eventually had them removed. When I was able to enter my mother home, it was destroyed. It took me a year to repair and get it in livable condition, I spent close to 90K in the year to fix, I have gone into debt tohave the home repaired. My mother never mentioned that she had home insurance coverage that would cover the vandalism. My mother never told me that she had insurance, it wasn't until I did some discovery based on a friends recommendation that I should look to see if the insurance will cover the costs of repair that the vandals had caused. I was denied from the insurance company, the reason was that my mother did not file the claim within 60 days of the incident. My question is, if my mother is mentally incapacitated is she responsible to file the claim within 60 days? Should she have been denied due to her mental incapacity? The insurance policy is between the company and my mother, but I filed the claim as soon as I found out that she had insurance, again she didn't tell me that she had insurance. Do you think that my mothers disability/mental incapacity tolls the 60 day deadline that the insurance company provided?
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  • What is the income limit to get free health insurance in Pennsylvania?

    I'm 22 and have a job at a local grocery store, but my employer won't let me average enough hours to get health insurance. I currently make about $13,500/year. I've been doing my best to look for jobs in the area that do offer health coverage, but haven't found anything yet and only have a limited time to be on my parents' plan. Would health insurance through medicaid be free for someone like me? If not, how much does it normally cost to have a low income care plan? No rude answers please. Any advice/tips appreciated.
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  • Is it okay to have 2 medical insurances? i have LA care and i just started having insurance from my job?

    is LA care going to charge me for having another insurance plan? or do i have to cancel LA care?
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  • Best insurance companies?

    Best answer: Find the most popular/successful one in your town which will probably end up being Allstate, Farmers, or Liberty Mutual - Basically the most popular one is going to have the most satisfied customers and ability to cover you unlike shady low market companies. Next, make sure the company has an office and an agent locally whom you can talk to; because that will end up being the person whom will be taking care of you. I'm guessing you have some 3rd party uncommon online insurance company who only cares about your monthly deposit. Trust me, if that is the case, switch over to a local office - Having someone physically around locally to take care of things makes a world of difference. I used to be in a similar situation where you'd have to be on hold to talk to someone, always getting run around excuses, company would often forget to send ID tags (would always have to inquire for them) etc etc. When you have a company who cares for you, it won't seem like you're being ripped off anymore and your perspective of insurance will change. Good luck!
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  • Is it too late to get life insurance?

    I was in perfect health but after a recent car accident my health has gone downhill. I now have high blood pressure and severe anxiety attacks due to the accident. So am I no longer eligible for life insurance? I just want $50,000 coverage.
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  • Should I go to human resources If I have carpal tunnel? Helpful advice concerning this or the process involved here is appreciated...?

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  • I had a great doctor for the last 30 years. Hussein Obomba comes along and tells me that I can keep him but then takes him away. What gives?

    Best answer: Its a widely known fact that Democrats are liars. If they say you can keep something, they're probably going to take it away. Then they'll deny having said you could keep it, and they'll blame Republicans for taking it away.

    That's just how this process works.
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  • If health insurance companies ask for your medical record but you refuse does that hurt you?

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  • What does missing medical necessary criteria mean? And can you appeal it?

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  • Are Insurance Adjusters Encouraged to Quickly Settle Their Small Dollar Cases?

    I have an auto accident insurance claim that I value to be about $8,500.00 (total - to include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering). I read online from some anonymous former claims adjuster that his big auto insurance company encouraged him to settle small dollar cases ($10K-ish or less) very quickly. Even when they suspected they were maybe being lied to, he said his boss encouraged him to pay the amount, b/c it'd cost more to fight him in court. And, they'd waste time/money having to pay staff, who are not working on a small dollar case, instead of bigger dollar cases. Is this true? Does that mean my $8k-ish case would likely be easily settled and it'd be a bad idea for me to get a lawyer?
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  • Why is my doctor now charging me out of pocket, when he previous submit claims through insurance less than 2 months ago?

    Best answer: The only way that it would impact you at all, is if you are covered by your states expanded program or have a subsidized plan that the tax payers are paying for. If you have the states expanded Medicaid programs, then the states are already supposed to be fully responsible for them, yet they haven't paid their fair share and picked up their part of the tab. If you have a subsidized plan, hen the insurance company has decided to use you and all their plan holders as hostages against the federal government.
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  • Should You Ever Tell Claims Adjuster What Dollar Amt. You Want Upfront?

    Suppose I value my auto accident at $10,000. When you negotiate with a claims adjuster, should you ever tell them what you want up front (and, if so, when)? Or, would that totally deplete your "advantage" and allow them to low-ball you slightly (to discourage you from seeking a lawyer)?
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  • Questions on my eye exam form ?

    What does vision plan name mean ? Insured name and relationship to patient I’m 25 using my own insurance
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  • If the policy is fully paid and the insured out live the beneficiary who gets the proceeds?

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  • My health insurance is private through my employer so they won't talk and my doctors aid will not reply to me. What should I do?

    I had my claim for an MRI denied by my health insurance when my doctor requested it and have since then been told that it was because I did not meet medical necessity criteria. Blue Cross Blue Shield will not talk to me about it and told me to talk to my doctor but when I call my doctor he doesn't reply either what should I do? I've been told that he can do a peer-to-peer in which he talks to my insurance to appeal this denial but I would like for there to be more dialogue and information before that decision is made. Is that reasonable?
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  • Do insurance companies require that I list Independent Contractors on my liability insurance policy?

    Liability malpractice insurance question: As a Doctor and owner of my own practice in Florida, do insurance companies require that I list Independent Contractors on my policy? I have 3 Independent Contractor Providers working for me and they each have their own malpractice insurance coverage, do I still need to add them to my policy?
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