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  • Where can my family apply for affordable health insurance?

    The deadline for open enrollment is December 15th. My husband s job does not offer health insurance. My job only offers AFLAC (supplemental health insurance). We have a 3 year old son that definitely needs coverage, and I see my doctor every other month. We went through healthcare.gov last year and currently pay $127.47/mo for health insurance that covers the 3 of us. I believe our deductible is $6,000...crazy I know, but it s all we could afford. We did not meet that deductible this year (knew we wouldn t) and every time we see a Dr I pay at least $85 if not more. So of course we have to sign up for a new plan for 2019 (they arnt going to carry this one anymore). The cheapest one healthcare.gov offers JUST my husband & me is $233/mo with a $9,900 deductible! This is not including coverage for our son! *We have to prove that the state will not cover him first before they will quote him* How do ppl afford this!? Why does no one talk about this? Do I have any other options? Someone PLEASE help me! We both work fulltime, no state assistance. We make roughly $58,000 year combined. We have a mortgage, 1 car payment. We live modestly and on a budget. Can anyone give me advice here? Are there other places to apply? Does everyone pay this much and not complain? Is it just me?
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  • Should My mom and me keep our life insurance policy?

    My mom has been paying life insurance for me since I was young and we still do pay on it. We sometimes miss the payment date and they always threatened to terminate unless we pay 75 for 3 months for me and 150 for 3 months for my mom. If we miss a payment of course we have to pay more. I have been doing research and found allot of bad reviews.
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  • I have Medicare part b, so why did I get a hospital bill?

    What's the point of having some type of health insurance if I still get hospital bills?
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  • My girlfriend can't afford health insurance. Advice?

    We live together, but can't get married. We aren't ready and we don't want to be forced to. My work does not offer domestic partnership for my insurance. She is over 26 so she is unable to be on her parents insurance plan. She is also currently in school, where they require her to work part-time. Medicaid told her she makes $200 more than the required amount and rejected her. She went to healthcare.gov, where it says she would pay $90/month with a deductible around $7,000. Which she can't afford at all. I'm not sure what we can do and I hope someone is kind enough to help. *Serious Responses only*
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  • If you have no money, and have a medical emergency where a doctor or dentist has to treat you, who covers the cost of your treatment?

    Does the doctor or dentist take a loss, or does the government reimburse them?
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  • Should I just do a 100 percent health insurance plan?

    Best answer: Not every insurer is licensed in every state, or partners with local hospitals in every city. You could go with any provider but find they don't authorize you to go anywhere close or convienant.

    We cannot read the plans in full, nor do we know your financial situation how much of a burden 100 a month will be for. So I would be unable to give any sort of reasonable evidence based advice.

    It becomes do you want to extra cushion of protection or not.


    Even if I did read the plan it still comes down to the nature of insurance and your willingness to take risks. You pay more in insurance each month in the hope that should a car accident, cancer, or other health problem arise, you pay less in the future if that happens.

    It's your 100 a month, or it is your peace of mind, only you can decide what is more valuable to you.
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  • How is this good healthcare? I've been giving health insurance premiums for over 30 years at a total cost of $96,000.?

    Best answer: You haven't used much of your insurance, meaning you've been healthy. It sounds like the care you've been getting has worked really well!

    And yes, obviously having the government (meaning taxes, meaning mostly rich people) pay for everyone's health care is better for the unemployed person than having employers pay 3/4 of the premium.

    It sounds like you think insurance is a savings plan that you "pay into" and then have a personal account somewhere earning interest. That's wrong. It's a service that you pay for every month. The service is that they pay for large medical costs, like if you get cancer or crash your car - things that cost a lot more than what one person can set aside.
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  • Employer sponsored health care plan that ends March 31st 2019?

    I started a new job about three weeks ago. The health insurance that is offered has a plan year of April 1, 2018–March 31, 2019. That seems strange to me. I thought most health plans started on January 1 and ended December 31. Is this normal for a plan to start in April and end in March of the following year? I'm assuming that in a couple of months I will have to choose a new plan that starts on April 1 2019?
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  • Is a $3,000 deductible good for health insurance?

    Best answer: If you're healthy, and you're never going to use it, yes.
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  • Cancelled life insurance?

    I let a policy lapse 20 years ago. Now the insurance company wants 20 years worth of dues, has anyone heard of such a thing?
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  • If someone makes you the beneficiary of their life insurance policy does it have to be included in their estate?

    My mother made me beneficiary of her life insurance policy after my father died because I became her primary caregiver. She told me she was making me beneficiary because I was the one who always took care of her and and the last couple of months her only caregiver and it was her way of showing her appreciation for my sacrifice. Mom recently passed and now my sisters think moms life insurance should become part of her meager estate. I have lupus and I cared for her although it took a great toll on my health and my financial stability. Legally I don’t think I am required to share the life insurance with them and that was not mom’s intention. They all got an equal share of her estate but I don’t feel I owe them any of the life insurance . Does anyone know the law on this?
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  • Does pension increase for cost of living each year before taking it?

    Once the pension is taken it will not increase is what I believe is the case. Is that correct? e.g company doesn t add to pension (freezes it at $2000) does it still increase a percentage each year until the individual retires and pension is paid out each month? Thanks!
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  • Is getting life insurance simply and easy or difficult?

    If I call a insurance agent and they take some info and my credit card and that's it? Or is it more complicated?
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  • What do I do about my healthcare?

    I'm 21 I live with a relative and I just applied for the Healthcare marketplace plans. The lowest option was a catastrophic health plan for about 200 dollars as the lowest. I only make about 600 a month working normal part time hours. How am I supposed to get insurance? Are there any other low cost options other than having nothing like im doing now?
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  • What are some top long term care policies and Co. to consider?

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  • Do I need insurance to teach fire dancing in a park on weekends....and if so wht insurance do I need and where can I get this insurance? x?

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  • How would I check my medical records from a previous insurance company?

    Best answer: Your insurance company doesn’t have medical records, outside of things that are pertinent to coverage. Like physician letters showing you tried treatments A-F and now need Treatment G.

    They may have reimbursement information, like showing they paid for a flu shot or a surgery, but it won’t be extensive medical records.

    Depending on how long it’s been, the records may be stored or destroyed.
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  • I m 55 and I can t pay for doctor bills and I have sent paper work to SSI or is it SSA? But any how can I get health insurance?

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  • How to get Insurance leads in USA ?

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  • Can Medicaid insurance currently used a a secondary insurance be used as primary if you lose or drop coverage of your current primary?

    My husband and I currently have insurance through his employer and use Medicaid as a secondary insurance. He has been unable to work for the past 6 months due to a medical condition but his employer is still paying his insurance. Problem is we have not been able to pay the employee portion on his policy and now owe his employer around $6000. If he drops his employer insurance to prevent owing more money, can we just switch to using the Medicaid as our primary insurance? I assume I will have to contact my local DHS office for an official answer but was wondering if anyone else had done this and what was their outcome. Thanks.
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