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  • Who pays for demo after fire loss?

    my property was damaged by fire and then city decided to demolish the building they said it was unsafe, building was demolished, building was insured for $60,000, now city is asking for $55,000 for the demo. will my insurance pay for the demo separate from the $60,000? any idea . my policy states that insurance company will pay the reasonable cost to remove debris after a loss occurs but doesn't mention anything about demolishing, first I insured my property at $161,000 last year and then the insurance company changed my limits they decreased my premium and decressed my limit to $60,000 they said that on that area they only insure properties at the purchase price. I bought my building from a foreclosure sale for $60,000 even though it was worth more than 60,000 the insurance lowered my coverage to 60,000. any idea if the insurance going to pay for the demo? can I bring them to court for lowering my limits when I insured it at 161,000 if they refuse to pay for demo ? I do have debris removal coverage and it doesn't state how much they pay. it says reasonable amount
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  • BREAST REDUCTION INSURANCE QUESTION. Hi guys, I have Ambetter insurance and I am in extreme back pain from what my breast, what does it take?

    Best answer: Phone your insurance company and ask if they cover breast reduction surgery and what their guidelines are. Your insurance company (like ALL insurance companies) has certain restrictions and requirements that must be met before they'll cover a surgical procedure.
    See your primary care physician. One of the first requirements that must be met is that your primary care physician believes that breast reduction is medically necessary.
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  • If you have 2 insurance policies and your house burns down can you collect twice for it?

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  • I broke my arm can i go get health insurance real quick so won’t have to pay the bill?

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  • Insurance settlement check after personal injury?

    in a nutshell: involved in accident sons and wife injured our healthcare paid everything less the co-pay s demand letters sent including ENTIRE amount billed by health providers question: after I receive my settlement check do they just pay the outstanding co-pay balance and I keep the rest? i.e ER visit was around $4500, insurance paid all except $30 co pay... is only the 30 dollars coming out of the settlement? I dont see the logic in double paying the medical provider. for example my sons medical bills only came to around 3800. Just ER and radiology. but their demand letter amounts were 25k each. my wife medical bills and loss wages around 17k her demand letter is for 145k. outstanding co-pay balances is roughly under 1k.. we have military insurance so co-pays are hella cheap I do have an attorney working my case but my curiousity just got the best of me before I can call them tomorrow...
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  • What typically does Renter's Insurance cover (in the US)?

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  • How do i find out if i have medical insurance?

    i’m just not sure with the last job i had if i sighed for it i quit that job over a week ago is medicare a health insurance or no
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  • Whats a good cheap health insurance for a part time employee?

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  • Will I be covered by employer provided life insurance if death occurs unrelated to work?

    Best answer: yes
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  • In 2019 in the United States of America do you get penalized at all for not having health insurance at all?

    My health insurance premium is way too expensive for me to afford and it doesn’t cover anything. And plus even if I had a major medical event I wouldn’t pay any of the bills anyways. If I had a medical emergency and was in the hospital or got surgery I wouldn’t even pay a penny. If it was possible, I would file bankruptcy on the medical bills. So health insurance is just pointless to me but I heard that the government penalizes and fines people for not having health insurance. I can afford my health insurance it’s just too expensive it would save me money and have more in my pocket to not have health insurance at all. Cuz I wouldn’t even pay any medical expenses or bills anyways. So I heard that Donald trump did healthcare reform that might’ve made health insurance no longer mandatory to have. So is health insurance mandatory in 2019? Will I be fined if I don’t have health insurance at all?
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  • Who should I contact after this incident to cover my medical bills?

    I was in a uber accident. I was a passenger in a uber accident that occured. A white truck hit the rear end of the uber. Nobody got hurt and the uber driver got out to check on the other driver. they both said they were fine. There was no police report and the uber dropped me off. I don't have the information of the the truck but I do have the license plate of the uber driver.
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  • Hi everyone it s been a while since I ve been on here but I m a licensed insurance agent?

    ok so in a woman and her family get a health insurance policy and was told all the rules and one of them is they dont cover pregnant woman well a few yrs later she pregnant she reports it to the insurance they then tell her they dont cover her and kicks off the policy mean while getting a chargeback because of this so my ? is can they legally do this and if not could I be caught up in there law suite ok please be respectful ok help me I m thinking about leaving this captive company
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  • Property Damage Insurance Flood Question?

    I had a rust water flood from the ceiling of my closet and not only so I had to submit a claim for $240K of stuff ranging from designer clothing and expensive furniture that I was purchased from private party and everything was fairly recent. Some stuff are mine some aren't (family members living together), my limit is around $128K for property damage so I know I won't be compensated for everything and it is a Replacement cost insurance. The problem now is that the insurance is asking for receipts and I don't have any kept, I don't even have a credit card besides debit card, and my family members don't have receipts either and have bad credit. I don't understand how anyone can keep receipts for everything they buy. Is having receipts obligation? What can we do when there are no receipts? We buy our stuff with cash and I don't feel like showing them my debit card statement.
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  • I cancelled health insurance with my employer due to a life event. My employer has been deducting health and dental premiums. Help!?

    I have been reimbursed 3 times now but they continue to deduct it even after 3 calls with HR and finally a payroll specialist. This is Target, mind you, with thousands of employees! What can I do to fix this?
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  • Do you pay a big bill if your child has Medicaid.?

    Dr billed a $2000 bill and the child is SC Medicaid covered. Had out patient surgery 7 months ago. Just received a bill.
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  • What should I do?

    So I was in a car wreck in last October and had to go to the hospital. My car insurance said they pay the medical bills since I got them from a car accident. Outside of one phone call I had with my insurance I haven’t heard or received anything from anyone about paying anything. I checked my Health insurance earlier and it’s saying I still owe $520 for ambulance and hospital bills. It also says I have a denied claim for $54 from an X-ray place which I already paid.
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  • How to pay medical bill once they send out a letter?

    Best answer: The insurance company sent you an explanation of benefits. That is not the actual bill. It just lets you know what amount the hospital will bill you for. If you do not receive that bill within the next two weeks, you should contact the billing department of the hospital. You should be able to pay the bill directly to the hospital's billing department either in person or over the phone. Once the hospital processes the insurance, you might even have payment options online. You may not be able to see it online yet if the hospital hasn't processed the insurance portion of the billing.

    As for the rest of your question:

    A "copay" is a set amount you pay for certain services. For example, a doctor's office visit might have a $30 copay. You pay the copay and the insurance pays the rest of the cost for whatever charges are involved for that visit. The copay is honored even if the deductible has not been reached yet.

    A "deductible" is the amount of money you will spend for medical services before insurance pays for a portion of the expenses. For example, if you need a surgery and it costs $10,000 and your deductible is $4,000 - then you will pay for $4,000 of your surgery before insurance starts helping with the rest of the bill. Once the deductible is paid, then insurance usually pays 80% of medical expenses - so insurance would pay 80% of the remaining $6,000 balance for the surgery. (but that depends on your policy and this is only an example - you need to know your deductible amount and the percentage covered after deductible to know what YOUR policy actually covers.) After the deductible is reached, insurance will continue to pay their percentage of all other medical charges for the rest of the year. Deductibles reset at the beginning of each year.

    Some insurance companies also have an "out of pocket" maximum. If you reach the amount of the out of pocket maximum, then insurance would pay for 100% of all qualifying medical expenses for the rest of that year.

    I am not sure what "OV out of area vs in area" means. You may need to ask your insurance company about that one. It might refer to doctors that are in network or out of network. Most insurance companies have "in network" doctors and hospitals and using caregivers that are "in network" is cheaper than using "out of network" providers.
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  • Does home insurance pay for demolishing after a fire ?

    Best answer: Yes, they should pay it. If they think $55k is an unreasonable amount then your insurance company should be taking action to appeal the amount to the city.

    Is there some reason the city stepped in and demolished YOUR home, instead of allowing you and your insurance provider to choose a contractor yourselves?

    EDIT: I understand that the city might condemn the building and forbid anyone from entering, and require that you have it demolished, but they still should have given you the chance to choose a contractor that was approved by your insurance company. It would just frustrate me if they did it for me and then billed me such an astronomical amount when I could have hired someone to do it for half of that.

    Your insurance should pay it, but it still screws you because if you reach the cap on your insurance policy then the money spent paying for over-priced demolition is money you can't spend on building a new house.
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  • Where do I get health insurance if I m unemployed, and over 26 years old?

    I m going to be a student for the next 4 years, and I won t have a job for the time being. What company s offer coverage?
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  • Heath insurance after age 26?

    So I’m currently 25 about to turn 26, I live in California and I have medical as of right now under what was known as Obama care. Once I turn 26 that will go away. I’m currently a full time student, working part-time for the university that I attend and I’m filling my own taxes,(still living at home with my parents) the university doesn’t have a health plan that I can sign up for, what will be my options if I need health insurance but won’t be able to afford it because I don’t make much of an income.
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