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  • Is not having your kids medical insured considered child abuse?

    I had fallen on hard times and though I have one child on Medicaid, my other child was disenrolled... for what I don't know. Now I'm trying to get him back enrolled. Now his school are threaten me to get him insured or deal with the CPS. I got 2 jobs and no support. We use to be great but my wife passed away a few years ago and I'm doing everything I can but it feels like the deck is being stacked against us. I still make sure they are well taken care of...what else must I do? I'm confident I'll get him insured under Medicaid until i get hired at the place I'm at where i can actually afford medical insurance but till then, we are under the mercy of these self-righteous *****? Anyhow, am I wrong not having my child medically insured, isn't like I want him to not be.
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  • Can you have your Health Insurance be required to pay for name brand medication if your doctor writes off for it as"Medically Necessary"?

    Okay, so my health insurance changed this year, and my new health insurance says that they only cover Generic medication and not Name Brand anymore. I usually take 20MG Name Brand Adderall XR. When I switched over to the Generic I felt awful, sweating, and just had terrible headaches. My doctor recommended that getting a signed note from him saying it's "Medically Necessary" may have the insurance company cover the Name Brand that I require for my health's sake. But it's not guaranteed to work. What do you guys think? Will that work?
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  • Found My Dad old Life Insurance Policey for $500. The policey taken out on July 4th 1932. Does anyone know the value today?

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  • Who do you think understands the ACA better Bernie Sanders who wrote some of the ACA, President Obama or President Trump?

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  • What happen if I cancel my health insurance?

    Best answer: IF, you did this in 2018, then you would owe a tax penalty for not having insurance, but since this is 2019, then won't be penalized, since it stopped (effective) 2019.

    Not going to a doctor is not a reason to choose to cancel your health insurance. In the last 15 years went to the doctors (maybe) 4 or 5 times, but I still kept my health insurance "just in case". See, it is not the doctor appointments, but being hit with big medical bills if for instance in a car accident and go to the ER, or break a arm/leg playing sports and have to have surgery.

    I also got kidney stones last December and my hospital bill was $6,700? But I was lucky since now under Medicare which covered it and only paid $129 and Medicare covered the rest.
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  • Can my parents see I’m on birth control (farm bureau health insurance)?

    I’m wanting to get on birth control but I suck at talking to my parents about this stuff so I’d rather just not. I don’t need a pep talk on that I just want to know if I get birth control from Nurx and I have farm bureau health insurance (it’s under my parents name- they pay) will it snitch on me and tell them that I am receiving birth control?
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  • If 92 year old woman with dementia & can't walk is admitted to nursing home & penalized for giving money to children by medicaid what happen?

    Best answer: There is nothing worst than dementia and I know since I lived with it with my late husband before he died.

    But a person having dementia would not be an excuse, since if the woman gives away money to family and is disabled, then the family should be aware that this woman maybe not thinking clearly, so, I "think" Medicaid can go after the family for the amount that she "gave away". Just like you can't sell something, unless you sell it for full value and can't just gift something. A good example would be transferring a house to a family member vs selling it.
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  • Does it make sense to get Life Insurance?

    In my 40s, single, in good health except high blood pressure. I did borrow $50,000 from family which I need to pay back. Should I get life insurance and how much?
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  • Why was I denied life insurance?

    Ok I was filling out an application for life insurance and there was a question"have you received disability pmts for 3or more months in the past .. ." Well I'm disabled - permanently. This is not life threatening. Does anyone know why I would be denied
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  • Looking for good and cheapest results in health insurance . When I earn over 30,00 a year?

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  • Have you ever seen where a Drs. office charges two office fees for one visit on the same day?

    I received my EOB from my medigap insurance company. I was shocked to see how it said my wellness visit was denied by medicare. I was even more surprised to see I am expected to pay $875.00!!! I am on an F medigap plan so I am not in an HMO & can go to any Dr. Obviously I chose the wrong Dr. although I did like him. When I called medicare today the lad told me I was charged for two visits on the same day. I was only there once & had an EKG & some blood work done. This is the first time since having medicare I've had blood work done. The blood work was paid for, but the lady said I had the wellness visit & then another visit with the Dr. that lasted over an hour. No, the entire visit couldn't have possibly been more than a half hour including waiting in the room for the Dr. I asked if I should time a Dr. to make sure it never goes over an hour, and that's never happened. I'm lucky if a Dr. visit even last 10 minutes. Regardless, this should have been disclosed to me by the Drs. office. Anyone ever heard of this? I had to go back the next week, but that was paid by medicare because it was found I had high triglycerides. I was told to return in three months after I went on a low carb diet. Now I don't feel comfortable in returning to this Dr. I was looking forward in going back to have more blood work done to see if all my hard work has brought my triglycerides down. They are dangerously high, and this would be diagnostic.
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  • Health insurance subsidies question?

    Best answer: If you're talking about the PPACA (ObamaCare) Advance Premium Tax Credit: yes, your eligible credit for the year 2019 would be reduced or eliminated as a result of your pay increase.

    When you file your income tax return for 2019 (in April of 2020), your refund will be reduced as a result. It's possible that you will actually have some additional tax due.

    There is no repayment action that you have to take before then. Just review your withholding for 2019 after you file your tax return for 2018.
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  • Is the insurance adjuster scared of facing me? Is that why he’s delaying his visit?

    Best answer: No. He is more than likely very busy with trying to adjust many claims. His company may be telling him to finish claims in one geographic area, before coming into your area.
    You would be well advised to treat him nicely. He's definitely not scared of meeting you. He, or she, will determine how much, or how little you may get from the company.
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  • Has anyone bought and kept a whole life insurance policy for 40-60 years and been satisfied with the cashout?

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  • Can’t nfused about health insurance deductible?

    i’m confused about my health insurance deductible. i was hospitalized in october, november, and in december 2018. however, my health insurance company, united healthcare, did not process my claim from october 2018 until january 2019. so they say i did NOT meet my deductible and therefore have to pay the full bill of my november and december 2018 stays. is this legal? do all health insurance companies handle things this way? thanks!
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  • If an employer provides lunch that is added to employees’ earnings (equivalent of Group Term Life), are they technically making more money?

    My job offers free lunch ($100 per paycheck) which we pay taxes on, thus the “free” aspect. But, unlike 401K and health insurance, the lunch is added to our gross income and then deducted. Does that mean that my salary is actually $2600 more (26 pay periods times 100)?
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  • Are babies sexist?

    Best answer: milk delivery systems...
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  • Indemnity form for refusing to take out travel insurance?

    So I'm going on a mini cruise to Amsterdam in a few weeks time and the company with whom I've chosen my package with are telling me to get travel insurance. I have told them that I don't want travel insurance and have been told that I will need to sign an indemnity form. I have applied for an ehic card hoping that they will accept the card as insurance however I wouldn't mind still filling out an indemnity form, but does anyone think I'd still be stopped from entering Amsterdam, even with the indemnity form. They've told me to scan the indemnity form to them but I'm also thinking of keeping a copy with myself just in case. And also has anyone filled an indemnity form before, and how was the travel, did they let you enter the country you were visiting. I know this question may seem stupid but this is my first time going on holiday and I'm worrying myself too much
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  • My employer wants me to consider a healthcare plan with lower deductible and higher monthly. Is this better to do? It is Blue Shield?

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  • If you don’t have health insurance, can you call a hospital and ask for a written quote or estimate?

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