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  • How much do you think it will cost to have blood work done if I pay cash?

    Best answer: It depends what they're looking for. There are different kinds of blood tests. Call the financial dept. of the hospital or clinic and ask them.
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  • Should I claim injury or disease for workers comp? (Rotator cuff)?

    Best answer: i would go see your doctor and be honest about it, rnaybe you can get disability cause of it
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  • How much do you spend a month on health insurance?

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  • So my kids father mom passed away and she had life insurance he is a only child. He is behind 50k can i collect off that?

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  • Will my half siblings get a share of our father's belongings and life insurance money?

    Best answer: Insurance is treated differently than other assets. With insurance, whoever is named as beneficiary on the policy gets the death benefit. If those half-siblings are not on the policy, they get nothing, and they have no legal challenges with which to make a claim.

    Everything else depends on his will, and your mother's, and who dies first. Generally, spouses leave their estate to their surviving spouse; the children can be left anything that's left when the surviving spouse dies. If he does first and your mother receives everything, as stated in his will, his children by the first marriage can challenge his will, but has a tremendous burden in proving why they are entitled to anything. Contrary to popular belief, children are not automatically entitled when left out of a will. It is unlikely that your mother would leave anything to those half-siblings in her will, but she could if she wants to, and you would have the same difficult burden in proving why her wishes should be overruled.

    If your mother dies first, what's hers will become his, and it's unlikely that he would give anything that was hers to the half-siblings - but again, he could if he wanted to. If you are an only child and he leaves everything to you, the half-siblings (and their mother) can hire all the lawyers they want if they get nothing, but they won't get anything unless they have absolute proof that your father was mentally incompetent at the time he made the will.
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  • Will I be fined for not having health insurance?

    Best answer: Not any more. President Trump abolished the fine and made it optional to have health insurance. Of course, if you choose to not have it and you need medical attention, you will have to fork over the cash to get it.
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  • I m 31 and very healthy. Literally the only thing I want Insurance for in the near future is to get moles checked and removed. HMO or PPO?

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  • 32 years old and no health issues..please help me stay calm!!?

    i know i probably shouldn't be sitting worrying about this but every since i heard about my friend husband passing away from ruptured esophagus sudden. i have been very worried which i have anxiety and panic attacks. i been panicking and going crazy thinking i will get to too. i don't have any health problems of anything!! i just want to calm down or someone just tell me its caused by certain things.
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  • Why would someone have to get permission from insurance for basal cell skin cancer removal?

    Best answer: It depends on how big it is. I have had this twice and was prescribed Efudix cream which burns it out. Worked well twice in different areas.
    Maybe an Op is not necessary and the Surgeon wants a lot of money.
    I'm in the U.K. and our treatment is free.
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  • I hit a car but the person I hit drove off. Can they still call insurance on me?

    The accident was very minor, little to no scratches and it was in the parking lot
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  • What is the best and cheapest health insurance to sign up for. I am a 25 year old male barely gets sick. I live in VA?

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  • Ok, so If someone doesn't work can they pay for health inurance?

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  • Is it common practice for insurance companies to offer a low initial rate and significantly increase your premium each year?

    Best answer: Well known in the UK, which is why we search for a new one every year.
    New customers get the best deal.
    Every year I change my Insurance's for car and home insurance.
    Simple to do.
    I suggest you do the same.
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  • Would a life insurance company contact you if you are not the beneficiary?

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  • If there's a lapse in my insurance, since I'm being Cobra'ed and may not take the Cobra, will I have to pay for months I wasn't insured?

    Best answer: if you have a lapse in coverage, you have 60 days to get new coverage.
    If you do not purchase coverage within this time, you will not be able to purchase coverage (except COBRA) until the next open enrollment period (Jan 1 effective date).

    You have 63 days to purchase COBRA following termination of your employer based plan. If you miss this deadline you are out of luck.

    You will not face any penalties or fees, if you purchase new insurance within these timeframes. Your new insurance will not be at a higher rate.

    If you aren't planning to accept COBRA and then get new insurance effective in 60 days, make sure that someone knows where the COBRA paperwork is. In the event that you have a accident or injury and you are unable to sign up for COBRA, someone else can hopefully do it for you.
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  • Can I hide the fact that I used my parents insurance?

    Long story short I lost my virginity to this guy and I think he gave me something terrible. I’m a broke college student who still lives with her parents and is under their insurance. Is there a way to use their insurance to get tested at planned parenthood without them finding out? My parents still think I’m a virgin. I can’t risk telling them or I’ll be homeless.
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  • Need answers concerning heath insurance for an 18 year old. Accidentally posted in the wrong section days ago 😬?

    Best answer: ACA policies are confusing, expensive compared to the coverage offered, and have high deductibles. It is next to impossible to navigate the information and policies available to find anything worth while among the ACA options. They are rarely better than what a decent job might offer. The "subsidy" to help pay for it is based on your income levels. If you end up with a higher than expected annual income at the end of the year, you will end up paying back the difference. For more information on how to locate or apply for an ACA policy, google search "how to find an ACA policy" and it will give websites and phone numbers. You might have better luck than I did, but I was NOT impressed. I kept the insurance offered by my job.

    Now - as for what to look for in an insurance policy - here are some basics.

    1. What is the annual deductible - the deductible is the amount of money you will spend out of pocket before the insurance starts paying a portion.

    2. What percentage does the insurance pay when they do start paying a portion - most insurance policies pay 80% and you pay the remaining 20% when your deductible has been met.

    3. What is the annual out-of-pocket maximum - the out-of-pocket maximum is the most you will spend before insurance pays for everything else.

    4. What preventative care is covered without deductible being met - some insurance policies offer certain services for FREE as a "stay well" incentive. Things like one annual physical, flu shots, and certain preventative testing or scans are sometimes offered at no cost to you and completely covered by insurance if that option is available in the policy.

    5. Are there "co-pays" - some insurance companies offer co-pays for common things like doctors visits. If the policy has a co-pay plan for certain services, then the co-pay is the amount you pay for that service even if your deductible has not been reached yet. In most cases, co-pays are a good feature in a plan.

    6. What is the prescription coverage - some insurance plans treat prescriptions like any other service - you pay full price until your deductible is met and they start covering a percentage until you reach out-of-pocket max. Other policies cover prescriptions based on a co-pay program and drugs are rated in categories to determine their co-pay level. In your case, a co-pay plan would probably be a better option if you could get it.

    Good insurance is usually based more on the policy you can get instead of the company it is with. Although, some companies are easier to deal with than others. I have had insurance with Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare in the past and had no issues dealing with these companies. (I currently have a Cigna policy through my employer.)

    Now - for your other questions - You can't be turned down for insurance coverage through your employers plan. You can't be turned down for insurance through the ACA plans. A private insurance company MIGHT charge your insurance rates based on your health situation, but still would not be allowed to turn you down.

    The debts for your health care that occurred before you turned 18 are in your parent's names and will not transfer to you.
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  • My company cancel our health insurance; but has continued to take out premiums without any notice. Can they do this legally?

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  • Does MADICAID cover everything?

    Does Medicaid cover all hospital bills? Also, will MEDICAID cover a bill that happened before I received Medicaid ?
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  • Kids health insurance has been canceled CHIPs?

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