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  • How long does it take to get a blood test back?

    Best answer: Routine blood tests are pretty quick.

    I don't think that yours is routine. I'm thinking that they are culturing whatever bacteria is making you sick, growing a bunch of it in different dishes, and trying a bunch of different antibiotics on it in the lab so they can give you the right one to kill the bacteria in your body.

    I don't have any idea what the ENT might have given you.
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  • Will my income affect my parents medi-cal?

    I am 19 years with a zero co-pay medical insurance plan. My parents and I qualify because our income meets the requirements, however, I was offered a job opportunity and I plan on taking it. The only problem is that my added income would make me and my family not qualify for further assistance as far as I know. Would they count my income towards my parents' or would it be possible to for me to apply for assistance as an adult so not to mess up my parents insurance while still being allowed to go see a doctor every now and then?
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  • I really dislike my insurance agent. Why will All state not let me change agents?

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  • What is the average price of health insurance for a 19 year old guy?

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  • Did my medical billing make a mistake?

    I went to the hospital back in December and got some stiches- Got a bill, my insurance covered it. I paid my co pay. Fast forward to present day- I get a bill for $700 from the same visit. What could be the explanation?
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  • Are orthopedic shoes covered by insurance?

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  • If i start a health insurance business can i give my workers health insurance from my company?

    Best answer: Of course. Many larger employers insure their own health plans, even if they're not a health insurance company. The coverage would need to meet the minimum requirements under the Affordable Care Act.
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  • Im going to college out of state, could i still use my current health insurance?

    Best answer: It depends on your particular insurance company and your chosen plan. Many plans offer coverage out of state/out of network. You will just have to pay more than if you got the treatment in state/in network. If you want to know the answer to your questions, we cannot give you a definitive answer. We haven't read your plan. Expecting us to be able to answer you when you have not posted your plan - even if you did, it is far to extensive than we would care to read - Call them.
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  • Will I still be denied Health insurance?

    Best answer: A "pre existing condition" is any health condition that you have BEFORE you start coverage with a health insurance company.

    If you are CURRENTLY INSURED and then a health issue is discovered, it is NOT a "pre existing condition" even if you was born with it but it wasn't discovered until now. Your parent's insurance policy should NOT have rated your issues as "pre existing" if you was already insured BEFORE the issue was discovered even if the issue is something you have had for years but it hadn't been diagnosed.

    Also, under current laws, your insurance company CAN NOT deny coverage based on pre existing conditions. It sounds like the insurance company is violating the current laws and you may have a good reason to get a lawyer.


    Be sure to read the "definitions" section of that link.

    Under current laws, you can't be denied health insurance coverage. If your description is accurate - you do need a lawyer.

    Remember that insurance through your parent's plan does end at the age of 26 unless you are considered disabled and remain a "qualifying child" due to that disability. So - are you 26 and was age the actual reason you was kicked off their policy.
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  • Becoming an insurance adjuster CAT? Having a degree help you later on?

    I have just finished my finance degree and have been applying to several investment firms. While I first thought that I’d just have a hard time finding work, I have found myself rejecting offers because they aren’t as interesting as I initially thought and most of them are really sales jobs.. I thought I’d be able to help people prep for retirement when In reality you really just help rich people get richer. Also the pay for even the competitive jobs is peanuts given the workload. Recently a family friend of mine told me about his job as an independent insurance adjuster, and it actually sounded like a lot of fun. I don’t mind hard work if I get paid well for it and I’ve seen that even the entry level jobs actually pay more than most banking jobs. And long term the pay is INSANE! I know I have to take classes and the big money comes from being an independent. But where do you start? Do I have to be employed for the licenses? Do I need them first? What are some good programs? How does one become an independent adjuster in terms of getting enough experience for it? Will my degree be of any use in the long term? What’s the next step in the ladder as an independent adjuster? GIVE ME THE SCOOP! By the way I know that I have the work ethic and mindset for this career. Just want to know where to start!
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  • When does Medicaid determine the value of a car?

    My mom wants me to help her sell her car and I'm not sure how this whole thing works. It's a 1997 Buick with 100,000 miles. Needs new tires and a bunch of other service work. In 2008 my dad went into the nursing home, the savings was spent down and he became eligible for Medicaid before he passed. My mom's share was somehow used up during that time and she became Medicaid eligible at the same time. My mom had a lady helping her at that time but this person is no longer around and the office has since been closed. My mom has been Medicaid eligible all this time but continues living in her own home, however if she has to go into a nursing home Medicaid will pay from day 1. I think they only paid maybe 1 month of my dad's stay. In her car's present condition, I doubt if I could get more than $500 for it. Does it have to be sold for current book value which is maybe $1,200? She had to give up driving a few years back and she can't afford the upkeep.
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  • Does Medicaid for children cover ambulance services if there was no ride involved?

    My daughter recently had her first panic attack and needed help. I called an ambulance and they came, but they said she wasn t bad enough to have to go to the hospital. They stayed for twenty or so minutes and helped her breathing come back to normal and checked her vitals, but they didn t give her anything. Would this be covered by Medicaid?
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  • What is the difference between a facility deductible and an annual deductible in regards to health insurance?

    Best answer: The annual deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket before insurance will begin to cover you. Any individual deductibles count toward your annual deductible.

    The facility deductible is what you pay to the facility where you undergo a procedure. There may also be a deductible for the procedure itself, or for the doctor that performs it.

    Example: I had a procedure this year (two, actually, the first didn't take care of the problem). I had to pay the facility copay of $150 and the surgeon's copay of $150. My HMO doesn't have an annual deductible but some HMOs do.
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  • Would my home insurance go up if I cancel my auto?

    Im thinking of canceling my auto insurance for a cheaper rate, im wondering if my home insurance will go up since I supposedly got the multi policy discount? Im 5 months into this policy, the bank has already payed the insurance for the year from my escrow account, can they raise my rate?
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  • If i quit my job do i lose my health insurance right away?

    Im wondering how that works because i really want to quit my job for many reasons. Im being told by my parents advice that it is best to stay because i need my health insurance until october when i will be getting married. I can go on my fiancés insurance then since he will be my husband. But if I quit do i lose my insurance right away or do i get to keep it for a while? I live in NYC if that helps
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  • I m looking to get life insurance on me and my two kids. Any suggestions on good affordable insurance?

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  • Funds being held by the state of Florida but I don t have the policy. Can I receive a copy of the policy from Gulf Life Insurance Co.?

    Apparently my mom had the policy with me as the beneficiary. She past away in 2001 I just found out about these funds two days ago
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  • How many days does the mortage company have to send me the funds back to make repairs to my home?

    I got an insurance check from my home owners insurance Since i have a mortgage it has my name and my mortgage company on it. So i have to send it to them, and wait on them. I want to start repairs immediately. Is there a law that limits how many days they have to send me the money back? I live in North Carolina.
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  • Got charged a hospital bill when they said no cost with insurance, what do I do?

    So I went to the hospital to get a pill. But I called on the phone before and asked how much it would cost, if they take my insurance, etc and they said it won’t cost anything with insurance. So I went to get it and asked another lady again while she took my insurance card, and she said no cost. I get a hospital bill for $677. Can I just call billing and explain to them the situation to void my hospital bill?
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  • My dad is obsessed with me having health insurance?

    My dad is obsessed with me having health insurance. I'm 29 years old and he just harps on me about having health insurance all the time is against the idea of paying for it. I'm miserable at my job that has health insurance but I don't see the logic of being miserable everyday just for health insurance. I'd rather quit and just pay for it myself. It cost about the same and it's way better insurance.
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